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February 12, 2013

Fed Up With Being Pushed Aside and Ignored, CRC Opponents File Lawsuit

by lewwaters

Tilted ScaleThe Columbia River Crossing project to extend Portland, Oregon’s financially troubled light rail a short distance into Clark County has long been a source of contention to county citizens and residents of the City of Vancouver.

Several times now efforts to give those citizens a vote on the project have been thwarted as promises made during campaigns of fighting for a citizen vote and efforts put forth by the citizens themselves have been neglected, discarded and voices in opposition marginalized by elected officials.

The latest effort saw a citizen petition rejected with the claim of being 32 signatures short of the required number after an excessive time spent verifying those signatures by the County Auditor’s office. Then end result was the claim of several duplicate signatures from voters who inadvertently signed more than once rejecting both the duplicate and the original signature along with some rejected due to the petition page not being dated properly.

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November 2, 2012

Sharon Wylie, Do You Support a Vote On The CRC?

by lewwaters

From Ms. Wylie’s nomination questions,

Debbie Peterson can easily answer, YES.

Ms. Wylie waffles around, says she generally supports such votes, but it would depend on how it is structured?

Why is it so hard for Sharon Wylie to say whether or not she supports a vote of the people on the most expensive project ever to hit Southwest Washington?

I have my idea why, you can formulate your own.

October 18, 2012

Rep. Moeller Inadvertently Admits, “Portland Is More Important Than Vancouver”

by lewwaters

Since 2002, Democrat 49th Legislative District Representative Jim Moeller has successfully warded off challenges to his seat by some very capable Republicans, often winning by large margins exceeding 60%. Obviously, he is an effective campaigner, but 5 consecutive wins seems to have gone to his head as today we see him wearing his arrogance over those wins on his sleeve as proudly as he does his homosexuality.

He is well known for snarky comments left for constituents who disagree with him as much as he is his love of taxing the pants off of his constituents (no pun intended).

But his effectiveness in the Washington Legislature is questionable. Yes, he is very effective at pushing through special interest matters while ignoring the growing budget gaps every session, but a quick look shows that his district, the 49th is much worse off today than it has been for some time.

The 49th, wholly contained within Clark County struggles in its 4th year straight with double digit unemployment. When I contacted Mr. Moeller, along with several others back when Oregon passed their massive anti-business tax increase (measures 66 & 67) outlining we had a “golden opportunity” to attract those much needed jobs to Washington State, he responded,

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October 17, 2012

Columbian Caught Sandbagging CRC Reports, Says Red Flags “Not Newsworthy”

by lewwaters

It is well known in our community that the newspaper of record, the Columbian is wholly in the tank for the Columbia River Crossing Project and forcing Portland, Oregon’s financially ailing light rail into our community. We have all seen how they minimize red flags raised, such as the Coast Guard’s refusing to sign off on the design due to insufficient river traffic clearance and even comments left by supporters that barges and ships that may require more than 95 foot clearance, such as the Columbia River Dredge, should cut down their masts or whatever extends higher to clear the light rail planned to be hung underneath the new bridge on a lower level.

Recent revelations by forensic accountant Tiffany Couch of Acuity Group LLC has indicated, through her independent audit of hundreds of documents several red flags, including a potential violation of state law, huge cost overruns potentially not be handled properly and even Millions on cost appearing in CRC documents that appear to be marked to fund expansion and improvement projects inside Oregon, several miles outside of the CRC Transportation area.

This blog covered the first of the three reports released so far here and here. Additional coverage can be found at as well as looking through Clark County Politics, both of whom have given the CRC as much critical coverage as I have, if not more.

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October 17, 2012

Columbian Ignores Appearance of Corruption Surrounding CRC

by lewwaters

Thanks to the work of forensic accountant Tiffany Couch and County Commissioner candidate David Madore, the veil wrapped around the Columbia River Crossing Project is gradually being peeled back, not that you will ever read of word of it in the local newspaper of record, the Columbian.

While the Oregonian, the Reflector and the Willamette Week have all published articles and reports critical of the CRC, the Columbian continues to provide cover, ignoring or minimizing recent reports and evidence uncovered and released by Ms. Couch, writing them off as “more of the same.”

They are not.

A previous report covered the potential violation of Washington State Open Meetings Laws, but a subsequent report released on October 12, 2012 delves even deeper into the darkness we have seen associated with the CRC.

Ms. Couch raises several questions that remain unanswered and, not even asked by the Columbian who proudly boasts on their front page, “Serving Clark County, Washington.”

Just who in Clark County is served is debatable.

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October 6, 2012

2012 Election Recommendations

by lewwaters

The following is how I intend to vote or would if I lived in another district. You may not agree with everything I say and I recommend everybody research the candidates and positions to satisfy their own views. I may miss some elections, so make sure you research them and know who and what you are voting for.


