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December 7, 2010

Open Letter To Clark County Commissioners

by lewwaters

I was able appear before the Clark County Commissioners, Wednesday Dec 8 to state the following in person. If you have anything additional to say to our County Commission, feel free to contact them at

Good morning commissioners

My name is Lew Waters and I am one of those who would be paying the increased property tax, should you pass it. While a 1% increase might seem minimal, once added to other proposed increases we homeowners will face, it will add up to more than we should have to bear.

As I understand it, a major area of expense for Clark County is in health care insurance premiums. That is an expense we all bear, but apparently some of us must bear more than others. I say that because I understand the county pays 100% of the premiums for public union employees.

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November 19, 2010

Liberty Milestones: Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

by lewwaters

Authored and submitted by attorney Rees Lloyd

On November 19, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln, amidst the ongoing internecine carnage of the Civil War, delivered his most famed speech, the now revered Gettysburg Address, at the dedication of the Soldier’s National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

The Battle of Gettysburg had raged July 1 through 3, 1863. It involved more than 170,000 Americans. Troops of the Union Army of the Potomac and of the Confederate Northern Army of Virginia fought one another there. More than 7,500 Americans died there. More Americans would die in the Civil War, some 650,000, than in any war in our history.

The Union victory at Gettysburg, after so many defeats, was seen as a turning point in the war. But both the war and Lincoln’s future were in grave doubt. Lincoln had issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863. He had instituted the Draft, leading to “Draft Riots” in New York and other northern cities. Anti-war Democrats, called “Copperheads,” were calling for appeasement of the secessionist states, and for Lincoln’s defeat in the 1864 elections. Lincoln himself expressed his belief he would not remain in office long enough to preserve the American union.

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June 8, 2010

“Thank You, Soldiers” Video Earns Author “Teacher Of The Year”

by lewwaters

In March we were all touched by the You Tube video a Virginia teacher made of his third graders singing “Thank You, Soldiers,” that was made for last years Veterans Day.

Third Graders – “Thank You, Soldiers.”

I am very pleased to say that Michael Souder, the teacher left a comment on the blog post this morning,

“Michael Souder Says:
June 8, 2010 at 7:11 am edit

Thank you again for posting this. Please believe me, I am not bragging, I want to encourage those who figured I end up in trouble for this tribute – our latest headline in Colonial Heights newspaper is, “Tribute Earns Souders a special place in CH hearts – Teacher of the Year”. Yes – the youtube video is now well over 1 million views, and I was just named our school district’s Teacher of the Year. This is GOOD NEWS for all those who are discouraged about public education! Amazing what a little sincere appreciation can do!”

A most deserving award I think.

Thank you, Michael, for such a touching tribute.

October 4, 2009

Who Is Stoking Paranoia?

by lewwaters

Sometimes I read a letter in the Columbian’s Letters To The Editors page that is just so over the top I have to respond and point out some obvious projections of the writer.

One such letter appears in the Sunday October 4 edition,




Paranoia stoked by the right

It seems like every time I open the letters to the editor page, I see some drivel from the radical right wing of the Republican Party. Right-wing writers keep trying to define liberals according to their principles. The problem is, the right wing doesn’t have any principles. They still support the Bush administration that almost ruined our nation.

Now we have the argument over reform of our health care system. This is what defines the Republicans perfectly. Our health care system is not breaking — it is already broken and they don’t want to fix it. Never mind the millions of people who have no coverage. The right wing of the Republican Party couldn’t care less.

Racism, Nazi flags at Democratic town halls, the “birthers” who don’t think President Obama is president, and racist cartoons are just a few of the things that defines the Republican Party and their reactionaries. These people prey on the weak-minded and the elderly in suggesting “death panels.” I believe most right-wing Republicans suffer from paranoia and pass it on to people who listen to hacks like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. They have used fear for a decade to fool the American people. Low morals and hypocrisy define the right wing.

