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September 26, 2013

Allegations Fly in Battle Ground

by lewwaters

BattleGroundCitySeal-300x297Battle Ground, Washington, the small town northeast of Vancouver may not have seen a historic battle, but they have no shortage of battles when it comes to elections and keeping citizens entertained, often just shaking their heads.

The latest involves City Council Member and former Mayor Michael Ciraulo over a campaign fundraising event, a ‘Poker Night’ that was held on September 14, 2013 at Galeotti’s Restaurant and claims of it being in violation of Washington State Gambling Law.

A citizen complaint sent to Battle Ground City Manager, John Williams alleged the event, “did not have [the proper] gambling license as mandated by the State of Washington.”

The complaint further alleges, “The City of Battle Ground prohibits card rooms inside the city limits. Chapter 9.26 Public Card rooms (Ordinance 598s2, 1987), contact had been made with the Gambling Commission and the Commission had an ‘open and active’ investigation ongoing due to previous complaints filed by others.”

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November 26, 2010

Race Card Comes Out in Battle Ground Ethics Allegations

by lewwaters

I can’t really say it was inevitable and it does surprise me a bit to see the race card being used in the ethics allegations pending against Battle Ground city council member Paul Zandamela, but it has surfaced in an article appearing in the Reflector.

Joanna Michaud, staff reporter for the Reflector has penned her report, Two ethics complaints spur tension in BG where Zandamela makes the claim of Battle Ground Mayor Mike Ciraulo being behind the ethics violation complaints. Curiously, for reasons not quite understood, the accusation of Mayor Ciraulo being behind the allegations includes prominent mention of fellow council member Alex Reinhold’s teenage son being convicted 2 years ago of sending some very unsavory emails to Paul Zandamela.

I don’t know of a single person that excused what Chris did back then, but he had his day in court and pled guilty to the charges, an act that raised the eyebrows of at least two out of state law professors, especially after seeing that the U.S. Attorney’s Office undermined his Defense Attorney’s case on First Amendment grounds with threats of taking it to federal court, should the teen not change his plea to that of guilty of “cyberstalking.”

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