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May 5, 2014

Who Should Replace Garry Lucas as Sheriff?

by lewwaters

Sheriff BadgeAs we know, Sheriff Garry Lucas is retiring after this term ends. What we may think of his time in office is now irrelevant as we seek to wade through four candidates, so far, that have filed to replace him.

This blog cannot make an endorsement at this time and likely will not endorse in the primary, but all four, John Graser, Ed Owens, Chuck Atkins and Shane Gardner have been sent a questionnaire with identical questions that I hope to use to provide a fair comparison of each. Chuck Atkins has earned this blogs endorsement due to his being the most experienced candidate running.

So far, Chuck Atkins has acknowledged receipt of the questionnaire and John Graser as returned it filled out. I await Ed Owens and Shane Gardner.

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June 2, 2011

Public Records Should Not Be Held Behind a Stone Wall

by lewwaters

I am always disheartened to see elected officials I have supported and voted for not fully living up to their oaths of office or complying with the written laws they swore to uphold. It matters not if they are a Democrat, Republican or non-Partisan, we elect them and expect them to comply with all laws, major and minor and conduct themselves appropriately.

Sheriff Gary Lucas of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office is such a person I have supported and voted for each time he ran. But it does disturb me to see that he is now dragging his feet for weeks on complying with a public records request, even after being told by the State Attorney General’s office that he must.

The request was initially made by Marcus Griffith of the Vancouver Voice and addressed by him HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and now HERE where Griffith makes a valid point in how such stone walling erodes the public’s trust in the official.

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