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August 5, 2015

DCCC Claims Elizabeth Warren DESTROYED Republicans over Planned Parenthood

by lewwaters

So, Democrats & Elizabeth Warren think they have discovered something unique in how Planned Parenthood has been exposed cannibalizing fetal body parts?

Warren PP Nazi

From email received Aug 5, 2015

Sorry Dems, seen it before

June 5, 2013

Abortion Activists Target Congresswoman Herrera Beutler

by lewwaters

Jaime HerreraBy now we have heard of the sad news from Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler and her husband, Daniel of their unborn child being diagnosed with Potters Syndrome, a condition most often fatal to the newborn child.

Even though I am not Jaime’s biggest fan, she is who we have to deal with politically. But this transcends political views.

With this being her first child I can only imagine her thoughts and deep concerns over the child and uncertainty for the future. She has no good choices to face other than prayers with hopes the treatments listed at the link above are successful, should she carry through with the pregnancy.

I say that because this is one of those rare times I would not object if they arrived at a decision to abort, but that is a very personal matter she, her husband and her doctor would have to make. And as said above, she can also choose to carry full term, placing it in God’s hands. That is her choice.

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February 7, 2013

“Where Were Their Parents?”

by lewwaters

Teen 3How often have we either heard or said the same thing ourselves? Every time we read of a young person committing a crime and being arrested, caught up in some troubles, victimized by older people or even bullying other young people, that question is one of the first things we hear many step up and ask.

None of us stop and think that we have allowed government to intrude into our family life so much that parents have been relegated to secondary status behind teachers, school officials, Child Protection Services and more. Parents are expected to be responsible for their children, but at the same time big brother is looking over their shoulder and either injecting themselves between parent and child or encouraging the child to ignore their parents’ values and do as they say they should do.

Case in point, abortions on teenage girls without parents consent or even their knowledge.

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August 22, 2012

Is McKenna Trying To Throw the Election?

by lewwaters

Unbelievable that the more Rob McKenna campaigns for Washington State Governor, the further left his positions are. It’s almost as if he is a secret plant for the campaign of Democrat Jay Inslee.

He has claimed to disagree with homosexual marriage. Then come out against the Boy Scouts of America banning homosexuals from their leadership ranks, ignoring the huge scandal of the early 1990’s where homosexual males had molested young boys over the years.

He fought to ensure homosexual activists received the names, addresses and signatures of everyone who signed the R-71 petition opposing the so called “everything but marriage” domestic partnership law.

Early on he distanced himself from very successful Republican governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker and has stated that Washington State public unions have nothing to fear from him, adding that he feels collective bargaining is their right, even as we in the private sector continue to tighten our belts that they are reluctant to do.

The more we hear from him, the more he sounds like a liberal Democrat, not a conservative Republican.

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February 23, 2012

Freedom of Religious Expression Endangered In Washington State

by lewwaters

Every campaign, politicians stand before us telling us what they think we want to hear in order to gain our votes. Democrat, Republican or Independent, all think they will gain our support with just a little tickling of our ears. Occasionally though, one will lower their guard just a bit and those with a discerning ear might just pick up on what the real candidate thinks or stands for.

Such is the case now with Democrat candidate for Washington State Governor, Jay Inslee.

Most of my readers know that I am not very supportive of Democrats, but before you write this off as just another piece opposing Democrats, I urge you to read on and see how not only Jay Inslee, but outgoing governor Christine Gregoire actually opposes your First Amendment right to Free Religious Expression.

As most know by now, a controversial legal case on the state mandating a Pharmacist stock and dispense the “morning-after pill” was decided in favor of the Pharmacist by U.S. District Judge Ronald Leighton in Tacoma February 22, 2012.

The Washington State Board of Pharmacy required the Pharmacies and Pharmacists, under pressure from unnamed state officials and Planned Parenthood, to sell the drug or face losing their license.

The Pharmacists filed suit against the regulation in 2007, claiming that dispensing a drug designed to terminate a pregnancy was against their religious beliefs.

In his decision, Judge Leighton wrote,

“The board’s rules were designed to ‘force religious objectors to dispense Plan B, and they sought to do so despite the fact that refusals to deliver for all sorts of secular reasons were permitted’.”

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February 14, 2012

Democrats Now Want Health Insurers Required to Pay for Abortions

by lewwaters

Fresh on the heels of ramming homosexual marriage off on the people of Washington State, we read where Democrats in the House have passed HB2330, “Concerning health plan coverage for the voluntary termination of a pregnancy.” The bill digest describes the intent of the bill as, “Requires a health plan that provides coverage for maternity care or services to also provide a covered person with substantially equivalent coverage to permit the voluntary termination of a pregnancy.”

