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October 11, 2010

Will the Columbian Report on Tim Probst “Breaking the Rules?”

by lewwaters

Tim Probst double standard is once again on display for the community to see. In 2008 he railed about slinging mud while posting mudslinging posts all over his campaign page. As can be seen below, he eagerly shows a headline of “Peck Continues to Break the Rules,” an article from the Columbian pointing out his opponent, Brian Peck having made some mistakes in his campaign.

The only problem is, up until last evening, Probst himself was “breaking the rules” by posting the article completely and without a hyperlink back to it, a clear violation of copyright rules that bloggers and others are held to.

Clark County Conservative first pointed out this disparity in a previous post Peck, Harris Really Frighten the Columbian in the 17th Legislative District and brought it to the attention of the Columbian editors and Political Writer, Kathie Durbin.

I find it unfathomable that the Columbian had never visited Probst’s website or never noticed that he was infringing on their copyright prior to my contacting them about it yesterday. But, I will grant Probst credit for correcting his own “mistake” of copyright violation.

Likewise, Brian Peck, who clearly bested Probst in the primary election, also corrected mistakes he made, being a novice at politics.

The Columbian though, found it proper to blast Peck in the pages of their newspaper over his making a mistake, while claiming “Probst is mistake-free” in their endorsement of him.

Will they withdraw their “mistake free” claim? Will they publish an article lambasting Probst for making such a huge error in judgment?

Or, since he’s a favored Democrat, will they just sweep such a “mistake” under the rug and adopt an “all is forgiven” attitude?

Aren’t voters entitled to know of such “mistakes” by Probst as well as by Peck?

I will watch and see if the Columbian publishes about Probst’s “mistake” as well as watch and see if Probst comes into copyright compliance on the Reflector and Vancouver Business Journal articles he posts of theirs in violation of copyright law.

Tim, you really ought to clean up your own act before pointing towards others. As has often been said, when you point a finger at someone else you have three pointing back at you.

We’re waiting, Columbian.

October 10, 2010

Peck, Harris Really Frighten the Columbian in the 17th Legislative District

by lewwaters

Once again, the Columbian has begun telling voters who they should vote for with their selection of chosen candidates to receive the much vaunted “newspaper endorsement.” We see this every election cycle and from most all papers in the dinosaur media, the Columbian being no different.

While Democrats are favored most often in the media, we also see once in a while a good call as we saw in endorsing Ann Rivers in the 18th and Craig Riley in the 49th legislative districts. When it comes down to the 17th legislative district, the Columbian goes into full press mode to go counter to voters in the primary and keep both seats out of conservative hands.

In the 17th they chose to select a young teacher’s union representative and former delegate to the 2008 Democrat Convention for Barack Obama, Monica Stonier and the questionable incumbent completing his first term in Olympia, Tim Probst.

That both were nearly slaughtered in the primary vote count by their opponents, business owner and political novice Brian Peck and Paul Harris is ignored as the Columbian raises blinders on the Democrats and digs for every little grain of sand they can find to throw at the two conservatives.

Peck bested the incumbent Probst in the primary by a count of 53% to 47%, with Probst spending an unbelievable amount of campaign cash in an uncontested primary, just he and Peck running and both guaranteed their party’s nomination in our top two primary.

Harris performed even better against two Democrats, gaining 56% of the votes to a combined count of 44% split between Stonier and Martin Hash, Stonier coming out on top.

Showing an all too obvious fear that the two seats currently held by Democrats were heading to conservatives, our wonderful people at the Columbian got out their journalistic shovels and started digging, but only on the right side.

Harris was blasted for having a business truck registered in Oregon that he paid a stiff fine to update. No one wastes any time searching for anything Stonier might have done as a Teachers Union Representative or sought out her view on the union causing Washington State to lose a $13.2 Million grant 2 years ago.