Frank Wastradowski

Fortunately for Mr. Wastradowski, freedom of speech gives him the right to be as ignorant and uninformed as he chooses to be. If his name seems familiar, he is the man who cried victim of Hate Crime last year when his car was vandalized, although every other Obama supporter in the neighborhood was left untouched.

From the tone of Wastradowski’s letter, the one with the hate becomes very apparent. Let’s look closer at some of Wastradowski’s claims,

1. Right-wing writers keep trying to define liberals according to their principles. The problem is, the right wing doesn’t have any principles.

Who keeps defining whom? Did he not just write a letter defining Republicans according to his perception?

And, “no principles?” Are we not the ones who want our Immigration laws respected? Are we not the ones who wish to see life preserved and given a chance? Are we not the ones who support fighting those that have been attacking us for three decades?

Study after study has shown that it is those of us he considers “the radical right wing of the Republican Party” that consistently donates more time and money to charity than does the more liberal in our society.

And, we are the ones without principles?

2. They still support the Bush administration that almost ruined our nation.

And, who engaged in 8 years of “fearmongering” to convince everyone that Bush ruined the nation? While we don’t think of Bush as the greatest ever, he did try to do much more than he ever received credit for.

It was Bush who in 2003 tried to head off the fiasco we see in our economy today by reigning in the Fannie Mae Freddie Mac debacle, blocked by prominent Democrats who said there was no building problem then.

There is much he could have done different, but does that excuse our deficit now being raised to more than in our entire history, borrowing billions and billions of dollars from countries that have no love of us?

Does it excuse government taking over control of Wall Street, Banks, the Auto Industry and more?

Isn’t that what communism did?

3. Our health care system is not breaking — it is already broken and they don’t want to fix it. Never mind the millions of people who have no coverage. The right wing of the Republican Party couldn’t care less.

Obviously, it escapes Mr. Wastradowski that many of those without health insurance DON”T WANT IT!” They could afford it but choose to spend their money elsewhere.

And for those who don’t want it, they face possible fines and imprisonment for not purchasing what those like Wastradowski say they must have?

And, “the Republican Party couldn’t care less?”

With all due respect, Mr. Wastradowski, Google HR 3400 and read it. Google how many times Republicans have submitted amendments and ideas in what is supposed to be a “bi-partisan” effort at reforming healthcare and then explain why every single one of the is blocked, denied or dies in committee.

Obviously, to Democrats and Mr. Wastradowski, “bi-partisan” means you must give up your thoughts, ideas and yes, principles and blindly agree to what Democrats want.

4. Racism, Nazi flags at Democratic town halls, the “birthers” who don’t think President Obama is president, and racist cartoons are just a few of the things that defines the Republican Party and their reactionaries.

Aw yes, the old tried and true “race card,” how typical of a radical left-winger.

Democratic townhalls? I thought they were “community” townhalls open to anyone from the community?

Sorry, but I see no waving of nazi flags, but I did see photos of Obama with a Hitler moustache, being held and passed out by members of the Lyndon LaRouche Society, a
left-winged Democratic” group.

Why worry about the so-called “birthers” when the matter could be easily put to rest by simply showing the long form birth certificate, as was demanded of and supplied by John McCain?

Then again, does Mr. Wastradowski refute the “911 Truthers” who still maintain George W. Bush planned and carried out the September 11, 2001 attacks and not the radical Jihadists?

And, racist cartoons? Where was Mr. Wastradowski when Black Republicans were viciously attacked for stepping off the liberal plantation?

Where was he when liberals depicted Michael Steele, chairman of the RNC as a “Simple Sambo” with a blackened minstrel-style face, nappy hair and big, think red lips?

Where was he when Condoleezza Rice was depicted by Democrat cartoonists as an ignorant, barefoot “mammy” saying “I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout birthin’ no babies?”

5. These people prey on the weak-minded and the elderly in suggesting “death panels.”

I recall a time when saying “these people” was considered racist.

