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October 12, 2008

No Good Choices In 3rd Congressional District Race

by lewwaters

NOTE: This post addresses the 2008 election, not the current 2010 campaigns.

Elmer Fudd For Congress

Elmer Fudd For Congress

With just 3 weeks left until the November General Election, I had hoped to see a good challenge to Democrat Brian Baird from Michael Delavar, running as a Republican. I previously wrote of my dilemma in who to support in this race in hopes that Michael would see the light and get behind our Troops and their Mission, both in Iraq and Afghanistan in fighting radical Jihadists.

All hopes that he will see the light were dashed yesterday, not so much by Michael, but by supporters of his who have snuck into the Clark County GOP as PCO’s and have shown their intent to follow other Ron Paul Libertarians in a nationwide attempt at taking over the Republican Party.

Visiting Michael’s web page I see that he clings to the Ron Paul notion of abandoning the current fight and outsourcing our defense to mercenaries by using the ridiculous and outmoded Letters of Marque and Reprisal, outlawed by other nations for over a century. With Victory within sight in Iraq, our Troops would be withdrawn and the Iraqi people abandoned, just as the anti-war left Democrats caused with the Viet Nam War, resulting in untold millions of innocent Vietnamese and those who stood up against the Communists to simply disappear.

Getting back to yesterday, October 11, 2008, all newly elected PCO’s were invited to the Clark County GOP Headquarters office in Hazel Dell for a “meet and greet” get together and to receive some instructions on just what the responsibilities of PCO’s are to the party.

Entering the office, the first thing I noticed was several in attendance wearing Michael Delavar T-Shirts and holding campaign signs. Shortly after the meet began, another person entered and the first chance he got, interrupted Party Chair Ryan Hart demanding to know where all the Michael Delavar campaign literature and signs were. Alex, I believe his name was, went on stating the Delavar IS the Republican candidate and his literature should be prominently displayed along with local candidates. While I obviously don’t know for sure, I have every reason to believe this was a pre-planned confrontation.

Michael Delavar did not receive the party endorsement before the primary election and has not received it since he defeated Christine Webb, partly due to his refusal to endorse the GOP ticket for president, Ron Paul being his candidate of choice.

Mr. Hart aptly parried the interruption with word that the Baird/Delavar race is a Federal Race and endorsements would be from the state party level and informing ‘Alex’ that he had just informed all Michael Delavar supporters to visit Michael’s web page for information and updates.

The meet broke up into individual visits and discussions after our responsibilities were outlined with the Michael Delavar supporters in attendance minigling and turning the event into a campaign event for Delavar.

For some reason, perhaps my outspoken opposition to Ron Paul, I felt targeted as 4 Delavar/Paul supporters confronted me one after the other without let up with their rhetoric and Bush-hating message. ‘Alex’ was the last and most vociferous, following the recent call of Democrat Barack Obama of “argue with them, get in their face.”

I don’t respond well to bullying tactics as ‘Alex’ got in my face and leaned in towards me. Feeling something welling up inside of me I haven’t felt since serving in Viet Nam, I abruptly left, rather than knock ‘Alex’ and his infant son he had draped over his shoulder on his ass.

‘Alex’ lost any support I was trying to have for Michael with his pro-Ron Paul lunacy and circular anti-war argument. If Baird weren’t so much of a Pelosi following liberal, I’d vote for him out of spite.

Republicans, wake up. While we are focusing on a National Race to stop the Marxist Obama and his minions from seizing America, we have being infiltrated by Ron Paul followers with their hidden anti-war agenda and desire to take over the GOP with the Libertarian view.

I stumbled across an entry in a Ron Paul forum from Michigan that was posted earlier this year. The title, “Take Over the GOP! Join the Republican Liberty Caucus, Ron Paul is a Member!” speaks volumes to me. Within that post, we read,

“We attend GOP events to cultivate relationships within the Republican Party and identify like-minded party members. We also work with single-issue groups and combine forces to pursue mutual interest. Essentially, our mission is nothing short of changing the GOP’s political culture to one rooted in libertarian ideals.”


