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September 4, 2012

Lou Brancaccio’s “War on Women”

by lewwaters

There is a reason pencils all come with erasers. We all make mistakes and get something wrong from time to time and responsible people will correct errors they make. None of us are above making errors and getting something wrong or even relaying something we thought we heard that actually was not what the other person said.

Newspapers especially have a commitment to the public to ‘get it right’ and often we see retractions or corrections published when they don’t. Let’s face it, reporters are only human and make mistakes and when such an error is pointed out, it is incumbent upon them to make such corrections.

Apparently not at the Columbian, though.

We all know the Columbian, the unofficial daily newsletter for the CRC & Democrat Party and their bias towards the left. But the email copied to me between Republican candidate for the 49th Legislative District, Carolyn Crain and Columbian editor Lou Brancaccio just boggles my mind.

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December 1, 2011

Is Bill Turlay In For The Mielke Treatment?

by lewwaters

Like them or not, we have to admit the Columbian is about the most transparent newspaper in existence. You can pretty much tell where their articles lean politically every time.

All we need do is look back at the disparity in their coverage of Tea Party rallies compared with nearly twice as much coverage given to Occupy rallies in Vancouver. Several reporters were sent out to cover the initial rally of between 600 to 700 people while a previous Tea Party rally in Esther Short Park saw no coverage at all.

We were treated to numerous articles covering the scandalous resignation of former Republican representative Richard Curtis, while no one is at all interested in a single rumor on alcoholic escapades and harassment against female staffers by former Democrat representative Jim Jacks.

It is difficult to find any favorable mention on Republican State Senator Don Benton just as there is with county commissioner Tom Mielke, who beat out Democrat Pam Brokaw, who the Columbian just so happened to endorse.

The negative coverage of candidates they do not endorse and those who support them reach legendary status, as we saw last year with Alan Svehaug and as we saw this year with Josephine Wentzel and with successful businessman David Madore, who happens to oppose a major project they support, CRC with light rail from Portland.

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November 12, 2011

Of Good Friends and Frenemies

by lewwaters

It looks like my ‘super buddy’ Lou Brancaccio at the Columbian has done it again. In calling for “no more cheap shots” and previous “warning” only my wife and I to “keep it constructive,” while ignoring “cheap shots” from others, ‘super buddy’ Lou pens his post election assessment of one candidate and one supporter in Before the election completely fades

In reality yet another slap against successful businessman David Madore, their favorite boogieman they frequently rail against and Josephine Wentzel who they thoroughly trashed throughout the campaign only to whine about when she broke off contact with them.

Lou offers them both and the rest of the community his ‘expert’ advice on how they should act, apparently according to his Book of Hoyle if they wish to campaign in Clark County again. Right off the bat we see him falling back on “Blame the messenger rather than the message” since Josephine had the audacity to call the paper on their very slanted coverage of city council candidates.

Apparently he never learned that if someone’s message is continually blocked, twisted, spun and demeaned at every step, the messenger does share a lot of blame for it not getting out. Of course, when you seek to maintain a monopoly on messaging in the community and control the dissemination of information, little things like bias are not so apparent to the biased ones pretending to be objective.

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November 9, 2011

Damewood Answers Her Own Question, 8 Months Later

by lewwaters

Not too surprisingly, the Columbian’s liberal bias was on full, bright display this election as their endorsed candidates did not include a single conservative. But even more glaring is seeing the sexist attacks launched on one woman, Josephine Wentzel.

Whether you like her or not is immaterial. She is a Hispanic woman who ran on her values and was thoroughly trashed every chance the Columbian got.

Leading the charge was Andrea Damewood, who seemed to take a little more delight than one would expect in digging out dirt irrelevant to the campaign and who seemed shocked when Wentzel, fed up with the ill-treatment, cut off responding to her and the paper.

Damewood, it should be remembered, penned an article just 8 months ago in March, ‘Why aren’t women running?’ political vets wonder

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November 9, 2011

Josephine Wentzel, “The Election is Over, The Battle Continues”

by lewwaters

Received through email today;

Dear Friends:

Last night was not the end for us ….. we’ve only just begun!”