But, death panels? Yes, the words were stated and with reason. Perhaps the booklet “Your Life Your Choices” hasn’t made it to Wastradowski’s mail yet.

Perhaps he shut his ears when Obama was making the speech and said words to the effect of “maybe grandma would be better off taking the pain killer instead of getting the surgery.”

What would he label the deep cuts proposed in Medicare and Medicaid in the proposed healthcare bill?

Who is it currently crying thousands are dying in the streets because they have no health insurance? Who makes speeches twisting and distorting stories of mishaps with health insurance?

What does he think of the current proposal of taxing medical devices used primarily by the elderly such as wheelchairs, hearing aids, pace makers, artificial hips and such that cost over $100?

With such a proposal as that, who is really “preying upon the elderly?”

6. I believe most right-wing Republicans suffer from paranoia and pass it on to people who listen to hacks like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. They have used fear for a decade to fool the American people.

Fortunately, there is no law against thinking or believing, not yet.

But using fear? Who kept up for 8 years telling how Bush was destroying the nation? Who for 8 years cried that Bush was causing terrorism? Who for decades now cries about Global Warming/cooling/climate change, whatever the cry is today?

Who is it that keeps crying gloom and doom if we don’t do exactly as they say we should, while they continue a ‘high on the hog’ lifestyle?

Who is it that wants more and more of our paychecks to pay for their luxuries and for us to do without, “to save the planet?”

While many of us don’t really listen much to Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh, it is obvious that Mr. Wastradowski listens too much to the likes of Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and Randi Rhodes.

7. Low morals and hypocrisy define the right wing.

Is that why Duke Cunningham sits in jail while William Jefferson, Barney Frank, Charlie Rangel, John Murtha and more are free?

Is that why Mark Foley and Richard Curtis are no longer in office while Barney Frank and Sam Adams still are?

Is that why liberals are flocking to the defense of Roman Polanski for raping a 13 year-old and fleeing justice for over three decades?

It still bothers me that someone vandalized the Wastradowski’s car last year. I am pleased the community came together to donate to have it repaired. I suppose it never occurred to Mr. Wastradowski that some of those very people he labels as “the radical right wing of the Republican Party” also donated money and quite possibly were some who worked on repairing it.

But, reading this letter and seeing the tone, I wonder now if last years vandalism might not have been somewhat of an inside job?

It must escape Mr. Wastradowski that his party, the Democrats, currently hold not just a majority in the House, but a dominant majority, they have a filibuster proof majority in the Senate and the White House to boot. They have all the cards and yet, somehow, it is the Republicans stopping anything from getting done.

I guess one thing Rush says is right, that even with all the cards and able to push through anything they wish, by themselves without any Republican votes, they only know how to play victim.

It’s always the Republicans fault.

To Mr. Wastradowski I can only say, seek some anger management classes. Just because we disagree with you and Obama doesn’t make us the scum of the earth or the enemy.

If you desire to be lead around like cattle heading off to slaughter by the current administration, go for it, that’s your right.

But many of the rest of us desire to maintain our freedom and liberties.

March 31, 2009

Bill Maher Trashes The Troops

by lewwaters

How despicable that he says of our Troops,

“Forget about bringing the troops home from Iraq. Can we bring them home from World War II? Can you believe that in 2009, we still have 50,000 troops in Germany, and 30,000 troops in Japan? At some point, their people are going to have to learn to rape themselves!”

Even for a braindead liberal like Maher, this troubling. Not only have I contacted HBO demanding he be fired, which I’m sure will be ignored, I sent hte following letter to Obama, Senators Murray and Cantwell as well as Representative Brian Baird,

I write this to you not only as a constituent and American Citizen, but as a Viet Nam Veteran, member of Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion and Disabled American Veterans.

You have publicly declared yourself many times to be an advocate for our Troops and Veterans as well as desiring the broadcast airwaves to be “cleaned up.”

The Democratic Party has spared little effort in attacking Rush Limbaugh in that effort.