“I know many of you probably are concerned that, by joining the Republicans you will be assimilated to the point where you may have to sacrifice your principles and beliefs. That is why I urge you to join us because we operate, although within the GOP, completely independent of the party’s leadership. None of our funds go to the Republican National Committee because we are well aware that their agenda is to elect people and not necessarily promote the ideals of liberty and freedom.”

Twenty four pages of comments and replies are very telling on their true intent.

Michael Delavar prominently displays the endorsement of this “Republican Liberty Caucus” on his web page.

On the Mainstream Libertarians web page are instructions on becoming Precinct Committeemen and obtaining lower level offices to build the “movement” from.

Also telling is a post by Eric Dondero, considered a traitor to the Libertarian Ron Paul Revolution by faithful followers of RP, outlining discovery of a restricted web site for RP followers use earlier in the year by Washington States own Sound Politics and instructions on “assimilating” to the GOP as they infiltrate our party.

As we know, Ron Paul failed in all attempts to win the nomination, but his movement, they call it a Revolution, has not ceased. In fact, they claim they “have only just begun.”

This ‘Ronulan,’ or as I prefer to call it, ‘Paulistinian,’ movement has taken on cult-like status. As seen in ‘Alex’ yesterday, speaking against RP is considered ‘blasphemy’ and met with tempestuous confrontation, in your face arguing and yes, shouting down your view along with ridicule of your views, even if a War Veteran, as I am.

What could I possibly know about War, right? I didn’t read the books or fall for the Paulistinian movement; I only served in the war.

As any Right Wing blogger can tell you, any posts revealing or opposing Ron Paul during this elongated campaign season has been met with your blog being deluged with angry Paulistinians “correcting” you and “setting you straight.” It has been and continues to be a well-organized ‘putsch’ from within the GOP by anti-war elements that seek to undermine our country during war and blaming terrorist attacks on America over the radical Jihadists themselves.

In June 2008, Brian Iannucci wrote Why the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) is not Republican at TownHall. He further reveals where they lack true Republicanism and conservative ideals.

I was hoping to see a good conservative Republican challenge Baird this year, but it doesn’t appear so. Baird with his liberalism won’t receive my vote, nor will Delavar with his anti-war libertarian pro Ron Paul rhetoric.

I guess I’ll just write in Elmer Fudd!

October 10, 2008

Jon Haugen Offends Me

by lewwaters

Yes, Democrat Jon Haugen does offend me. While he has served our country, I assume with honor, I find it quite telling that he relies on slinging mud towards Joseph Zarelli in his attempt to unseat him.

Aren’t we tired of this mudslinging yet?

In his youth, Zarelli was allegedly caught with drugs, years ago and admitted to using them. Does he still use drugs? No! But, listening to Haugen’s rant, “UNLIKE JOE ZARELLI: I have never been arrested, been arrested with cocaine.”

Zarelli was not charged with any drug charges long ago, but that didn’t stop Haugen from sending letters out to all who endorsed Zarelli claiming, “I just wanted to make sure those who endorsed him were aware of his criminal background.”

Haugen, who claims to be a Christian, seems to have forgotten Jesus’ words at John 8:7, “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone…”

While I am sure Haugen’s service and youth were exemplary, are we to believe he is sinless? As a young man in the Navy, did he follow others who often used prostitutes while in foreign lands or tried some drug, mostly marijuana? We don’t know because he doesn’t mention his own youthful experiences, only slings mud at Zarelli.

What lurks in his past remains unstated.

Running as a Democrat, are we to believe that Haugen also opposes the nomination of and election of the Democrat presidential candidate because he too used drugs, cocaine, in his youth? I find that hard to accept myself.

But, the above isn’t what offends me. What does offend me is reading on his website, “Elected Experience: I am not a politician. Please vote, vote to honor the sacrifice of our military. I ask for your vote.”

