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August 21, 2011

Must Love Dogs NW A ‘Splashing’ Success

by lewwaters

Sunday, August 21, 2011 saw the first ever ‘Must Love Dogs NW’ event held at Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver, Washington. As with most events, part of the fun is to have prominent people occupy the “dunk tank,” giving others the opportunity to dunk them into water, for a small fee to be applied towards the particular event.

I didn’t arrive early enough to tape some others, but was pleased to see Craig Riley, who is running against Sharon Wylie for the seat in the 49th legislative district sitting on the dunk tank and, having fun at it, as did those who successfully dunked him (especially the children).

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June 12, 2010

GOP Convention Ends, Enthusiasm Continues

by lewwaters

As the old adage goes, “all good things must come to an end” and the 2010 Washington State Republican Resurgence Convention is no different. But, all indicators by candidates, delegates and supporters indicate that while the convention came to en end today, the enthusiasm is just beginning to wrest the country from the hands of tax and spend Democrats who have plunged our country deeper into debt than we have ever seen, passed legislation that moves America closer to a socialist nation and have shown no leadership over the nation.

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the first two days and sit in on some workshops and visit with candidate supporters and vendors. Attendance was well over 2,000 people, 1600 of which were delegates, all hoping to take part in setting the state party on an even course to raise our voices loud enough to draw voters to Republican candidates and restore our nation.

A reception was held at Pearson Air Museum Thursday evening that was near double expected attendance. Local radio host, KPAM 860’s Victoria Taft gave an inspiring speech where she “talked” to Barack Obama over her phone, letting him know we are coming with some strong conservative candidates.

Seattle’s Kirby Wilbur and Mike Shields took the mic afterwards to continue the resurgent spirit permeating throughout the crowd.

Delegates had several workshops to attend, discussing candidate training, and new media avenues of citizen journalism, blogging, twitter and facebook. Featured speakers were Seattle’s Stefan Sharkansky of SoundPolitics, Erik Telford executive director of American’s for Prosperity, Keli Carender Political Director of King County Young Republicans and others.

Constitution and Policy were represented by Evergreen Freedom Foundations Trent England, Matt Manweller political science professor at Central Washington University and Alex Hays Executive Director of the Mainstream Republicans of Washington.

Both sessions were moderated by American’s for Prosperity Kirby Wilbur.

Friday saw KPAM 860’s Victoria Taft broadcasting her show live from Esther Short Park, featuring her daily segments and candidates who stopped by to speak with her. Jaime Herrera, David Castillo, Dino Rossi and others stopped by to tell Southwest Washington why they were running and their vision.

It was live on air that candidate Chris Boyd announced he was withdrawing and endorsing David Castillo, taking several by surprise, including Victoria.

The highlight of the day was the banquet dinner featuring columnist, TV and radio personality Michelle Malkin giving a speech, followed by autographing copies of her latest book, Culture of Corruption. The line to purchase the book was only exceeded by those lined up to receive her autograph.

As expected, the Columbian’s Kathie Durbin could not resist her usual cheap shots at Malkin, Malkin levels broadside at Obama, disloyal Republicans. After the fair report she wrote on the first day of the convention, it is disappointing seeing her revert back to her own “partisan acidic rhetoric.”

There was a short lived disturbance in the hallway by someone who dropped in from Portland, but he was dealt with swiftly and appropriately as he was escorted from the building. Perhaps he did not realize there was Veterans standing in line who won’t allow such disturbances.

A separate meeting was held at the Red Lion Friday afternoon by delegates and alternates who represent not only the GOP, but Tea Party, 9-12, Campaign for Liberty, We the People, Tenth Amendment and other such rising groups of American patriots who have grown tired of the same old nonsense from both major parties.

One delegate with a long history with the GOP told me, “For years we have carried their water, where were they?”

They were voting for candidates and seeing the country sliding further and further away from what was envisioned by our founding fathers. But, they see the best chance voters have to restoring America still lies with the GOP.

Some in the groups are strict constitutionalists, unbending in their interpretation of the constitution. They too need to realize that when the constitution was written, it came about with a lot of heated discussion and compromise. No less will be required today to turn the country back around.