While I have no doubt she is a good teacher, do we really need a WEA representative sitting in the legislature when we can already see that Schools in Washington are poorly managed and amply funded? The WEA advocates for teachers first, students second.

Don’t expect to ever see the Columbian questioning a powerful union like the WEA.

It must have really shaken the ‘good old boy’ mentality at the Columbian seeing how a political novice like Brian Peck beat out an incumbent like Tim Probst, so the digging for mud began. Probst is no stranger to mud himself, slinging it readily in 2008, even though he agreed with his opponent then not to.

Peck came under fire for not including a certain wording on his campaign signs and his not fully listing the businesses he owns. This after once boasting of how his business earned an “excellence Award” 5 years in a row.

While they make a fuss over this news, Probst is held up as the quintessential embodiment of perfection in our legislature for not voting for tax increases, even though it is all too obvious that he votes against them with the permission of his party leaders in Olympia, knowing all too well the measures were going to pass anyway, what with the more than sufficient majority the left has held for some time now.

No one asks about what alternative measures proposed did he vote for or support and apparently no one at the Columbian saw fit to question Probst on his support and sponsorship of HB 2630, the so-called “Opportunity Express” bill, a bill “that will provide more money for training workers for key occupations…” and whether any of that money just might end up at Washington Workforce Association, the company Tim Probst just happens to be CEO of.

Shouldn’t voters be informed whether or not Probst fronted a bill that might have benefited this own company?

Then again, I can’t help but recall how the Columbian went after Bob Koski relentlessly when he had up his Clark Blog site for “copyright infringement” in his posting whole articles on his site with hyperlinks back to the Columbian, but Tim Probst lists a succession of complete articles from the Columbian with no hyperlinks back to the Columbian’s website and no one at the Columbian seems to be blinking an eye about it. (See update listed after post. Probst appears to be coming into compliance with copyright law after being contacted by the Columbian)

A query has been sent to Columbian staff as this is being written, but they have not had the opportunity to reply just yet.

It is all too obvious to me that the Columbian is very frightened that the 17th Legislative District seats, one held by Democrat Tim Probst and the other being vacated by Democrat Deb Wallace are very likely to be added to the Republican label this November.

So frightened that they will sling mud for the Democrats again and ignore voter discontent with the performance of the left.

Fortunately, I think voters are smarter than that and they will show it in the 17th Legislative District come November.

Elect Brian Peck

Elect Paul Harris

UPDATE: Lou Brancaccio, managing editor of the Columbian replied on Tim Probst’s copyright infringement:

Thanks Lew for the e-mail. I’ve been in touch with Tim and I’m told it will be coming down.


Last I looked, 11 PM Oct. 10, 2010, Probst seems to be complying with copyright law now.

September 29, 2010

Probst Comes Out Slinging, Peck Fires Back

by lewwaters

If we learned nothing else from Tim Probst, incumbent Democrat state legislator for the 17th district, it is that there is no mud he isn’t willing to sling. As we saw in his run against Joseph James in 2008, Probst has no problem when it comes to slinging a little mud, even though it is was he who was calling on others for a “clean campaign” then.

I’m not really all that surprised to see him once again resorting to slamming his opponent instead of just standing on his actual record.

In the 2008 primary, Probst received 48.85% of the votes with the remainder split between two Republicans, Joseph James receiving the majority against Jim Dunn, elevating him to the general election. In the general election, Probst received a somewhat impressive 55.76% against James’ 44.1%.

His mud stuck plus 2008 was a heavy Democratic year, Democrats having successfully demonized spineless Republicans who just rolled over.

Probst is facing a much stronger opponent in 2010 in businessman, Brian Peck, a relative unknown who received 52.93% against Probst’s 46.91%. For an incumbent, that is not very impressive, especially one who hopes to convince voters he isn’t in lock-step with the rest of the Democrats in Olympia who have brought us the largest tax increase in state history earlier this year.

Peck has released his first Television ad, calling Probst out on his voting record that he brags about saying how he never voted for any tax or spending increases.

