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October 9, 2010

Columbian Hits and Misses in 49th L.D. Endorsements

by lewwaters

As usual, the Columbian issues their endorsements of candidates running for office and as usual, not all will be agreed with. In politics it is a given there will be disagreements over who to choose and why, but this time the Columbian really leaves me scratching me head on some of their picks, especially in the 49th Legislative District races.

Over all, the community expects to see primarily endorsements of Democrats from the Columbian, with a token Republican or Independent thrown in for good measure. 2010 is no different. Conservatives cannot help but be pleased to see them choosing to back Craig Riley over incumbent Jim Moeller and citing Moeller’s “reluctance to pursue reform-minded solutions to budget woes” as their primary reason.

Craig Riley is a real good candidate with much experience in business. Or, as they say, “The financial acumen and fiscal pragmatism of Riley.”

What boggles the mind of any thinking person who actually follows our political races is their endorsement of incumbent Democrat Jim Jacks in the position 1 race against challenger Bill Cismar.

While they did not choose Moeller due to his “reluctance to pursue reform-minded solutions to budget woes,” they did readily chose Jacks who, in his first term in office, has followed Moeller lock-step in legislative votes in that “reluctance to pursue reform-minded solutions to budget woes” and telling us “Jacks’ expertise in business issues makes him clearly superior.”

“Expertise in business issues?” Like, raising taxes on them and imposing more fees, creating a hostile business environment in the state?

Much ado was made in September 2009 over Jacks’ claim of “plans to visit 50 businesses in 50 working days, to learn firsthand how state government can help them generate jobs.” Yet, every legislative step he has taken since was in lock-step with Jim Moeller in creating a hostile environment for job creation and imposing more taxes on voters seeking those jobs.

Having worked in the private sector, Bill Cismar has some ideas to actually benefit business and taxpayers.

Jacks, on the other hand, boasts of his background as a representative for Governor Gregoire and other government functions. His main claim he repeatedly makes is how well he “listens.” But, what of accomplishments?

From Jim Jacks Webpage we read,

“As your State Representative, I have listened and learned from you, and then took action to make our community a better place to live, to work and to raise a family.”

“During the last two years I worked hard on our community priorities like jobs and economic development, protecting our most vulnerable citizens, and advocating for local schools.”

Unemployment is higher, education funding is lower, more homes are in foreclosure, the budget deficit is higher, violent crime has risen and we have a whole new slew of taxes that Jim Jacks supported and voted for alongside Jim Moeller.

Asked about supporting I-1098, imposing a new state income tax, Jacks is understandably vague, not really wanting to take a strong position while admitting he hasn’t even read the initiative, while also saying much of it sounds “appealing.”

CVTV coverage of Jacks & Cismar can be seen here and clicking on “Election 2010: 49th Legislative District Representative, Position 1 Candidates.” Jack’s dancing around the income tax issue begins at about the 22 minute mark.

In 2008 Jacks openly admitted he had no idea how to solve our growing tax issue and decreasing revenues, after blaming voters for the problem.

In 2010 I don’t see where anything has changed for the better with his “assistance.”

If the Columbian feels it is a bad idea to return Jim Moeller to Olympia, how can they support Jim Jacks who followed Moeller around like a lost puppy dog, voting lock-step with his every call?

Bill Cismar is not a polished politician or an incumbent. But, he does have extensive experience and sound ideas on turning around our floundering state.

Jacks can only offer more of the same and blindly supporting the Democrat agenda that has plunged our state into this economic morass and threatens to plunge us even deeper.

We don’t need an advocate for the governor or for government in Olympia. We need an advocate for us, the taxpaying citizens of Washington State and the 49th Legislative District.

In my opinion, Bill Cismar will represent us, not the governor.

My vote is locked in for Bill Cismar and Craig Riley.

September 13, 2010

Debbie Peterson, Citizens Promoting Accountability/Clarity.

by lewwaters

Debbie Peterson, a former candidate for the 49th Legislative District, has started a Political Action Committee designed to help supporters learn how to best help their chosen candidate.