I want to thank all my friends who attended the election night event last night. It is always a pleasure to be in the company of great and honest people! I am grateful for all your support and help. I am so grateful for the new friends I have made in the process of running an election and the new friends that I have yet to meet.

When I decided to run for office, I did so with the intent of bringing sanity and integrity back into Vancouver. I ran so that people, like the 11,000 plus who voted for me, would have a voice in this community. However, I declared that “win or lose” I will continue to fight the good fight whether I was seated on one side of the podium or the other.

We did not lose last night, we won and gained the support of over 10,800 voters who are just as fed up with the status quo local elected officials as we are. Although I did not gain a seat in city council, I have gained the confidence of almost half the Vancouver city according to the election results.

Considering the attacks I got from the local paper and the concerted efforts of the local unions and special interest groups, I’d say we did pretty darn good this election! I am encouraged to move on with Plan B…

Special thanks to my brother in Christ, my friend and my ‘back watcher’, David Madore! I so appreciate this man of integrity who stood up to scrutiny and the bullies in this town! If more business owners would stand up like he did, we’d have a stronger and thriving community. David, thank you and in the Chamorro language, “Si Yuus Maase”.

May God bless you … Si yuus Maase! Call if you need to chat. Stay tuned for more news —- coming soon! Also, if you haven’t already done so, please go to and check it out! After all, it is the only reliable local news in town …..

Josephine Wentzel

November 3, 2011

Time For the Columbian to Clean the Egg Off of their Faces

by lewwaters

After the Columbian’s hit piece against city council candidate Josephine Wentzel yesterday, basically labeling her a liar over her claim of being a CASA Volunteer because she no longer replies to them, Wenzel now leaves the Columbian with eggs dripping off of their faces.

See also:CASA confirms Wentzel’s participation as sworn in volunteer

“However, CASA Program Director Jo Waddel confirmed in writing today that Wentzel participated with the Clark County CASA program in 1995.”

“Wentzel volunteered sixteen years ago, a time in which all CASA records were not input into a computer database, but instead administered via hard documents, some written by hand. At that time, the courts allowed the use of assumed names for privacy purposes and due to situations that might require volunteers to investigate a child’s situation and report to the court as they monitored case progress.”

Will the Columbian and Andrea Damewood now issue a retraction a prominently as they did and apologize for their hit piece? Or, will they continue in demeaning Ms. Wentzel as they have since she stood up on behalf of taxpayers?

UPDATE: The Columbian sort of admits their mistake, but continues the twist. Wentzel was volunteer 16 years ago

Wentzel Press Release

October 23, 2011

Progressive Voters Guide Issued

by lewwaters

It should come as no surprise that once again, as we have seen many times before, a “Progressive Voters Guide” is set out to tell leftist Progressives which candidates they identify as leftwing Progressives and which measures Progressives think should be enacted. Whether the Columbian will be as outraged over it as they were to discover a GOP voters guide remains to be seen.

No surprise to see Sharon Wylie listed, we know her to be pretty leftwinged, even if the Progressives got it wrong that she is “non-partisan.”

What I think will come as a surprise, at least to two candidates comes next.

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October 19, 2011

The Columbian Continues to Show They Really Are the Mouthpiece for the Democrats

by lewwaters

The local newspaper, the Columbian, better known to locals as “the mouthpiece of the Democratic Party” once again puts their leftwing bias on open display for all to see.

We saw it just days as as they published 10 favorable articles on the local “Occupy anything but a bar of soap” rally at Esther Short Park Saturday, with 3 0r 4 personnel apparently assigned to cover it, including editor Lou Brancaccio, credited for some of the photos taken of the event.

That the April 17, 2010 Tea Party Tax Day event did not merit a single mention in the mouthpiece, even though it drew nearly twice as many participants is overshadowed by Brancaccio’s claim of “we have ‘mentioned’ Tea Party over 800 times.”

I’ll leave it to the reader to imagine whether or not “over 800 times” is a gross exaggeration or how favorable any of those mentions might have been.

Now we see one of the understudies for John Laird, the acerbic political page editor who sees citizens who disagree with having light rail shoved down our throats as “Ankle Biting Hounds from Whinerville” taking yet another shot at the right with the Andrea Damewood piece, How ‘Republican’ are nonpartisan local candidates? They ask, should it matter?

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