Friday also saw a nearly all day candidate training seminar, informing hopefuls of how they must focus their message, define them selves before their opponent does and ensure voters know where they stand on issues.

Friday also saw the end of candidate filing week, which closed with a few surprises of who filed and who didn’t. It was disappointing to see Chris Boyd drop, but I also feel he showed a strong character in doing so.

Likewise, Mark Pelletier decided to end his run as well. Then, we had a late filing for an Independent Bryan Baird who ended up being too young and not the same Brian Baird who is stepping down from the Washington 3rd Congressional District race.

Very surprising was seeing local businessman, Alan Svehuag file to run against County Commissioner Steve Stuart, followed shortly by Vancouver city council member Jeanne Stewart filing for the same seat, suddenly as a “prefers Republican,” after serving on the council as a very slightly left of center Independent.

The Olympian’s Jordan Schrader saw the convention as, GOP convention has an anti-establishment tone, which could spell trouble for such establishment candidates like Jaime Herrera and Dino Rossi, who fended off the charges by declaring that “Democrats in power are the real establishment,” and “The establishment in Washington state spent $40 million in two campaigns against me.”

The Columbian’s Kathie Durbin saw it as, Insurgent candidates get enthusiastic reception.

Clint Didier enjoys the Tea Party support and received a much coveted endorsement from former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. Paul Akers, also running for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Democrat Patty Murray also made a strong presence in Vancouver.

Saturday I was unable to make it down to the Hilton in person as I had too many personal matters to attend to, but former Massachusetts governor and likely presidential candidate, Mitt Romney drew the event to a close with excitement, Romney wows GOP delegates in Vancouver.
A Resurgent New Republican party is coming, Washington State. The enthusiasm shown at the Hilton these past three days is just the beginning. While some may feel it is happening due to fear of what the government is doing and where the country is headed, I see less as fear and more of an awakening that isn’t likely to soon fall back asleep.

The Clark County GOP deserves many thanks for successfully bringing the state convention to Vancouver and scheduling such well known and popular speakers as Michelle Malkin and Mitt Romney.

Special thanks should be extended to KPAM 860’s Victoria Taft for her live coverage of the event and speaking at the reception. Victoria remains our lone voice broadcasting coverage to and about Southwest Washington.

June 12, 2010

Chris Boyd Exits, Endorses David Castillo

by lewwaters

In a surprise announcement unexpected by everyone, Chris Boyd, candidate for Washington’s Third Congressional District and disabled Afghanistan Veteran, announced he was withdrawing from the race and lending his support to David Castillo, who many feel stands the best chance to defeat presumed Democratic candidate, Denny Heck.

Boyd made his announcement live on KPAM 860’s Victoria Taft radio program, who broadcast her show live from Vancouver’s Esther Short Park, Friday, June 11.

Chris sent out the follow release explaining what I know was a difficult decision for him to make,

“I would like to thank all of you who have supported me over the past few months. I have learned so much from all of you. Today, I have announced that I will not be running for US Congress. I feel that with the timing of my entry and time spent away from my campaign for family concerns, I will not be able to sustain the momentum I would need to reach the ears of the voters in Southwest Washington. This has been one of the hardest choices that I have had to make. I feel that I was blessed by the assistance of so many dedicated individuals; I am humbled to have had the chance to work with each and every one of you. Our next elected official needs to feel the same way. That person needs to remember that they represent the people, not the few and that they need to never stand above us, but to rather stand beside us, to lead this great nation into the future.

Even though I have decided to step down, I am not just going to watch from the sideline. I am giving my full endorsement to David Castillo and will support him with all the means necessary. David has been standing out in the crowd, asking to represent Southwest Washington for a longtime. He stays true to his values and exemplifies the meaning of integrity. For these reasons, David has EARNED my vote. With his experience and passion for “the people”, he is the right choice for the job.

