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May 14, 2022

Why I Can’t Support Joe Kent

by lewwaters

While I have yet to decide who will receive my vote for the 3rd Congressional District race, I cannot give it to Joe Kent, regardless of his Trump endorsement.

In this same Feb. 11, 2022 Lars Larson interview, Kent, as heard in the above video, denies outright that he believes in any socialist ideas of Bernie Sanders, then goes on the list areas he seeks or desires “common ground” with both Sanders and the left.

March 3, 2015

Netanyahu’s Speech Before Congress

by lewwaters

Full transcript here

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Arab Commentators Strongly Back Netanyahu on Congress Speech

January 7, 2012

Congressional Hypocrisy on Outsourcing Defense Contracts

by lewwaters

Once again, American workers, mired in an ongoing ‘Great Recession’ and facing some of the highest unemployment in decades, are seeing work that should be filled in America by Americans being outsourced to a foreign country. Worse yet, the work is in the filling of a defense contract.

Hawker Beechcraft, an established aircraft manufacturer based in Wichita, Kansas appears to have been shut out of a defense contract in supplying the U.S. Air Force with a light attack aircraft slated for use as a trainer and a potential ground attack plane in Afghanistan for their forces.

Without fanfare and apparently very quietly, the contract was awarded to the Brazilian aircraft company, Embraer, in partnership with Sierra Nevada Corporation.

Since Hawker Beechcraft has been supplying an airplane to the U.S. Air Force for some time that fits the bill and has been the trainer of choice, the company has filed a lawsuit in federal court over the award.

To the best of my knowledge, both companies build very good aircraft. My intent in this post is not to promote one over the other, that is left to the courts and those who will evaluate the aircraft and the merits of Hawker Beechcraft’s allegations.

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December 13, 2011

Is the Insider Trading Bill Being Sold Short By Washington Insiders?

by lewwaters

By Pete The Banker

A week or so ago, KPAM 860 Victoria Taft’s blog carried a story here, about Senator Gillibrand of New York who was attempting to amend the Insider Trading Bill proposed by Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts to reinforce ability of your elected representatives to trade upon privileged information with impunity.

“The Democratic senator from New York has proposed a new version of a bill to outlaw insider trading by members of Congress that would, in effect, make it completely legal for members of Congress to engage in insider trading. In other words, it does the opposite of what it the bill intended to do,” stated CNBC

Now in the Republican controlled Congress, Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor is attempting to delay the Congressional version of this reform proposal here. “Cantor reportedly said he blocked the bill to give Congress more time to examine the issue.” Some suggest this is merely a delay due to back room politics since Bachus did not check with Cantor before modifying the original legislation. Others feel the delay will effectively kill the bill.

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September 10, 2009

What’s So Bad About “You Lie?”

by lewwaters

As Democrats pull their usual shenanigans today over SC Republicans outburst last evening, it is almost comical how soon they forget their own disrespect in 2005 & 2009.

One man bursting out with “You Lie,” and apologizing is somehow so much worse than nearly the entire Democrat Party booing the President and have yet to apologize.

Wilson shouldn’t have apologized.

Democrats should be held to the same standards they dish out.

After all, Republicans have free speech also.

Don’t forget, Democrats. You set the tone.