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February 5, 2011

Herrera-Beutler Takes a Stand on Mega-Casino. Squarely on the Fence

by lewwaters

Residents of Clark County seem to be pretty much evenly divided over plans and approval given for the Cowlitz Tribe to build their $510 million mega-casino near La Center, in the north end of the County Local governments and some groups are appealing the Cowlitz decision.

The casino has been a thorn in the communities’ side for some time, with the Cowlitz Tribe hoping to win approval and begin construction in 2012 sometime.

Neither side debating the casino has given an inch and each has their reasons for their stand.

My friend and fellow blogger at Clark County Politics and Jaime Herrera Watch is one who opposes the casino, with good reason. As a man with ties to political expertise, he has been wondering how our newly elected congressional representative, Jaime Herrera Beutler stands on the casino, what with her reputation for not taking strong stands on issues in her short political career.

Question for our esteemed congress-critter: the campaign is over…. has McMorris given you your position on the mega casino yet?

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January 11, 2009

Say It Ain’t So, Tom

by lewwaters

mielke-1This past Monday, January 5, 2009, the Columbian ran an article featuring a photo of newly elected County Commissioner Tom Mielke boasting a rightfully earned big grin, as he took the oath of office.

As all will recall, Tom was in a very close race against Democrat Pam Brokaw, narrowly squeaking out the win due to the efforts of Clark County Republicans who supported him and were able to rehabilitate ballots that otherwise would not have been counted.

Many put in lots of hours to help Tom gain the 209 vote win.

However, the January 5 article in the Columbian, Mielke discusses his goals, contains a very disturbing quote that must be clarified. The quote:

The Republican said he intends to bring a clear rightward turn in local politics by shifting the costs of growth toward taxpayers…” and “Mielke said he hopes to convince the other two commissioners — incumbents Marc Boldt, a Republican, and Steve Stuart, a Democrat — to eliminate those fees completely, shifting the cost onto all property owners.”

Tom Mielke ran on a platform of lowering taxes and even says in the article, “he would oppose any immediate tax or fee increases.”

Initially the article claimed Mielke would urge the County Commission to drop developer fees to $0.00 and raise property taxes.

Discussing this quote with others after the Central Committee meeting at Clark GOP Headquarters last Tuesday, we all agreed this merits clarification from Tom as raising taxes on taxpayers is not a “rightward turn.”

I left a comment on the article and along with others, asked for a clarification on the quote. A week later, nothing that I have seen has come out.

Michael Anderson, author of the article did state in the comments that what he quoted is what he was told by Tom. While I feel the Columbian to be leftward biased and not the most reliable source often, I have never known them to outright fabricate a quote of an elected official.

I disagree with Tom’s opposition to the proposed Cowlitz Casino but agree that developer fees can be lowered to more reasonable levels. Passing that cost onto homeowners though is not the answer.

Tom says, “We’re in quite a crisis right now. I think Clark County can weather this downturn.”

I think Tom owes Clark County an explanation on how we can weather it and pass on developer costs to taxpayers and homeowners at the same time he says he will lower taxes.

We can be your best supporters out here. Or, we can be your biggest opposers. The initial after the name isn’t as important as actions in office.

I still wait for a clarification.