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November 2, 2014

Two More Reasons Not To Vote for Craig Pridemore

by lewwaters

Alycia Nipp and Anna Svidersky.

Many may not remember or may be unaware, but in early 2009, a 13-year old girl was brutally stabbed to death by a level III repeat sex offender in Hazel Dell. Her name was Alycia Nipp.

The murder happened just a few blocks from my home and being a father myself of daughters, it hit close to home.

I shot off correspondence to every state official from Clark County demanding stricter sentencing and handling of these repeat offenders.

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December 19, 2009


by lewwaters

Reader Submission:

Maurice Clemmons murdered four of Washington’s finest in Lakewood Washington. It is a travesty that this monster was walking our streets! Every citizen should be outraged that he was released after facing 8 felonies which included punching a deputy in the face and the rape of a 12 year old girl! We voted for three strikes you are out in 1993. What happened?

Also, Jessica’s law which would have kept him locked up for life, was stripped down to a meaningless law by the Democrats and Governor Gregoire. At least the Republican lawmakers in Washington State voted to enact a tough Jessica’s law in it original form. Former Arkansas Republican Governor Huckabee shares responsibility for commuting his sentence down to 47 years which allowed him to be paroled the first time in Arkansas.

Gregoire allowed the release of another hardened criminal, a sociopath named Steven Dozier. Thirty year veteran Detective Mike Ciesynski stated he had rarely encountered a more dangerous person.

Gregoire needs to go! The Democrats who stripped Jessica’s law need to go! The judges who released Clemmons onto the street need to go! We have had enough. Get Justice for our four slain hero’s and that little girl. Take back the justice system in our State. Clemmens is dead but who will they release next to prowl the streets for their next victims. Vote them OUT!


Chuck Miller
Washington Citizens for Responsible Government

Clark County Conservative addressed this issue earlier this year after the tragic murder of 13-year-old Alycia Nipp at, Alycia Nipp Did Not Have To Die.

I contacted every representative and senator from both parties for Southwest Washington asking for stronger laws to keep these predators off of our streets.

I received replies from only two, Senator Don Benton and Representative Ed Orcutt, whose efforts were blocked.

No other elected official responded to me.

June 9, 2009

Alycia Nipp’s Murderer Pleads Guilty

by lewwaters


The June 9, 2009 Columbian reports that Darrin E. Sanford, the accused murderer of 13 year-old Alycia Nipp, pled guilty and finally admitted what the community pretty much knew all along, that he had raped and then murdered the child.

Sex offender pleads guilty to girl’s murder

Pleading guilty removes the death penalty from case and Sanford will now spend the rest of his life imprisoned, without any possibility of parole.

Clark County Prosecutor Art Curtis agreed not to seek the death penalty in exchange for the plea of guilty to aggravated first-degree murder. Curtis, in a prepared statement, said he had discussed the plea with Alycia’s family and they agreed, seeing it is the best way to go and avoiding a lengthy trial and endless appeals awaiting execution.

The February 2009 murder drew national attention in mid-March when CNN picked up the story of this heinous murder.

Clark County Conservative contacted Washington State Representatives about this murder and the states lack of protecting our children. Senator Don Benton and Representative Ed Orcutt replied and led an effort at strengthening the laws to keep these Level III sex offenders, the ones deemed most likely to repeat, off of our streets and away from our children.

Not one of the Clark County Democrats responded to our call for strengthening the laws. Jim Moeller and Jim Jacks represent the 49th Legislative District where Alycia and her family live and where she was murdered.

Sadly, both Benton and Orcutt met stiff opposition and Clark County began seeing more of these Level III Sex Offenders appear on our streets, claiming ‘homeless’ and with only a GPS tracking device, which operates on a 5-minute delay, strapped to their ankle.

Sanford too wore such a device that placed him at the scene of Alycia’s murder at the time she murdered, but she still was murdered. The GPS device only can place a criminal at the scene of the crime after a child is harmed or killed, doing nothing to protect a child.

We at Clark County Conservative have not given up the fight to keep these monsters away from our children and off of our streets and will continue to demand our Representatives in Olympia pass stronger legislation in dealing with them.

My sympathies still remain with Alycia’s family. We hope this plea gives them some finality and they may one day heal from the heinous loss of such a beautiful child.

As the father of two lovely daughters from my first marriage and two more beautiful daughters from my wife’s first marriage, I can only imagine the pain they must feel.

We pray that our elected officials in Olympia see that pain and finally take strong measure to make every that no other family must feel it also.