Probst, ever the slick politician we saw running in 2008, along with the help of our Democratic Party mouthpiece of record, the Columbian says of Peck, “Brian is lying directly to the voters. He knows he’s lying directly to the voters and it’s insulting to the voters.”

The problem for Probst is Brian Peck is not lying. Probst did indeed vote yes for the largest budget in our history. Even more deceptive is how they continue to refer to that state budget as an “all-cuts budget,” ignoring that although no tax increases were included in the outset, state spending did increase quite a bit.

I continue to be amused at how Democrats claim they “cut” taxes or the budget when in reality; they only slightly reduced their projected amount of increase. Spending still increased, just not as much as originally planned and now, they claim they “cut the budget” and all too many voters fall for it, never looking at any actual numbers.

The Columbian, with Probst’s help I’m sure, craftily states, “He was one of a handful of Democrats to vote against the 2010-11 supplemental budget, which imposed new taxes on soda, bottled water, candy and other items.”

What is crafty there and misleading is in the TV ad, Peck is explicitly referring to “his vote on the state budget last year, and not the Supplemental Budget this year.”

Peck, in pointing out Probst not accepting responsibility for his vote on ESHB1216 Capital Budget & ESHB1244 Operating Budget says, “This is why people are so frustrated with politicians. Rather than accept responsibility for increasing overall state spending to the highest levels in state history, Representative Probst tries to distract voters with his solitary no vote on the Supplemental Budget this year.”

Probst has been claiming he opposes tax and spending increases since being elected to office and he stands on his NO vote this year for the Supplemental Budget as evidence. All the time I have continued asking if he really is “fiscally conservative and has really been looking out for the pocketbooks of the people of Clark County,” as former Democrat state representative Deb Wallace is quoted as saying, what alternative bills or amendments calling on tax cuts proposed by Republicans has he voted for?

I assume in an effort to defend Probst, one commenter on the Columbian article by the screen name of “Quigley” posted,

“Probst voted AGAINST SHB 2339, which is the bill that set up the $5 state parks donation on your vehicle tab registration.

Probst sponsored HB 1650 – The Senate version of this bill, SB 5042, became law. This bill created a waiver of monetary penalties for first-time paperwork violations by small businesses.
He also co-sponsored HB 2603, which was sponsored by Republican Norma Smith and became law this year. It acheived similar goals as HB 1650 (above).

HB 2603 (Smith) – Same idea as HB 1650 above and passed in 2010.

Probst co-sponsored Herrera’s bill, HB 1368, which if passed, would have eliminated the requirement to replace your license plates every 7 years, which costs a $10 fee.

Probst also sponsored and passed HB 2962, which gives county treasurers the option to implement a monthly online payment system for their property taxes rather than paying in a lump sum twice per year.”

Nice list, but not one bill listed was an actual tax cut or alternative spending bill, as I have been asking for. Not one actually offers any significant relief to the already over burdened taxpayer in Washington State.

It is true that Probst voted NO on the Supplemental budget as well as on the repeal of I-960, which allowed so many tax increases without a super majority to pass this year.

However, this is an age old political ploy politicians who are facing a reelection pull, with the permission of their party leaders who know the measure will still pass without that politicians vote. It helps keep an incumbent elected and allows them to tell voters who “responsible” with our money they are.

Just as was brought out during the campaign for the 3rd Congressional District, I don’t see it as fiscally conservative to vote for a bill that would have forced childcare centers into public unions, had the senate not successfully transformed it into a voluntary bill. With the state being who would pay increased fees, much of which would have gone to union dues, how fiscally responsible is that?

Equally disturbing in Probst’s claim of being a “fiscal conservative” was his quote taken from legislative discussion over the suspension of I-960 provided on the Evergreen Freedom Foundation Blog of, “tax policy and the budget don’t have that big of an impact on the state’s economy.”