According to the Seattle Times, “Starting in 2014, most individual and small group health care plans will under federal law be required to cover a set of medical conditions, among them pregnancy. Exempted under the bill are multistate plans, which are not subject to state law, and religiously sponsored plans.”

The bill states, “If a health plan issued or renewed on or after the effective date of this section provides coverage for maternity care or services, the health plan must also provide a covered person with substantially equivalent coverage to permit the voluntary termination of a pregnancy.”

There are the usual supposed exceptions, but how long before even they are done away with?

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February 24, 2010

An email to a liberal regarding abortion

by dem2gop

I wish liberals would put their money where their mouth is.  We believe in life and have Crisis Pregnancy Centers where we help financially as well as emotionally for women to choose life.  We don’t ask for taxpayer money to pay for their maternity clothes or diapers or any of the myriad of things we supply to those who choose to keep their babies.  We have homes where they can stay for free while they get on their feet.  We offer emotional support if they choose to give up their babies for adoption.  And we offer FREE COUNSELING to poor women who have been raped.  In fact, we actually report cases of rape and incest all without a dime of taxpayer money. 
In contrast, Planned Parenthood is under scrutiny because of failure to report rape and incest and not all clinics even provide information as to alternatives to abortion.    Planned Parenthood makes a fortune in providing abortions yet I have yet to hear of them ‘helping’ these low income women with free services.  Why do they always come to the public trough for money?  Let the leftist citizens of this country establish a funding source for low income women choosing abortion like the pro-life groups have to support those who choose life.  If you believe in it so strongly, why don’t you fund it?  I donate to Crisis Pregnancy Centers and do not expect your tax dollars to support my beliefs.  Don’t expect mine to support yours.
The taking of innocent life is abhorrent to me.  How can those same people who oppose capital punishment support abortion?  One is a criminal convicted of a horrendous crime and the other is totally innocent.  I have never understood.  If a mother’s life is in danger, then it is self-defense to abort.  Other than that, abortion is the taking of innocent life.  I am old enough to remember when abortion was illegal.  Part of the argument back then was every baby a wanted baby.  Miraculously, having abortion legal would reduce child abuse because only those who really want their child would keep it.  The opposite has happened.  It has cheapened life and child abuse has increased not decreased.  We were warned it would lead to euthanasia and again it was ridiculed that such a thing could evolve.  Once again, it is here.  The next step is elimination of the mentally and physically disabled.  This is what happened in Germany and other cultures that have embraced the cheapening of human life and it could happen here as well. 
The Stupak amendment does not prohibit buying insurance with abortion provisions, it only prevents taxpayer money from doing so.  Again, you believe in it, you support it.  You and I both know, the funding, if passed, would not be limited to the first trimester abortion but would include all abortions.  Even if the language were in the bill limiting access to the first trimester, the ACLU or some other leftist organization would sue and it would end up at the Supreme Court where there is always a good chance all legal abortions would have to be covered.  Partial birth abortions are the worst.  Fully developed babies have their brains sucked out and their skulls crushed as they emerge from the uterus in order to insure they are born dead.  If their whole body comes out before they’re killed, they miraculously go from fetus to baby.  It is barbaric.  How can we consider ourselves a civilized society and perform such a horrendous procedure?


February 14, 2010

Black Children Are An Endangered Species

by lewwaters

It appears using the race card to send out a message isn’t considered appropriate, when it is against the left. Such is the case with the above billboard found in Atlanta, Georgia.

The billboard, part of an anti-abortion campaign, targets Blacks as they “accounted for the majority of abortions in Georgia in 2006,” even though they remain in the minority.

Rev. Johnny Hunter, national director of the Life Education and Resource Network says, “It’s ingenious. This campaign is in your face, and nobody can ignore it.”

Cheryl Sullenger, senior policy adviser for Operation Rescue said, . “Abortion in the black community is at epidemic proportions. They’re not really aware of what’s actually going on. If it shocks people … it should be shocking.”

Leola Reis, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood of Georgia says, “The language in the billboard is using messages of fear and shame to target women of color. If we want to reduce the number of abortions and unintended pregnancies, we need to work as a community to make sure we get quality affordable health care services to as many women and men as possible.”

Spelman College professor Beverly Guy-Sheftall calls it “a gimmick,” saying, “To use racist arguments to try to bait black people to get them to be anti-abortion is just disgusting.”

Accusations of the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger’s involvement in what was known as The Negro Project elicited the comment, “Many black people don’t know who Margaret Sanger is and could care less.”