Although I am truly stricken with turmoil over my exit from this race, I feel I have made the right choice for the voters. David has not just stood up in thanks for my decision, he has also said that he will bring some of my ideas for the 3rd District to his campaign, making him that much more viable as your representative. If you have not met David, I suggest you try to make time to visit his website or catch him at a local event. He is a genuine person, wanting to represent a phenomenal group of Americans, here in the 3rd District of Washington State.”

-Chris Boyd

Chris Boyd has shown that he understands how important this race is and that he knows it will be a team effort to ensure David Castillo receives the nomination.

I have discussed his campaign with Chris and can honestly say that I felt he was the second best candidate running. Having spoken with him at the GOP Reception held at Pearson Air Museum, I know this wasn’t an easy decision for him to make, but recalling his Army training, he fully realizes the importance of working together to turn the 3rd Congressional seat back to conservatives.

Although Chris will be campaigning for David, he is also discussing future options to run for another office.

I can assure you here and now, when he files for that office, he will have 100% backing from this blog and me personally.

It is my honor to have met and worked with Chris and I look forward to doing so in the future.

June 4, 2010

National Security Is Still a Major Issue in Wa. 03

by lewwaters

After many years of lackadaisical efforts and minimal reactions to decades of radical Jihadist attacks on America’s interests overseas and within our own country, the importance of National Security slapped us right between the eyes early on the morning of September 11, 2001.

We engaged in a war against these terrorists in Afghanistan that grew into a second front in Iraq, drawing much opposition from many who actually voted for the second front.

Democrats and anti-war Republicans like Ron Paul expressed their opposition very publicly and very loudly. The 2004 candidate for president from the Democrats, Massachusetts Senator, John ‘F’in Kerry (who is said to have served in Vietnam) centered his campaign on opposing the fight against terrorists as it was finally being waged.

The 2006 elections saw Republicans lose congressional power and in 2008, the presidency as well, giving those who oppose the fight full control over the fight.

It should be noted that since the horrific attacks on 9/11, President George W. Bush’s leadership prevented any more attacks upon our soil. Sadly, that cannot be said since Democrats seized control of the government in the 2008 election.

Retiring Democrat Brian Baird, Washington State’s 3rd Congressional District is one who opposed the fight in Iraq initially, but came to see the necessity of it once the reinforcement known as ‘the Surge’ was shown to be effective. Such a change brought much opposition and outrage to him from many Democrats, but he gave the Troops the support they needed then to make ‘the Surge’ successful.

Although only 1 of 435 who serve in the House of Representatives, it remains an important task that whoever replaces him hold clear insight and positions on National Security, given that there seems to be an increased terrorist effort as our foreign policy positions seem much weaker.

There is little doubt that Democrat Denny Heck will win the nomination for his party to run to replace Baird.

On the Republican side there are 4 still vying for the nomination to succeed Baird, David Castillo, Chris Boyd, David Hedrick and Jaime Herrera.

Out of these 5 candidates we will choose our next representative for the 3rd District and it is imperative that whoever wins the seat in November have a clear understanding on National Security matters.

A quick review of Denny Heck’s campaign site reveals no mention of National Security, leading me to label him the weakest candidate on the subject. That leaves us with the 4 Republicans, 3 of whom served in a branch of the Military. David Castillo in the Navy, Veterans Administration and Department of Homeland Security, Chris Boyd in the Army as a Combat Medic in Afghanistan and David Hedrick who served in the Marines.

We also have Jaime Herrera who has no experience in Military or National Security matters and, according to a Columbian article lauding her fund raising abilities, is “being advised on National Security issues” by former Senator, 82 year old Slade Gorton, who lost the 2000 election to Maria Cantwell.

As I pointed in Nuke Scientist Defection Shows The Importance Of Reps. With National Security Experience, it is imperative that we place strong consideration on candidates ability to handle National Security with who we select to replace Baird.

We have 5 choices to select from. Two with no experience in national Security, one seeming not to care and the other who must be advised by an aging former Senator and 3 Military Veterans, all of whom have experience in various degrees on matters of National Security.

Of those 3 Veterans, any one of which displays better ability on National Security than either Denny Heck or Jaime Herrera does, one has served in a sub-cabinet position in the Department of Homeland Security as well as with the US Navy during Operation Earnest Will, David Castillo.