Now, Bill Maher, on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher has made a despicable and disparaging remark concerning our Troops in Japan and Germany. He said, “Forget about bringing the troops home from Iraq. Can we bring them home from World War II? Can you believe that in 2009, we still have 50,000 troops in Germany, and 30,000 troops in Japan? At some point, their people are going to have to learn to rape themselves!”

Surely you will find this comment, disguised as a “joke” as despicable as i do and much more disparaging than words said by Rush Limbaugh, since it is directed toward our Troops, which you claim to fully support.

I call on you to publicly condemn Bill Maher just as you have Rush Limbaugh.

I will be watching and listening for your comments on this egregious behavior in our airwaves. Whether you condemn it or remain silent, I assure you I will let all of my fellow Veterans and readers know of your response, one way or the other.

I’m not holding my breath, but if they fail to comment on this egregious comemnt by Bill Maher, after so many condemnations of Rush Limbaugh, it is just more proof that they have an agenda of silencing the right, while giving a pass to the left, who says much worse.

March 6, 2009

Do Washington’s Elected Officials Care?

by lewwaters

It has been nearly two weeks since the community lost 13 year-old Alycia Nipp, brutally murdered in a Hazel Dell Field. An arrest has been made. She has been laid to rest. The family still grieves as do her personal friends. But, all too many others seem to have successfully put the murder behind them, moving on with their lives.

Fingers have been pointed at developers and owners of the field where abandoned and condemned homes remain standing. Ignored is that destruction of the buildings must be in accordance with some vague environmental regulations, causing delays as potential hazards must be inspected and assessed.

One of the most shocking revelations to me in all this was discovering that not only do we have known dangerous sex offenders freely roaming about Clark County, but that an effort by Senator Don Benton, Republican from the 17th District, to pass stronger measures dealing with these predatory sex offenders, DIED IN THE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE in 2006.

Senator Benton has tried again to pass stronger measures. You can hear a Podcast of an interview with Senator Benton from his web page


After posting Alycia Nipp Did Not Have To Die and just before posting Protect Our Children First, I shot off emails to all of Clark County’s elected officials in Olympia, both party’s.

I received replies from Senator Benton’s office and from Representative Ed Orcutt, who shares my outrage. Representative Orcutt said to me,

We have attempted to pass Jessica’s law in the past, but it got watered down to Jessica’s lite. I have asked staff to draft a true Jessica’s law and will seek to get it passed this year. Since we are past committee cutoffs, it is a bit more tricky, but I will still push for it.”

From the audio linked to above, Senator Benton also continues to try to get stronger protections for our children.

Sadly, the only reply I received from Democrats was Representative Jim Moeller asking me when was Senator Benton’s Bill allowed to die, even though I stated in my message that it was 2006.

Why is it that our Republican minority in Olympia meets such strong opposition from Washington States Democrats when it comes to protecting our children from these predators?

Senator Craig Pridemore, Democrat 49th District, has a link on his web page to a pdf copy of a 2007 document, Sex Offender Sentencing in Washington, which did nothing to protect Alycia or get these predatory monsters off of our streets.

I did not find statements or comments about this from the others on their web sites about the need to protect our children. Newly elected Representative Jim Jacks seems to be living up to his campaign promise to “listen and learn,” instead of taking actions or promoting ideas.

I was particularly shocked to read the daily Letters To The Editor section of the Columbian and find so few letters published expressing outrage over so many repeat Level III sex offenders freely roaming Clark County, wearing only a GPS tracking device for satellite tracking to determine their whereabouts by Department of Corrections, not parents of children, who were not told of these predators roaming their neighborhoods.

Commenting about this confessed Level III sex offender held in the murder of Alycia Nipp elicited comments of blame to the parents and it being the parents responsibility to protect their children, not the state.

Hellooooo, keeping these monsters off of our streets and out of our neighborhoods IS protecting our children.