As a two tour Viet Nam Veteran, I find it highly offensive to claim voting for a candidate “honors the sacrifice of our Military,” especially when the very party Jon Haugen is a member of is currently trashing Senator John McCain, Viet Nam Veteran, Naval Aviator, former Prisoner of War and long time Senator.

Does trashing that Veteran to elect a non-Veteran with ties to a domestic terrorist “honor the sacrifices of our Military?”

Sleazy politics seems to be the norm with Democrats today. Mud slinging is an act of desperation. It’s time we gave the mudslingers their just rewards and throw support to their opponents.

October 9, 2008

Who To Trust With Our Tax Dollars? Debbie Peterson or Jim Jacks?

by lewwaters

For some time now I have been telling you about the poor performance of Jim Jacks versus Debbie Peterson in the August League of Women Voters Debate. I even posted the video of Jacks saying he doesn’t know how to solve the tax problem and where he actually blames out of control spending on you, the taxpaying citizens of the 49th Legislative District.

What I didn’t show you was the magnificent answer to the same question posed to Debbie Peterson, who did her homework and put forth sound ideas on solving the tax problem and the projected multi-Billion dollar deficit we face in Washington State.

The following video’s will show you who we should trust to send to Olympia to represent us and care for our tax dollars properly. We work hard for this money and as difficult as it is to stretch a dollar today, we need sound ideas and someone who has a command of the situation, not someone who intends to “listen and learn” and admits he has no idea of what to do.

Now, “listen and learn” what Jim Jacks has to offer.

Do you think that we citizens are to blame for the out of control spending? Is the spending from Olympia due solely to services and not excessive entitlements?

As Debbie said before her reply above, our state population has increased 125% in the last 48 years, but the spending has increased 400%! 400%!!!!!

My choice is obvious. We need Debbie Peterson to replace retiring Bill Fromhold. We deserve a Representative who has ideas and who will work for us, not rubberstamp a parties agenda while “listening and learning.”

For Pete’s Sake, elect Debbie Peterson, 49th Legislative District, position 1.

“CVTV footage, obtained pursuant to the Public Disclosure Act, in no
way is intended by CVTV, the City of Vancouver, or Clark County to
either promote or oppose any candidate for public office or any ballot

October 3, 2008

Voters Registration Deadline

by lewwaters

Vancouver, WA – The Clark County Elections Office will be open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday October 4 because that is the last day to report a change of address for people who want to vote in the November election. It is also the last day to register to vote in Clark County if you have previously registered somewhere else in Washington.

Register or update your address:

. Online at until midnight October 4

. By mail using an official form postmarked by October 4 to:

Office of the Secretary of State
Voter Registration by Mail
PO Box 40230
Olympia, WA 98504-0230

(Official registration forms are available during business hours at public libraries, public schools, city and town halls, auto license agencies, and the County Elections Office.)

. In person at Clark County Elections, 1408 Franklin St., Vancouver, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. through October 4

From October 6 to October 20, you can register only if you are not registered anywhere else in Washington and only in person at the Elections Office. The Elections Office will be open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday during that time. In addition, it will be open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday October 18. All voter registration for the November election will end Monday October 20 at 5 p.m.

Voters have options to help them vote privately and independently if they have difficulty reading or marking a ballot. Visit or call the Elections Office at (360) 397-2345 for more information.


September 20, 2008

The Columbian Shows Its Priorities

by lewwaters

I enjoy peeking in at the Columbian’s new blog site, Political Beat, from time to time. One can glean much insight seeing reporters truer thoughts and feelings that editors may not always let show in regular articles.

Jeff Mize treats us to just such insight in his September 19th posting, Gender-confused GOP?

Shameful that whoever wrote an RNCC release made a typo of using ‘her’ instead of ‘him’ in reference to Representative Brian Baird in his vote on the Pelosi backed sham energy bill sitting before the Senate currently.

Why it may be a sham is unimportant, just that someone made a typo.

In trying to leave a comment it came upon me that surely, Republicans are not the only ones to make typos or other gaffes, not that our local paper tells us about them if a Democrat slips up or says something improper, especially if that slip-up may reveal their lack of knowledge or qualification to be elected to office.

