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April 7, 2015

Rand Paul? No Way!

by lewwaters

As if we didn’t expect it, Rand Paul, son of batshit crazy Ron Paul made his run for president official this morning. I will not support or vote for him as by his own words, he is pretty much a “chip off the old block.” From a 2009 interview with Alex Jones;

He may try to act like he isn’t on board with the lunacy of his Dad, but as he said, “We might present the message sometimes differently.”

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March 3, 2012

Romney Wins Washington State Straw Poll Caucus

by lewwaters

Continuing his winning streak, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is predicted to win the Washington State caucuses by a comfortable margin. At the time of this posting he leads with 38% of straw poll votes.

Rick Santorum and Ron Paul remain in a statistical tie for second with 24% apiece, Santorum trailing by a mere 12 votes with 62% of precincts reporting. Newt Gingrich sits last with just 11% of the votes.

The Columbian is reporting Romney has won the Clark County caucus, receiving 37% of the votes, with Ron Paul at 28.5%, Rick Santorum at 22.5% and Newt Gingrich at 10.1%.

The Daily News in Longview reports Romney carrying Cowlitz County with 33.7%, Ron Paul 28.2%, Rick Santorum 26% and Newt Gingrich 8.4%

The Olympian reports Mitt Romney carrying Thurston County with 40.4%, Ron Paul 26.4%, Rick Santorum 20.5% and Newt Gingrich a distant 7.6%.

The caucuses saw a record turnout this year with several caucus sites reporting having to turn away hundreds of caucus goers as sites were filled to capacity.

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December 16, 2010

Washington Governor Gregoire, “Cancel the 2012 Presidential Primary Election”

by lewwaters

In her ongoing quest to slash costs to the state, Washington Governor Christine Gregoire is calling for the 2012 presidential primary election to be canceled. Delegates to national conventions would instead be selected via caucuses.

Secretary of State Sam Reed, a Republican said,

“I join Governor Gregoire in reluctantly asking the Legislature to suspend the 2012 Presidential Primary in Washington. Ever since the Legislature approved the presidential primary in 1989 as a people’s initiative to the Legislature, the primary has been a very popular way to engage average citizens, not just party activists, in the process of helping nominate candidates for President of the United States. But at the same time, we acknowledge that Washington faces a grave budget shortfall and that many important public services must be suspended or eliminated. Suspending this election will save taxpayers more than $10 million. Ordinarily, I would be the last to propose suspending an election, but these are not ordinary times and we all are looking for ways to tighten our belts and live within our means. I look forward to Washington resuming the presidential primary in 2016.” 

Washington State Republican Party Chair Luke Esser disagrees saying

“Eliminating the presidential primary directly contradicts the will of the people as expressed by Initiative 99 in 1989, and it disenfranchises military voters serving overseas and many other voters.”

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January 31, 2010

Clark County GOP Central Committee Meeting January 2010

by lewwaters

2010 is off to a good beginning if the Clark County Republican Party’s Central Committee Meeting held Saturday, January 30, 2010 is any indicator. The enthusiasm of the large gathering of attending PCO’s and observers filled the room at Green Meadows as Party Chairman Ryan Hart called the meeting to order at 9:35 A.M.

Chairman Hart took role call and determined a quorum was present to proceed with Party Business.

Reports from State Committee Representatives were given indicating the party is drawing candidates to challenge vulnerable Democrats and acknowledging that we need to recruit quality candidates from within the 49th Legislative District for offices.

Any interested in running for any office should contact the Clark County Republican Party or your PCO and we will be more than happy to discuss your candidacy.

Also discussed was the coming GOP Caucuses on Saturday, February 13 and the Clark County GOP Convention to be held Saturday, March 20 at Prairie High School. All Republicans in the County are invited and urged to attend at least the caucuses where delegates will be chosen for the County Convention and State Convention held this year in Vancouver on June 10 – 12 and featuring noted conservative columnist, radio and TV personality, Michelle Malkin as keynote speaker and former Massachusetts Governor and Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney.

To find the location of your precinct caucus, please visit the Clark County GOP website, PRECINCT CAUCUS MEETING LOCATIONS.

As the meeting progressed, Campaign for Liberty’s Katja Delavar, also a PCO, made a Point of Order inquiry asking if the fine levied last year on the Washington State GOP was going to cost the Clark County GOP funds, indicating the possibility of the State Party going bankrupt.

