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May 31, 2015

Bernie Sanders Socialist Platitudes

by lewwaters

Received in email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, titled: “AWESOME Bernie Sanders quote;”

Sanders, Govt's Belongs to People

I guess we are to believe, much like the early Bolsheviks and Marxist convinced the people of Russia in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, Sanders is and Democrats are for the so-called “little guy,” the struggling middle class worker and even the “professional” poor class in America today.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

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July 15, 2009

Man Up Obama, Recognize The Honduran Government

by lewwaters

As we all know, the Honduran government deposed sitting president, Manuel Zelaya some weeks ago.

Falsely labeled a coup d’état, the move was in accord with the Honduran constitution and widely supported by the Honduran people.

No world leader will now recognize the newly installed Honduran government and demand the return of the deposed Zelaya, including Barack Obama.

Roberto Micheletti, current Honduran president installed by the Honduran Congress after deposing Zelaya, has offered to hold early elections and step aside while refusing to allow Manuel Zelaya to return to power.

Talks have been held in Costa Rica with no success in settling what Zelaya calls a dispute, but in actuality is his desire to continue ruining tiny Honduras.

There has been one death to date in the Zelaya called for protests, backed by Venezuela’s Socialist leader, Hugo Chavez.

In what I can only see as complete irony, the deposed Zelaya has now issued a call for citizen insurrection within Honduras.

Other words for “insurrection” would include, “coup d’‚tat, insurgency, revolution, rebellion, and mutiny.” In short, Zelaya calls for the country to plunge itself into a Civil War.

The irony is in Zelaya’s words of,

The Honduran people have the right to insurrection,” and “Insurrection is a legitimate democratic right when faced with a usurping government and a coup-supporting military,” as he urges his supporters in Honduras to “strike, march and engage in civil disobedience because that is a necessary process when the democratic order of a country is disrupted.

I hate to be the one to point out the obvious to the deposed Manuel Zelaya, but isn’t that what the Honduran people have done, through their duly elected officials and in accord with their constitution?

The difference is, they deposed Zelaya without bloodshed. Perhaps not in the most appropriate or dignified manner, but bloodshed and bloody insurrection was avoided and the country’s constitution and Democratic spirit remains intact.

In true Socialist fashion, Zelaya sits outside the country issuing ultimatums for his immediate return knowing he has the backing of Obama, the Organization of American States and the U.N. General Assembly, in spite of the vast majority of Hondurans agreeing with his ouster.

Honduras is functioning within the boundaries of their constitution and should be recognized. Zelaya’s call for plunging the country into a bloody Civil War shows he is not fit to lead Honduras and should not be returned to the presidency.

In a related matter, we now read of a formerly wealthy entrepreneur, Allen Anderrson, who spent his fortune not only on building libraries for poor communities in Honduras, but by his own admission, played presidential kingmaker in Honduras . . . and won.

Anderrson proudly describes what he calls “shenanigans” that he orchestrated in the final days of the 2005 presidential election that propelled Zelaya into power. Anderrson calls it a

saga sprinkled with heaps of cash, private detectives, sting operations, attack ads, internecine squabbles and Anderrson’s own epic grudge against the opposition candidate, wealthy, Pepe Lobo.”

In Anderrson’s own words,

I just had a taste of blood in my mouth. My mission was not to avoid poverty or bankruptcy or disgrace; my mission was to beat Pepe Lobo.”

Anderrson, a self-described “imperfectly socialized person” with the appearance of an “aging-hippie-who-made-it” look is indicative of many leftists stuck in their draft dodging anti-Vietnam attitudes from long ago. Anderrson says he was “a very, very serious draft dodger, devoting years to the study and practice of draft dodging to avoid the Vietnam War.”

Yet, he also says of his own wealth,

I decided that if I could make a couple billion dollars, I could do truly revolutionary things in Central America.”

Somehow, it escapes these draft-dodging long hairs that they are engaging in the very “horrible, pointless and wicked exercise” they describe Viet Nam as being when they decide they can manipulate what goes inside of a sovereign nation like Honduras.