In a December 11, 2009 Op-Ed submitted to and published by the Vancouver Business Journal, Why Recovery Will Be Slow, and What Good May Come of It, Probst calls for “changing from a consumption-driven economy to a production-driven economy.”

How does he propose to do that? He says,

“Skill up our workers. Modernize our ports, rail, and highways to enable commerce. Lead in high-tech manufacturing, science, and innovation. Encourage business start-ups and help shops stay open. Teach the work ethic to the next generation.”

Again, all well and good — sounding. But, isn’t much of that exactly what the Democrats are calling for increased taxation and spending to do? How can he say he opposes increasing taxes and increasing spending when he too advocates the very same policies they say they need to increase spending and taxes to accomplish?

Probst sponsored E2SHB 2227, better known as “the evergreen jobs act.” I can’t fault him for doing something he THINKS will create good paying jobs. I do fault him for not doing his homework on such jobs first. Had he actually researched it, he would have seen that such “Green Jobs” measures have actually cost jobs, not saved them, as stated in the articles Report: Green Jobs will actually cost jobs! and Job Losses From Obama Green Stimulus Foreseen in Spanish Study.

Can we really afford losing two jobs to every one created and still believe Probst to be a “fiscal conservative?”

And, I’m sure his being CEO of the “Washington Workforce Association” has no bearing, right?

Once you peel back Probst’s muddy façade, it becomes clear that he is nothing more than another mudslinging liberal hell bent on remaining in office at any price. Maybe too, that is why he spent some $86,000.00 to Peck’s $25,000.00 in the “top two” primary, when there was only the two of them running, and he still came in second.

Clean it up, Tim. Start being honest.

September 25, 2010

Brian Peck for State Legislature

by lewwaters

Brian Peck, Republican for the 17th Legislative District, position 1

Let’s turn Washington State back around.

Please visit Elect Brian Peck for more information

See also Probst Comes Out Slinging, Peck Fires Back

September 13, 2010

Debbie Peterson, Citizens Promoting Accountability/Clarity.

by lewwaters

Debbie Peterson, a former candidate for the 49th Legislative District, has started a Political Action Committee designed to help supporters learn how to best help their chosen candidate.

She has scheduled a meeting on Tuesday, September 14 at Clark GOP Headquarters, located at the SW Corner of the intersection of 78th St and Hazel Dell Ave. The meeting will run between 7 PM and 8 PM.

Debbie says,

“I am holding this proactive – shovel ready workshop to get our guys elected. DUE TO PAC RULES, CANDIDATES OR THEIR CAMPAIGN MANAGERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND.”

It takes more than just a campaign sign in your yard to promote a good candidate. Debbie is extending the effort to draw supporters together and brainstorm how best to elect conservative candidates and ensure we save this country and begin wresting it from grasp of the liberal elites that have plunged more into debt than we have ever seen in our history.

Debbie also says,

“Friends, This can’t be church, where 10% of the folks do 90% of the work. We will lose our elections! We need 100% of the folks doing 10% of the work. YEAH for us! All of our guys have just won! Please attend – it will be the best hour you spend, this week!”

Short notice, but please plan on attending and let’s get some good representation for the people of Washington State.

August 21, 2010

Is Change In The Air For The Legislature?

by lewwaters

All of Tuesday’s votes should be in by now and counted. Certification won’t be long and the vote will become official. No changes will be coming in the count and candidates who won a top two will go on to the November general election.

Voters didn’t fall for dirty tactics in all of the races and it appears there may be a decent chance that the state legislature may do an “about face” this year. Even if the majority doesn’t change, the numbers ought to become more even, hopefully putting a stop to the out of control spending approved by Democrats and some less than reliable Republicans.

One such official is making a definite exit from our legislature and good riddance.

While I haven’t followed all of the legislative races around the state, the vote count shows some very favorable races indicating that some changes might be seen come November.