April 5, 2009

The “Homeless” Blight: Sacrificing the Normal to the Abnormal

by lewwaters

Contributed by “idler”

An Oregon man lay unconscious, having suffered a serious head injury inflicted by a vagrant in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. Less than a month previously, another man received head injuries in a nearby location. How should one react to such an event? Torrid Joe, a blogger at the “progressive” site Loaded Orygun reacts by blaming the victim (he should have known better than to defend his property) and then advocating milder measures to deal with vagrants in Portland’s square of the same name:

why can’t we just enact [charitable provisions for vagrants] WITHOUT the sit-lie ordinance? Wouldn’t that be even better, to help them WITHOUT curtailing their liberties?

I’m reminded of the one about the two liberals who find a guy beaten within an inch of his life, lying on the side of the road. “We have to find who did this to him!” says the first. “Yes,” cries the second, “He needs help!”

For some decades now Americans have been browbeaten about the “plight” of the homeless, whose condition is adduced as a symptom of an inhumane social and economic system. The homeless were typically portrayed as ordinary people, down on their luck, forced by a cruel political order to lose the roof over their head. Eventually this myth was exposed: while there is no doubt that ordinary people do sometimes run into such trouble, the great majority of the homeless are alcoholics and other kinds of drug addicts, young runaways, deinstitutionalized psychiatric patients and assorted criminal and anti-social types. It seems reasonable to say that, with the exception of psychiatric patients who cannot be expected to help themselves, the supposed plight of the homeless is more like a blight on the society that they refuse to join as useful members.

The misplaced compassion extended to many homeless means that normal life is interrupted: vagrancy of all kinds are tolerated instead of being sanctioned, resulting in befouled public places, beggars at every exit ramp and menacing encounters with unpredictable characters. I have no objection to reaching out to such people in order to help them change their self-destructive ways. What I do object to is that the normal should be sacrificed to the abnormal, that the refusal of vagrants to behave according to the most basic standards should force responsible citizens to lower theirs.

But the deterioration of public decorum and hygiene is not the most serious aspect of the vagrant problem. Vagrants are often not merely self-destructive but also destructive to others. It seems safe to say that most of them, to the extent that one can generalize, are relatively harmless; but as a class they cannot be expected to act according to establish norms of behavior—by definition they reject such standards. Their conduct is mostly unpleasant, but often enough it is dangerous.

Last week presented the latest example of a vagrant seriously harming a person going about his business in the Pacific Northwest. A 25-year-old man on a visit to Seattle was accosted in Pioneer Square by a panhandler demanding money. When the visitor refused, the panhandler wrenched off a necklace the Oregon man was wearing; the victim then tried to get it back. Shortly thereafter, the visitor was discovered unconscious and bleeding by the Seattle police. He was hospitalized with a “serious head injury” according to a report in the Seattle Times.

The Seattle Times piece notes that a similar assault happened nearby in March, when a man refused to accede to a panhandler’s demands, “he was pushed to the ground and then punched in the back of the head.” That victim was briefly hospitalized but got away with “abrasions” and a “large lump on his head.” Others have not been so lucky. Here in Vancouver a 13-year-old girl, Alycia Nipp, was viciously murdered by a “homeless” man squatting in abandoned buildings north of 78th Street in the Hazel Dell neighborhood. Reports of the incident noted that this area is infested with squatters.

I have learned since that people of no fixed address, who render public areas essentially unusable to normal people and unsafe to traverse, similarly infest other parts of Vancouver. While discussing the barbaric murder of Alycia Nipp, a friend told me that he often cycles between work and home, crossing through a large public park on the way. He has had several encounters with the squatters who occupy the park, including one where he could not pass owing to a pack of dogs evidently owned by a woman residing in the park. He recalled struggling to get her attention, as she carelessly ignored her dogs’ activity.

My friend wonders what is to stop some anti-social denizens of the park from shoving a branch in his spokes and taking his bike, his wallet and, who know, his life. Given the unpredictable nature of vagrants, my friend’s concerns are by no means outlandish.

March 12, 2009

Isn’t One Murdered Child Enough?

by lewwaters

After the brutal murder of 13 year-old Alycia Nipp, allegedly at the hands of a convicted Level III sex offender, released under a policy of monitoring him with a GPS tracking device on his person, we might think that legislators would open their eyes to the folly of their ways in this policy and do something to keep these predators off of our streets.

When it comes to many of our Legislators in Olympia, Washington, nothing could be further from the truth it seems.