Mr. Obama, it is past time for you to be a real leader. Man-up and recognize the Honduran government currently governing a nation desiring only peace and to remain free.

Man-up and extradite Allen Anderrson for prosecution for his “meddling” into Honduran internal affairs and manipulating an election, denying free Hondurans a proper voice in their own elections.

Man-up, Obama. Stop being a wuss being led around by the nose by the likes of the Cuba’s Castro brothers and Venezuela’s Chavez.

Man-up, Obama! Recognize the Hondurans right to create their own “Hope and Change” as Yes, they did!

Let’s Get It Right, another site supporting a Free and Democratic Honduras.

July 1, 2009

Tiny Honduras Stands Alone For Freedom and Democracy

by lewwaters

Lone Soldier bTo the shame of the entire Free World, the tiny country of Honduras, with less that eight million people stands alone and in defiance of those who should be strong supporters of freedom and democracy.

It is especially embarrassing that the United States of America, who claims to be the beacon of freedom for the world, has joined with other oppressive regimes in demanding that Hondurans submit to a Marxist takeover by ousted former president Manuel Zelaya.

Earlier, elements of the Honduran Military, acting under the authority and orders of the Honduran Supreme Court and Congress peacefully removed Zelaya from office.

Within days, Venezuela’s own Marxist leader Hugo Chavez and Nicaragua’s Marxist Daniel Ortega began saber rattling and threatening to invade the tiny Central American country to force the reinstatement of Zelaya to power, although the majority of Hondurans support his ouster.

It is completely shameful that neither our media nor our newly installed leaders in government stand with a free nation exercising their free democratic will in accord with their laws and instead align themselves with such anti-freedom and anti-democratic groups as the Communist Party USA.

I recall when President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was being inaugurated and his famous speech where he stated,

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”

In his speech on the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis Kennedy said,

The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission.”

Unlike President Kennedy, we have the impotent Barack Obama joining other Marxist’s calling on Honduras to ignore their own constitution and reinstate a leader who was systematically destroying that very constitution.

We hear the Organization of American States issuing an ultimatum to Honduras to reinstate the one who was usurping and destroying their constitution to return him to power within 72 hours or face suspension from the group.

We see Secretary of State Hillary Clinton contemplating whether aid to the tiny poverty ridden nation should be cut.

We see the World Bank “pausing all program lending” to Honduras.

We see the United Nations General Assembly unanimously condemn the Hondurans for standing for freedom within their own country and in accord with their laws and constitution.

Instead, we hear those who ignore the reason and legality of Honduras’s move quoting that Zelaya was “democratically elected.”

Isn’t his removal with approval of the Honduran Congress and Supreme Court also “democratic?”

The world forgets that even Adolf Hitler was initially “democratically elected.”

Does that give a president Carte Blanc to shred his countries constitution and take power to himself, with the aid of outside Marxists like Hugo Chavez?

I find it totally ironic that at the time of Iranians standing up and being cut down over their faulty election results, this same “world” felt that “meddling” was improper. Yet, they now see “meddling” as appropriate in condemning and directing what tiny Honduras must do, in spite of their laws.

It is a complete embarrassment to the entire “free world” that tiny Honduras stands along against all as the hub of freedom and liberty for its people and awaits invasion from outside agitators to reinstall a despot who the majority of the nation do not want.

So called freedom lovers around the globe must hang their heads in shame for not standing with Honduras in their sovereign and constitutional correction of their leaders “new direction” they do not desire.

President Kennedy also said at one time,

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

If you force the return of ousted Manuel Zelaya to power, surely you will see such a violent revolution as the Honduran people rebel against the communist rule imposed on them after they peacefully removed it first!

Either we stand with Honduras now or we all submit to the socialist rule of enslavement advocated by the likes of Hugo Chavez and Barack Obama.

Hope and Change” are just hollow words with no meaning when freedom is denied as a result.