The 15th Legislative District seems prepared to retain Senator Jim Honeyford, who ran unopposed. Bruce Chandler who received an impressive 67% of the votes over his opponent and David Taylor who also received nearly 67% of the votes will still face a run-off in the general election, but it is expected they will remain sane voices in the legislature.

The 17th Legislative District looks like it is well ready to seek change as Brian Peck and Paul Harris both came out ahead in their races. Peck, a first time candidate earned 53% of the votes over his incumbent opponent, one term incumbent Tim Probst. Harris, competing for an open seat easily defeated both Martin Hash and Monica Stonier with 56% of the votes.

Harris and Stonier move on to the general as do Peck and Probst.

In the 18th Legislative District, incumbent Ed Orcutt ran unopposed. Ann Rivers, who rightfully should have received the position 1 seat in 2007, joined Dennis Kampe in winning a slot in the top two primary. Rivers faced multiple opponents, including one of questionable character, Washougal council member Jon Russell, who held out until the last to concede to her.

Rivers and Kampe move on to the general and if those who voted for the others on the right side get behind Rivers, she should easily defeat Kampe and retain that vacant seat for the right.

In the heavily Democrat 49th Legislative District, the two Democrat incumbents, Jim Jacks and Jim Moeller, received the majority of votes, but first time candidate Bill Cismar and businessman Craig Riley are in close striking distance as both incumbents received less vote percentage than each did in the 2008 primaries.

In 2008, Moeller took his top two slot with 64% of the vote compared to receiving 53% in 2010. Jacks received close to 59% in 2008 compared with 55% in 2010 against an unknown candidate with a shoestring campaign budget.

With the proper support and donations, both Riley and Cismar might unseat both of the incumbents and turn the 49th Legislative District over to some fiscal sanity.

Many local races remain a toss up going into the general, but it looks like there just may be some new faces heading off to Olympia after November.

Let’s just hope they place the taxpayers first and party second when they arrive.

June 28, 2010

It’s Time to Stop the Gregoire Merry Go Round

by lewwaters

As expected, the massive tax and fee increases Democrats in Olympia treated us to this past session only kicked the burgeoning budget deficit down the road as word is out now that our $2.6 Billion deficit has grown into at least a $3 Billion deficit.

Washington State Wire tells us Now it’s Official – Next Year’s Shortfall is $3 Billion, Governor Pledges Effort to Reinvent Government, But Says She Won’t Cross Labor.

After 2 years of supposed “cuts” and last years huge increases in taxes and taxing things never before taxed, we are worse off than before, as many conservatives said would happen.

Governor Gregoire now seems receptive to some of the alternatives Republicans tried in vain to propose, as can be seen at Gov. Gregoire announces plan to transform Washington’s budget.

Gregoire says, “I am now looking ahead to the state’s next budget cycle and another sizable shortfall we must address in the 2011–13 budget. We are going to challenge every program in state government with a series of tough questions to ensure we are getting the best value for the most essential functions of state government.”

One of her first moves in this, “the appointment of a panel of leaders from outside government to provide input on state spending,” that consists of 32 people so far who have confirmed their participation. Not mentioned is whether or not the 32, including 2 Republican legislators, will be paid for their time and effort.

Gregoire also says that “she hopes to make changes with state-employee unions at her side.” Maybe she hasn’t heard yet of the Washington Federation of State Employees filing a lawsuit aimed at stoping the 10-day furloughs she previously announced to save some money.

We can bite the bullet and tighten our belts during these dire economic times, but often over paid Union member can’t? And, their pay comes from our taxes, while we are unemployed?

Is that how she expects the unions to “be at her side?”

Would it be too much to expect her to take the bull by the horns and make concerted efforts to put an end to the double dipping of retired state college workers being rehired at near full salary while we continue to pay them a pension?

Governor Gregoire has shown herself to be incompetent in leading our state. Her Democratic cohorts have shown themselves to be clueless and equally as incompetent as their answer is always to raise or initiate new taxes.

