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November 8, 2011

Surprises and Disappointments in Early Results

by lewwaters

UPDATED November 9, 2011 4:20 PM

As we see every election during early results, some lose and some win, some results are disappointing and others a real surprise, some even a surprising disappointment leaving us to wonder what are people thinking?

Probably the most surprising disappointment is seeing so many Clark County voters falling for the scare tactics pout out by C-Tran by approving another sales tax increase to keep empty buses running while C-Tran sits on Millions of uncommitted dollars and plans to create an ambitious rapid transit corridor down Fourth Plain, whether we want it or not.

Surprising to see Clark County fall for a tax increase while Seattle, a liberal Mecca in the Northwest rejects a license tag fee increase. Of course, who knew that on this day we would also be hit by the Port of Vancouver with a 1% property tax increase too. Although voting yes, Port Commissioner Brian H. Wolfe, who won reelection today running unopposed claims he’d like to see the Port wean itself off of property taxes saying, “I don’t know this is the right time to start doing that.”

Purely coincidental I’m sure, that the tax increase wasn’t voted on until today, Election Day.

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May 15, 2011

C-Tran Board, “We Always Get Our Tax Increase”

by lewwaters

As TV and Movies have claimed for many years as the Canadian Mounties motto, “we always get our man,” the C-Tran Board has the same tenacity when it comes to always getting whatever tax increase they want, regardless of what taxpayers vote.

This was seen in 2004 when C-Tran spread the fear and dread of needing a .03% sales tax increase to expand and keep operating, still blaming citizens who voted for I-695 in 1999 when we rolled back the outrageous excise we paid every year to re-license our cars.

They put together Proposition 1 for the 2004 General Election and in spite of appearing at advocacy groups to tout the need for more of our money, threatening drastic cutbacks in service and lay-offs, the proposition failed by a vote of 54% against, 46% for.

The bus drivers union voted no confidence in Lynne Griffith, the agency’s executive director then. The Columbian editorialized on the loss and began making suggestions, joined by riders of C-Tran and legislators of holding off on cut-backs and to try again.

The County-wide vote showed 85,684 against to 73,959 for. Take note that I mentioned “COUNTY-WIDE vote.” That’s important because as is seen below, the C-Tran Board came right back with Board Resolution BR-05-001, “A RESOLUTION of the C-TRAN Board of Directors conferring upon itself the status of a public transportation conference for the purpose of convening a Public Transportation Improvement Conference to redefine the PTBA boundaries.”

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