As Republicans representing Washington State try to pass legislation to keep these predators in prisons longer or add measures to keep them off of our streets and away from our children, the Democrat majority in the Legislature consistently opposes measures calling for stiffer sentences and stricter measures on their release.

Senator Don Benton tried without success to pass a version of “Jessica’s Law” in 2006 in Washington State. His bill died in the Judiciary Committee.

After the murder of Alycia Nipp here in Clark County, Benton again tried to introduce an amendment to another sex offender bill, only to see it blocked by the imposition of Parliamentary Procedures by Debbie Regala, D-Tacoma and upheld by Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen, also a Democrat.

Currently, Senator Benton has introduced another bill, SB 6115, enhancing penalties for and monitoring of sex offenders. Even though introduced after the cut-off date for bills to pass out of committee, Benton vows to fight for its passage anyway.

I give special credit to Senator Tim Sheldon of the 35th Legislative District for being the lone Democrat to step up and co-sponsor this piece of legislation.

Representative Jan Angel, Republican from Port Orchard also tried to introduce her bill in response to the brutal murder of Alycia Nipp. HB 1834 was not even given a hearing!

Representative Angel said,

“We have an opportunity to protect vulnerable citizens with new, effective technology, and yet the majority party completely ignores this legislation”

Personally, I don’t feel her bill went far enough, but is a step closer to doing what we must to keep our children safer and stop those we know will most likely re-offend from having easy access to them.

Although Alycia and her family reside in the 49th Legislative District, neither of our Democrat Representatives, Jim Moeller or Jim Jacks, signed on to co-sponsor this effort.

And again, I give credit to those few Democrats who went against their party and co-sponsored this bill, even though it did not even receive a hearing.

It should be noted that our local newspaper, the Columbian, chose to mention this at the very bottom of an article, Lawmakers approve wide range of legislation, where it would least likely be read.

Most disturbing was seeing that within days of Alycia’s murder and the arrest of the transient Level III sex offender accused and confessed in her murder, our legislature, including Sen. Craig Pridemore in who’s district the murder happened, voted for a bill to ease restrictions on some sex offenders.

SB 5288 passed in the Senate by a 38 to 8 vote by a bi-partisan vote, leading me to believe many see it as a cost cutting measure. Surely the safety of our children and protecting them from sexual predators would be more important than other areas receiving taxpayer funds, but it doesn’t appear so.

The bill is before the House currently, so we will see where their priorities lie.

Throughout America, websites are popping under the guise of Citizens for Change that also distort sex offender laws and call for easing of restrictions on so called lesser offenders or those that have not been caught re-offending for a certain period of time.

They throw up a smoke screen by always mentioning those few cases where teens are caught up in offender cases or other cases considered minimal, by them. One even once told me that stronger laws “do more harm than good!” I wonder who is harmed more by stiffer penalties for these repeat offenders?

One such supporter of easing restrictions once said to me, “the vast majority of sex offenders on Tier three are no threat to anyone.” Just how we are supposed to tell that before another child is murdered is left unsaid and unanswered.

While many may be well meaning, although misguided in my opinion, they cloud the issue of repeat offenders who eventually murder someone, all too often a child.

Missed is that nearly every one of those repeat offenders and murderers also began their spree in what these people consider “lesser crimes” that even they would ease restrictions on.

Statistically, maybe most don’t end up murdering a child, but again, how is it to be determined which ones will eventually murder and which won’t? Why must we wait until another child is murdered to find out?

In the case of the bill to ease restrictions above, six months without re-offending is considered acceptable. With guidelines such as that, Westley Allen Dodd would have qualified for easing of restrictions that were instituted after his rampage of murdering three children here in Clark County in 1989.

Would you be comforted to know that the one who murdered your child, “statistically was no threat?”

How did we as a society, become so cavalier as to take on the attitude of a Department of Corrections official, who in regards to Alycia’s death said, “Tragic as it is, these things happen.” How is it our legislators can sleep at night knowing they have the power and ability to keep these predators off of our streets and out of our neighborhoods, yet block actions to do so?

One murdered child is one too many in my estimation. It is high time we citizens identify which legislators place criminals above our children’s safety and vote them out next election. We citizens must hold our elected officials responsible and if they will not carry out our will, vote in others who will.

Alycia’s Godmother, mother, aunt and others, have a facebook page up now, Mothers Against Sex Crimes and a MySpace page, MASC – Mothers Against Sex Crimes. Please lend your support in the struggle to keep these predators off of our streets.

