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June 28, 2014

Will the Hate from the Left Ever End?

by lewwaters

Crying BabyIn spite of their cries of being for every man, being caring and loving and other such bilge, We have seen the Democrats acting more like those Brown Shirts Brian Baird spoke of back in 2009 than anything else.

We see it daily in a small facebook group, “Clark County Citizens for Good Governance, (C3G2) that actually translates out to “Put Democrats back in control.”

Yes, they do not like how the 2012 County elections turned out and two conservatives became the majority on the County Commission and began changing the direction of the county, as asked by the wide majority that elected them.

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July 3, 2011

It Appears Hackers Have Hit the Clark GOP

by lewwaters

Hackers are slime, I think all will agree with that. They hack into accounts and send out spam, viruses and sometimes bogus claims.

It seems such is the case with a recent email sent out from the Clark GOP.

From: Clark County Republican Party {}
Sent: Sun, Jul 3, 2011 11:35:00 GMT+00:00
Subject: An Important Announcement

We would like to inform you that the Clark County Republican Party has decided to take a different platform. Instead of concentrating on our money and guns we have decided that for a better society we need to dismantle the state, redistribute the nation’s wealth, and work communally under a syndicalist system. If you would like to contribute to the NEW Clark County Republican Party please donate all your money to your local Infoshop. Thank you for your time and continued efforts with the NEW Clark County Republican Party. Animal liberation, end vivisection!!

If you receive such an email, rest assured it did not originate from them. Someone either thinks they are playing a joke or just being assholes.

Party chair Brandon Vick is aware of this and has members working on it. A change in password is where I would start.

Such tactics as this do nothing to bring civility to the table or advance anyone.

It is childish, juvenile and unwarranted.