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August 27, 2011

Wisconisn Unions Protest Black Children Receiving a Good Education & Gov. Walker’s Visit

by lewwaters

With as many as 85% of Messmer Catholic School children going on to college, when public schools under union control see drop-out rates as high as 50%, you’d think the unions would encourage more schools like Messmer. Not so, as the below video shows.

Governor Walker supports results like those seen at Messmer Catholic School. We hear lip service from Democrats and unions that they seek it too, so why then do they so heavily oppose schools like Messmer that actually teach Black Children, not just shuffle them through the system and get them on welfare checks, stuck in the ghettos?

Americans are beginning to see both Democrats and unions for the thuggery they encourage to stay in power while they ignore the plight of the people they claim they serve.

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March 8, 2010

“Obama Couldn’t Sell Watermelons?”

by lewwaters

I can only imagine the uproar and outrage we would have heard the very next day had Rush Limbuagh uttered such a comment on air as did Dan Rather. Yet, 2 months later and I have not heard anything from the media at all on it.

And for all those who will defend Rather, claiming using watermelon isn’t racist, may I remind you of Los Alamitos Mayor Dean Grose who forwarded a photo depicting a watermelon patch on the White House lawn last February and was forced to resign after extensive national media coverage.