I thought specifically of Democrat Jim Jacks when, back in the August 5th debate with Debbie Peterson, was unable to supply a sound answer to the question, “Do you support any changes to the current Washington State tax system?”

After stammering around a little, he finally admitted,

I don’t know how to solve it, I’m not a tax expert, I’m not a revenue expert. That’s part of what I believe a new legislator needs to do is to listen and learn and understand how decisions over here effect all these other systems.”

Debbie Peterson, on the other hand, clearly stated her position of spending must be brought under control, brought out that if we get the Income Tax Democrats have wanted for some time, we will not lose the sales tax and our hard worked for money will just be taken for more wasteful and unneeded projects.

Voters deserve unbiased reports of comments as this by candidates, Democrat or Republican. I saw no mention in the Columbian covering this obvious lack of qualification by a candidate they have endorsed; robbing Clark County voters of much needed information in deciding who to select that will best replace out going Bill Fromhold.

On the other hand, it should be a relief to all Clark County voters to know that we will be kept abreast of typographical errors made in releases from Republicans.

September 6, 2008

Tom Langston Kicks Off Campaign

by lewwaters

Tom Langston

Tom Langston

Friday evening, September 5, 2008, saw the official kick-off of the campaign for write in candidate, Tom Langston in his bid to oppose Democrat Craig Pridemore for State Senator, 49th Legislative District.

Tom was a latecomer to this years’ race and needed to draw at least one per cent of the votes in the primary to qualify for the general election in November. He ended up doubling the minimum and qualified for the ballot, without even campaigning.

He penned a letter that was sent out by email announcing his write-in campaign to let voters know he was in the race.

Tom decided to enter the race to oppose Senator Pridemore due to no one opposing him in this years’ election. “I thought, ‘That’s not right.’ It’s just kind of snowballed from there. I’ve been getting calls from people I’ve never met in my life,” Tom said back in August.

He won the endorsement from Clark County’s Republican Party central committee executive board by a unanimous vote.

Friday’s campaign kick-off was well attended at the GOP Party Headquarters office at 78th Street and Hazel Dell Avenue in Hazel Dell, where Tom’s wife, Cindy, is now the Office manager.

Tom introduced himself to those in attendance and had yard signs available, along with some refreshments.

Tom believes in improving education, affordable health care options and responsibly dealing with the drug problems faced by citizens and our children today.

He opposes an income tax, citizenship rights for illegal immigrants and as a businessman himself, supports a sensible and balance budget. In reference to the out of control spending practiced by government, Tom says, “If the government were a business, we would NOT do business with them.”

Speaking with Tom briefly, on a one on one basis, I was impressed by his demeanor and desire to improve the representation of the 49th Legislative District.

Tom is still working on his website and it should be up shortly.

While incumbents usually enjoy a safe run, once Clark County voters get to know Tom Langston, Craig Pridemore just may be finding that Clark County is tired of the same old, same old from Olympia and is ready for real change.

One thing for certain, now that Tom is officially in the race, we do have a choice.

August 17, 2008

David Carrier: Just Another Tax and Spend Liberal

by lewwaters
David Carrier

David Carrier

Senator Don Benton

Senator Don Benton











Although I am not in the 17th District, I feel compelled to address the Senate race there between incumbent Don Benton and challenger, David Carrier.

Benton has served us in numerous terms and desires for us to be able to keep more of our own money, as demonstrated in his July 22, 2008 comment to the RTC Board Meeting and several votes against increasing taxation of Washington Citizens.

Carrier states on his campaign site, “Taxes represent an investment in our future and our children’s future. They are the dues that we pay for education, public services, and infrastructure.”

He goes on to claim, “I support the recommendations of the Columbia River Crossing Task Force for the I-5 replacement bridge,” which include the prohibitively expensive boondoggle of “light rail” from Portland into the Clark College area, which will result in massive tax increases and tolls for what will undoubtedly be a minimal rider ship.

