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March 12, 2011

Public Union Thuggery Headed to Washington State?

by lewwaters

Like Wisconsin, Washington State faces a multi-Billion dollar budget deficit and is constitutionally required to balance the budget. Past efforts have come up short and although balanced on paper, have resulted in the deficit gap just being kicked down the road to be dealt with later.

Later has arrived and even governor Gregoire is calling for drastic cuts in areas she doesn’t agree with. But, difficult decisions must be made in order to avoid slipping into bankruptcy.

Democrat Representative of the 49th legislative district, Jim Moeller continues to create ways to take more money from citizens in the state, showing his unwillingness to cut out wasteful spending, which has gotten us into this budgetary crisis. One such example would be his tax we all dubbed the ‘candy & soda tax’ that heaped taxes on some candy bars and other comfort products. It was easily thrown out by voters in the November 2010 election, after we succeeded in having his legislation put before voters.

One area of concern that has been the subject of calls to be dealt with by taxpayers is public union benefits and wages, often that are much more generous than those a private sector counter-part. A report issued by the State Auditor’s Office in December 2010 shows that the State’s Unfunded Liabilities are a Whopping $24.1 Billion, a significant portion of which is union pensions.

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January 15, 2011

Arrest Made at Tucson Town Hall Over Death Threat

by lewwaters

One week to the day after the horrific shooting spree that killed 6 people, including a 9 year-old girl and left a moderate congresswoman fighting for her life and wounding 14 others, a man attending an ABC-TV town hall meeting was arrested for issuing a death threat before the audience.

ABC News Anchor Christiane Amanpour was hosting the event, being taped for later viewing featuring victims, heroes, witnesses and first responders that were present at last Saturday’s “Congress on the Corner” event in the Safeway parking lot. The event was billed as “devoted to a recounting of what had happened that terrible morning” and carried the theme of “An American Conversation Continued.” Also in attendance were several dignitaries who were not present that day and locals.

The discussion, an effort to continue the discussion congresswoman Gifford’s was trying to have last weekend, eventually turned to politics, gun control specifically.

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March 13, 2010

Brian Baird Death Threats: End Of Story?

by lewwaters

Some might recall the disquietude seen in August of last year when Democratic congressman, Brian Baird was refusing to hold face to face town hall meetings with constituents by claiming it was out of concern over the security of attendees due to some alleged death threats issued to Baird.

Here in Washington States Third Congressional District, Baird’s district, it received much attention, as any death threat must be taken seriously. As it turns out, perhaps it was deliberately taken too seriously this time.

For those of you who are not here in Wa. 03, you can read about it at Baird Milks Ryder Truck Comment, Congressman Baird, What Happened To The Death Threats?, and The Columbian: Mouthpiece For Democrats.

After calls from constituents to Baird’s offices and pressure placed on the Columbian’s editorial staff, in November, over 2 months after the claims of the death threats surfaced, we were to discover that they were not considered “credible” by the FBI, case closed.

Or, so one would think.

On February 27, 2010, my friend and fellow blogger on Clark County Politics posted the results he obtained from a Freedom of Information Act query into the so-called death threat that concluded in the heavily redacted report, “Incident close request sent 2009-08-14 19:59:46.0.”

In other words, congressman Baird KNEW at the time he relented to town halls and made the off-color remark at a Rotary Club luncheon on August 19, 2009 that there was no serious death threat made or pending. It had been investigated; contact with the offending person had been made and settled as the untoward frustrated comments from a person in Kansas, not here in Washington State.

Nearly two weeks later, we are treated to articles from our paper of record, the Columbian informing us of much the same. FBI releases details about Baird threat probe.

Managing editor, Lou Brancaccio also penned, One more Baird story saga lamenting the saga and in essence, trying to appear as if they were on top of it all long.

In late October, I had some email exchanges with Lou asking about updates and was told there were none. In comments on the papers website we were told they were making frequent calls back to D.C. asking for updates and were not receiving answers, which I too did not receive when I made calls myself to both of Brian Baird’s offices and to the Capitol Police.

That they were unwilling to answer my inquiry two months after the case was closed strikes me as odd. Of course, I’m not a journalist with press credentials either, which I would think would grant inquiries by the press more leeway to information.

In another email exchange with Lou, after they published in November that the threats were found “not credible,” I asked if writer Kathie Durbin was going to apologize to Clark County GOP Chairman, Ryan Hart for her published indications of his being offended by the August 19 comment at the Rotary Club luncheon as off-base.

After revelation today of the case being close on August 14, I feel Hart is owed a public apology by the Columbian even more as his being offended was right and in order.

Fortunately for Baird, he has announced his retirement this past December or this would definitely be a campaign issue, indicating his dishonesty with constituents.

For the Columbian, I am left to ponder if this was journalistic malfeasance on their part of not wanting to pursue a story shedding light on a Democrat they have long supported and wanting to allow the story to simply die. Or, were they duped by Baird and his staff and not wanting to look further into it.

Perhaps it is a combination of both. If journalists had treated Richard Nixon in similar manner during the Watergate scandal, he might have retired an honored man, instead of being forced to resign in disgrace.

Regardless, the Columbian recently emerged from financial bankruptcy.

Let’s hope they can also emerge from such journalistic bankruptcy as well.

November 11, 2009

FBI: Threat Against Baird “Not Serious,” Will Kathie Durbin Apologize?

by lewwaters

Brian Baird 7 Yesterday, November 10, 2009, we were treated to an update finally on the Brian Baird death threat saga from this past August. After many emails, phone calls and pressing comments from bloggers, readers and citizens within Washington States 3rd Congressional District, the local paper of record, the Columbian, published the article, FBI to investigate alleged threat against Baird.