She has scheduled a meeting on Tuesday, September 14 at Clark GOP Headquarters, located at the SW Corner of the intersection of 78th St and Hazel Dell Ave. The meeting will run between 7 PM and 8 PM.

Debbie says,

“I am holding this proactive – shovel ready workshop to get our guys elected. DUE TO PAC RULES, CANDIDATES OR THEIR CAMPAIGN MANAGERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND.”

It takes more than just a campaign sign in your yard to promote a good candidate. Debbie is extending the effort to draw supporters together and brainstorm how best to elect conservative candidates and ensure we save this country and begin wresting it from grasp of the liberal elites that have plunged more into debt than we have ever seen in our history.

Debbie also says,

“Friends, This can’t be church, where 10% of the folks do 90% of the work. We will lose our elections! We need 100% of the folks doing 10% of the work. YEAH for us! All of our guys have just won! Please attend – it will be the best hour you spend, this week!”

Short notice, but please plan on attending and let’s get some good representation for the people of Washington State.

September 6, 2010

We Need New Blood for the 49th Legislative District

by lewwaters

The 49th Legislative District has been held in the Democrats hands for a long time now, maybe too long. One of the heavier Democrat districts in Clark County, they have held both seats for almost as far as records go back to.

They have not held those seats in the house only for a very short time since 1970, voters all too often returning them to Olympia when they run for re-election.

With the current condition of the state and Clark County, I think is time the 49th made a big change and replace both Democrats currently holding seats in positions 1 and 2 and give two very capable men a chance to make the changes we need to become a viable state again.

Democrats are no doubt feeling pretty good since in the primary, both Jim Jacks and Jim Moeller came out ahead in the vote count, but I wouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch.

Looking back to the 2008 primary, neither Jacks nor Moeller picked up all that many more votes in 2010 than they did in 2008. Challengers Craig Riley and Bill Cismar picked up a significant number of votes over the challengers that ran in 2008.

In the case of Craig Riley, he gained almost 5,000 votes over the challenger who ran in 2008. Moeller picked up barely over 1,000 more votes.

For Bill Cismar, the increase was close to 3,000 more votes while Jacks barely increased 2,000. And, don’t forget, Cismar did not enter or begin campaigning until late compared with Jacks early entry to retain the seat.

By the time the general election came around in 2008, the number of votes cast more than doubled. Also of note, in 2008 the general populace wasn’t as upset with incumbents as they are today.

So, the potential to see some drastic and long overdue changes for the 49th Legislative District is very good as we approach the November 2 general election.

While the potential is very good to see both seats changing hands, we cannot rely only on potential and must look at the candidates running. From where I sit, neither incumbent deserves to be returned to Olympia, both having contributed heavily to the tax, borrow and spend attitudes we saw in the last couple sessions.

Our state is broke and deeper in debt than we can handle and facing yet another multi-billion dollar budget shortfall and I see nothing from either Moeller or Jacks to suggest anything different than more taxes, more fees and more borrowing to balance the budget.

Jacks is on his first term and still runs on claims of having been a mouthpiece for Governor Gregoire. Cismar, his challenger, is running on being our mouthpiece, wanting to represent us, not the governor.

Since winning the seat in 2008, Jacks has been nothing but a rubber stamp for the Democrat party, voting “yes” on 1,526 bills and “no” on only 4. In 2008, he seemed to have a platform of “listen and learn” and apparently, he has neither listened nor learned, other than to blindly follow the party.

Video of jacks from 2008 rambling on about how we voters basically caused the problems in the state and an open admission that he had no idea what to do can be seen HERE.

Jacks claims to have spoken with business leaders about what they think needs to be done to pull our state back into fiscal sanity. I have yet to see him take any logical action to turn things around for business and I doubt business owners told him they needed a tax increase to survive and prosper.

In February 2010, right after Oregon passed their ill fated measures 66 & 67, I contacted all of my representatives about the time being ripe for incentives to draw Oregon business to our side of the river. Jacks replied,

“We have some measures we are working on to stimulate business development in Washington and I couldn’t agree with you more that attracting businesses, and therefore jobs, to our state is critical to getting our economy turned around in the right direction.”