After four years of constant failures from Barack Obama and in spite of the specious jobs report released just prior to this election, Mitt Romney will receive my vote. It’s not that I am all that impressed with Romney, he certainly is not my ideal candidate, but Obama has been that bad.

With a switch in power in the Senate and retaining the House, maybe we can begin undoing some of the far left agenda Obama has strapped us with.

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September 4, 2012

Lou Brancaccio’s “War on Women”

by lewwaters

There is a reason pencils all come with erasers. We all make mistakes and get something wrong from time to time and responsible people will correct errors they make. None of us are above making errors and getting something wrong or even relaying something we thought we heard that actually was not what the other person said.

Newspapers especially have a commitment to the public to ‘get it right’ and often we see retractions or corrections published when they don’t. Let’s face it, reporters are only human and make mistakes and when such an error is pointed out, it is incumbent upon them to make such corrections.

Apparently not at the Columbian, though.

We all know the Columbian, the unofficial daily newsletter for the CRC & Democrat Party and their bias towards the left. But the email copied to me between Republican candidate for the 49th Legislative District, Carolyn Crain and Columbian editor Lou Brancaccio just boggles my mind.

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July 18, 2012

The Definition of Insanity: Voting For Democrats and Hoping For A Change

by lewwaters

In just a few days, we all should be receiving out ballots to vote in the Top-Two Primary Election to decide out of all of the candidates vying for varying offices just which two advances on to the November General Election. With this being a Presidential Election year we will see several names to select from, some we know and more than likely many more we don’t know.

But we voters will make our selections known, most of us casting our ballots in hopes of seeing the dismal economy and high unemployment we continue to see in Clark County change. Candidates, some incumbents hoping to stay in office and challengers hoping to replace them will try to form a message they hope will resonate with us.

Democrat or Republican, we’re going to hear they want to cut our taxes, create jobs, change how things work and much more. None will come out and actually say they intend to raises our taxes or that they have no power to create jobs other than to back off of government regulations, taxes and fees that are currently stifling job growth for so long.

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June 14, 2012

Political Hackery Rules The Day At the Columbian

by lewwaters

It seems every time I believe I see the Columbian, Clark County’s “newspaper of record” becoming objective and actually publishing political stories in a fair manner, they go out of their way to prove me wrong. When it comes to political views down at the Columbian, the bias in favor of liberal Democrats is so glaring it would blind.

Oh, Editor Lou Brancaccio has long maintained they are objective and not biased, but nobody really buys that any longer. Cries by some that they lean towards Republicans are laughable and might be planted as anybody can see the lean of the Columbian favors Democrats.

Article after article, day after day the Columbian makes scant mention of Democrats who might err or do wrong, but it is glossed over quickly.

Republicans, on the other hand, do not receive such glowing praise or scant mention as do Democrats.

Case in point, the latest non-news story to appear in the paper, Legislative candidate registered car, never changed plates, Debbie Peterson blames stubborn screws for delay in replacing Oregon tags.

Yes, she bought a car from Oregon, paid to register here in Washington and had trouble removing the screws attaching the plates, then horror upon horror, forgot about it!

Call the FBI, get Interpol involved, form a lynch mob, a Republican woman “forgot!”

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May 18, 2012

Candidate Filing Week Ends With a Surprise

by lewwaters

The 5 O’clock deadline for candidate filing ended with the surprise announcement by 18th Legislative District Senator Joe Zarelli’s announcement that he will not seek reelection. Zarelli has been a strong conservative voice in Olympia since 1995.

Zarelli was instrumental in drawing the support of 3 moderate Democrat Senators this last session to stop a liberal Democrat unsustainable budget being passed as the bi-partisan effort enlisted the 9th Order to take control of the Senate, eventually seeing a much better budget passed.

His voice on behalf of taxpayers will be missed.

Ann Rivers, another strong conservative will be vacating her 18th District Representative seat to run to replace Zarelli against Camas Democrat Ralph Schmidt. Ann was elected to replace Jaime Herrera Beutler in the 18th in 2010, beating out numerous other candidates. She has shown herself to be a very capable lawmaker for Southwest Washington.

Filing for Rivers seat is Clark County GOP Chair Brandon Vick, who also ran against Rivers in 2010 and Battle Ground city council member Adrian Cortes.

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October 14, 2011

Proposition 1, Yet Another C-Tran Tax Increase: Yes or No?

by lewwaters

For those who did not see this final portion of last nights candidate forum

C-Tran, Steve Stuart, Tim Leavitt have lied to us, denied us a promised vote, and have shown they do not care what you and I think, struggle through or how inefficiently they operate C-Tran, we’re just endless deep pockets to those who squander what we send them.

