I-5 Bridge 09

No Light Rail for Clark County

Forcing You Out of Your Car

Vancouver appears ready to OK light rail?

Debbie Peterson and Don Benton Address I-5 and Light Rail

Citizen’s Voices Ignored on Light Rail

Light Rail Snow Job Continues From C-Trans & The Columbian

Clackamas Sheriff Blames New MAX Line For Crime Increase

Take Your Tolls and Shove Them!

Beware the “Hounds of Whinerville”

Loot Rail Opponents to be ‘Gaveled Down’ by Mayor Leavitt?

Damn the Taxpayers, Full Speed Ahead on a Wasteful Bridge Project

Columbia River Crossing Fatcats Continue Assault on Citizens

Are There Any Real Newspaper Editors Any Longer?

Do We in Clark County Still Have a Right to Our Money?

Smoke & Mirrors on CRC & Loot Rail

Why Is A New York Firm Supporting Raising Clark County Taxes?

Portcouver City Council ‘Modifies’ Citizen Speech Rights…. Again

We WERE Promised a Vote on Light Rail, Weren’t We?

Attempts by Light Rail Advocates to Marginalize Businessman David Madore

Sharon Wylie, Do You Support A Vote on CRC?

Pat Campbell Talks Light Rail

C-Tran Board Caves to Leavitt & Crew

C-Tran Board, “We Always Get Our Tax Increase”

Once Again, the Columbian Fails the Community

Food Stamps To Pay I-5 Bridge Tolls

What will Happen if Citizens Vote Down Light Rail Maintenance Funding?

Should We Outsource CRC to China?

Leavitt Tries Campaign Spin and He isn’t Even Running for Office

It Appears Those “Ankle Biting Hounds From Whinerville” Were Right

CRC Critics Home Vandalized

Have the Light Rail Votes Already Been Counted? Before A Vote?

A Strong Message Sent To The Vancouver City Council?

C-Tran Proposition 1 Must Be Defeated

No More Money To C-Tran

Clackamas County urban renewal initiative qualifies for November ballot

CRC Funding on the Chopping Block?

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Largest Recipient of CRC Funds Sues to Keep Financial Records Secret

The Dark Underside of C-Tran and Proposition 1

In Case You Wonder Why We Are Going Broke

C-Tran Already Drooling For Even More of Your Tax Dollars

Democrats Prepare to Further Destroy Washington State’s Economy

Will ‘Boss Leave-it’s’ Choo Choo Train Die Like Detroit’s Did?

Jim ‘da candyman’ Moeller’s Dismissive Attitude on CRC Questionable Accounting Unacceptable

Columbia River Crossing, The Bridge To Bankruptcy

Smarter Bridge Committee Rally


CRC and C-TRAN Can’t See the ‘Elephant in the Room’

Forensic Accounting Analysis Released, Time To Pull The Plug On CRC

TriMet GM Sees A Problem, Will CRC and C-Tran Take Note?

Oregon Supreme Court Blows the Whistle on CRC and Metro

Who Is Really The ‘Puppet’ John?

CRC and WSDOT: Defending the Indefensible

Feds to “Mediate” CRC Incompetence

Port of Vancouver Executive Director Larry Paulson, Light Rail Is Coming “Like It Or Not”

Mayor Leavitt Likes “The Dreams Of The Future Better Than The History Of The Past”

Mayor Leavitt’s Thin Smoke Screen on a Tax Vote

Will Leavitt Lose His Block Veto Power Over C-Tran?

How Many Ways Can the Leavitt Cabal Squeeze Taxpayers?

Light Rail Likely To Raise Vancouver’s Crime Rate Again

Mayor Leavitt’s Memorial Day Weekend Snow Job

Are We About To Get Shafted on LRT Operations & Maintenance Funding?

Are People Finally Waking Up To The CRC?

C-TRAN Expenses Outpace National Inflation Rate

Mayor Leavitt Declines Open and Transparent Discussion With CRC Skeptics

Herrera Beutler Comes Out Of the Closet, Supports CRC

Why Won’t Tim Probst Take A Stand On The Largest Issue Facing SW Washington?