Fortunately, since Gregoire and her cohorts have shown their ineptness in governing our state, we have the chance to do it for them this year.

We can begin actually fixing what is broken by voting out every single Democrat sitting in office and up for reelection. We have some fine candidates running with ideas and business experience, who know what must be done and how to do it.

Replace Jim Moeller with Craig Riley. Jim Jacks with Bill Cismar. Ann Rivers should receive the seat being vacated by Jaime Herrera, who will most likely be in the unemployment line herself in a few months, after helping Democrats gut out rainy day fund along with her support for SEIU budget killing bills.

Tim Probst, while giving the appearance of not voting for tax increases, should be replaced by Brian Peck. Probst votes for bills that would bring tax and spending increases in through the back door and only votes against the Democrats increases when it can be seen there is a comfortable majority voting to pass them.

If we ever wish to get off of the Gregoire Merry Go Round of increasing deficits and taxes being raised and initiated, we must first wean ourselves from the complacency of believing the Democrats in Olympia have our best interests at heart.

Democrats have had a complete stranglehold on Washington State for far too long now.

If we really wish to change direction and pull back from this economic suicide, we must give a new group of young Republicans, untainted by years of sitting in Olympia, a chance to bring new and fresh ideas to the table.

June 18, 2010

Clark Republican Women Host Legislative Candidates Forum

by lewwaters

June 17 saw the Clark County Republican Women hosting another “get to know your candidates forum” luncheon at Club Green Meadows, this time to give voters a chance to question and get to hear candidates for the legislative candidates vying for election this year.

Attending the event to answer potential constituent questions were, Paul Harris (17th legislative district position 2), Brian Peck (17th legislative district position 1), Ann Rivers, Jon Russell and Brandon Vick, all 3 vying for the nomination to replace Jaime Herrera in the 18th legislative district, Craig Riley (49th legislative district position 2), Bill Cismar (49th legislative district position 1) and Brice Chandler, incumbent 15th legislative district representative.

Candidates attending the luncheon, but not participating in the question session were John Jenkins (Vancouver city council position), Alan Svehaug (Clark County Commission), Peter Van Nortwick (Clark County Assessor) and Daniel Weaver (Clark County Assessor).

After enjoying a delicious ham lunch, candidates sat down and began taking random lessons from those who came to hear where they stood on relevant issues. Questions were submitted by paper and placed in a basket, then randomly chosen to be asked. Due to time constraints, not all questions were asked, but enough to give voters a better view of who the Republicans have running for office.

With a mixture of humor and seriousness, candidates each answered the random questions in short statements.

Brian Peck stated he supports a balanced budget, privatizing the liquor control board, the Puget Sound Ferry system and would like to see e-verify, the free system to conform citizenship, implemented for receipt of entitlements.

Bruce Chandler added that he would like to see e-verify mandated for public employees statewide as well.

Ann Rivers said she would like to see the state budget written by the state auditor write the budget and legislators explaining each piece of extra spending they try to attach to the budget.

Adding some humor to the afternoon, in reply to whether or not they would support e-verify to determine citizenship on hiring, Bill Cismar answered “si,” drawing an expected laugh from all in attendance.

Recalling how his incumbent opponent, Jim Jacks boasted of being governor Gregoire’s “mouthpiece” in Clark County in the 2008 election, Bill Cismar stated, “Gregoire doesn’t need a mouthpiece, she needs an ear piece,” indicating the governor needs to listen to taxpayers, not dictate to us.

Also in regards to Jack’s often stated “listen and learn” stand in 2008, Cismar said he would listen to main street and take that to Olympia to tell them instead of just listening to senior party officials. Cismar says Jacks “listened and learned” from Olympia, not from small businesses.

With the recent slate of tax increases and yet another burgeoning budget shortfall and seeing that Jim Jacks voted lock-step with the majority in passing those bankrupting taxes, I agree.