To support this view he quotes a questionable poll, “Recent polls show that a majority of Vancouver residents want to replace the bridge and include public transit.” This poll was a telephone survey of 504 randomly selected households in four counties, three of which are in Oregon. Of the 504 respondents, only 104 actually live in Clark County.

Do you feel 104 accurately represents the thoughts of over 400,000 Clark County residents? Don’t forget, the last time it was brought before the voters, Light Rail was defeated by a 2 to 1 margin. And, Carrier wishes us to fall for we now want it because a majority of respondents in a shaky poll of mostly Oregon residents say they want it?

He goes on to tell us, “Washington’s tremendous wind and solar resources should be tapped to meet future demand for electricity. Wind power is already one of the fastest growing industries in the state, and it’s creating great new jobs.”

Solar resources in the Pacific Northwest? How many cloudy days of rain do we usually get a year? As for wind power, yes it is viable, but not without its own pitfalls. An August 17, 2008 CNN article warns that wind power brings both prosperity and anger to those near the windmills. It wasn’t all that long ago that Robert Kennedy Jr. visited our little community touting the benefits of wind power as an alternative energy source, but neglecting to mention that he and his famous liberal uncle, Ted Kennedy, opposed a windfarm in Nantucket Sound, their boating and pleasure area.

A British resident who recently visited America, Christopher Booker recently wrote in the UK Telegraph,

Since America has already built five times as many wind turbines as Britain, covering thousands of square miles, I checked out how much electricity all those 10,000 turbines actually produce. The answer is around 4.5 gigawatts – not much more than a single large coal-fired power station.”

He doesn’t state where his figures are from, but that is a serious charge, if true.

And, where would Carrier have us place the Wind farm? The Columbia Gorge, where environmentalists won’t allow homes to be built on private land and where the desire to for the land to be kept “pristine?”

Why does it escape the liberal mind that drilling and refining our own oil sources, while we research and develop really viable alternative energy sources will satisfy our energy needs for years?

One of the most astounding, yet predictable charges he makes is, “Climate change is real, and it’s one of the planet’s greatest environmental threats.” Perhaps he missed or disregards that 31,000 Scientists reject the Global Warming Agenda? Or, that Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus, who spent several years of his own life under Communist control sees that, “the global warming movement was based on shaky science, a distrust of free markets and a preference for central bureaucratic control over individual freedom.”

Does he not know that even very liberal New Jersey sees that New Scientific Data Justifies Repealing their Global Warming Response Act?

He does see that, “Our energy consumption caused [West Africans] to become ‘environmental refugees,’” joining the usual Liberal Klan of “Blame America First” for the worlds ills.

As we can expect from a ‘tax and spend liberal,’ he tells us,

As an economist, I understand that the key to economic growth and security is to invest in our community. We need to provide quality education, job training, affordable housing and health care, and energy independence.”

And how does the liberal accomplish the above? By raising taxes, of course.

Oh sure, they tell us that they will only “tax the wealthy” some more. But, how much more do they intend to tax the wealthy that already pay the bulk of our taxes? Does he not know, as an “economist,” that taxing corporations is a tax on the people through increased prices and services? Corporations and businesses simply pass along taxes and other expenses in the price of the goods and services we purchase.

Finally, he states, “Conservative ideology doesn’t work.”

Odd that it worked and elevated America to the height it has attained for nearly 200 years, before the liberal hippie mindset infected our schools and institutions of higher learning. Odder still is that the Liberal Clintons made quite a bit of money under the conservative presidency of Ronald Reagan.

Don’t be fooled by the glib words of liberals at any stage of government. They think they can rebuild the fallen Soviet Union, only better, if we all just give up our individual liberties, paychecks and lives and live as they say we should.

Carrier states, “I believe in the power of the human spirit,” neglecting that the socialism he advocates destroys that very spirit by “contributing to the common good.” Perhaps unbeknownst to him is that the teaching of “contributing to the common good” isn’t new.

It has been around since 1848 when the Communist Manifesto was published.

Let’s keep our freedoms and liberties and re-elect Don Benton to our State Senate.