They have Millions in reserve, scheduled some $500,000 for a new administrator for more studies, spend a few thousand more to travel to a convention looking over the latest in electric trains and seeking new creative ways to dig deeper into our pockets, all before we are granted the ‘privilege’ of voting on how they plan to waste even more of our hard earned monies.

They announce staff reductions, but their own pamphlets indicate union employees still receive wage increases, while many in Clark County wonder what will happen when unemployment benefits run out and no job prospects exist.

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September 13, 2010

Debbie Peterson, Citizens Promoting Accountability/Clarity.

by lewwaters

Debbie Peterson, a former candidate for the 49th Legislative District, has started a Political Action Committee designed to help supporters learn how to best help their chosen candidate.

She has scheduled a meeting on Tuesday, September 14 at Clark GOP Headquarters, located at the SW Corner of the intersection of 78th St and Hazel Dell Ave. The meeting will run between 7 PM and 8 PM.

Debbie says,

“I am holding this proactive – shovel ready workshop to get our guys elected. DUE TO PAC RULES, CANDIDATES OR THEIR CAMPAIGN MANAGERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND.”

It takes more than just a campaign sign in your yard to promote a good candidate. Debbie is extending the effort to draw supporters together and brainstorm how best to elect conservative candidates and ensure we save this country and begin wresting it from grasp of the liberal elites that have plunged more into debt than we have ever seen in our history.

Debbie also says,

“Friends, This can’t be church, where 10% of the folks do 90% of the work. We will lose our elections! We need 100% of the folks doing 10% of the work. YEAH for us! All of our guys have just won! Please attend – it will be the best hour you spend, this week!”

Short notice, but please plan on attending and let’s get some good representation for the people of Washington State.

June 1, 2009

Debbie Peterson Adds Her Support To Commissioner Mielke

by lewwaters

Debbie Peterson, Republican Candidate against Democrat Jim Jacks in last years election for hte 49th Legislative District Position One, joins in with Nancy De Leo in support of Clark County Commissioner, Tom Mielke.

Ms. Peterson says:

My thoughts: The illegal alien issue is a concern for all Americans who believe that sovereign nations have a right to protect their borders. For those who do not subscribe to that philosophy, they must then, by default, believe that America does not have a right to its own sovereignty. These two diametrically opposing views reach to the core of how America defines itself. It very well may be that this is the lynch pin debate that serves as the platform and will drive the outcome of many of our state/national debates.* The United States Constitution vests sovereignty in the Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court, the President, the fifty States, and ultimately, in We the People (Ted Cruz). The illegal alien undermines our sovereignty at every level. All countries, including our own, make provisions for securing their borders. There is an unspoken rationality for it, but there is also, in our U.S. Constitution, an implied demand for it.

Unfortunately, our U.S. Congressmen/women have chosen to usurp their powers. They ignore their primary charge, which is, according to the U.S. Constitution, to defend the citizens of this country. Our elected officials cower under the fear of being called racists, cower under the fear of losing campaign contributions, cower under the fear of losing elections, and in the meantime we are losing America. U.S. Congressmen/women by their abdication of Art.4, Sect.4, have thrown this extremely serious policy issue onto the states. Look at California. One year ago, 33 hospitals had closed under the burgeoning weight of illegal alien medical care. California’s deficits are staggering. People are hemorrhaging to other states as they see services decline and school’s fail (in spite of high teacher salaries, low classroom size, and school funding increases of nearly 10 percent between the 2003-04 and 2006-07 school years, while student enrollment declined by more than 30,000.)(1) In part, California’s politicians’ open border policy has crippled its government, rendering it impotent in its ability to protect the very people for whom they pledged to serve. They lied.

Commissioner Mielke is accurate, when he acknowledges the illegal alien problem. To assume it does not exist in Clark County is naïve. To assume that it will not affect our services, schools, and law enforcement in this community is a costly assumption, as Californians can attest to. Commissioner Mielke is doing what most politicians will not do. He is applying the scientific process to social issues. It is empiricism and not racism that is motivating his statements. Mr. Mielke understands the problem, has looked at statewide data, and has arrived at a conclusion, driven by the data. His policy suggestion was inevitable, given the data. The fact that he actually has the nerve to voice it, and attempt policy, to correct it, is refreshing. Unfortunately, “policy as usual” is driven by the politics, not by the data and not by what is best for citizens. These politically correct policies are almost always detrimental to American culture and the community.

What a refreshing change to have policy driven by facts. What a refreshing change to have a public servant who is actually serving us, and has taken up the banner of the tax payers’ plight.

*November 2009 candidates’ policies on illegal aliens issues vis-à-vis identity theft, drugs, overcrowded jails, health care, crime, loss of citizen jobs, lowering of citizen wages, and homeland security need to be measured against this plumbline: that is, the U.S. Constitution’s, and Washington State’s constitutional (Art.1, Sect.2). support for sovereignty protection If candidate policies do not support that, they do not deserve our vote.