If readers recall, this all began this past August when congressman Brian Baird announced he would hold no town hall meeting with constituents. After some disparaging remarks by Baird, he relented, apologized and held the town halls.

August 19, the day after the first town hall, he was heard at a Rotary Club luncheon making another comment of, “if there is a Ryder truck parked out front, it has my name on it.

Clark County Conservative covered this and a statement of offense released by Clark County GOP Chair Ryan Hart, Brian Baird Steps On His Tongue Again.

Ever the apologist for the congressman, the Columbian’s Kathie Durbin, who attended the luncheon and according to anonymous sources did not even hear the comment, blasted Mr. Hart for this release, covered at Baird Milks Ryder Truck Comment for the Columbian article, Death threat disclosure by Baird draws criticism.

Also of note is that another local blogger, Bob Koski, called and was told by the Capitol Police that no Police Report was filed, leading the Columbian to print their articles, Capitol Police told about possible Baird threat and Press Talk: Moving forward on the Baird story by managing editor, Lou Brancaccio critical of bloggers on the matter.

Needless to say, the Columbian was more critical of Ryan Hart than Brian Baird for continuing to make another assertion and in reference to his Ryder Truck comment, they did not even justify it by good English, they made no sense in their defense.

The whole thing seemed to drop at the August 24th article by Brancaccio. We heard no more until October 24 I personally picked up the baton from Koski and began making my own phone calls back to Baird’s D.C. office and Vancouver office and eventually to the Capitol Police Department themselves. I even emailed Brancaccio inquiring about what is the status of the investigation into the death threats and was told, “no updates” covered at Congressman Baird, What Happened To The Death Threats?

In the ensuing weeks, I and several other readers began leaving comments on the Columbian website inquiring about the investigation and lack of information on any updates. Basically, all were either ignored or we received the occasional, “they release no information on ongoing investigations,” which is what the Capitol Police Department spokesman told me too.

Over 2 weeks later, yesterday November 10, the front page of the Columbian ran, FBI to investigate alleged threat against Baird with once again, Ms. Durbin gleefully rubbing readers noses that questioned the validity of the alleged threats or questioned no updates on it into the “fact’ that it had moved ahead to an FBI investigation.

She said, “But he incited a new flare-up on Aug. 19 when he alluded to the death threat in an offhand comment at a Rotary Club luncheon without explicitly explaining the reference. McVeigh used a Ryder truck in the bombing.

At the time, Clark County Republican Chairman Ryan Hart called the remark ‘just unbelievable.’

Baird responded that his brief comment had been ‘taken out of context for cheap political gain’.

Don’t be confused by the date and time of the posting, the article disappeared for a bit and reappeared after some questions of where did it go from the online page.

Within hours of the article, managing article Lou Brancaccio left a “teaser’ in the comments section of, “Make sure to read Wednesday’s Columbian print edition. There is a follow to this story that took me completely by surprise, mainly because of timing. One day we report the FBI is investigating this case. The very next day….. It will only be in the print edition in the morning.

As early as I could make it to the nearest newsstand, I broke my vow of not paying for a copy of the paper and bought one to see what I expected to see, a sub-headline of Threat to Baird not serious, FBI says.

Kathie Durbin wrote this one also and seemed a bit more subdued in tone as she wrote, “The FBI said Tuesday it has closed its investigation of an alleged death threat against U.S. Rep. Brian Baird after concluding that the message left on Baird’s Washington, D.C., office phone in August did not constitute a serious threat.

The article has since come available online and can be read HERE.

I am left to feel that the whole death threat matter was dropped in hopes it would just go away and to supply a little cover of Baird. As said before, the Ryder Truck comment made August 19 at the Rotary Club comes across more like a attempted joke being told that totally bombed, not an explanation of any threats received.

Of most importance, the matter is resolved and rather quickly too it seems once the public began applying a little pressure. But, a few questions remain too that ought to be answered.

There should be no reason now not to release the original Police Report Baird’s office claims they submitted. We should be able to see if Koski was correct or if he was mistaken in when or if a real police report was filed and if one was, what date it was reported.

Also, will Kathie Durbin apologize to Ryan Hart and the Clark County Republicans for her insinuations last August? She gleefully repeated our being offended at the insensitive comment on the Ryder Truck yesterday, but just dropped and ignored it all today.

I don’t know about you, but I seriously feel Ryan Hart is owed an apology from Ms. Durbin as is Bob Koski if no Police Report was filed when claimed.

Whether she will step up and issue one is another matter entirely.

August 10, 2009

Brian Baird Hiding Out From Death Threats, You Say?

by lewwaters

Now that we have seen the fax in poor taste that keeps Washington State 3rd District Congressman Brian Baird from standing before his constituents, and has the leftosphere in a tizzy, smelling blood in the water, one wonders how it is the following were mostly looked upon as not serious and no real threat.

Bush, Kill 1 Bush, Kill T-Shirt Bush, Kill Guillotine 2 Bush, Kill Guillotine  1 Bush, Kill Stamps

Then of course, there is also Kill Bush Game,and

George Bush Hatred with one flash showing Bush with a noose around his neck.

A search of YouTube for “Kill Bush” brought back several videos and audios with very strong language unsuitable for this blog.

Odd thing is, I don’t recall George W. Bush ever using any of the above to hide out from constituents.

Congressman Baird, as a fellow Democrat is sooften quoted, “if you can’t stand, the heat then get out of the kitchen.”