Jim Moeller replied, “Yes! I saw the wonderful election results last night from our neighbors across the river. Although, we clearly differ on the two measures effects on small business, one thing we do agree upon, this is a great opportunity for Washington!

And what a victory! This was not just another liberal Multnomah County election result but a state-wide repudiation of the failed fiscal policies of conservatives that the only way to create prosperity is to cut taxes and shrink government services. Clearly the voters understand that simply cutting taxes and basic government services like education cannot continue and have any semblance of public education – the hope for our future, or other essential services for our elderly or disabled.

Although we have a very different tax system here in Washington we (like Oregon) will look at targeted tax increases (along with cuts and efficiencies) to help fund the basic building blocks of prosperity like education and public health and freight mobility. We will focus on rebuilding the economy and the creation of jobs in Clark County and across Washington by keeping our eye on the ball and the basics that gave us the prosperity to start with.

Finally, this was a great opportunity to affirm that progressive taxes on the successful and the wealthy is supported by the public when the voter knows what the taxes from the two measures will be used for.”

As can be seen in a recent Statesman Journal article, Oregon is worse off now, not better, although they throw up a smoke screen on the effectiveness of the measures.

Both Jacks and Moeller are in support of an expensive new bridge across the Columbia River with Portland’s Light Rail and strapping commuters with tolls, sending even more of our money across the river to Portland instead of keeping it here in Clark County, where we desperately need it.

Moeller and Jacks speak about “jobs, jobs, jobs” but ignore that their votes in Olympia went a long way to destroy our jobs.

Both Craig Riley and Bill Cismar are presenting common sense ideas that will help heal the harm already done to the fiscal situation of the state, opposing the current overly expensive bridge proposal, with light rail and opposing the notion of passing an income tax that will undoubtedly be imposed on all citizens should voters fall for the smoke and mirrors claims put forth by advocates of an income tax in Washington State.

Video of Cismar and Jacks from CVTV discussing the issues can be seen HERE.

Cismar comes with some pretty impressive qualifications as can be seen by visiting his campaign site.

Craig Riley has been a successful businessman in Clark County specializing in the healthcare insurance industry for many years. A link to CVTV coverage of Craig and Moeller can be seen HERE.

You can read more on Craig Riley’s excellent qualifications by visiting his website HERE.

Neither Jacks nor Moeller have really helped the financial situation in the state or in the 49th Legislative District. We can no longer afford to just vote for people simply because of their party affiliation. We must begin voting for people who have ideas and are willing to stand for them.

Both Bill Cismar and Craig Riley have those ideas and the willingness to bring real change to Olympia.

Let’s make some long overdue changes in Olympia sense people like Craig Bill Cismar back to Olympia in the place of Jim Moeller and Jim Jacks.

August 21, 2010

Is Change In The Air For The Legislature?

by lewwaters

All of Tuesday’s votes should be in by now and counted. Certification won’t be long and the vote will become official. No changes will be coming in the count and candidates who won a top two will go on to the November general election.

Voters didn’t fall for dirty tactics in all of the races and it appears there may be a decent chance that the state legislature may do an “about face” this year. Even if the majority doesn’t change, the numbers ought to become more even, hopefully putting a stop to the out of control spending approved by Democrats and some less than reliable Republicans.

One such official is making a definite exit from our legislature and good riddance.

While I haven’t followed all of the legislative races around the state, the vote count shows some very favorable races indicating that some changes might be seen come November.

The 15th Legislative District seems prepared to retain Senator Jim Honeyford, who ran unopposed. Bruce Chandler who received an impressive 67% of the votes over his opponent and David Taylor who also received nearly 67% of the votes will still face a run-off in the general election, but it is expected they will remain sane voices in the legislature.

The 17th Legislative District looks like it is well ready to seek change as Brian Peck and Paul Harris both came out ahead in their races. Peck, a first time candidate earned 53% of the votes over his incumbent opponent, one term incumbent Tim Probst. Harris, competing for an open seat easily defeated both Martin Hash and Monica Stonier with 56% of the votes.