UPDATE: Just one example of why we need stonger measures, Violent sex offender escapes Portland treatment center. “William Dale Surrat, 40, has a long history of sexually abusing young girls and fantasizing about mutiliating others.”

Let’s hope and pray he is recaptured before another child pays the price.

March 6, 2009

Washington State Democrats Block Stronger Sex Offender Laws

by lewwaters

Shortly after the murder of 13 year-old Alicia Nipp in Hazel Dell, Washington State Republcian Senator Don Benton tried once again to get stronger sentencing for sex predators in Washington State.

Benton said,

Clark County is up in arms about this. All of us representing Clark County are receiving e-mails asking what can be done. It is just horrific.”

Ladies and gentlemen I ask you to join me today to send a strong message to these heinous criminals, these horrific predators that prey on our children and our communities that Washington state will not be a haven for this kind of activity.”

He tried to attach an amendment to a bill and was met with resistance from Senator Debbie Regala, D-Tacoma, upheld by fellow Democrats and Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen.

Listen to Senator Benton’s own words in a March 5, 2009 interview conducted by Erich Ebel of the Senate Republican Caucus at Benton amendment would enact ‘Jessica’s Law’ bottom right of page.

You can also read Senator Benton’s press release for more information.

I am left speechless that Washington State Democrats have such little regard for the safety of our children that they continually fight and oppose efforts to protect our children from these predators who are allowed to freely walk our streets with minimal supervision.

UPDATE: Alycia’s Godmother, mother, aunt and others, have a facebook page up now, Mothers Against Sex Crimes and a MySpace page, MASC – Mothers Against Sex Crimes. Please lend your support to the struggle to keep these predators off of our streets.

March 6, 2009

Do Washington’s Elected Officials Care?

by lewwaters

It has been nearly two weeks since the community lost 13 year-old Alycia Nipp, brutally murdered in a Hazel Dell Field. An arrest has been made. She has been laid to rest. The family still grieves as do her personal friends. But, all too many others seem to have successfully put the murder behind them, moving on with their lives.

Fingers have been pointed at developers and owners of the field where abandoned and condemned homes remain standing. Ignored is that destruction of the buildings must be in accordance with some vague environmental regulations, causing delays as potential hazards must be inspected and assessed.

One of the most shocking revelations to me in all this was discovering that not only do we have known dangerous sex offenders freely roaming about Clark County, but that an effort by Senator Don Benton, Republican from the 17th District, to pass stronger measures dealing with these predatory sex offenders, DIED IN THE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE in 2006.

Senator Benton has tried again to pass stronger measures. You can hear a Podcast of an interview with Senator Benton from his web page


After posting Alycia Nipp Did Not Have To Die and just before posting Protect Our Children First, I shot off emails to all of Clark County’s elected officials in Olympia, both party’s.

I received replies from Senator Benton’s office and from Representative Ed Orcutt, who shares my outrage. Representative Orcutt said to me,

We have attempted to pass Jessica’s law in the past, but it got watered down to Jessica’s lite. I have asked staff to draft a true Jessica’s law and will seek to get it passed this year. Since we are past committee cutoffs, it is a bit more tricky, but I will still push for it.”

From the audio linked to above, Senator Benton also continues to try to get stronger protections for our children.

Sadly, the only reply I received from Democrats was Representative Jim Moeller asking me when was Senator Benton’s Bill allowed to die, even though I stated in my message that it was 2006.

Why is it that our Republican minority in Olympia meets such strong opposition from Washington States Democrats when it comes to protecting our children from these predators?

Senator Craig Pridemore, Democrat 49th District, has a link on his web page to a pdf copy of a 2007 document, Sex Offender Sentencing in Washington, which did nothing to protect Alycia or get these predatory monsters off of our streets.

I did not find statements or comments about this from the others on their web sites about the need to protect our children. Newly elected Representative Jim Jacks seems to be living up to his campaign promise to “listen and learn,” instead of taking actions or promoting ideas.

I was particularly shocked to read the daily Letters To The Editor section of the Columbian and find so few letters published expressing outrage over so many repeat Level III sex offenders freely roaming Clark County, wearing only a GPS tracking device for satellite tracking to determine their whereabouts by Department of Corrections, not parents of children, who were not told of these predators roaming their neighborhoods.

Commenting about this confessed Level III sex offender held in the murder of Alycia Nipp elicited comments of blame to the parents and it being the parents responsibility to protect their children, not the state.

