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October 15, 2014

Lasher or Colas?

by lewwaters

30 odd years is a long time to be in office.

Time for a fresh outlook, Time for Lauren Colas:

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September 20, 2014

2014 Election Predictions

by lewwaters

Voting boothI usually shy away from predicting the outcome of elections, but decided I’d throw my two cents in concerning the Clark County, Washington elections in November. It’s a bit early, yes and predictions are subject to change as information comes available. But this initial post will indicate how I see the outcome of the elections.

A disclaimer of sorts, these predictions are solely based on how I see the current information and read the current political tea leaves and are by no means infallible. They also may not be how I would personally like to see a race come out, but are how I view the reality of it.

First, apologies to the people in the 14th and 20th Legislative Districts. Your districts cross county lines and I simply do not have access to other counties at this time, so I am unable to predict how those races will go.

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February 15, 2009

Good Thing They Didn’t Say, “Read My Lips”

by lewwaters

Now that dust is settling from the elongated campaign and election season we just endured and Democrats pretty much made a clean sweep in obtaining offices, it’s time to get back to caring for the nation and state.

Of particular concern to all is the pitiful state of our economy as citizens lose their jobs, wages fall, property values plummet and tax receipts dry up.

Democrats love affair with increased taxes is well known as was addressed in Recession, Depression, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Unemployment: Let’s Raise Taxes last year.

We have now been strapped with the most massive spending bill we have ever seen with Governor Gregoire, Senators Murray and Cantwell eagerly looking forward to Washington receiving monies from that pork laden edict, ignoring that any money received was taken from us in the first place.

Patty Murray tells us,

the package could have nearly $500 million for improvements to Washington roads, highways and bridges – work that’s intended to spur jobs.”

Any bets on how much of that money would go to King County’s Viaduct compared to improvements in the I-5 Corridor here in Clark County?

Governor Gregoire ran for reelection on promises of not raising taxes to cure our massive budget deficit the state is facing. Other Democrats quietly ran saying nothing about raising taxes on citizens, leading us to believe we might see some relief as we rapidly head off to the poorhouse.

Since the election, several bills have been introduced proposing what else, tax increases! Even the much-hated income tax is up for a vote again. An engine displacement size tax was proposed last year and no doubt will be introduced again this year.

As if we aren’t over taxed enough, now word is out that we expect to Look for property taxes to increase in Clark County, in spite of property values decreasing and home sales drying up.

Clark County Assessor, Linda Franklin and Clark County Treasurer Doug Lasher, both Democrats explain it away as “some districts have begun charging higher tax rates,” with the Columbian’s Cami Joner telling us, “Residential property owners will pay an average of $2,832 in property taxes this year, $488 more than in 2008,” after telling us this past Friday January home sales off 21.8%

As usual, our Democrat elected officials seem to talk out of both sides of their mouth’s, promising no increase in taxes or insinuating such, but then sticking it to us once elected.

In 1988, former President Bush (41) made a famous pledge of “Read my lips, No New taxes” and when Congressional Democrats brought a massive tax increase to him, he signed it. By 1992, that pledge and subsequent tax increase was used against him to defeat him and elect Democrat, B. J. Clinton, who went on to give us 2 of the largest tax increases we ever saw.

In Washington State and Clark County, we didn’t hear a “read my lips” pledge but are seeing the massive increases in our taxes just the same. Our wages go down, our property values decrease, but the one thing we can always count on is for Democrats to take more of our hard earned money away from us, waste it, then demand more.

I don’t know about you, but I work and struggle hard to pay my mortgage and even though I have no massive credit card bills outstanding, still have very little left over to live on.

I go to Wal-Mart, Fred Meyers, Winco and elsewhere and see several “underprivileged” packing goods into fairly new SUV’s. I have seen school children walk by my house and destroy campaign signs in my yard, throw trash over my back yard fence, joined all too often by the few riders C-Trans has waiting a few feet outside of my kitchen window at the bus stop and who seem to think my Rose bushes are for their taking.

I visit local restaurants and struggle to express my order in English to a counter person who speaks mainly Spanish.

I see kids with their pants down around their asses aimlessly wandering about the Mall or local streets seeking some trouble to get into and who can’t phrase a simple sentence properly, much less make change properly should they find a job and the computer not tell them exactly how much to give back.

Then, I hear the Teachers Union and Democrats demanding I give up even more of my money so they “can continue this fine education” given these kids, when it reality most of it goes to increased wages and little makes it to the kids, even as they used agreements between the legislature and Teachers Union to lose a $13.2 Million Grant to some schools in Math & Science last year.

This is what I pay out all my hard earned money for? This is considered good return?

It really is too bad our elected officials didn’t also claim, “read my lips.” Perhaps we could have used it against them in the last election and install better representation for us in government.