August 17, 2008

Debbie Peterson and Don Benton Address I-5 and Light Rail

by lewwaters

Senator Don Benton and Debbie Peterson attended the Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Committee Board Meeting, held on July 22, 2008. Both made excellent comments against the current plan to replace the aging I-5 Bridge with another the same size, including Light Rail from Portland.

As the videos courtesy of CVTV show, both have done their research and are passionate about not strapping Clark County Taxpayers with excessive taxes or tolls to pay for a wasteful project that will not alleviate the congestion along the I-5 corridor.

Debbie Peterson is a 30-year Clark County resident running for the 49th Legislative District, position 1 against Democrat, Jim Jacks who didn’t appear before the commission. As I have said in other posts, Ms. Peterson is passionate about improving Clark County and giving us the representation we need and deserve. As usual, her comments are concise and to the point.

Don Benton is our State Senator for the past 3 terms, fighting Liberal Democrats on our behalf. He too is running for re-election and stands with us on opposing Light Rail being forced down our throats.

It is time we stood up to those who have been elected and decide they will run us as they see fit. It is time we told the Mayors of Portland and Vancouver and members of the Columbia River Crossing Committee we don’t want Light Rail. It is too expensive, ineffective and as planned, won’t do anything but line the pockets of politicians and their cronies, at our expense.

Will you let these politicians “force you out of your car” and into a transportation boondoggle beset with crime that you must pay for with taxes, tolls and fares? Are you prepared to give up more of your liberty because a politician claims to know better and wants to spend our money?

If, like me, you are fed up with politicians telling us how we will live, it is time to return Don Benton to our Senate to continue fighting for us and we need to send Debbie Peterson to Olympia to represent us instead of left-winged special interest groups.

Vote Debbie Peterson

Vote Don Benton.

Vote Dino Rossi


“CVTV footage, obtained pursuant to the Public Disclosure Act, in no way is intended by CVTV, the City of Vancouver, or Clark County to either promote or oppose any candidate for public office or any ballot proposition.”


August 12, 2008

A Message From Clark County GOP

by lewwaters

By now you have all received your ballots for the August 19 primary election. This is a critical election as key contributors, PACs, media, lobbyists, etc. will all be using the primary results as a barometer for who they will get behind in the General Election. WE MUST WIN IN NOVEMBER!

Our path to a November victory begins with the August 19th election. Now is the time to complete your ballot and mail it in. There is so much you can do between now and Election Day. I am asking you to devote at least one hour on the phone this weekend to call every conservative you know and ask them to complete their primary ballot and mail it in now. Ask them to ask their conservative friends to do the same.

Strong voter turnout and our get-out-the-vote efforts are key to our success on August 19, and for the November 4 General Election. Our candidates need a strong turnout and the momentum of high GOP percentages in the August 19 primary to propel us to victory in November. Please do as much as you can this weekend. Your party and candidates are counting on your support. See below for the The Clark County Republican Party Nominations/Endorsements and Recommendations.

Our list of candidates is available on our website:

Thank you,
Ryan Hart
Chairman, Clark County Republican Party

I’ll be casting my votes for Debbie Peterson, Christine Webb, Dino Rossi and several others.

If we want to stop the socialization of America and Washington State, we must install conservatives in the legislature and governors office and begin setting America right again.

August 7, 2008

Is This What Democrats Consider Balance?

by lewwaters
Jaime Herrera

Jaime Herrera

VaNessa Duplessie

VaNessa Duplessie

Washington State, including Clark County, is embroiled in some tight and hard fought for races in this year’s election. From the federal level on down, conservatism is under assault like we haven’t seen before from liberals.

At stake may be the very future of not only our country, but our state as well.

At the federal level, incumbent Brian Baird is seeking another term in the House of Representatives. Although he saw the light and got behind our Troops and their mission in the War on Terror, Iraq Theater, he remains joined at the hip with Liberals on other important issues.

Currently he has an ad running where he claims how he “stood up to President Bush.” I only ask, when does he stand up to Nancy Pelosi and do something to get more supply of oil to meet our energy needs and ensure free speech on the airwaves?

