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August 9, 2012

Concert, Classic Car Show to Benefit Veterans Court

by lewwaters

Our community remains very blessed in so many ways and one blessing we enjoy is taking care of and looking out for our Veterans, knowing the price they have paid for us. We have some of the strongest Veteran supporting communities in the United States and our citizens turn out in large numbers to support our Veterans, as seen every year on Memorial Day and the attendance at our Veterans Day Parade at Vancouver Barracks.

But Veterans are human too and occasionally, a small few may stray and run afoul of the legal system. As was outlined in a previous post, that is where our Veterans Court comes in, diverting minor infractions that might otherwise land someone in jail to Veterans support groups in an effort to help a struggling Veteran instead of just throwing them to the wolves.

The previous post announced a “Cruise-in” to raise needed funding for the Veterans Court and was not only well attended, offered everybody who could make it a great day of fun and enjoyment.

Another event is now planned to benefit our Veterans Court that promises to be even more fun and enjoyment for all ages, especially if you are a “Certified Car Nut.”

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July 13, 2012

Jim Moeller Declares Vancouver a “Thriving Queer Mecca”

by lewwaters

Under the guise of “Gateway to Equality,” homosexuals will descend on Esther Short Park, Saturday July 14, 2012 for their 18th Annual LGBT Pride Event and issuing the call of “Come Celebrate LGBT Pride at America’s Only ‘Family Friendly’ Pride Event.”

In the invitation to the event, posted by none other than our own 49th legislative district representative Jim Moeller says of the event, “As proof of Vancouver’s rise as a thriving queer mecca, recently named the city the sixth most gay-friendly city in America, making it the top West Coast city for LGBT people.”

“Queer Mecca” Jim? Is that what homosexual’s see our community as now, a Mecca for queers?

Besides being a city in Saudi Arabia, Mecca also means “A place that is regarded as the center of an activity or interest.” If Vancouver really is a “Mecca for Queers,” can they rightfully retain their “Protected class” status over others? Wouldn’t they be the majority in this newly declared “Queer Mecca?”

And what of Jim’s use of the word “Queer?” Why does he describe his orientation as “Queer” when if I did, I am committing hate speech?

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April 15, 2012

Vancouver Closes Slocum House Theater, While Calling for Creation of a Performing Arts Center (Updated)

by lewwaters

It was just this past March 16, 2012 that Vancouver, Washington Mayor, Tim Leavitt, stood before an audience in the recently restored Kiggin’s Theater and said, “Only because owner Bill Leigh pursued his dream to restore this landmark, are we today able to enjoy Mayor Kiggins vision for the performing arts” in his 2012 State of the City speech.

Also in that speech, the Mayor stated, “I pledged we would work toward redevelopment of the empty Block 10, here near the heart of downtown. In this economy, that has been difficult. But we know that reuse of this property could enhance downtown. So, I’ll soon be working with a group of stakeholders to re-energize the block. And, we will continue to explore new ideas, like a performing arts center.”

Towards the end of the speech, speaking of future possibilities for the city he listed “Establishment of an arts and entertainment district downtown, building even greater vibrancy in our historic heart.”

There is little doubt that “performing arts” is a vital core of Vancouver, especially in revitalizing the downtown district. And knowing how vital the “performing arts” are to downtown, how contradictory it is to see the city pressuring the existing and long standing “performing arts” Slocum House Theater Company out of the home they have had for decades, painstakingly moved to and restored at its decades long location by an all volunteer group of citizens in the southwest corner of Esther Short Park specifically to host the “performing arts.”

The public furor over the city’s plan to raise the Theaters rent, use fees by nearly 400% died down as the city “granted” the theater a 90 day extension on their lease early in January 2012.

Shortly after, the Theater Company issued a press release announcing the March 11, 2012 closing.

Even though the city claims ownership of the property, I am told that prior to 2002, “the only thing the city did was to paint the outside, fix a few plumbing problems and for some reason pay the water bill.”

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October 15, 2011

Occupy Vancouver – LGBT Rights

by lewwaters

Just one of the many who spoke before to 700 or so people that came to Esther Short Park

August 21, 2011

Must Love Dogs NW A ‘Splashing’ Success

by lewwaters

Sunday, August 21, 2011 saw the first ever ‘Must Love Dogs NW’ event held at Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver, Washington. As with most events, part of the fun is to have prominent people occupy the “dunk tank,” giving others the opportunity to dunk them into water, for a small fee to be applied towards the particular event.