Indicating how the new taxes have hurt small businesses, Brandon Vick said the B & O Tax should be renamed the “B & O Penalty.”

Craig Riley expressed his desire to increase jobs and lower taxes to a more reasonable level, alleviating the burden on small businesses and the average taxpayer.

Jon Russell said he advocates cutting off public unions from contributing so heavily to campaigns, especially those that serve their interests.

In another questioned posed, whether or not the candidate would support another should they not receive the nomination, Harris and Peck both reminded all they had no opponent from the GOP in a humorous manner.

All said yes, but Jon Russell left the audience a bit confused when he replied, “I will if they’re pro-life.” Jon knows that every single person sitting at the table with him is pro-life, so it remains unknown who that was directed at.

Be it a cheap shot or seed planting to suggest another in his race isn’t pro-life is unknown. Jon should explain that strange comment.

In all, though it was very informative luncheon and I have no regrets in going. A young lady sat at my table that had never been to one of these forums and also said she learned a lot.

Thanks must be expressed for the efforts of the Clark County Republican Women in hosting these forums and making candidates openly available to voters.

I hope you make the effort to attend the next one. Not only will you enjoy a great meal, you will come away with a better idea of what candidates running for office intend to do.

May 1, 2010

Back Home, Rested and Catching Up

by lewwaters

As regular readers know, I flew to Texas last Friday to help my daughter move back to our community after a 15 year absence. It was a good drive and I always enjoy my daughters company. Leaving the Interstates we both saw parts of America that one usually doesn’t see when travelling cross country.

Even in the small towns we travelled through the signs of impending elections were present as campaign signs for candidates for their offices littered the sides of their streets and businesses.

Arriving back in Vancouver and helping her get moved into her sister’s apartment, I turned my attention to what has been happening locally while I was gone. Seems a lot can go on while absent for just a few days.

I was unable to attend the 3rd Congressional District Candidates Forum held last Thursday in Longview but was particularly struck to see that the Seattle PI’s Joel Connelly wrote The race is on for a wide open US House seat where he gave a pretty good description of the evening.

Most interesting was reading,

“Denny Heck and David Castillo, representing different parties and differing views of government, sat next to each other and dominated the first candidate forum in wide open 3rd Congressional District race.”

I have been writing for several months that David Castillo is the best candidate in the running for the 3rd Congressional District on the Republican side, much to the chagrin of some rather vociferous GOP members, particularly in Cowlitz County who promote Jaime Herrera.

Of these two Republicans, Connelly wrote,

“[Castillo] was by far the most articulate and engaging of GOP candidates on stage Thursday night,” while he wrote of Herrera, “the young legislator came across as super-serious, self-possessed and somewhat scripted.”

Of the Democrats considered front runners, Connelly wrote,

“[Denny] Heck sounded themes unusual for a Democrat, noting: ‘Seventy percent of all new jobs are created by small businesses. I know that. I’ve done that’,” while of Craig Pridemore he wrote, “[He] seemed to lack focus. He did not articulate a specific message or theme. He repeatedly agreed with things that Heck had said.”

Reading the above or seeing the two Republicans addressing issues, it is difficult to grasp that Castillo would be considered an “underdog” to Herrera, unless you realize that while she is a party groomed insider, she is lacking a clear and articulate position on pertinent issues of the day.

I was most gratified to see 17th Legislative District candidate and local businessman, Brian Peck received the honor of being the only Union 76 station in Washington State to have won an “Award for Excellence” by achieving a perfect scoring on his business for the third year in a row.

Of his candidacy and receipt of the Award, Peck says,

“I am on a mission to restore the trust in state government and to curb overspending. What would happen if we did monthly inspections with the Legislators in Olympia? Where is their excellence in representing us?”

That is a good question that might be posed to his opponent, incumbent Tim Probst who makes a show of voting against direct tax increases, as he campaigned on last time, but has voted for bills that result in increased fees or taxes indirectly. I see no excellence there given the dire conditions of the economy and the ever rising unemployment within the state.