Harris and Stonier move on to the general as do Peck and Probst.

In the 18th Legislative District, incumbent Ed Orcutt ran unopposed. Ann Rivers, who rightfully should have received the position 1 seat in 2007, joined Dennis Kampe in winning a slot in the top two primary. Rivers faced multiple opponents, including one of questionable character, Washougal council member Jon Russell, who held out until the last to concede to her.

Rivers and Kampe move on to the general and if those who voted for the others on the right side get behind Rivers, she should easily defeat Kampe and retain that vacant seat for the right.

In the heavily Democrat 49th Legislative District, the two Democrat incumbents, Jim Jacks and Jim Moeller, received the majority of votes, but first time candidate Bill Cismar and businessman Craig Riley are in close striking distance as both incumbents received less vote percentage than each did in the 2008 primaries.

In 2008, Moeller took his top two slot with 64% of the vote compared to receiving 53% in 2010. Jacks received close to 59% in 2008 compared with 55% in 2010 against an unknown candidate with a shoestring campaign budget.

With the proper support and donations, both Riley and Cismar might unseat both of the incumbents and turn the 49th Legislative District over to some fiscal sanity.

Many local races remain a toss up going into the general, but it looks like there just may be some new faces heading off to Olympia after November.

Let’s just hope they place the taxpayers first and party second when they arrive.

July 25, 2010

Cismar To Run “Green” Campaign

by lewwaters

It has long been asserted that conservatives are wasteful, fat cats, wealthy with little or no regard for the environment and who would ruin the land to make a buck.

You can put that notion to rest as once again, a conservative steps up and shows his liberal opponent how it should be done.

Bill Cismar, candidate for the 40th Legislative District Position 1, running against liberal Democrat Jim Jacks, famous for admitting he had no ideas on how the “fix the tax system” in Washington State, has announced on his facebook page,

“I am so conservative, I don’t want to spend donor money on what many people consider to be eyesores cluttering up our beautiful City. SIGNS!

Please go to my signage selection, bottom left of this page, select your favorite sign, then print it out and hang it in your windows. If you set your printer to print in Landscape you’ll get a v…very nice 8×11 sign!

Home made signs in folk’s cars and living room windows rule!”

We all complain about campaign signs littering the county, being vandalized, eyesores and candidates end up leaving them after the election because, quite frankly, they have no idea where supporters place them all.

Signs cost a lot of money to have made and as Bill sees, that precious money donated from supporters during these depressing economic times, is hard to come by. Unlike Democrat candidates, conservatives cannot rely on powerful unions, lobbyists and special interests to keep the coffers full. We have to depend on supporters, the very people who are now suffering due to Democrat policies from the stat and federal level.

Bill goes on to say,

“I will use the donors money for mailers, phone calls, fliers, perhaps radio ads, and so forth. And yes, I’ll even put up a few signs at strategic locations. The money won’t be wasted and the law doesn’t let me use it for any other purpose besides what it is given for.”

“There will be plenty of signs. I’m just not going to go to the stage of littering the city with them. Yes there is a need to make one’s name familiar. But two things are facts that dramatically affect the signage strategy.”

1- The sign has to capture the attention of the audience. Look around at the sign clutter we have. You can’t possibly read all the signs at most of our major cross streets.
2 – The sign must not offend. Ask anyone you know what their emotional response is when they see all these campaign signs.”

Bill Cismar is giving a prime example of how he will represent us in Olympia. Responsibly!

Even though opponents will inevitably come to say that he is not thinking of the environment in this, which is somewhat correct, conservatives just do it. They don’t make a fuss about just how much they do, they just do it! It’s our responsible nature and Bill Cismar is showing that now.

With precious funds to work with, Bill is also showing how he will be responsible with precious and decreasing tax revenues. As I said, conservatives just do it!

Driving around the county, it is difficult to pass through an intersection and not see Jim Jacks signs littering everywhere the eye can see. His campaign obviously is less worried about precious funds and creating eyesores everywhere than with ensuring he buys his way back to the legislature.