I didn’t arrive early enough to tape some others, but was pleased to see Craig Riley, who is running against Sharon Wylie for the seat in the 49th legislative district sitting on the dunk tank and, having fun at it, as did those who successfully dunked him (especially the children).

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April 17, 2010

The Call Of Freedom Rang Loud In Esther Short Park

by lewwaters

Saturday, April 17, 2010 a large crowd gather in Vancouver’s Esther Short Park to unite and call for an end to the excessive taxation and government takeover of so many aspects of our lives we are currently seeing coming from Washington D.C. and Olympia.

Young and old, Black, White and Hispanic, Republican and Democrat and even an SEIU member, gathered in numbers that must have hit 1500 or more, all to join voices and call for our freedoms to be restored and protected.

Citizens angered and concerned about the out of control spending, ever higher taxes and elected officials ignoring the voices and will of the people came together by the hundreds of thousands earlier in the week across the nation. Clark County followed suit today and none were disappointed.

Those in attendance were treated to several guest speakers, Thomas Hann, coordinator of the event opened the event. Tom Niewulis reprised his Samuel Adams role inspiring the crowd with a voice from our founders. Reverend Wayne Perryman spoke of the history of Democrats in slavery in our countries past. Juliana McMahan of Evergreen Freedom Foundation gave an accounting of the dysfunction recently seen in Olympia as we saw the largest tax increases in our states history.

Greg Noelk Columnist for spoke, but the featured speaker was our Daughter of Democracy heard every day on Portland’s KPAM 860 AM, Victoria Taft as she charged up the crowd in her speech, giving thanks to all Veterans in attendance and those serving currently.

Although not a campaign event, several candidates for office were there mingling with the people and getting known. David Castillo, Anthony Bittner, Ann Rivers, Brian Peck, Shannon Barnett, Chris Boyd and David Hedrick were seen mingling and shaking hands. Jaime Herrera’s campaign had a table set up and I heard that she too made an appearance, but I didn’t get the chance to say hello to her.

Craig Riley was in Israel but his campaign filled for him. I even heard Jim Moeller, aka ‘Da Taxman,’ one who joyfully selected to slap all these new taxes on us was there for a little bit.

If I missed some candidates my apologies as I couldn’t see everybody.

Far from the majority party and much of the media has tried to portray, there was no incidence of racism, hate speech or even violence. Even the attendee in the SEIU tee shirt was welcomed; leading me to believe he came dressed in the shirt to show that not all members of the SEIU are like the thugs that beat up Kenneth Gladney last year outside a town hall in St. Louis, Missouri.

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera was recently taken to task for perpetuating the false charges of the groups.

Lest any think that Tea Partiers are just selfish or greedy, it isn’t for us we do this, but for our children, grandchildren and future generations that will bear the burden of the follies being pushed off on the citizens of America today.

In all, We The People must be congratulated for organizing and hosting the event. If any party crashers appeared, they either kept silent or were escorted away early as I don’t recall seeing them.

To our elected officials, CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?

You can count on hearing us in November.

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August 22, 2009

Organizing For America Offends Families Of Troops & Veterans

by lewwaters

Saturday August 22, 2009. An announcement in the Thursday, August 20 Columbian caught my eye on Organizing For America, a pro-Obama and decidedly left-winged group, planning on traveling through our county to gather ‘horror stories’ from people with private health insurance, figuring they could shock more people into believing the planned Obama take over of our healthcare and insurance system is best for America.

The group announced plans to gather at Esther Short Park to spread out from there.

Curious as to how they would manage this, my wife and I went down to Esther Short Park to witness the assembling, see what booths they may have set up and to wander through the Saturday Farmers Market held there each weekend.

Although we missed the initial gathering of activists who may have volunteered, we did see that there were not one, but two tables set up by Organizing for America activists.

Bearing in mind that even they have the freedom to spread their malicious lies about Republicans and others opposed to this massive takeover of one sixth of our economy, I especially noted that the sites chosen for both of their tables could not have been more inappropriate or offensive.