(1) Vicki E. Murray, Pacific Research Institute

In these times of severe economic recession and with the ever-increasing unemployment rate, rising taxes to pay for programs for those that enter our country ILLEGALLY, it is refreshing to see people speak out on this egregious usurpation of our law.

Is it really so much to ask that our laws be honored and immigrants desiring the American Dream follow our laws and enter the country LEGALLY?

Or, do we just declare the entire population of the planet Americans and bring the in excess of 5 Billion people populating the earth into America to take advantage of our safety net?

It is neither racist nor selfish to take care of our own people in need and expect others to obtain entrance LEGALLY, just as they expect of us when we travel to their countries.

May 16, 2009

The Columbian Goes On The Attack

by lewwaters

Wednesday’s edition of the Columbian contained an op/ed by Tom Koenninger that seems to be nothing more than a vicious attack on two citizens who stand up for their constitutional rights to speak out freely at what they see as wrong.

Koenninger’s op/ed, Political games discourage volunteerism, says in the very first paragraph, “Vancouver’s Charter Review Committee Chairman John Caton calls it a “sideshow,” but that doesn’t mean he finds anything amusing about it. He is the target of a vicious campaign by local activists Debbie Peterson and Larry Patella to have him removed as chairman because he is treasurer for Mayor Royce Pollard’s re-election campaign.

Activists,” Tom? “Vicious” campaign too?

Before getting deeper into this claim of Koenninger’s, let me say that I have personally met both Larry Patella and Debbie Peterson and consider them my friends. Larry is a retired Naval Officer and Debbie is a School Teacher and former candidate for the office now held by Jim Jacks. Neither has ever been “vicious” in expressing opposition to what they see wrong in Clark County.

Yes, they see a conflict of interest in Caton sitting on Vancouver’s Charter Review Committee and as Chairman while also being the campaign treasurer for Mayor Royce Pollard as well as they often have opposed Mayor Pollard, which is a right they have been granted by our constitution.

To view the “viciousness” Koenninger speaks of, please visit CVTV and click on “CITIZENS COMMUNICATION.” Larry begins at about the 3:30 minute mark and Debbie begins at about the 10-minute mark.

As Debbie said in a letter to the Columbian, which remains unpublished, the term “activist” carries negative connotations. Peering into a thesaurus we find synonyms for “activist” include “demagogue,” “inciter,” “malcontent,” and “troublemaker,” as well as the definition, “One who agitates, especially politically.”

Strange how for 8 years the Columbian saw no need to label those who openly opposed Republicans as “activist,” but seek to label Republicans who oppose the actions of Vancouver’s Mayor as such.

And again, what “viciousness?” Both stated their positions clearly and without malice or mean-spirited words.

Very troubling in Koenninger’s op/ed is that although he interviewed John Caton for his ‘hit piece,’ he did not have the courtesy to contact either Debbie Peterson nor Larry Patella, just resorted to the usual left-winged name calling of any who dare speak out against Pollard or his administration.

Why does the City Council hold open public meetings and allow citizen comments if reasonable opposition is to be demeaned? Does the Columbian now cry “freedom of the press” while denigrating the free speech of concerned citizens?

I find it unconscionable that the Columbian would allow such an attack on Clark County citizens merely because the voice opposition to the Mayor and the City Council. While the Columbian may be a private business themselves, their purpose, as they state at the head of every edition, is “Serving Clark County, Washington.”

Shouldn’t that include ALL of Clark County and not just one view?

Copies of Debbie Peterson and Larry Patella’s unpublished letters follow.

Letter to the Editor:
I find it interesting that you label me as an activist. This is the second time in less than a year that your paper has done so. According to surveys, the term “activist” has a negative connotation. My appropriate, reserved actions and involvement in city/state affairs are motivated by what is in the best interests of both. I have not once addressed the Charter Review Committee, with a recommendation for removal of Mr. Caton from that committee. I have, however, at City Council, recommended that Mayor Pollard, take a leadership role, and remove him from his campaign as treasurer, or ask that Mr. Caton remove himself from the Charter Review Committee. The Charter Review Committee is addressing far-reaching policies that directly pertain to mayoral issues. It is impossible for anyone, with the close association that Mr. Caton has to Mayor Pollard, to remain objective. I refer you to the written, public, city council record that contains my statement. You will find it measured and polite. It would have been helpful if facts, rather than fiction would have been included in your editorial of May 13th, regarding my statement.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Peterson, concerned citizen


Interesting article in today Columbian. Anti-Citizens/Voters and Pollard Cheerleader Tom Koenninger, Editor Emeritus of the Columbian characterizes Debbie Peterson and me, as “Vicious” for attempting to do what the Columbian fails to do or won’t do.