SOURCE: Associated Press through Fox News.

March 9, 2009

Murder by Memo

by lewwaters

Submitted for posting by Laine Johnson of

The case for embryonic human stem cell research butchery
by Laine Johnson

“Moreover, no man knows when his hour will come: As fish are caught in a cruel net, or birds are taken in a snare, so men are trapped by evil times that fall unexpectedly upon them.” (Ecclesiastes 9:12 NIV)

This morning, I listened as the news anchor forced a bright tone into his voice and regurgitated the poisonous talking points of the memo he just consumed:

“President Obama has signed a Presidential declaration that will allow embryonic stem cell research to proceed forward …” The announcer goes on to list all the wonderful medical breakthroughs that this research will under gird. We are assured that the embryos are left over in fertility clinics, and would not have been used anyway.” These embryos were never intended to be allowed to live, so it is OK to kill them now. But, don’t worry, the News Anchor assures us- we will never cross that really bright line- we will never produce embryos for the purpose of killing them! How moral of us! How refined!

So with the stroke of his pen, Obama has made this decision to withdraw protection from the least among us. For a man who famously claimed that decisions about life in its earliest, most delicate phases was “beyond his pay grade,” Obama is certainly giving us our money’s worth now. We only have to pay a lowly presidents salary to a man who is now freely and recklessly making decisions about other people’s right to live and die. Obama’s presidency can almost be defined by the phrase “making decisions beyond his pay grade.”

In his “fair and impartial” voice, the news announcer pretends to state the position of opponents of embryonic stem cell research, “Opponents of embryonic stem cell research say that such research is unethical because the embryos still have a chance to grow up to be people.”

How clever. How dishonest. How revolting. How disingenuous. “Because the embryos still have a chance to grow up to be people.” No, Mr. News Announcer, the “embryos” are human already. You are just using the word “embryo” to camouflage that truth. You know that “embryo” does not conjure up a tiny human with ten toes and ten fingers- you know that people think of an embryo as non-human, as some kind of a tissue blob that does not look like us. It’s always easier to kill a person if you dehumanize him. And you have done it with a word! How brilliant! How stunning! How terrifying!

And Mr. News Announcer, now that you have turned the reality of humanity into a talking point, how will you escape from the “evil times that fall unexpectedly” on men? Have you not considered that someday in the near future, when you are in your News Announcer Nursing Home, that someone will not silently creep into YOUR room and remove YOUR life support? They will reason that you had your chance to be human, but now your time has passed, and someone younger needs your bed to finish out THEIR fully human experience. You will not need that bed- someone younger has decided that your time has come to matriculate out of humanity. Do you think anyone will be listening to you then, as you desperately try to tell them that you missed THAT memo?

February 20, 2009

Are We Becoming A Police State?

by lewwaters

You might think so after what happened to an Oklahoma City man. Chip Harrison was minding his own business, but displayed a sign on his truck reading, “Abort Obama, Not the Unborn.”

Harrison was pulled over by the OKC Police for displaying that sign, the officer saying he felt it was a “threat” against Obama. Although his supervisors admitted it wasn’t a threat and returned the sign, the Secret Service was contacted, who felt the need for a “walk through” of Harrison’s home to “make sure I wasn’t a part of any hate groups.”

Source with video report.

January 23, 2009

Clark County Residents Mourn 50 Million Deaths

by lewwaters

dsc06287dsc06290Yesterday, January 22, 2009 in recognition of the 36th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the United States, citizens across the country turned out en masse for peaceful protests of the decision that has resulted in the unnecessary deaths of some 50 million unborn children.

Clark County was no different as well over 100 people congregated and marched in front of the County Court House from 1 PM to 2 PM for “one hour of peaceful protest in support of life and in memory of lives lost.”

The event was sponsored by Clark County Right To Life and people taking part came from various Church Groups and many others not associated with a Church, just the desire to see the senseless slaughter of pre-born children whose only crime is being conceived, stop.

My wife and I took advantage of my getting a day off from work to take part on our own, representing no group or association, just our own beliefs. Arriving early, we initially found one person waiting on the Courthouse steps for others.

Others began arriving shortly after, carrying various signs, pre-printed and hand made, all in opposition to continuing abortions of the unborn. Young and old, male and female they came to protest such slaughter of our pre-born citizens.

In contrast to other rallies and protests by anti-war and other leftist groups, the rally went smooth with no confrontations or unruliness by protesters. In fact, I only witnessed one Sheriff’s Deputy who stood down the sidewalk for a short period before disappearing, apparently seeing no need for his presence.