If it wasn’t a deliberate act of confrontation to set up where they did, it shows their lack of class and how they don’t care whom they offend to get their way.

The one booth was alongside the booth set up by a brand new chapter being organized for Blue Star Mothers, Moms who have Sons or Daughters who volunteered for our Military and are actively serving America at this time.

OAF - 1

That particular booth was almost inactive.

But, nearly directly across the sidewalk from the Blue Star Mothers was an active table of Organizing For America displaying their signs condemning any and every body who doesn’t roll over and play dead to accept this takeover of our healthcare industry.

Most offensive to the Moms manning the Blue Star Mother booth was that Organizing For America chose to put out a sign directly across from their booth saying, “Trillions for Wars and nothing for healthcare?” Of course, this is a blatant lie as we have poured billions of dollars into healthcare and other social programs. But, that doesn’t stop Organizing For America in their effort to subjugate us under the rule of Obama.

OFA - 5

Offensive because the Moms manning the Blue Star Mothers booth had to look at that sign, with their sons all serving our country today.

These are women who, whether or not they even agree with the war, have sons who are serving in our Military and whose sons either have been to the war or are in training. One Mom I spoke to said her son is currently in Mosul, a hotspot in Iraq and yes, she worries about him every day, like any Mom would.

Blue Star - 1

Blue Star Moms, Stephanie Wesztergom, Donna Eisinger and Crysta Alger look upon offensive sign.

The look on these Moms faces speaks volumes as they have to see that sign, knowing there are people directly across from them that could care less about the safety of their sons fighting for America and who would happily abandon them over there, withdraw all funding that supports and feeds them and divert it to wasteful government giveaways to those not entitled to it here.

And the attitude of the people manning the Organizing For Booth? Happy go lucky, without a care for how their hateful rhetoric may offend those they set up across from.

OFA - 9

Organizing For America, have you no shame? Have you no heart? Is converting America to socialism so important to you that basic humanity and thoughtfulness no longer exists in your world?

It seems the only “uniting” your messiah in Washington D.C. encourages is to knuckle under to his dictatorial control.

Shame on you, Organizing for America. You encourage violent acts at townhalls to deny us our free speech. You encourage highjacking of public events to ensure our side doesn’t get heard. You encourage lies about citizens and insurance companies, claiming the wages of top executives is “stealing from healthcare.”

And now, you disparage the families of those serving America and who fight to protect your freedom to spread your filthy lies.

How thoughtless you all have become since aligning with the socialists ruining America and the future of our grandchildren.

July 23, 2009

Religious Bigotry On The Rise

by lewwaters

Submitted by Sharon Long

Religious freedom is under assault in our country. Under the guise of “Separation of church and state” that does not appear in the Constitution or Bill of Rights, people are attempting to remove religious speech from the public square.

I was working a political booth at Esther Short Park on Saturday, July 18, when a vendor came up to us asking our position on religious speech in the public park. When I expressed support for it, quite a discussion ensued. This person believed that freedom of religious only meant I could go to any place of worship I desired, not that I had the freedom to express my religious thoughts. In fact, he believed that any public expression of religious thought must be banned from the public square because of “Separation of church and state”.

He went so far as to say he had a right not to be “offended.” Since when? We are guaranteed the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There is nothing that says we have a right not to be offended. Lots of things that happen in public offend me. Some humor offends me but others find it hilarious. Where is our “tolerance” of differing points of view? For some it seems to stop with religion.

How can allowing personal expressions of faith in public be establishing a religion? It doesn’t. The flip side of the establishment clause is that government cannot be ‘hostile’ to religion and that is what this individual proposes. He proposes singling out religious speech to censorship. Prohibiting free speech in the public square certainly violates the Bill of Rights portion that says the government cannot “establish a religion nor prohibit the free exercise thereof.” A huge part of the Christian faith is expressed in evangelism, seeking to share our faith with others. Our forefathers wanted to insure that freedom by allowing freedom of religion. The term ‘separation of church and state’ is used to justify just the opposite. Our freedom of religion is being distorted into freedom “from” religion in the public square. We must not allow that to happen. We must raise our voices whenever there is an attempt to silence us. I am not a member of the religious group at Esther Short Park, but I am publicly protesting any attempt to remove them against their will. I applaud the management of the Farmers Market for standing up to religious bigotry.