That is to make Vancouver Citizens aware of what the good Mayor and his self appointed Charter Review Committee, is or isn’t doing to our City Constitution.

What Cheerleader Koenninger failed to say in his column is that Mayor Pollard, when confronted by me with the fact that Charter Review Committee Chairman was his re-election Campaign Chairman, LIED. Instead of responding with the truth, that John Caton is his Campaign Treasurer, the mayor said, my information was a bunch of “CRAP” and he only occasionally uses Caton as an accountant. Mayors should not Lie to the people. I have the mayor’s words on tape if Koenninger would like to see them.

L. M. Patella
CDR USN (ret)

November 8, 2008

Washington Post Admits Left Winged Media Bias

by lewwaters

cowardly-lionDeborah Howell, of the Washington Post, penned a stunning admission in today’s paper titled, An Obama Tilt in Campaign Coverage.

In her article she outlines the lopsided coverage in favor of Liberal Democrat, Barack Hussein Obama over Moderate Republican, John Sydney McCain. We bloggers on the right have known this all along, but when mentioned, we were just poo pooed by the left and members of the media as hate mongers, out of touch or what have you.

In showing the lack of true Journalistic coverage, Howell states, “The Post was deficient in stories that reported more than the two candidates trading jabs,” admitting that issues of both candidates were lacking.

The assistant managing editor for politics, Bill Hamilton, is quoted as saying,

I don’t at all discount the importance of issues, but we had a larger purpose, to convey and explain a campaign that our own David Broder described as the most exciting he has ever covered, a narrative that unfolded until the very end. I think our staff rose to the occasion.”

Isn’t it the “issues” that we voters must know in order to make informed decisions on who to vote for to best lead the nation? And, what is the “larger purpose” he mentions? Prove we are not racists by electing a totally inexperienced person to the highest office in the world just because he is a minority?

With all the calls from European nations during the campaign that America ‘must’ do so, when does Europe prove their end to racism by installing a Black leader in any one of their countries? After all, the slavery that once existed in America was brought from those same European nations that have never in their history had a Black leader.

The most stunning admission by Ms. Howell, though, is,

But Obama deserved tougher scrutiny than he got, especially of his undergraduate years, his start in Chicago and his relationship with Antoin “Tony” Rezko, who was convicted this year of influence-peddling in Chicago. The Post did nothing on Obama’s acknowledged drug use as a teenager.”

Neither did the rest of the lamestream media, Ms. Howell.

As I wrote in Lamestream Media Royally Screws America, “We learned more about Sarah Palin’s choice of eyeliner over the first weekend she was selected than we still know about B HO.”

Neither Ms. Howell nor any one else from the media has issued anything remotely resembling an apology for their gross negligence in performing their duty as Journalists to adequately inform the public. Such gross negligence on the job would get most of us fired from our jobs, yet they will just continue masquerading Op Eds as Journalism and selecting what the public reads and is entitled to know.

I am left pondering now if our own financially troubled Columbian will rub our noses into the mud also and admit they were in the tank for local Democrat candidates and ignored obvious deficiencies in their abilities?

Missing in their “coverage” was many gaffes and admissions of local candidates from the Democrat side and ignoring strengths of some Republican candidates.

Nowhere was this more prevalent than in the race to replace retiring Bill Fromhold between Jim Jacks and Debbie Peterson. After Jacks openly admitted to not having a clue of what to do in regards to our states financial troubles and Debbie outlined ideas to solve it, attempts by this writer to inform Clark County voters in the 49th Legislative District were continually blocked by editing portions of comments and letters that stated that.

While the media did not totally get their way in a Democrat clean sweep, they helped elect enough to have a major impact upon our future, which just may bankrupt us all with increased fees, higher taxes and more restrictions on our constitutional liberties.

It is little wonder that so many media sources are experiencing declining profits and having to lay people off. Ever so gradually, readers are turning away from the propaganda laced media and relying on alternative news sources or just ignoring news altogether.

That presents even more dangers for American voters.

Never before has the comment credited to Mark Twain, “If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper you are misinformed,” been so true.

October 9, 2008

Who To Trust With Our Tax Dollars? Debbie Peterson or Jim Jacks?

by lewwaters

For some time now I have been telling you about the poor performance of Jim Jacks versus Debbie Peterson in the August League of Women Voters Debate. I even posted the video of Jacks saying he doesn’t know how to solve the tax problem and where he actually blames out of control spending on you, the taxpaying citizens of the 49th Legislative District.

What I didn’t show you was the magnificent answer to the same question posed to Debbie Peterson, who did her homework and put forth sound ideas on solving the tax problem and the projected multi-Billion dollar deficit we face in Washington State.