Then again, he is a Democrat and has unions and special interests to rely on, those same ones that continue to push to take more of our hard-earned money away from us in increased taxes.

Bill Cismar is a regular guy with a great resume’. He is not an experienced politician, nor a career politician. He is one of us who has seen enough and knows the value of a hard earned dollar.

Bill’s announcement on signage may seem like a small gesture, but it speaks tons about the man and how responsible he will be as our next legislator representing the 49th Legislative District, pos. 1.

It is high time we conservatives stand up and show that in spite of the false claims all these years, we are the responsible ones.

We have two excellent conservative candidates prepared to show the “conservatives just do it” attitude in Olympia.

Bill Cismar, position 1 against Jim Jacks.

And Craig Riley, position 2 against Jim ‘Da Taxman’ Moeller.

Let’s elect them both and pull ourselves out of this economic morass we find ourselves in today.

July 13, 2010

Republican Prospects In Clark County Looking Better All The Time

by lewwaters

With just a few weeks left until the August 17th Primary, Republican candidates throughout Clark County are showing they mean business and stand the best chance in many years of winning many of the elections.

Calls from many Democrat voters that the GOP has died just 2 years ago seem to have been quite premature. From candidates seeking a seat in our state legislature to a seat on the Vancouver City Council, Republicans have amassed an impressive list of candidates, prepared to campaign hard and begin the long road to recovery from this economic morass we find ourselves in.

With little more than a couple exceptions, Republican candidates are reporting advances in their campaigns the likes of which we haven’t seen in many years.

Brent Boger stayed above the barbs between candidates George Kolin and Tony Golik, also vying for County Prosecutor.

Boger’s campaign continues to build momentum and he says that he has been enjoying meting people “who never knew the importance of the prosecutor’s office, but now realize how this important position greatly impacts their life.”

Amongst the several dozen endorsements Boger has received are Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna and former Democratic opponent, Curt Wyrick.

Ann Rivers continues her commanding lead in the race to take over the seat being vacated by Jaime Herrera in the 18th Legislative District as her campaign reports she is nearing $50,000 in donations, far ahead of her nearest opponent.

Ann received some very favorable coverage in a recent Vancouver Business Journal article along with several Letters to the Editor touting her qualifications and experience.

Brandon Vick, a political novice, continues to run a clean campaign, building his chances and learning the ropes. It is doubtful he can catch Ann, but Brandon has been doing far better than Washougal council member Jon Russell, recently revealed to have been making what appears to be some very false claims on his qualifications.

I haven’t received any updates from Anthony Bittner in while, but I know he is out there building on his chances and learning the ropes while he seeks to energize the young people his age who traditionally have refrained from voting. He too will have a hard time catching Ann, but I think he will learn a lot in this race and if he sticks with it, be a factor in future races.

In the 17th Legislative District, both seats are in play this time and we have a candidate vying for each one. Brian Peck continues to build a head of steam in what looks like will be the tougher race for the position 1 seat currently held by first term Democrat, Tim Probst. Probst has a history of dirty politics as was seen in his run against Joseph James in the 2008 campaign, but Peck is not an easy man to rattle. A business owner, Peck has the knowledge and experience needed to help turn our state back to fiscal sanity and bring jobs back.

For position 2, the open seat being vacated by retiring Democrat Deb Wallace, Paul Harris is vying for the nomination against 2 Democrats. Harris, a businessman sees the bad habits in over spending and continually raising taxes that has repressed the economy for far too long now. Harris says, “Citizens in Southwest Washington deserve accountability and prudence in these difficult economic times from our elected officials.”

With Paul Harris, those are words we can believe in.

Both seats are up for challenge in the 49th Legislative District, each currently held by Democrats, Jim Jacks and Jim Moeller, both of whom signed off on every spending and tax increase we currently see driving our local economy further into bankruptcy.

Craig Riley, a local business owner with extensive experience in the Health Care Insurance Industry and managing his own business is running against Moeller, now dubbed ‘Candyman’ due to his efforts that slapped a new and confusing tax on candy, but only some candy.