July 22, 2009

No Violation Of Civil Rights At Esther Short Park Farmers Market

by lewwaters


It seems a misunderstanding, or miscommunication occurred last Saturday, July 18 at the Esther Short Park Farmers Market. Understandably, this upset some people, primarily political candidates and some from political parties that set up in the free Public Information Area at the NW corner of Esther Short Park.

It was said that a Farmers Market official told these candidates “they had been banished from the Farmers Market Area and would have to move to the far away NE corner of Esther Short Park next to Vancouver Commons.” Or at least, that is how some took it.

It was reported that this official said, “the City Manager had issued a directive banning PIAs from the Farmers Market Area.”

Another person representing one of the political parties said she arrived and found it odd that vendors were setting up where the PIA’s usually set up. As she was setting up, the mother of one of the candidates came over to inform her that the PIA’s, Freedom Row they call it, had been moved and she felt she should know before the set-up was finished.

Some of the Political candidates returned to the NW corner to set up their tables, vowing they would remain and exercise their right to be there.

As I first said, this is all due to a miscommunication that could have been easily resolved.

I emailed the City Manager, Pat McDonnell to ask about any such “directive” on banning PIA’s from the NW corner of Esther Short Park. He replied to me, “I think there were some miscommunication and some construction issues that caused the confusion…We did not issue a directive banning this from the Farmers Market Area.”

He further told me that the Program & Event Coordinator for the City of Vancouver would send me a more detailed explanation of what happened and why. Below is her email I received,

I would like to explain the confusion and miscommunication that took place last week regarding the Public Information Area in Esther Short Park.”

Due to both the addition of the Friday Night Market and the need to relocate some Farmer’s Market vendor booths that were displaced as a result of gas line work being done on 6th Street, the Farmer’s Market obtained a permit to use the grass along the north side of Esther Short Park and 8th St.”

As you know, the PIA has traditionally been located in the NW corner of Esther Short Park immediately adjacent to the Farmer’s Market on Esther St. To ensure that the designated Public Information Area for Esther Short Park remained adjacent to the Farmer’s Market, careful work was done to locate the PIA adjacent to the Farmer’s Market’s new permitted area inside the park. New signage was created to ensure clarity that the PIA was not gone, just temporarily moved.”

My understanding is that the Farmer’s Market did not occupy the area in which they were newly permitted last weekend. This caused confusion about the PIA since the new-signed area now appeared to be yards away from the Market as well as its original location. I believe there may have also been some confusion with the Market’s staff in regards to the movement of the PIA and their obligation to inform the public of this move.”

In the future, you can be assured, the PIA in Esther Short Park will always be immediately adjacent to the Farmer’s Market, not yards away! There may still be a few weeks where the Farmer’s Market needs to be in Esther Short Park due to the continued work on the gas line.”

To clarify, the Public Information Area in Esther Short Park is a designated area that individuals and/or organizations may set-up tables and/or canopy tents for the purpose of passing out and/or displaying information. The PIA is by no means the only location where individuals can disseminate information to the public. A person can, at any time, talk with people and pass out literature on any public right-of-way (sidewalk), but they may not block that right-of-way. Since they cannot set-up a table and/or tent in a public right-of-way, we created the PIA in Esther Short Park. The PIA in Esther Short Park is the only space besides the playground area that may not be reserved/rented for an event.”

Rest assured, it appears our Civil Rights remain intact and political candidates of both parties, as well as information booths of both parties, will still be there next to the Farmers Market on Saturdays.

On a related measure, a vendor who objected to another booth set up by a particular religion confronted the lady who I spoke of above. As she said,

Aside from a personal bias against that particular religion, he was also very bigoted about ‘separation of church and state’ meaning that religious speech should not be allowed in a public park. That is a quieter but more insidious threat to our freedoms than anything about where we are located in the park.”

I have to agree with her on stifling anyone’s freedom of speech to speak of their religion in public. No one has to listen to them and they are free to walk away, just as we are if anti-religious people speak out in public or political candidates we disagree with.

Freedom is precious and if we wish to retain ours, we must accept that others also have the freedom to speak out, even if we are offended.