Peck stands to bring that excellence with him to Olympia and given the definite lack of anything remotely resembling excellence in the last few legislative sessions, I’d say it is a much needed and welcome addition to the legislature to have Brian Peck occupying the seat currently occupied by Tim Probst.

All are invited to meet Brian Peck this Thursday, May 6 at the Blackstone American Grill, at 3200 SE 164th, 6 PM. You will also meet my friend KPAM 860 talk show host Victoria Taft as she will speak on Peck’s behalf.

Ann Rivers, candidate for the 18th Legislative District seat being vacated by Jaime Herrera continues to be the top fundraiser as her campaign reports that her donations amount to more than all of her GOP competitors combined.

Of this phenomenal accomplishment, Ann said, “Citizens of our community are ready and eager to leave this current condition of our economy and state behind. They are willing to fight hard for their voices to be heard in Olympia and I am so honored to be able to carry their message.”

Both Ann Rivers and Brian Peck, along with Paul Harris, will be at Harney Elementary School, 3212 E. Evergreen Blvd. in Vancouver, Tuesday May 4, from 6:30 to 9:30 PM for the “We The People” candidate vetting. Why not stop in and lend your support to these candidates and see for yourselves what a benefit they will be in Olympia?

In the race for County Prosecutor, Republican Brent Boger seems to have some people worried as the left-leaning Columbian’s Political Beat is floating the notion that his posted résumé is “exaggerated” due to him claiming he’s “tough on crime.” Boger claims “criminal prosecution experience” and given the history of the County Prosecutor’s office prosecuting a citizen for allegedly stealing a water heater out of a soon to be torn down building, that resulted in two juries finding the citizen “not guilty” and that a citizen is currently awaiting prosecution for the legal open carrying of a firearm in accordance with the state constitution, Boger would give the Prosecutor’s Office a much needed new face and provide some common sense in assessing what really needs to be prosecuted.

State Senator Don Benton also seems to have ruffled some feathers with the release of the video ad, “What Causes Do You Support?” It looks like Patty Murray and her supporters have thinned down their skins considerably as the ad, somewhat tongue in cheek, is basically true.

The Clark County Republican Women have announced hosting a 3rd Congressional Candidates forum at Club Green Meadows, Thursday May 13, 2010 at 6:30 PM. Scheduled to be in attendance are candidates David Castillo, David Hedrick, Chris Boyd and Jaime Herrera. Come out and meet the 4 from which we hope to send one to Washington D.C. to replace retiring Democrat, Brian Baird.

This is by no means everything that has gone on in my absence, but it’s a start as I continue to get back in the swing of it all.

We have an excellent chance of winning many elections this year and doing so might help us begin restoring our country and state to sound footing.

Let’s just make sure we choose the best candidates and not just a pretty face.

September 22, 2009

Lars Larson To Help Kick Off Brian Peck Campaign

by lewwaters

Brian Peck, local 76 station owner, will be announcing his candidacy for State Representative 17th District, at a reception with radio personality Lars Larson as featured speaker. Peck, a long time resident of Clark County , decided to run for office to combat the out-of-control state spending and restore the public’s trust in state government. “I know that a real quality of life is based on a solid economy.” Peck stated. “My business experience will bring reasoned, common sense solutions to the issues the 17th District cares about most.”

Lars Larson offered to support his campaign at a kick-off event. Lars will be speaking about the issues faced in the District and how to bring needed solutions to the problems. “I am honored that Lars Larson feels so passionately about the 17th District and has agreed to give me his support“, Peck said. “Lars understands the importance of hard work and a free enterprise system.”

Friday, September 25th at 7 pm. The reception is open to the public. The Cameo Café is located at 7703 NE 72nd Avenue in Hazel Dell. Please call “The Committee to Elect Brian Peck – R” for more information 360-449-9989.