Bill Cismar is bringing his extensive experience in the High Tech Industry and the US Air Force to run against another Democrat first termer, Jim Jacks, who seems to still be “listening and learning” as he votes lock-step with the party, giving little regard to the middle class workers out of work of barely keeping a job.

Both of these seats in the 49th have been held for a very long time by various Democrats and also promise to be tough races, but with the poor performance of both legislators currently holding them, we have the best chance we’ve had in several years to take both of them.

Peter Van Nortwick entered the race for County Assessor before Linda Franklin announced she was going to retire due to medical problems. Pete has been campaigning hard, building his campaign against late filers and just announced he has gained the endorsement of the Washington State Farm Bureau.

Clark County Commissioner, Steve Stuart, currently the lone Democrat on the commission, received a challenge from Republican businessman Alan Svehaug late on the final day of filing, ending Stuart’s chances for an easy reelection with no challenger. Alan is still building his campaign and we will be hearing much more out of him in the weeks ahead as we move towards the November elections.

John Jenkins shows promise in replacing Bart Hansen on the Vancouver City Council, who was appointed earlier this year to sit in the seat vacated by Tim Leavitt, who moved over to the Mayors chair.

Jenkins was the subject of a recent post on CCC, A Conservative for Vancouver City Council.

Scott Weber is running an unusual campaign for County Clerk as his desire, once elected, is to eliminate the office as an elected office and promises to push for Home Rule Charter to facilitate that.

My apologies if I missed a candidate. But, we have several campaigns running throughout Clark County at the local level that hold the promise of restoring some sanity to state government.

There are also Judge Positions with candidates who have a more conservative record that we should take into account. Although non-partisan, Supreme Court Justice Jim Johnson and Richard B. Sanders are running to retain their seats on the bench.

The Washington Court of Appeals, Division II, District Three sees Joseph Daggy hoping to secure a seat in the primary, August 17.

Republicans stand a very good chance of winning many of the elections shown above. We have the best list of candidates we have seen in many years, all bringing varied experience with them and knowledge on how to actually make tough decisions.

We are faced with some decisions of our own. We can continue as we are, sliding further and further in an economic, job killing morass by returning those to office who have played roles in bringing us to this point.

Or, we can look seriously at those challengers who have ideas and incumbents that have been opposing the current legislative actions that have brought us to the brink of bankruptcy.

Let’s choose wisely this time and vote in real “Hope and Change,” not “more of the same.”

June 28, 2010

It’s Time to Stop the Gregoire Merry Go Round

by lewwaters

As expected, the massive tax and fee increases Democrats in Olympia treated us to this past session only kicked the burgeoning budget deficit down the road as word is out now that our $2.6 Billion deficit has grown into at least a $3 Billion deficit.

Washington State Wire tells us Now it’s Official – Next Year’s Shortfall is $3 Billion, Governor Pledges Effort to Reinvent Government, But Says She Won’t Cross Labor.

After 2 years of supposed “cuts” and last years huge increases in taxes and taxing things never before taxed, we are worse off than before, as many conservatives said would happen.

Governor Gregoire now seems receptive to some of the alternatives Republicans tried in vain to propose, as can be seen at Gov. Gregoire announces plan to transform Washington’s budget.

Gregoire says, “I am now looking ahead to the state’s next budget cycle and another sizable shortfall we must address in the 2011–13 budget. We are going to challenge every program in state government with a series of tough questions to ensure we are getting the best value for the most essential functions of state government.”

One of her first moves in this, “the appointment of a panel of leaders from outside government to provide input on state spending,” that consists of 32 people so far who have confirmed their participation. Not mentioned is whether or not the 32, including 2 Republican legislators, will be paid for their time and effort.

Gregoire also says that “she hopes to make changes with state-employee unions at her side.” Maybe she hasn’t heard yet of the Washington Federation of State Employees filing a lawsuit aimed at stoping the 10-day furloughs she previously announced to save some money.

We can bite the bullet and tighten our belts during these dire economic times, but often over paid Union member can’t? And, their pay comes from our taxes, while we are unemployed?