State Committeeman, Brent Boger, Vancouver City Attorney and candidate for Clark County Prosecutor answered that the decision to fine the State Party is under appeal and that the judgment does not include the Clark County GOP, therefore it will have no effect on the State Convention or the County GOP.

The highlight of Saturdays PCO meeting had to be the outstanding number of current candidates present to introduce them selves and speak of their vision for the offices each is seeking.

David Castillo, running for the 3rd Congressional District seat being vacated by retiring Democrat Brian Baird, the first candidate to file to run last year was present and made an inspiring speech of his qualifications and visions for the office.

Next up was current 18th Legislative District State Representative, Jaime Herrera speaking of how the GOP began losing when “they became part of the establishment” of Washington D.C. Ms. Herrera, who spent 11 years in Washington D.C. prior to returning to her native Clark County late in 2007 to receive the appointment to replace Richard Curtis, hopes to be elected and return to Washington D.C.

Jon Russell, also running for the seat being vacated by Baird gave the next speech. Jon claims to be running on a platform of self-imposed term limit and refusal to accept either a pension or government supplied healthcare. A small but loud contingent of supporters in the back of the room seemed to indicate approval, at least from them.

David Hedrick, who made National News in August 2009 when he confronted Congressman Baird at the Clark County Town Hall arrived late, but did appear and also spoke before the crowd. For many it was the first time they were able to hear him. He spoke of how the video of the confrontation has been viewed all over the world that although he initially considered a 3rd party run to replace Baird, he realized it was not the way to go, if we are to turn the country away from socialism.

Prior to David’s arrival, Peter Van Nortwick, candidate for Clark County Assessor spoke on the problems he sees and mistakes made in our homes being assessed for property taxes and how he would do property assessments to ensure each homeowner paid just their fair share.

Campaign for Liberty’s Katja Delavar was called to the lectern for a scheduled discussion on a proposed resolution to support Ron Paul’s bill, HR 1207/S 604 on auditing the Federal Reserve. A lively discussion and questions ensued, some of which Ms. Delavar was unable to answer.

Although I personally have been in support of auditing the Fed, questions of whether or not the bill would increase the size of government in the GAO and a statement by another PCO of many not being adequately educated on the subject, I felt compelled to change my position to give time to become more educated on the matter.

The resolution passed by a large margin.

Ms. Delavar also introduced new business by making a motion to allow persons who desired to serve on the Convention Committee to “self-nominate.” The ensuing discussion showed this was not necessary as all who desire to serve on committees are given consideration.

The motion was tabled.

State Senator Don Benton was present and gave his usual talk that really fires up the room. He spoke of how this is a good year to be Republican and hopes of seeing Republicans candidates elected this year.

Sheriff Gary Lucas expressed his thanks to Party Members for their support over his time in office followed by County Auditor, Greg Kimsey running for reelection.

Brian Peck, candidate for the 17th Legislative District Representative spoke of recreating jobs, holding taxes down and stopping deficit spending.

Craig Williams, hoping to unseat Democrat Senator Patty Murray was unable to attend due to conflicting scheduling, but his wife and campaign manager Karen spoke on his behalf.

Next up were candidates for the 18th Legislative District Representative hoping to replace the seat currently held by Jaime Herrera, who will be stepping down in her run to replace Brian Baird.

Ann Rivers was out of town and unable to speak, but candidates Bob Dean, Shannon Barnett and Brian Vick all spoke of their vision for the state.

Brent Boger spoke to the group on his hopes of being the next County Prosecutor and how changes must be made, both in prosecuting criminals, especially sexual predators to keep them off of our streets and running the Prosecutors office will a cut in funding.

The meeting was adjourned and smaller groups assembled of each Legislative District PCO’s with their District Chairs.

In all it was one of the more inspiring meetings I have attended. The Clark County GOP PCO’s were well represented Saturday and the attendance of so many candidates shows that Clark County is a major player in upcoming elections.

2010 is shaping up to be a very good year to be a member of the Republican Party, giving the recently adopted Party motto, “BE THE PARTY” real meaning. The Clark County Republican Party is on the move and growing, thanks to the efforts of Chairman Ryan Hart and all who serve on the Executive Committee and of course, our Precinct Committee Officers.

I hope to see many of you at the caucuses on February 13.

October 17, 2009

A Message For Clark County From The Clark County GOP

by lewwaters