June 30, 2009

Obama: No Friend of Freedom; In Honduras or Iran

by lewwaters

Obama, Honduras Protestor
It is with utter disgust that I write this about the newly seated poseur in chief occupying the White House in what I supposed to be the leader of the free worlds seat. Barack Obama has shown his weakness and allegiance to tin horn dictators and oppressive leaders everywhere, even worse that that we saw in the late 1970’s under Jimmy Carter, unarguably the worst president ever in the history of the United States of America, until now.

In what a blind person could see was a rigged election, Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was retained in power over that theologically oppressed nation. Supporters of challenger Hossein Mousavi took to the streets in Tehran in protest, only to be met by thugs who beat and killed them by the scores.

Although they begged for help and support in over a week of protests, the beatings and killing persisted, eliciting a weak voice of “displeasure” from Obama, issued after days of silence and calling for everyone to just accept the election.

North Korea’s Kim Jung Il thumbs his nose at America and starves his own people while amassing weapons and building nuclear weapons in violation of nuclear treaties. He threatens even to annihilate America and Obama imposes more financial sanctions upon the starving military nation.

But, what takes the cake is his demand that Honduras reinstate their deposed president, in spite of him being removed under the authority of their constitution and by court and congressional order.

Aligning himself with Marxist dictators, Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega and Fidel Castro, Obama calls on Hondurans to reinstall ousted president Manuel Zelaya, calling his constitutionally sanctioned removal an illegal coup.
Zelaya was removed from the presidency by members of the Honduran Military, ordered by the Honduran Supreme Court and Congress after he illegally attempted to rewrite the Honduran constitution on his own, which the Supreme Court there ruled illegal.

Not to be thwarted, Zelaya called upon Marxist buddy, Hugo Chavez to send him the ballots he wanted voted on and ordered the Military to disperse those ballots. When that order was refused, Zelaya fired the Commanding General, who refused due to orders from the Supreme Court, who also ordered the general be reinstated. Zelaya refused and led a group to break into the warehouse where the ballots were stored to disperse them and force a vote on his referendum, even though the Congress and Supreme Court ruled it illegal.

For this, Zelaya was arrested and placed on an airplane to Costa Rica. The Military turned the country over to the Congress who swore in a new president, Roberto Micheletti to finish Zelaya’s term, with a promise of free elections at that time to choose a new president.

You can read the full story at Honduras Defends Its Democracy.

Clearly, Honduras acted within their constitution and with full sanction of their law and political leaders. Past Military Coups in Central America were known for bloodshed and deposed leaders being killed.

That did not happen here and all went peaceful and in accord with law and order. For Obama to now state, “It would be a terrible precedent if we start moving backwards into the era in which we are seeing military coups as a means of political transition, rather than democratic elections,” is ludicrous.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton chimed in with, “We do think that this has evolved into a coup.”

No, Mrs. Clinton, it is the evolution of a free people following their constitution to retain their freedom.

Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs says, “the [Obama] administration had worked in recent days to try to prevent the coup from happening, and our goal now is on restoring democratic order in Honduras.”

Remember that Obama refuses to meddle in Iran where Iranians stood up for a free voice and free elections, but he now sees no problem in meddling in Honduras where a free people took constitutionally mandated steps to remain a free people?

Recall too that all communist nations refer to their oppressive regimes as “democratic order.”

Perhaps Obama fears the American people may wake up to his own putsch toward Marxist socialism and he will be removed from office as per what is left of our own constitution?

Hondurans acted within their constitution in a legal and peaceful way to retain their freedom and keep their constitution and laws intact. They must be applauded and supported, not condemned. Only a small minority of Zelaya supporters has tried to create unrest while upwards of 95% of Hondurans support this move.

Obama is off base and out of order in his demands upon Honduras, as is the rest of the world who cries foul for the Honduran people acting within their constitution.

Democracy and law and order prevail in Honduras. Honduran people, not outside forces and not by bloodshed, have removed a power mad wannabe dictator peacefully. The small country retains its dignity and democracy.

Perhaps American citizens could learn much by looking to Honduras.