The following video’s will show you who we should trust to send to Olympia to represent us and care for our tax dollars properly. We work hard for this money and as difficult as it is to stretch a dollar today, we need sound ideas and someone who has a command of the situation, not someone who intends to “listen and learn” and admits he has no idea of what to do.

Now, “listen and learn” what Jim Jacks has to offer.

Do you think that we citizens are to blame for the out of control spending? Is the spending from Olympia due solely to services and not excessive entitlements?

As Debbie said before her reply above, our state population has increased 125% in the last 48 years, but the spending has increased 400%! 400%!!!!!

My choice is obvious. We need Debbie Peterson to replace retiring Bill Fromhold. We deserve a Representative who has ideas and who will work for us, not rubberstamp a parties agenda while “listening and learning.”

For Pete’s Sake, elect Debbie Peterson, 49th Legislative District, position 1.

“CVTV footage, obtained pursuant to the Public Disclosure Act, in no
way is intended by CVTV, the City of Vancouver, or Clark County to
either promote or oppose any candidate for public office or any ballot

October 1, 2008

Association of Washington Business Announce Endorsements

by lewwaters

The September 30, 2008 Columbian Political Beat treated us to announcing some of the Association of Washington Business Political Endorsements.

Actually, Kathie Durbin seemed to make more of a point as to which Republicans did not receive their endorsement and informing us that the AWB endorsed 12 Democrats.

To be fair to Kathie, while she did announce which local Republicans they did endorse, she somehow neglected to mention their endorsement for the most important race facing us, the Governorship. They endorsed Dino Rossi over Christine Gregoire.

While mentioning they did not endorse local Republican candidates, somehow the names of the local Democrats they did not endorse escaped mention.

A full list of candidates from both parties they did endorse may be seen at AWB Endorsements.

As I mentioned, Kathie does make a point of letting us know that 12 Democrats were endorsed by the AWB, I count 14 if you include the Lieutenant Governor and State Auditor offices. She does not let us know that they endorsed 58 Republicans, though and 1 Independent.

While I am disappointed at the lack of endorsement of some candidates, they have the freedom to endorse whomever they deem worthy of office. I do not find any criteria used to arrive at their endorsements, so I won’t speculate.

Particularly disappointing is seeing they did not endorse Tom Langston, Joseph James or Debbie Peterson, who Ms. Durbin identifies as, “the Vancouver schoolteacher and third-bridge proponent who is running against Jim Jacks.”

I find Debbie to be much more than that and see Kathie’s description as a slur on Debbie Peterson, especially knowing that the Columbian endorses Jim Jacks, who you may recall answered a question at the League of Women’s Voters Debate on changing Washington’s Tax System with, “I don’t know how to solve it, I’m not a tax expert.”

Debbie Peterson expressed clear and pertinent ideas on solving the projected multi-billion dollar tax deficit we face.

Tom Langston is a very capable candidate, but seems to lack the polish a more experienced politician like Craig Pridemore possesses. That is not a slur against Tom because that political polish often hides true political intent from voters and I find it refreshing to see and hear a candidate who portrays honesty and sound principles. Tom is a business owner himself who would take with him to the Senate business experience in turning a profit without having to rely on raising taxes as the sole means to prevent he projected deficit Governor Gregoire has us currently facing.

Likewise, Joseph James comes with a business oriented background and has received several other endorsements from professionals.

Most disappointing from James’s opponent was seeing his web page resorting to the old dirty tactics of mud throwing instead of standing on his own merit. Aren’t we tired of that yet?

Ms. Durbin also makes a point to let us know that Micheline Doan did not receive their endorsement either. Reading her description of Michelene we see her described as, “the anti-tolling activist and president of the Clark County Republican Women’s Club.”

I find it curious that Ms. Durbin seems to rely on such demeaning descriptions of Republican candidates, especially the women, while not mentioning that the Democrats may be “tax and spend,” “big government proponents,” “leftwing activists” or “Public Transportation Activists.”

She does make certain to mention certain Democrats, but makes no mention that they too did not receive the coveted Association of Washington Business endorsement.

Then again, the Columbian never has reported on Jim Jacks lack of preparation or coherent answer at the League of Women Voters Debate against Debbie Peterson.

Endorsements do make news and are important, if we wish to follow others instead of relying on our own common sense. We can usually expect conservative organizations to endorse Republicans and you can bank on Unions and leftist groups to endorse Democrats, sometimes blindly it seems.

Rather than rely on endorsements, though, I encourage all to study each candidate, read their web sites and if possible, meet them at public events. We each receive but one vote per race and it is up to us to decide who represents us, not the Columbian, Unions or even the WAB.

Listen to why they may endorse or oppose a particular candidate, but place more importance in your own common sense, not what someone wants you to hear.

Look past the bias of our local paper and partisans, do your homework and let’s send the best candidates we can to Olympia.

