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Jantzen Beach Approach

UPDATE ADDED: April 8, 2019 at 3:15 PM
Excerpt from a letter by Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Metro Council President
Lynn Peterson, concerning the Rose Quarter Cap;

“This project is going to be long and disruptive. Any final proposal from ODOT must include plans to keep the Portland region moving during construction. That means specific plans for increased transit service, continued operations of MAX and the Portland Streetcar, enhanced bike/pedestrian corridors, continued freight mobility, and other mitigation efforts to ensure Portland’s transportation system remains functional while the project is being built.”

How odd that there is no similar sentiment on providing congestion relief just a few miles north whenever the I-5 Columbia River crossing will be replaced by ensuring additional crossings are in place prior to replacing the aging spans.

I pray I live long enough to see downtown Vancouver become the ghost town it’s destined to because of this folly.