Is that how she expects the unions to “be at her side?”

Would it be too much to expect her to take the bull by the horns and make concerted efforts to put an end to the double dipping of retired state college workers being rehired at near full salary while we continue to pay them a pension?

Governor Gregoire has shown herself to be incompetent in leading our state. Her Democratic cohorts have shown themselves to be clueless and equally as incompetent as their answer is always to raise or initiate new taxes.

Fortunately, since Gregoire and her cohorts have shown their ineptness in governing our state, we have the chance to do it for them this year.

We can begin actually fixing what is broken by voting out every single Democrat sitting in office and up for reelection. We have some fine candidates running with ideas and business experience, who know what must be done and how to do it.

Replace Jim Moeller with Craig Riley. Jim Jacks with Bill Cismar. Ann Rivers should receive the seat being vacated by Jaime Herrera, who will most likely be in the unemployment line herself in a few months, after helping Democrats gut out rainy day fund along with her support for SEIU budget killing bills.

Tim Probst, while giving the appearance of not voting for tax increases, should be replaced by Brian Peck. Probst votes for bills that would bring tax and spending increases in through the back door and only votes against the Democrats increases when it can be seen there is a comfortable majority voting to pass them.

If we ever wish to get off of the Gregoire Merry Go Round of increasing deficits and taxes being raised and initiated, we must first wean ourselves from the complacency of believing the Democrats in Olympia have our best interests at heart.

Democrats have had a complete stranglehold on Washington State for far too long now.

If we really wish to change direction and pull back from this economic suicide, we must give a new group of young Republicans, untainted by years of sitting in Olympia, a chance to bring new and fresh ideas to the table.

June 18, 2010

Clark Republican Women Host Legislative Candidates Forum

by lewwaters

June 17 saw the Clark County Republican Women hosting another “get to know your candidates forum” luncheon at Club Green Meadows, this time to give voters a chance to question and get to hear candidates for the legislative candidates vying for election this year.

Attending the event to answer potential constituent questions were, Paul Harris (17th legislative district position 2), Brian Peck (17th legislative district position 1), Ann Rivers, Jon Russell and Brandon Vick, all 3 vying for the nomination to replace Jaime Herrera in the 18th legislative district, Craig Riley (49th legislative district position 2), Bill Cismar (49th legislative district position 1) and Brice Chandler, incumbent 15th legislative district representative.

Candidates attending the luncheon, but not participating in the question session were John Jenkins (Vancouver city council position), Alan Svehaug (Clark County Commission), Peter Van Nortwick (Clark County Assessor) and Daniel Weaver (Clark County Assessor).

After enjoying a delicious ham lunch, candidates sat down and began taking random lessons from those who came to hear where they stood on relevant issues. Questions were submitted by paper and placed in a basket, then randomly chosen to be asked. Due to time constraints, not all questions were asked, but enough to give voters a better view of who the Republicans have running for office.

With a mixture of humor and seriousness, candidates each answered the random questions in short statements.

Brian Peck stated he supports a balanced budget, privatizing the liquor control board, the Puget Sound Ferry system and would like to see e-verify, the free system to conform citizenship, implemented for receipt of entitlements.

Bruce Chandler added that he would like to see e-verify mandated for public employees statewide as well.

Ann Rivers said she would like to see the state budget written by the state auditor write the budget and legislators explaining each piece of extra spending they try to attach to the budget.

Adding some humor to the afternoon, in reply to whether or not they would support e-verify to determine citizenship on hiring, Bill Cismar answered “si,” drawing an expected laugh from all in attendance.

Recalling how his incumbent opponent, Jim Jacks boasted of being governor Gregoire’s “mouthpiece” in Clark County in the 2008 election, Bill Cismar stated, “Gregoire doesn’t need a mouthpiece, she needs an ear piece,” indicating the governor needs to listen to taxpayers, not dictate to us.

Also in regards to Jack’s often stated “listen and learn” stand in 2008, Cismar said he would listen to main street and take that to Olympia to tell them instead of just listening to senior party officials. Cismar says Jacks “listened and learned” from Olympia, not from small businesses.