Give these Republican candidates a chance and you just may discover how they can shine instead of taking away from us for pet projects.

September 20, 2008

The Columbian Shows Its Priorities

by lewwaters

I enjoy peeking in at the Columbian’s new blog site, Political Beat, from time to time. One can glean much insight seeing reporters truer thoughts and feelings that editors may not always let show in regular articles.

Jeff Mize treats us to just such insight in his September 19th posting, Gender-confused GOP?

Shameful that whoever wrote an RNCC release made a typo of using ‘her’ instead of ‘him’ in reference to Representative Brian Baird in his vote on the Pelosi backed sham energy bill sitting before the Senate currently.

Why it may be a sham is unimportant, just that someone made a typo.

In trying to leave a comment it came upon me that surely, Republicans are not the only ones to make typos or other gaffes, not that our local paper tells us about them if a Democrat slips up or says something improper, especially if that slip-up may reveal their lack of knowledge or qualification to be elected to office.

I thought specifically of Democrat Jim Jacks when, back in the August 5th debate with Debbie Peterson, was unable to supply a sound answer to the question, “Do you support any changes to the current Washington State tax system?”

After stammering around a little, he finally admitted,

I don’t know how to solve it, I’m not a tax expert, I’m not a revenue expert. That’s part of what I believe a new legislator needs to do is to listen and learn and understand how decisions over here effect all these other systems.”

Debbie Peterson, on the other hand, clearly stated her position of spending must be brought under control, brought out that if we get the Income Tax Democrats have wanted for some time, we will not lose the sales tax and our hard worked for money will just be taken for more wasteful and unneeded projects.

Voters deserve unbiased reports of comments as this by candidates, Democrat or Republican. I saw no mention in the Columbian covering this obvious lack of qualification by a candidate they have endorsed; robbing Clark County voters of much needed information in deciding who to select that will best replace out going Bill Fromhold.

On the other hand, it should be a relief to all Clark County voters to know that we will be kept abreast of typographical errors made in releases from Republicans.

August 24, 2008

A Video Governor Gregoire Doesn’t Want You To See

by lewwaters

Governor Gregoire assumed the governors office in 2004 under very shaky circumstances. Upwards of 70% of Washingtonians wanted a revote, both partys. Democrat denied and took the office.

Since that time our taxes have steadily increased and I see no equivalent rise in services, at least for Clark County.

We were told that accepting the 9.5 cent tax increase on gas would benefit first King County with them eventually helping foot the bill for projects here. Now that it is time to replace the aging I-5 Bridge, or build a third bridge, we hear we must accept tolls and be stuck with an extension of Portland’s Max Line Light Rail.

Even the Seattle Times exposes Christine Gregoire’s out of control $8 Billion increase in State spending, leaving us with a projected $2.5 Billion deficit soon.

It would appear to me that the Democrat majority in Olympia just rubber stamps Gregoire’s spending and we taxpayers are expected to just continue handing over our hard earned dollars and do without when it comes to our families.

Dino Rossi, rightful winner in the 2004 race, is running again and placing much better in polling than he did last time he won, before the shady recounts. A businessman, Rossi has the ideas and knowedge to turn our state around.

We need Dino Rossi as governor, but he cannot do it alone. We must take Olympia away from the rubber stamp Democrats and elect responsible Republicans that will control spending.

Note that I wrote “responsible” Republicans. The Republicans made some big mistakes by trying to imitate Democrats and it has cost them. Many have been purged from the party and others marginalized. So, check out candidates closely and see if they really are fiscally conservative.

Don’t fall for claims of “problem solving” experience as they admit now knowing how to solve our problems.

It is time to send some fresh faces to Olympia with fresh ideas and to return those that fight for our tax dollars to be wisely spent.

Most of all, though, we need a strong, wise and capable candidate like Dino Rossi at the helm to turn Washington State back around and restore the economy we used to have.

August 23, 2008

Debbie Peterson or Jim Jacks?

by lewwaters

Now that the primary is pretty much finished and we see the choice to replace outgoing Bill Fromhold for the seat of the 49th Legislative District, position one will be between GOP candidate, Debbie Peterson and Democrat Jim Jacks, we need to look at both of these candidates and select who will serve Southwest Washington the best.

A particular hot issue for us in Vancouver and Portland is in replacing the I-5 Bridge or building a new third bridge. Vancouver’s Mayor and Portland’s Mayor have both indicated there will no discussion of new I-5 Bridge unless we accept the addition of Light Rail from Portland’s Max line.

Unfortunately for them, they are not the last word.

Debbie Peterson is on the record in appearing before the RTC Board with her views in opposition to the multi-billion dollar venture of Light Rail extending just inside the State Line from Portland.