Today’s Columbian tells us of another Level III sex offender, who forced a 14 year-old girl into prostitution and assaulted the girl numerous times in Portland, has now moved to Clark County and is also “homeless.” He too is wearing a GPS tracking device that may place him in the vicinity of any potential crime he may commit against our children AFTER the crime is committed.

I am left wondering just why these animals feel safe and secure into move to our community in the first place and freely roam about.

I don’t want to believe or think our elected officials do not care, but when I see more effort placed on forcing us to accept Light Rail for a new I-5 Bridge, money ready to be wasted on a waterfront project, when we don’t have it and other such budgetary efforts, over passing strong legislation to protect our children and citizens first, I can’t help but wonder just where are their priorities.

UPDATE: Alycia’s Godmother, mother, aunt and others, have a facebook page up now, Mothers Against Sex Crimes and a MySpace page, MASC – Mothers Against Sex Crimes. Please lend your support to the struggle to keep these predators off of our streets.

February 4, 2009

Go To Hell, Val Kilmer

by lewwaters

val-kilmer-fat1Yes, Val Kilmer, veteran actor apparently with a size 54-hat size, over impressed with himself after being in the movies “Tombstone,” “Top Gun” and “Batman Forever,” can kiss this Viet Nam Veteran’s rosy red ass!

I apologize for my profanity to you readers, but not to Kilmer. Sometimes profanity is appropriate and in this regard to Val Kilmer, it is one. He is a punk-assed, pampered, spoiled rotten slime ball.

I am sure many may be dismayed by my expressions against this asshat, after so many have enjoyed his performances in the make believe movies he appears in, but read on and I’ll explain why I say this and why I’ll never pay to go see another movie with this jerk in it.

The New Mexico Independent ran a story late last month on the likelihood of Kilmer running for the office of governor of New Mexico in 2010.

Although Kilmer was born and raised in California the Independent refers to him as “One of New Mexico’s most famous residents.” Fair enough as I assume he has taken up residence in the state of his paternal grandfather.

Kilmer has dropped strong hints that Governor Bill Richardson endorses him in the run, should he make it.

The Independent links to an interview of Kilmer by Chuck Klosterman for Esquire, published in July 2005.

This exchange ought to rile any honest hearted American, especially my fellow Viet Nam Veterans. You just have to read it for yourself.

(Klosterman) “You mean you think you literally had the same experience as Doc Holliday?”

(Kilmer) “Oh, sure. It’s not like I believed that I shot somebody, but I absolutely know what it feels like to pull the trigger and take someone’s life.

(Klosterman) “You understand how it feels to shoot someone as much as a person who has actually committed a murder?”

(Kilmer) “I understand it more. It’s an actor’s job. A guy who’s lived through the horror of Vietnam has not spent his life preparing his mind for it. He’s some punk. Most guys were borderline criminal or poor, and that’s why they got sent to Vietnam. It was all the poor, wretched kids who got beat up by their dads, guys who didn’t get on the football team, couldn’t finagle a scholarship. They didn’t have the emotional equipment to handle that experience. But this is what an actor trains to do. I can more effectively represent that kid in Vietnam than a guy who was there.”

Val Kilmer, this 60 year old gray haired Viet Nam Vet, who came from a middle class background, graduated High School, never been arrested or come close to committing a crime, enlisted in the United States Army. I also voluntarily extended my tour and have never regretted serving my country, unlike you punk ass pansy liberal millionaires who think a role in fantasy land makes you more aware of the sacrifices Veterans have made since our country was founded than we are.

The worst part of Viet Nam was coming back to “the World” and meeting shitheads like Val Kilmer, who fell for every lie told by John ‘F’in Kerry, Ramsey Clark, Hanoi Jane Fonda and all the other Communist lackey’s parading through the streets and bad mouthing my country.

It’s assholes like Kilmer who perpetuate the myth of the Deranged Viet Nam Veteran readily exposed in the book Stolen Valor and by many others, including Medal of Honor recipient Col. George “Bud” Day and yours truly.