All 3 of the Veterans saw National Security as serious enough that they enlisted in the Military to serve the nation. Castillo, due to being a few years older, was able to serve in both the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

With the Ft. Hood attack, the botched Christmas bombing and the recent botched Times Square attempt, as well as previous Attacks Against U.S. Targets, we cannot afford to ignore a candidates experience in National Security.

What we don’t need is to send someone to replace Baird that must be “advised” by aging former politicians on such important matters as National Security.

May 25, 2010

Herrera Says, “That Was A Good Thing”

by lewwaters

Tell us, Jaime, what was so good about Democrats seizing total control of government? What have they improved? Union bail outs? Forced health insurance? Tripling the national debt? Just what was so good about the GOP, the party you wish to represent, being ousted in 2007 and 2009 and granting the Democrats a strangle hold on America?

Or, is this yet another example of your view of, “My husband and I rent. We both drive used cars. We’re not your typical Republican conservative.”

Or, yet another expression of how you feel “There are a lot of things that I think Republicans drop the ball on?”

Herrera Plays Insider, Outsider Cards

So please, Jaime, let us in on just what was such a “good thing,” we’d like to know.

May 24, 2010

Chris Boyd, the Dark Horse in Wa. 03

by lewwaters

I first met Chris Boyd at the March 2010 Clark County GOP convention at Prairie High School, shortly after he decided to enter the race to replace retiring Democrat Brian Baird, joining David Castillo, David Hedrick and Jaime Herrera in hopes of changing the seat long held by Baird to the Republican side of the aisle.

From that first meeting, I liked Chris. Clean cut and very personable, down to earth were traits that I noticed as we talked and discovered similarities he and I had in serving in the U.S. Army, although decades apart.

Having sat down with him for coffee Thursday, I discovered we shared even more than I previously thought, both of us being Veterans of unpopular wars, assigned to the same stateside post and realizing just how precious and fragile our freedoms and liberties are during our tours, he in Afghanistan and me in Viet Nam decades earlier.

That realization of how easily we could lose those freedoms is what prompted Chris, married and father of 3, to continue the fight to protect our freedoms and liberties off of the battlefield of Afghanistan by taking his stand now by running for office.

Chris is the dark horse in this race, not having the name recognition of 18th Legislative District Representative Jaime Herrera or David Hedrick, known for his confrontation of Brian Baird at last years Town Hall in Clark County. Nor does he have the extensive experience of David Castillo, a former official of the Department of Homeland Security and Veterans Administration.

What he does have is a love of America and a desire to see the freedoms and opportunities many take for granted today remain intact for his 3 children when they reach adulthood and he has a grasp on ideas as how to protect them. He has a drive to place Washington D.C. back in touch with the citizens of Washington’s 3rd Congressional District.

Shortly after entering the race, he experienced family matters that drew his attention, inhibiting his campaigning. But, as I said when 18th L.D. candidate Shannon Barnett dropped his bid weeks ago over family issues, any one that places family first always deserves and gains my respect.

Chris is now getting his campaign back on track, as has been seen at various candidates forums held throughout the 3rd Congressional District where he articulates his views and takes spontaneous questions with ease, leaving none to wonder just where he stands.

Chris grew up in Portland, Oregon and witnessing the horrific effects of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks knew he could not sit idly by and do nothing. He enlisted in the United States Army, earning Airborne Jump Wings and served as a combat medic with the 82nd Airborne Division in Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan, achieving non-commissioned officer rank in short time, as well as receiving multiple Army Commendation Medals, Army Achievement Medals, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal w/Bronze Service Star, Letters of Commendation and other awards including Expert Field Medical Badge, Emergency Medical Tech-Tactical, and attending the US Army Weapons Unit Armor School.

Like many other Veterans, Chris experienced moments that made him feel proud while other moments left him feeling the sorrow and loss of seeing buddies cut down while trying to help those less fortunate. It was due to such moments that Chris developed his sense of serving others that he hopes to inject into this campaign.