Jim Jacks supports replacing the aging bridge, including Light Rail, calling it a 100-year investment in the future. He neglects to mention that in order to build a new 6-lane Bridge to replace the current 6-lane Bridge, taxes will undoubtedly be increased and tolls will be added to the new structure.

For those who deicide to take the short ride on light rail into Portland, everyday for work, undoubtedly there will be parking fees for their vehicles they drive to the Clark College area, fares paid to Portland for ride and increased taxes.

When asked why are you running for the Legislature, Debbie Peterson says she is running to prepare the state for her students when they graduate from school, having been inspired by them for how hard they work in her classroom to learn and grow.

Asked the same question in the July 8, 2008 CVTV interview, Jim Jacks mentions his intent is to “listen and learn” and to his 7-year-old daughter, he said, “they make the rules for people and he wants to make the rules more fair.”

In the August 5, 2008 debate held by the League of Women Voters in Vancouver, both candidates were asked if they propose any changes in the Washington State Tax System.

Debbie Peterson reiterated her stance that our tax system is fine as it is, it is the spending that has gotten out of hand. She vows to fight to bring spending back under control.

Jim Jacks rambled on about services outpacing revenues and how people need services more when revenues are down, before blurting out, “I don’t know how to solve it, I’m not a tax expert.”

Yet, throughout his campaign he claims to have a proven record of “problem solving.”

On his website, Jim Jacks states, “As your State Representative, I’ll fight for investments to strengthen our economy and our community.”

What Democrats don’t tell you is that the word “investment” used by them is code for “tax increases.”

In the July 7 interview, he says the state must be accountable to the public for the money they spend, but goes on to say that communities get the level of services they pay for.

Yet, by August 8 he says, “I don’t know how to solve it, I’m no tax expert.”

Debbie Peterson, on the other hand, presents clear and concise ideas on cutting unnecessary spending to include eliminating Clark County residents getting raped over a costly Public Transportation System that would only benefit Portland.

Jim Jacks did gain the vast majority of votes in the August 19th top two primary with nearly 59% of votes cast, some 11,000 votes.

The Columbian’s Kathie Durbin tells us on their Political Beat Blog that Jacks attended a Rotary Club Luncheon on Wednesday, August 20, where tradition dictates that when members names appear in the newspaper, they be ‘fined,’ the money going to provide grants to community organizations.

To his credit, Jim Jacks was prepared to lay down his personal check in the very generous amount of $59.00, representing the 59%. I do hope it didn’t hurt his bank account too much.

Debbie Peterson has adopted a slogan of “For Pete’s Sake, vote for Debbie PETErson.” It is not only a play off of her name, but she explains on her campaign website that

Pete “ is your neighbor, the librarian, electrician, the teacher, your parent’s caregiver and your garbage collector. Pete is all of us in the 49th, who work hard, care for our families, and make it to that soccer game on Saturday morning. Pete is the one who is asking for a break from taxes that are impacting his or her discretionary spending money. Pete is the one who is asking his and her state government to be responsible, just as he and she are in managing their businesses and homes.”

Jim Jacks, that I see, does not really have a slogan. If he did, from his repetitive use of the words, I imagine it would be “listen and learn with Jim Jacks,” or something of that accord.

In comparing both, I find Jacks to speak in vague and general terms, often using Democrat code instead of just outright saying he will raise taxes to pay for services he feels should be provided.

There is mention of a projected massive budget shortfall for Washington State coming. How is this possible with all the taxes we pay in Washington State?

Debbie Peterson has it right in that it isn’t our taxes that are the problem; it is the out of control spending by the State that must be brought under control.

Throwing money at problems, your money, is the usual Democrat method of solving issues. The only problem is they never seem to be resolved and our taxes end up being raised time and again to resolve the same issues that just years earlier were to be solved with the last tax increase.

Isn’t it time to end this cycle of raising taxes time and again? Isn’t it time to recognize that not all spending is necessary and if there are too many employees, some must find work in the private sector?

Since both candidates desire to improve our schools, which one do you think will do better? A mediator who says he “doesn’t know how to solve the tax problem” and has won the endorsement of the Teachers Union? Or, a school teacher who clearly and concisely laid her ideas on the table and who sees that it was in large part, the teachers Union that ended up causing Washington State Schools to lose a $13.2 Million Grant in Math and Science studies?

If you are ready for a fresh face with fresh ideas in Olympia, visit Debbie Peterson’s campaign site. If you get the chance to meet her through out town, take a moment and ask her about something you think needs addressed.

She is part of our community, being a 30-year resident and makes time for people.

Stop by the Republican Party Headquarters, Thursday, August 28th from 4:30 to 7:30, located on the corner of 78th Street and Hazel Dell Avenue in Hazel Dell. Enjoy light refreshments and for Pete’s Sake, meet Debbie and see for yourself who the 49th Legislative District deserves.