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August 12, 2013

Lisa Walters Announces Resignation

by lewwaters

Lisa Walters bSurprising to read on facebook, City Council Member and Mayor of Battle Ground, Washington Lisa Walters announced she has resigned her position with the city.

Ms. Walters wrote: “Wanted to let you all know that today I resigned my position with the city council. Time to move forward in my life and make some serious changes. I will be moving out of the area but will keep in touch as I move through this season. Here’s to better tomorrow’s.”

Lisa is citing strictly personal issues prompting the sudden resignation. I wish Lisa the best with what is happening in her life.

It is also assumed now that Mike Dalesandro, challenger for her City Council seat will win the seat in the November General Election.

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July 16, 2012

The Power of One Voice

by lewwaters

How many times have we heard that one person can’t make a difference? Or, you can’t fight City Hall? Even when it comes to voting, many feel their one lone vote will not make any difference in an election and opt not to vote at all.

The non-actions of the complacent within our country and community is why we now have the lousy government we have and why nothing it getting done, far too many just throwing their hands up and letting whoever sits in office do as they please.

I’m here to tell you that the notion of one lone voice not making a difference is very wrong. One voice is making a big difference out in Battle Ground, Washington. It’s not a major policy shift or anything that will ever make National News, but is an excellent example of how one voice is making a big difference in Battle Ground.

A little over two months ago, a young Democrat and former candidate that I once opposed for office and who I now consider a friend, approached me to ask about an idea he had. It seems a road that sees quite a bit of traffic through neighborhoods has been in disrepair and through several years, nothing was done.

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June 7, 2012

Adrian Cortes to Withdraw from 18th District Race

by lewwaters

Received in email today

June 7th, 2012

For Immediate Release
Adrian Cortes

Adrian Cortes to withdraw from campaign for State Representative for the 18th legislative district position 01.

For immediate release

Adrian Cortes

Candidate for State Representative, 18th legislative district, Position 01

Ph. 360-608-3513

Battle Ground, Washington, June 8th, 2012

On May 18th, I was encouraged by the Honorable Senator Joe Zarelli to run for legislative office. After only a short amount of deliberation, I decided to step up to serve given that no one else had done so; things have changed. Now there are two Republicans running for the same Representative seat.

After giving it some very serious thought, I recognize that my current schedule cannot support the huge time demands that waging a legislative campaign would take. With a demanding schedule that includes (most importantly) my family, work, college studies, and a serious commitment to my role as a councilmember in the city of Battle Ground; my priorities remain local.

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December 2, 2010

Battle Ground to Host Attorney General Rob McKenna

by lewwaters

After nearly a year of effort, Washington State Attorney General, Rob McKenna, thought by many to be our next Republican candidate for Governor, is scheduled to be speaking in the city of Battle Ground on January 6, 2011.

McKenna will be speaking before the Battle Ground Chamber of Commerce during their regular meeting/lunch already scheduled on that day, Chamber Board member & Chair of the Battle Ground Planning Commission Adrian Cortes has announced.

In the announcement Cortes says, “Mr. McKenna will arrive at Battle Ground City Hall at 11:15a and be greeted by myself, Mayor Michael Ciraulo and City Manager John Williams. He will then be taken on a 40 min ‘tour of the city.’ At 12:25p he will speak at the Battle Ground Community Center, until he departs at 1p sharp.”

McKenna is expected to speak on the business climate in Washington State, which we all know is suffering currently under this severe economic downturn we have become mired in as well as other subjects of importance to our state, the citizens of Battle Ground and Clark County.

All too often, the city of Battle Ground falls under the shadow of the larger city of Vancouver to the South. Washington State 17th Attorney General agreeing to appear and speak is a strong acknowledgement not only of the growth of Battle Ground, but of the importance of the community to Clark County and Washington State.

Pre-registration will be required and in the days ahead, those desiring to attend will be provided a link on the Battle Ground Chambers website HERE.

I hope all who desire will take advantage of this opportunity to see and hear who may very well be our next Governor speak.

November 26, 2010

Race Card Comes Out in Battle Ground Ethics Allegations

by lewwaters

I can’t really say it was inevitable and it does surprise me a bit to see the race card being used in the ethics allegations pending against Battle Ground city council member Paul Zandamela, but it has surfaced in an article appearing in the Reflector.

Joanna Michaud, staff reporter for the Reflector has penned her report, Two ethics complaints spur tension in BG where Zandamela makes the claim of Battle Ground Mayor Mike Ciraulo being behind the ethics violation complaints. Curiously, for reasons not quite understood, the accusation of Mayor Ciraulo being behind the allegations includes prominent mention of fellow council member Alex Reinhold’s teenage son being convicted 2 years ago of sending some very unsavory emails to Paul Zandamela.

I don’t know of a single person that excused what Chris did back then, but he had his day in court and pled guilty to the charges, an act that raised the eyebrows of at least two out of state law professors, especially after seeing that the U.S. Attorney’s Office undermined his Defense Attorney’s case on First Amendment grounds with threats of taking it to federal court, should the teen not change his plea to that of guilty of “cyberstalking.”

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