Chris learned “strong and effective leadership” skills by serving under Brigadier General Sheila Baxter, Commander of the Western Regional Medical Command, Commanding General of Madigan Army Medical Center, and Chief of the Medical Service Corps.

He views himself as a “career citizen” rather than a “career politician.” Seeing the condition the country has slid in, Chris says,

“Our political system has been derailed and we need to get it back on track. It’s time for us — you and me — to stand up and do something about it. ‘We the People’ are the ones who created the American government, and ‘We the People’ are the ones who need to fix it.”

As a Disabled Veteran, Chris sees the need of improvement within the Veteran’s Administration to help our deserving Veteran’s receive the care they need and to ease the transition from the Military to civilian life, including hiring preferences for Veteran’s. Should he win the election, he would seek a seat on the House Committee on Veteran’s Affairs.

Likewise, on healthcare reform he makes a point I have seen none of the rest raise, “Requiring the Food Stamp Program to purchase a percentage of healthy products to encourage the reduction of obesity and future medical costs,” focusing on well care equally with healthcare.

Being considered a dark horse candidate, Chris doesn’t receive the media attention, endorsements or donations some of the others currently do. This places him at a disadvantage as he could be easily overlooked. But one thing is certain, other candidates are taking notice of his views and he is making a difference in the race by injecting his views and keeping others on their toes, knowing the current anti-incumbent attitude sweeping the nation could very quickly propel him from the dark horse to a candidate to be reckoned with.

Still, Chris’s demeanor, infectious smile and determination easily make him the one candidate the others all seem to like the most. His dedication of serving others and desire to work for “the person in mechanics shop as much as the person in the bank tower” merits your attention.

Should he not make it through the August primaries, Chris plans to focus on family first then on continuing his education at Clark College where is currently studying business. There is also mention of a possible run for state office in 2012 should he not win the primary, seeing some of our state elected officials as out of touch with voters and taxpayers and not giving Washington State citizens the representation we deserve.

But, I wouldn’t count Chris out just yet, seeing how party favored candidates did not fare so well in primaries in other states recently. And, like I said earlier, his campaign is just getting going and he is making a positive impact on the race.

The August 17 primary is still a long way off and in politics, anything can and will happen. If you have been unable to really connect with another candidate, give Chris Boyd for Congress a look. He just might be who you do connect with.

May 16, 2010

Jaime Herrera: Chameleon Conservative?

by lewwaters

A quick note to those Herrera worshippers who give me grief when they meet me out and about over my revealing things Jaime would rather not be shown; perhaps you should not read this. You’ve been warned as I have no intent of sitting idly by as the GOP again fronts a vacuous candidate destined to lose to the Democrats.

In several of my posts concerning Ms. Herrera I have brought up her many anti-conservative stands and votes since being appointed to the 18th Legislative District seat she is to soon abandon. Not one person has ever actually countered any, just excused them as hate mongering, hate speech, mere mistakes and what have you. It’s as if this young lady can do no wrong and those who worship the ground she walks on could care less about her voting record of opposing Republican leadership to join forces with the Democrats on legislation that has brought the state to the brink of bankruptcy and ruin.

I have even heard Ms. Herrera boast of doing so, labeling herself as “independent,” as she did in a February 25, 2010 article, Herrera Plays Insider, Outsider Cards where she said, “Quite frankly, the Republicans let me down, too,” referring to her time as an aid to Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), who now fronts her candidacy.

The articles author tells us right from the start, “WA state Rep. Jaime Herrera (R) is casting herself as an independent as she seeks one of the more centrist districts in the country.”

With the condition the country has been put in by Democrats and those who cross the aisle to join them, is that what we want to send back to D.C. to represent us?

In her boasts of opposing her party’s leaders and supporting Democrats legislation, does she ever mention any of them crossing the aisle to support conservative legislation? If she has I’ve failed to hear it.

Troubling to me is her claim of, “My perspectives were shaped by my region.” Just what “perspectives” is that, Liberal nanny state ideology that seems to have ruled this region for many years now?

Yet, she claims to be a “commonsense conservative” with no real explanation of just what that is in her world, but maintains more than anything, she is “independent.”