I spoke with the Deputy briefly as he asked me who the contact person was to pass along some advice, but as I assured him we were spreading to protesters to not block the entrance to the Courthouse or block the sidewalks, impeding others ability to enter or get by, he seemed satisfied that we were indeed a peaceful group with no intent on any harm.

A welcome change I’m sure from others whose intent is confrontation.

Judging by thumbs up and horns honking by drivers passing by, there are many others who would have joined in if they could have.

While I think the event could have been a little bit better organized, attendees who sang hymns particularly impressed me, accompanied by a guitarist also attendance, as did others who prayed and marched up and down the sidewalk peacefully.

I carried my own homemade sign stating, “YOU LABELED ME “BABY KILLER” BUT YOU SUPPORT ABORTION?” which caused some to inquire its meaning, not noticing my hat or being unaware of the treatment of returning Viet Nam Veterans. All accepted my explanation, many thanking me for serving.

I did not see any press present to cover the event, which disappointed me; they’re considering only unruly leftist protests as newsworthy, apparently.

I congratulate and thank all who attended and made the rally peaceful.

December 19, 2008

Senator Murray Joins Clinton Vowing “More Babies Will Be Killed”

by lewwaters

As if Patty Murray’s (D. Wa.) efforts at blocking the Veterans Administration efforts at weeding out bogus claims for PTSD weren’t bad enough, which would have freed up both money and services for wounded Veterans truly in need, Patty Murray has joined in with Hillary Clinton (D. NY) vowing to overturn President Bush’s Right Of Conscience rule, pledging “whatever it takes.”

As reported by the Hill, Murray and Clinton, along with other abortion rights groups, claim the rule “will limit women’s access to medical care.”

What Bush’s rule does is protect “physicians, nurses, pharmacists and a host of other classes of healthcare workers [who] refuse to perform, or discuss, abortions, or take part in any other activity about which they have a moral objection.”

How that is denying any woman’s right to kill her unborn baby escapes me. There is a plethora of abortion mills around the country only too willing to help kill unborn babies. Why force those who don’t believe in it to participate against their beliefs?

Murray says,

It’s clear that the Bush administration’s assault on healthcare protections for women will continue up until their very last day in office. This is the kind of desperate, ideologically driven politics that helped convince Americans it’s time for change.”

Does she offer any consideration to the healthcare of the unborn? Is it an “assault” to grant protection for others to follow their moral conscience?

Bear in mind, there remains many others all too willing to perform the procedure. No one is forcing them not to.

Do not others have a few rights to their conscience in America any longer? Do we need Democrats forcing every aspect of their sickness on everyone, denying us of our moral clarity?

Is it a sick mind that is outraged when a mother kills a newborn, yet is gleeful if she killed it two hours earlier in a clinic?

The left claims it isn’t a baby, but a “zygote” or “fetus,” clearing their conscience of killing a human being. But, it is a human being. Granted, it can’t survive outside the womb, but even after birth, can it survive without motherly care?

How sadistic is it that those who propose penalizing mothers who smoke or don’t eat right, would also support her should she decide to have that life sucked out of her womb?

Murray craftily hides her love of killing babies with statements like,

Under the next administration and Congress, we will reverse this policy and ensure that the health of patients always comes first. I will work with President-elect Obama to explore every possible option to ensure women continue to have access to the healthcare they need.”

Killing unborn babies on a whim is “healthcare?” Again, women that choose to abort their children still may do so. The new rule does not regulate them; it protects the few that hold a moral objection to participating.

Does Murray propose or support firing any who do not agree with killing the unborn? Again, don’t others have rights in America?

Allow me to say here, I also do not support those that use anti-abortion protests to denigrate women who make that choice. I feel the answer is through education and a return to somewhat of a moral lifestyle, but that is just me.

We are told we “shove our beliefs down their throats,” but isn’t the left shoving their beliefs down our throats if they do not allow others to exercise their moral conscience to not participate in abortions?

I have yet to understand the left’s fascination with killing the unborn. If they feel it gives a woman sexual freedom, it does not. It only frees them up to be used sexually by men who don’t really care for the woman and don’t want a baby.

Have the Democrats moved us so far into Socialism that we may no longer exercise our choice? Will they eventually formulate some proposal on who may or may not have a child, forcing all others to undergo abortion?

Wake up, Washington. Do we need to keep a Senator who doesn’t respect one person’s choice, but demands another’s be respected and even engaged in whether they accept in their personal belief or not?

How much further will our individual rights be stripped away now under total Democrat control?

If they cannot respect that some don’t wish to participate in aborting a baby, I shudder to imagine.