Mayor Leavitt Continues to Thumb His Nose at Taxpayers & Voters

McKenna Wastes No Time Stabbing Clark County In The Back

River Clearance Isn’t The Only Thing Low About CRC

Yes Mr. Obama, We Can Wait

The Unraveling of the CRC Continues

Columbian Ignores Appearance of Corruption Surrounding CRC

C-Tran’s Proposition 1 Sales Tax Initiative – The Numbers Tell the Story

CRC Proponents Ignoring The Will Of The Voters

Looking for Facts on Portland’s Light Rail

Doesn’t Patty Murray Have Some Cliff to Worry About Falling Over?

When Do Voters Matter?

Do Polls Only Matter If They Support CRC?

Transportation Dollars Fall Short, Let’s Add School Buses

C-Tran Seeking to Bypass Voters on BRT and LRT

Providing ‘Clarity’ for Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart

Rattling C-Tran Not A Bad Thing

Voters Thwarted By Downtown Mafia, Again

City of Vancouver Rejects Most Signatures On Anti-Light Rail Petition

The Petition That Will Not Die

GVCC’s Kelly Parker Attempting An End Run Around Voters

Columbian Caught Sandbagging CRC Reports, Says Red Flags “Not Newsworthy”

CRC and Guns, the Push Back Grows

Voters Slap Down CRC & C-TRAN, But Will It Matter?

Commissioners Supporting Voters Draws the Columbian’s Ire

CRC – The Biggest Swindle Ever For Clark County?

Oregonian, You Keep Your Light Rail and We’ll Keep Commissioner Madore

Elected Officials Raise More Questions On CRC

CRC Petitioners Put City on Notice

Vancouver Faces Lawsuit Over CRC, Legislators Step-Up Opposition

Fed Up With Being Pushed Aside and Ignored, CRC Opponents File Lawsuit

Changing Minds on the CRC

Jim Moeller: Arrogance Over Facts

Wishful Thinking and High Hopes Fuel CRC, Not Concern for the People

Vancouver Light Rail Petition Lawsuit Delayed

Jim Moeller Still “Doesn’t Get It”

How Many Mistakes Will It Take to Bankrupt the Middle Class?

CRC, the Columbian and the War on the Middle Class

CRC Gets Professional Marketing Campaign Support

Toll-dependent Columbia River Crossing halted by Roach inquiry

A “Kangaroo Townhall” Won’t Help the CRC

Rep Jim Moeller’s Latest Act of Desperation, Lie

Fraud, Corruption and Cronyism, Hallmarks of the CRC

Formal Complaint Filed Against Vancouver City Council

Have We Lost Our Sovereignty?

Build That Third Bridge!

Slick Used Car Salesman Tactics Promoting the CRC Lemon

Sen. Benton Rebuttal of Gov. Inslee On CRC

Gov. Inslee Ramps Up the Democrats Assault on the Middle Class

Growing CRC Opposition Amidst Oregon Wanting to Take Clark County’s Jobs


CRC Supporters Scurrying Like Cockroaches

SW Washington to CRC, Please Do Not Resuscitate

Of Increased Decibels, Cutting Bait and the Four P’s

Applying the Paul Montague Method of Interpretation to the CRC Poll

A Bird In The Hand Beats a Bridge Too Low

Kitzhaber Puts On His Bully Pants

Suck It Up, Oregon. Bail Out Light Rail Yourself

Cleveland, Wylie & Moeller Vow to Screw the Middle Class

Kristallnacht at the Columbian

Lazy C Gets it Wrong, Yet Again

Gov Inslee, “It’s All or Nothing” in Bankrupting the Middle Class

Lazy C Misrepresents Washington State Wire Article

CRC Proponents, Lazy C Not Letting a Good Crisis Go To Waste

Bias, Dishonesty and Fearmongering for Light Rail

Safe Bridges Held Hostage to Light Rail

Don’t Accept CRC’s Wooden Nickel

Voters? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Voters

Tim Leavitt, The Little Mayor Who Cried “the Bridge is Falling”

Light Rail: Bliss, Blight or Just Out of Touch?