Equally troubling is her statement concerning conservative voters, “Sure, we’re not afraid of a young person, or a woman, or someone who is a minority.” Conservatives never have been. Is she indicating that we conservatives really are a group of “old white men” as maintained by Democrats?

She might have inherited such an attitude from Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who in March was asking, Where are the Women GOP House Candidates?

Are we now following the Liberal Democrat policy of quotas regarding gender and presumptive ethnicity, regardless of ability or conservative values?

And, Herrera is a “minority?” How so? When she popped up to seize the appointment to replace Richard Curtis in 2007, she stated her “mother is white and her father is a third-generation Mexican-American whose family immigrated to America legally.”

Does she think merely having a Hispanic sounding surname will endear other Hispanics to flee the Democrats and embrace her? But, they would not do so for her main opponent, David Castillo, who is not claiming “minority” status?

When first appointed to the 18th L.D. seat, Ms. Herrera stated that she “wants to tackle the drug problem by increasing education and rehabilitation programs,” prompting Cowlitz County Commissioner Axel Swanson, a Democrat, to express his pleasure with her by saying, “With Republicans, most of the time what I hear is: ‘More law enforcement, more law enforcement, more law enforcement’.”

A noble goal, for sure, but what has she done in regards to the problem? Perhaps I have just missed it, but looking over her legislative web sites My Bills page, I do not see a single piece of legislation sponsored or co-sponsored by her for dealing with the drug issue.

And now, she is ready to abandon the seat she once said there is nothing more she’d rather do and flitter back to Washington D.C. with a fat government paycheck, benefits for life and rejoin the Washington D.C. party circuit she undoubtedly was part of before?

This past Thursday evening, I was in attendance at a forum for GOP candidates running for the 3rd Congressional District seat. I was amazed at her excellent ability to stand up in reply to questions from the audience on specifics and speak for the full time allotted and not say a thing actually concerning the question.

Questions that were posed to all 4 candidates, David Castillo, David Hedrick and Chris Boyd as well as Ms. Herrera, were answered in detail and with specifics by Castillo, Boyd and Hedrick. Herrera instead rambled on diverting her words away from the question and at times, speaking of totally unrelated subjects.

Asked what in their background prepared them to vote on matters of National Security and asked about their view of the recent announcement on cutting back on nuclear weapons and what would be the best number to maintain, she was unable to give a comprehensive answer, but rambled on eloquently, showing she has little understanding of some important matters a House Representative will have to deal with.

I looked around the room and watched as her supporters sat with bewildered looks on their faces, I presume guessing what she was talking about, instead of stating an actual position. Afterwards, they flocked right over to her and in Saturday’s Hazel Dell parade, turned out to walk with her on her second round through the parade route, her first round going through as the 18th Legislative District Representative and her second, as candidate for the 3rd Congressional District.

There are many troubling aspects about Jaime Herrera that remain unanswered. Seeking answers on important issues draws attacks and accusations of hate speech and such, as if she is somehow “the chosen one” or “anointed” to hold this position. It’s not unlike what we saw in 2008 as a completely unqualified man was hoisted into the presidency with similar tactics and we all know how well that is turning out for conservatives.

From her acceptance of campaign funds from unions, co-sponsoring and twice voting for a bill that would have forced childcare centers into public unions, joining with Democrats on gutting our rainy day fund, snubbing of constituents, vague and general positions on matters of national importance, boasts of abandoning her party to be “independent,” and many other unanswered questions, are we preparing to front another Arlen Specter (before he converted back to the Democrats), Olympia Snowe or a Susan Collins, better known to conservatives as RINO’s who often go against the best interests of Conservative America?

With her inability to express definite strong stands on many issues of importance to conservatives, are we falling for the liberal trick of supporting someone solely based upon gender or presumed ethnicity, instead of someone who will actually represent our values and fight to turn the country back to greatness?

Do we need someone who displayed political cowardice by not wanting to run a hard race against an entrenched incumbent, but couldn’t even wait for the ink to dry on the press release announcing that incumbent’s retirement to jump in?