What has Kilmer ever done for America besides rake in millions of dollars acting as if he were a brave soul, not standing up for our country?

Kabuki Village blog site expresses similar outrage towards Kilmer in an open letter.

Naturally, Kilmer issued a denial of ever saying any such thing here.

Esquire Magazine stands by their article claiming it is on tape here.

Kilmer, I have wiped better than you off the bottom of my shoe in the front yard. No apology can be accepted for this gross slander of Viet Nam Veterans by yet another piece of shit Hollywood Liberal slime ball.

I will never spend a dime to see another one of your movies and although I live far away from New Mexico, will oppose your candidacy for governor or any other elected office from afar.

America does not need more clueless clods holding office.

Val, GO TO HELL, asshole!

August 17, 2008

Clark County’s Punks

by lewwaters

Yes, you are Punks, scum-sucking punks. You don’t know what a punk is? Ask your Daddy, if you have one that talks to you.


Why are you punks? Because you have no respect, your Daddy’s didn’t whip your sorry asses when he should have or enough. You think its kicks to destroy other people’s property deface property and steal campaign signs out of people’s yards.


We put those signs up, on private property that we pay for through mortgages and taxes, to show support for people we feel will best represent us in government. We make donations to help those candidates win elections and show respect for those with opposing views.


You don’t. You punks either think it’s fun or you don’t like the candidate we do so you feel you have a right to destroy what is another’s any time you feel like it.


You don’t have that right. You just have your cowardly intent. Your Democrat Party misleads you that campaigning involves destruction of your opponents campaign signs.


Why don’t you come to my door and tell me your candidate is better? Probably because you wouldn’t know a decent candidate from a hole in the ground. Or, like other mind numb Democrats, you haven’t got the guts. That’s why you sneak around at night in the dark.


You stole my campaign signs tonight and if this will be a repeat of 2004, you will probably paintball my house again. You may even try to come on my property to deface or steal my American Flag again.


If you do I will replace them and work harder to support my candidate. You have accomplished nothing but showing your friends what a sorry sack of excrement you are.


But, if I catch you, you may just receive the whipping your Daddy didn’t give you. Don’t think for a minute that having gray hair means we roll over for your vandalism. You don’t own my property, I do! And I will defend it and protect it, however I am legally empowered to.


You want to do something constructive? Learn how to pull up your pants! The world doesn’t want to see your crack.

June 26, 2008

Letter to Brian Baird RE: The Fairness Doctrine

by lewwaters

Sent June 26, 2008 1:10 AM

Congressman Baird, I write this to you utterly dismayed that America’s Freedom of Speech is threatened by the possibility of reinstatement of the so called “Fairness Doctrine.” I am very disheartened to learn that not one Democrat supports “The Broadcaster Freedom Act,” which only protect America’s Free Speech.


At a time when Freedom of Speech protects Racist Groups and those who desire to see America under Anarchy or radical extremism, how is possible that our own government is willing to curtail the Free Speech of those opposing one political view?


I understand this is aimed primarily at conservative talk radio, but do we really need to stop American’s from listening to what they desire? I hope not. I would no more support curtailing the free speech of people opposed to my views than I hope you and other Democrats would. Once an essential liberty as free speech is curtailed for one, how long before it is limited for others?


I recall when you met with fellow Veterans at the Gathering of Eagles in March 2007 when you said, “I can always find another job, but I cannot find another country.” Those are some of the most profound words I have ever heard from a politician in my life. Will we have the same country if we allow Speaker Pelosi to re-impose the “Fairness Doctrine” and limit free speech of those she disagrees with?


That isn’t the America I fought for.


I told you when we met at the Memorial Day Commemoration this year at Ft. Vancouver, that although I am a Republican, you have earned my vote. I said that because I find you to be an honest and honorable man who will put partisanship aside.


I respectfully urge you to once again put partisanship aside and support “The Broadcaster Freedom Act” and help keep America’s Speech free.


Thank You

Lew Waters