Patty Murray, Still as Stupid as Can Be

Mayor Leavitt: Conflicts of Interest or Incredible Coincidence?

CRC & $10 Billion Trans Package Taken Off Life-Support

CRC: Trying to Suck The Last Bit of Blood Out of Taxpayers?

Light Rail Can’t Fix Stupid

Gov. Inslee ‘Sneaking’ Into Town Again?

It’s Alive, the Undead CRC

Who Mitigates on Behalf of Taxpayers?

Mayor Leavitt and C-Tran Declare Jihad

Benton Pushes Back on “Oregon Only” CRC/Light Rail

Economist warns: Renewed CRC Promises Gridlock on I-205

Cleveland’s Talking Points Out Of Touch With Constituents

C-Tran Proposes Cutting Bus Service to Fund Light Rail

Haste Makes Rage

Vancouver, You Deserve a Mayor Instead of a Whiny CRC Whore

Lazy C Was For a Vote Before They Were Against a Vote

Tiffany Couch Testimony before Trans Committee Hearing

Corruption at the C-Tran Board of Directors

Little Slips Can Tell a Lot

Keeping Our Transportation Dollars for Our Needs

Of Mud Bogs and Politics

Ed Barnes is not a Victim

Why is Ed Barnes Still So Angry and Bitter?

Sorry Ed, You’re Just Not That Important

What Does C-Tran Have to Hide?

C-Trans Omitted Details

Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber Receives CRC Award

Benton Fights C-Tran/TriMet Eminent Domain

Media Bias, Hypocrisy and Mental Evaluations

Concrete Jungle and a Choo Choo Train

Clark County, Let Oregon Know We Oppose ‘Go It Alone’

About the Inevitable CRC Cost Overruns

Children’s Cancer Research Held Hostage to Light Rail Now?

Annette Cleveland on a “Light Rail Ready” Bridge

CRC Dead? Or Just In A Coma, Again?

Leavitt’s State of the City, A Travesty

Burning Bridges or Building Bridges?

It’s Not “Madore’s Bridge”

Real Congestion Relief? Fuggedaboutit!

BRT Lawsuit Filed

Inslee Tipped His Hand

Cleveland Still Doesn’t Get It

Need for Third Bridge Remains Ignored

Who Are The Real Culprits?

Bully’s Are Not “Willing Partners”

What Killed the CRC?

Will Light Rail Win This Time?

Herrera Beutler Sets Leavitt Straight on Pike and I-5

Deny, Deny, Deny, but Stack the Deck

Rep. Wylie & Sen. Cleveland on “That Bridge”

Can We Please Drive a Stake Through The Heart of Light Rail?

Son of CRC

Orcutt Speaks Against HB 2095

Son of CRC

Rep. Wylie, “Job is to Prevent The Ferret Brains”


Cut county costs, not public services

A Harried Day in the Life of a Clark County Commissioner

Live from Post-CRC Clark County

The Adams Doctrine and Leavitt Corollary

Identity Vancouver gets shanghaied:

Identity Vancouver Plan C:

Professor Dean Addresses CRC Concerns to Herrera Beutler

CRC: No Financial Compensation for Businesses

“We Can’t Afford the Local Contribution.” A Conversation Between Robert Dean and Mayor Tim Leavitt

A Bridge Too Low!


CRC Demise? The Broken Third Leg

High Capacity Light Rail and $ Million Busses, Warranted in Clark County?

HCT Act; is C-Tran in Compliance?

The Rose Quarter Conundrum for ODOT

Judges and Voters and Scares, Oh My!

Local Contribution 101

Jim Moeller: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I Wish I Was a Stakeholder

Lie To Me!

Federal Grand Jury Indicts Mayor Leavitt

Open Letter to SW Washington

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road!

(SPOOF) Ed Lynch: Turning More than Heads

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