I’d rather elect someone who is unafraid to stick their neck out and let voters know exactly where he stands on such important issues.

I’d rather send someone to D.C. who articulates definite stands on issues and doesn’t dance around important matters, claiming to be independent, free to join in with Democrats who are ruining the nation and boasting of doing so at Republican events.

I’d rather elect someone who will place the good of the nation and the American people over their desire to buy votes with earmarks and pork barrel spending.

I desire someone who has been willing to do the hard work in running for office instead of seeking an easy slide into office only after a powerful incumbent announces he is retiring.

We don’t need another official with the attitude that they are “the chosen one.”

That is why I wholly support David Castillo, a candidate who inspires audiences with his excellent command of the issues and doesn’t leave you to guess where he actually stands.

You won’t find articles saying how ‘HOT’ he is, but you will find articles saying he is by far the most articulate and engaging of GOP candidates on stage.

Let’s stop losing elections and get behind a real conservative this time.

No more liberals, RINO’s or chameleon conservatives who roll out the bona fides only when it is convenient.

May 12, 2010

Pridemore’s Embarrassing Attempt to Cover an Embarrassing Attempt

by lewwaters

Well, our 49th Legislative District Senator and long shot to replace retiring Brian Baird in the 3rd Congressional District has done it again. Not content at just putting his foot in his mouth, he shoots himself in the foot while it’s in there.

Pridemore, no stranger to embarrassing himself and sticking it to the poor while claiming he is for them, decided to stop in at the office of Seattle based Progressive publication and boast a little about being ahead in the polls of presumed Democratic nominee for the 3rd C.D. race. What he did not expect is that the publication would run a full story instead of simply mentioning his claim in passing or that the claim would remain up around Seattle instead of appearing down here so fast.

Underdog Democrat Pridemore Says Polling Has Him Ahead of Party Rival Heck

Thanks to my friend at Clark County Politics, we heard of this boastful claim and were reminded of other actions the 49th’s “Progressive” state senator has taken that has yet to help us in these repressed economic times.

Publicola, the Progressive publication Pridemore boasted to stated,

We have done one poll,” Pridemore says, “and we’re encouraged by the results. We are definitely ahead in name recognition, in votes, in favorability.”

Asked if we could see the poll, Pridemore was sheepish, saying he was going to get in trouble with his campaign for talking about it. He did say that it was a robopoll.

As embarrassing as it is to be caught making such a bogus claim, Pridemore compounded that when he discussed it with the Columbian’s Kathie Durbin as she wrote Pridemore: It was all off the record on the papers Political Beat blog.

Kathie wrote,

“Pridemore, clearly peeved, told The Columbian the disclosure of the poll in his interview with Feit was supposed to be off the record.”

Note to Craig: Nothing said to a reporter is ever “off the record,” even to a sympathetic reporter.

Kathie quotes Pridemore as now claiming,

“The poll is not very scientific. In my opinion, it’s not newsworthy. It’s purely thumbnail.”

Sorry Craig, but it is “newsworthy” in that after embarrassing yourself, you make such a lame claim as this to cover it, embarrassing yourself even more.

Pridemore is running far behind Denny Heck and well behind the presumed top Republican candidates, David Castillo and Jaime Herrera in funds raised.

Such a stunt as this, even in a Political Circus, will not help Pridemore’s fund raising and might even hurt him as even Progressives will have a hard time getting past such an embarrassing attempt as this.

Pridemore shouldn’t feel too bad with this inept lameness, though. We also have one running that is almost as big a joke as he is.

April 22, 2010

Watch Tonight’s 3rd Congressional Candidate Forum Online

by lewwaters

Courtesy of David Castillo’s campaign, those of you who might not be able to attend the forum tonight in Longview featuring the 3rd Congressional Candidates, you may watch it online at KLTV 29

The event begins at 6 PM and is to be held at Lower Columbia College, Rose Center for the Arts – 1600 Maple Street, Longview, WA 98632.

My apologies to any who tuned in, it never appeared. I have no idea why. At this stage, I hope CVTV picks it up or we otherwise get to see th eforum, for those who couldn’t be there.

I have deactivated the link.