Hellooooo, keeping these monsters off of our streets and out of our neighborhoods IS protecting our children.

Today’s Columbian tells us of another Level III sex offender, who forced a 14 year-old girl into prostitution and assaulted the girl numerous times in Portland, has now moved to Clark County and is also “homeless.” He too is wearing a GPS tracking device that may place him in the vicinity of any potential crime he may commit against our children AFTER the crime is committed.

I am left wondering just why these animals feel safe and secure into move to our community in the first place and freely roam about.

I don’t want to believe or think our elected officials do not care, but when I see more effort placed on forcing us to accept Light Rail for a new I-5 Bridge, money ready to be wasted on a waterfront project, when we don’t have it and other such budgetary efforts, over passing strong legislation to protect our children and citizens first, I can’t help but wonder just where are their priorities.

UPDATE: Alycia’s Godmother, mother, aunt and others, have a facebook page up now, Mothers Against Sex Crimes and a MySpace page, MASC – Mothers Against Sex Crimes. Please lend your support to the struggle to keep these predators off of our streets.

February 26, 2009

Protect Our Children First!

by lewwaters

Washington’s Legislature has several pressing issues currently, none of which directly addresses repeat sex offenders being released into our community preying on our children. Can any issue be more important than protecting our children?

13 year-old Alycia Nipp lost her life, brutally murdered in a Hazel Dell field because someone decided a level III sex offender, ones considered most likely to repeat their offense, released into our community wearing only a GPS tracking device was acceptable.

Today’s Columbian has an article, Repeat sex offer receives maximum prison term. That “maximum sentence?” 12 years! If he serves a full sentence he will be 55 years old upon release and he too would be released back into our community, presumably also wearing a GPS tracking device that accomplishes little more than to place the criminal in the vicinity of a crime, but not until AFTER a crime has been committed.

Why does society feel compassion and sympathy for these perverts who prey upon our children and not the ones they harm or kill? After another child is killed, it is too late to say ‘coulda, woulda, shoulda.’ We must begin saying it before another child is harmed!

In 2006 Senator Don Benton proposed SB6389, a bill to “enhance the penalties for, and monitoring of, sex offenders.” It died in the Judiciary committee.

This issue transcends partisanship and must be addressed. We can no longer put the safety of our children on the back burner. What good is a new bridge, stimulus packages, waterfront projects and the like if we ignore our children’s safety?

Personally, I am sick and tired of hearing these repeat offenders “have rights” that must be considered. Alycia Nipp had rights too. Her parents had rights to expect grandchildren one day, to watch their daughter blossom into a grown woman and live her life freely and raise her children to carry on our society. Who worried about their rights as a repeat sex offender was brutally murdering their 13 year-old daughter?

Why are the rights of repeat sex offenders more important than ours?

I urge everyone, regardless of party affiliation, to contact our legislators listed below and DEMAND legislation that will protect our children from these predators. GPS tracking has failed, as many knew it would. Early release, treatment and such has shown to be ineffective time and time again for level III and higher offenders.

I’m ready to put other issues on the back burner for now and place the safety of our children first. We are now told there are 9 other level III sex offenders listed as transient in Clark County, meaning they too are freely roaming about somewhere with only a GPS tracking device strapped on them.

Please, contact all of the below and DEMAND strong legislation be passed urgently.

Representative Jaimie Herrera,; Representative Ed Orcutt,; Senator Don Benton,; Senator Jim Honeyford; Senator Joseph Zarelli,; Senator Craig Pridemore,; Representative Tim Probst,; Representative Jim Jacks,; Representative Jim Moeller,; Representative Deb Wallace,

Outside of Clark County or if you prefer to write or call on the phone, contact information for each legislator currently in office can be found here.

Representative Ed Orcutt said to me, “I have asked staff to draft a true Jessica’s law and will seek to get it passed this year. Since we are past committee cutoffs, it is a bit more tricky, but I will still push for it.” We need to DEMAND that members of both parties’ join with him and support this effort.

We must hold our elected officials feet to the fire and accept no excuses from now on. Alycia Nipp did not have to die nor should any of the rest of our children be harmed again by these repeat perverts allowed to just walk our streets.

UPDATE: Alycia’s Godmother, mother, aunt and others, have a facebook page up now, Mothers Against Sex Crimes and a MySpace page, MASC – Mothers Against Sex Crimes. Please lend your support to the struggle to keep these predators off of our streets.

