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August 24, 2013

Susan Hutchison Wins as New WSRP Chair

by lewwaters

b1hutchisonmug17 Susan Hutchison has been elected to chair the Washington State Republican Party, defeating three challengers that included local Clark County GOP Operations Director Christian Berrigan and interim party chair Luanne Van Werven, as well as Pierce County’s Grays Harbor County’s James Walsh.

Local favorite Christian Berrigan was defeated in the first round along with James Walsh, Berrigan receiving 11 votes, Walsh receiving 16. Susan Hutchinson Hutchinson received 39 behind Luanne Van Werven’s 41 in first round balloting.

The second round ended up with 59 votes for Hutchison, 46 for Luanne Van Werven who has been serving as interim party chair since Kirby Wilbur’s resignation.

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July 12, 2011

McKenna Naively Falls for Democrat Dirty Trick

by lewwaters

Political campaigns have gotten dirtier and dirtier over the past several years. We’ve seen the escalation of dirty tricks even within party primary races. Seeing dirty tricks has gotten so common place that we barely even notice them. But, candidates should see when they are walking into such traps.

Recently, Rob McKenna, Republican candidate for Washington’s Governor handed the Democrat Party video footage of him falling for such a trick on a silver platter.

Just last year at an Oregon Governor’s Campaign Event for John Kitzhaber, we conservatives were outraged at the mistreatment of a citizen taping the event as he was first told he could not and then assaulted for continuing.

We rightfully made a ruckus over the idea of political candidates not allowing their speeches to be taped.

A recent New York Times articles informs us how the Democrat party has a strong head start over the GOP in such “tracking” of candidates and if you recall the Macaca comment, they know how to use such tricks to their advantage.

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