With the recent slate of tax increases and yet another burgeoning budget shortfall and seeing that Jim Jacks voted lock-step with the majority in passing those bankrupting taxes, I agree.

Indicating how the new taxes have hurt small businesses, Brandon Vick said the B & O Tax should be renamed the “B & O Penalty.”

Craig Riley expressed his desire to increase jobs and lower taxes to a more reasonable level, alleviating the burden on small businesses and the average taxpayer.

Jon Russell said he advocates cutting off public unions from contributing so heavily to campaigns, especially those that serve their interests.

In another questioned posed, whether or not the candidate would support another should they not receive the nomination, Harris and Peck both reminded all they had no opponent from the GOP in a humorous manner.

All said yes, but Jon Russell left the audience a bit confused when he replied, “I will if they’re pro-life.” Jon knows that every single person sitting at the table with him is pro-life, so it remains unknown who that was directed at.

Be it a cheap shot or seed planting to suggest another in his race isn’t pro-life is unknown. Jon should explain that strange comment.

In all, though it was very informative luncheon and I have no regrets in going. A young lady sat at my table that had never been to one of these forums and also said she learned a lot.

Thanks must be expressed for the efforts of the Clark County Republican Women in hosting these forums and making candidates openly available to voters.

I hope you make the effort to attend the next one. Not only will you enjoy a great meal, you will come away with a better idea of what candidates running for office intend to do.

June 8, 2010

Bill Cismar Files to Run Against Jim Jacks

by lewwaters

Vancouver resident, Bill Cismar, a Republican and a veteran filed to run against Democrat Jim Jacks for the 49th Legislative District seat position 1 today. In a Press Release issued today, Cismar says,


Bill Cismar, a Vancouver resident since 1987, has announced his candidacy for the 49th Legislative District, Position 1, currently held by Democrat Jim Jacks.

Cismar, a Republican and a veteran, spent three decades working in the high tech industry as a Field Service Engineer, Engineering Technician, and Business owner before returning to school to pursue a career as a Data Network Administrator. Cismar says he is running as an advocate for small and medium businesses and to be a voice in Olympia for the people of the 49th Legislative District.

“Jim Jacks says on his own website that his “Significant Career Experience:” is the he was “Governor Gregoire’s local representative:”. I think it is time for the 49th district to have someone be Vancouver’s representative in Olympia. That is exactly what I will be,” Cismar said.

Cismar said “I would far rather be happily employed and working with a local business helping to generate real income for the greater Vancouver community. But as I look at my country, my state and my local community I see a worsening economic storm. I have never been one to stand by the side and let others tackle difficult issues on my behalf. I’m the guy who stops to render aid at traffic accidents in the pouring rain. I volunteered and served in uniform when the military was out of public favor. And I simply do not trust the current establishment to be sensitive to the real concerns of the people of Vancouver unless we make them so.

Today politicians are vilified and properly so. There primarily are two types of people who are interested in public office. There are those who see the public as needing to be regulated or those who see government as the thing that should be regulated. I am of the latter type.

The principle idea of our nation is that the people should elect those from their own midst who are familiar with their needs, their concerns, and their values to represent them. I am as average a Vancouver Citizen as you’ll likely ever meet, and as such, no one is more familiar to the average citizen’s needs and concerns.”

Jim Jacks ran and won the seat vacated by Democrat Bill Fromhold in the 2008 election and is known for his support of all the new tax increases we are facing as well as answering in a debate against his opponent in 2008, addressing the growing budget deficit, “I don’t know how to solve it, I’m not a tax expert, I’m not a revenue expert.”

Video HERE

I think he and his fellow Democrats have proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that they don’t.

Bill Cismar hasn’t been campaigning to date, but in the days and weeks ahead you can expect to see him out and about.

Bill is the type of Representative we have needed for some time. Not a political insider, but a working man with business and Military experience.

Let’s take our state back and we can do it this year by electing Craig Riley and Bill Cismar for the 49th Legislative District seats.