Opposing him is Libertarian running as a Republican, Michael Delavar, a Ron Paul advocate who has some good fiscal ideas, but is woefully misled on the War on Terror.

Also opposing him is Christine Webb, a solid Republican who not only sees the worth of finishing what has been started in Iraq, but shares many fiscal ideas with Delavar.

Anti-war Democrat Cheryl Crist has also thrown her hat in the ring in opposition of him.

Smart money places the primary race between Baird and Webb, but it is anybodies race so far.

At the state level, we have a Democrat majority in Olympia and a Democrat governor, hopefully for only a short while longer.

As we focus on races for the governor’s office and for the U.S. House, races more local often go unnoticed by many. That can prove to be a fateful error in judgment, I feel.

One such race is shaping up in the 18th District between recently appointed Republican Jaime Herrera, who was chosen to replace Richard Curtis who resigned amid scandal and her opponent, Democrat VaNessa Duplessie, who had signed on to oppose Curtis before he was forced to resign.

Herrara has experience not only in her short time in Olympia, but working in the Bush White House and as a congressional staffer for several years. She enjoys the support and endorsement of the Human Life PAC, the Washington Farm Bureau PAC and the National Federation of Independent Business.

Duplessie, with no political experience, does have an impressive background in public relations, business and is a mother of two, a difficult task as any parent will tell you. She enjoys the support and endorsement of the Washington Conservation Voters, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and several elected officials.

Knowing that our government, both at the State level and federal level, is a Democrat majority, Duplessie says,

I think the 18th needs balanced representation and someone who is able to provide information from the inside. I want to help the 18th by being in the room.”

I find it astonishing that anyone would think increasing an existing majority would consider that as achieving a “balance.”

Such a “balance” has brought us a projected budget deficit in the billions of dollars, with the “balance” party contemplating little more than taking even more of our hard earned dollars from us.

I think I’ll pass on such a lopsided “balance” and instead, work to get responsible representation that doesn’t throw money around like it grows on trees.

After all, I’d like to be able to “balance” my own checkbook.

August 6, 2008

Tom Langston Endorsed By Clark GOP to Oppose Pridemore

by lewwaters

Tuesday evening, the Clark County Republican Party Central Committee Executive Board voted unanimously to endorse the Write-In Candidacy of Tom Langston against incumbent Democrat, Craig Pridemore, for the 49th Legislative District, State Senate.

Pridemore has been unopposed until now.

Due to the late date, Langston must be written in on your August 19th Primary ballot. He must receive 1% of the votes to proceed to the General Election.

Clark County GOP Chairman, Ryan Hart said, “We are very excited about Tom’s write-in campaign. Tom is a leader and a very hard worker. He will be a great candidate and we are happy to have him on our team.”

Tom wrote a letter himself saying,

Dear Friends,

I just returned from a three day Missions trip with my church to Chehalis Washington . We were helping the Pantoja family with their recovery from the devastating flood of last December. We are working with Foreward Edge International to help the family repair their home. FEMA and their private insurance denied them coverage. I spent the weekend working with a great group of volunteers to restore the family’s kitchen and roof to working order.

As my wife and I read through the ballot last week, I was distraught over the 49th district Senate seat. There must be someone here in Vancouver to run against Craig Pridemore. The citizens of Vancouver deserve a choice! My wife suggested I write myself in. I did, and then I spread my wife’s suggestion to as many people as I could before I left for my Missions trip.

A major strength I would bring to the State Senate is my successful experience as a small business owner. I have campaign volunteer experience, a desire to work with the residents of Vancouver , and the ability to effectively implement conservative principals and goals. I feel that my 17 years in the private sector, ability to assimilate new ideas and concepts, and dedication to achieving goals have prepared me for this opportunity.

Since I was very young, I have been interested in politics. I would welcome the opportunity to represent the 49th district in the State Senate and look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Tom Langston

Remember to write in Tom Langston opposite Craig Pridemore. Let’s get some conservative representation in Olympia.