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October 8, 2012

Clark College Helps Create Controversy Where None Exists

by lewwaters

Clark College continues to show it is really more of an Institution of Leftist Indoctrination than it is an Institution of Higher Education. Actual education seems to be secondary to actually educating students seeking to better themselves in being functioning members of society as it was when I was a student there.

In typical leftist fashion, Clark recently opened what could be jokingly referred to as their “Diversity Center,” presumably in an effort to overcome previous allegations leveled of rampant intolerance and racism on the campus by certain vested interests, even though none actually existed.

Most students ignored the self admitted neo-Nazi passing out flyers many said were racist, but that did not stop a small handful of instructors and teachers at Clark who leapt at the incident to whip up racial disharmony and demand a call for more “diversity,” a catch word now for acceptance and tolerance of any and everything, except White Christian heterosexuals.

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November 30, 2011

Calling Out Clark Community College President, Bob Knight

by lewwaters

I’m not too sure just how Bob Knight can speak in support of another tax on us in Clark College for a project to benefit Clark Community College, the very school he is president of and say he isn’t speaking as the President, but he did. After viewing his testimony at the November 29, 2011 County Commissioners hearing on the admissions tax, I’ll explain why I am calling him out.

There are a couple points that I take exception with on Knight’s words as he spoke yesterday, one in particular that I personally do not appreciate.

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February 11, 2011

At Clark College, Tenure Means Never Being Held Accountable for Mistakes

by lewwaters
Unless you seek a fair grade in certain classes

As teachers at Vancouver’s Clark College seek public sympathy in their quest for yet another pay raise, it is hard to believe that one tenured teacher appears to be handing out grades based upon a faulty syllabus that even the teacher admits was faulty, but allegedly gave the class the choice of being graded under a percentage or a point system, but still under a faulty syllabus.

This teacher claims that the class, after being given the choice on the first day of class last semester, agreed to be graded under her admitted erroneous grade system, which resulted in sub-standard grading for several students, some filing appeals to no avail, coming up against the hierarchy of Clark College that supports a tenured teacher over students.

This same teacher was a central figure in a racial issue on campus that made news last fall, failed to hold classes at least 4 times during the semester for various reasons and according to a few students in the class, promotes one race over another.

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February 5, 2011

Racial Tensions on Campus? Or Race Baiting?

by lewwaters

Listening to some and reading some articles over the last few months, one could be led to believe that the campus of Clark College is a hotbed of white supremacy and racial unrest. For the most part though, students seemed unaware of such unrest.

Last evening, I was forwarded a “Bias-Based Incident‏” report from Clark College president, Bob Knight, a man well worth holding the position and one who seems to have had a target painted by on his back by a few. The report states,

“Security is continuing its investigation into a report that one or more individuals expressed a disparaging remark about people of color – a remark that was clearly audible to some students and faculty in Hanna Hall on the evening of February 2.”

We aren’t told exactly what this “disparaging remark about people of color” was and knowing the exact words really isn’t all that important. Obviously, something occurred and words were said that someone took offense to. The “investigation” should clear up whether it was a heat of the moment scuffle, misunderstanding or bigotry.

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