February 24, 2009

Alycia Nipp Did Not Have To Die

by lewwaters


UPDATE: Alycia’s Godmother, mother, aunt and others, have a facebook page up now, Mothers Against Sex Crimes and a MySpace page, MASC – Mothers Against Sex Crimes. Please lend your support to the struggle to keep these predators off of our streets.

Clark County, especially the Hazel Dell neighborhood I reside in, was shocked to wake up Sunday morning, February 22 and hear of the brutal murder of 13 year-old Alycia Nipp, allegedly at the hands of convicted level III sex offender Darrin Eugene Sanford, who has since confessed to the brutal murder, the GPS tracking device on his ankle placing him the vicinity of the crime at the time of the crime.

I do not know either family personally, but live nearby and drive by the home where young Alycia lives and the field her murdered body was discovered in almost daily on my way to work. That makes this senseless murder of a young innocent person more personal to me.

What disturbs me the most about this is hearing that other “transient” sex offenders freely roam the neighborhood and sleep in some of the boarded up, abandoned and condemned homes in the neighborhood, presumably also wearing Court mandated GPS ankle tracking devices, as was Sanford.

Three years ago, a law was being considered across America and passed by many states. Jessica’s Law, named after Jessica Lunsford, another young girl murdered by a sex offender in Florida. At the time I said the proposed law was a step in the right direction, but did not go far enough.

Wearing an ankle bracelet, even a GPS tracking device, accomplishes little, other than placing a criminal at the scene, after the crime has been committed. In this case, a young girl lost her life because a known sex offender was allowed to roam her neighborhood, while someone somewhere else may be watching the whereabouts of the offender, delayed by satellite and having no idea what that person was doing at the moment.

A victim is dead before the authorities even know a crime has been committed and the best that can be done is to link a criminal to the crime by placing them in the vicinity at the time of the crime.

But, an innocent 13 year-old girl is still dead!

A trial must be and will be held, undoubtedly with some slip and fall attorney looking for a reason to free the accused. GPS records most likely will be challenged and a grieving family will be forced to face the possibility of their child’s murderer going free again.

If the evidence is strong that may not happen, but who knows in today’s world.

Already, news reporters are pointing out that Sanford was an “abused child.” So What? Many are abused. And I mean real abuse and do not head down the road of predator and sex crimes, abducting and killing our children.

I agree with Alycia’s aunt, Amber Hager who said.

I want to see him sentenced to death, honestly. I think, he took a life and for that he deserves to give a life, his life.”

It’s too late to save Alycia, sadly, but we need to learn from this. Predators like Sanford do not belong on the streets, roaming about neighborhoods where children live. Our children are worth much more than these cretins who threw their lives away by acting on impulses instead of seeking help from medical people or clergy or anybody who can tell them how wrong they are.

As far as I’m concerned, level III sex offenders, those who will most likely strike again, should never be released back into society. Yes, it is expensive to house them, too expensive in fact. They do not deserve the care we would provide them for life.

Devil’s Island comes to my mind, a desolate place they could be placed and kept away from societies children. Give them seeds, farm implements and a one-way boat ride. Ship them water occasionally if the Island has none, but otherwise, they receive no contact with others who choose not to contact them.

More controversial is swiftly carrying out the death penalty on those who kill. There is no reason that one who is convicted beyond any shadow of doubt should remain in prison awaiting death for 20 to 25 years, while slip and fall attorneys try every legal maneuver they can dream up to free them or “spare their life.”

Bleeding hearts will say that killing predators will not deter others. That is an arguable claim with both sides giving supportive evidence.

But, one fact is certain. Executing them prevents any possibility of some slick attorney gaining their freedom one day and another 13 year-old being beaten and stabbed to death in an empty field!

Our children deserve better than to be preyed upon by these predators that bleeding hearts feel such sorrow for.

My heart breaks for Alycia’s family. I feel anguish for Sanford’s family. There is no guilt in any of this crime except for the one who preyed on an innocent 13 year-old and left her to die after beating and stabbing her in that field.

That person should forfeit his own life.

Society must do better than to strap a GPS tracking device on predatory criminals. Our children deserve to be able to go outside without fear and be allowed to grow into adults without being randomly attacked.

Alycia Nipp Did Not Have To Die. Society failed to protect her and we must do better.

UPDATE: Visit and on the left is a block where you can enter your zip code and be given email access to all of your Representatives, State and Local. Contact them and demand they take action to deal stronger with these vermin. If they are not willing to, we must vote them out next election! Our children deserve protection!

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