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December 13, 2015

Playing Politics With Your Life

by lewwaters

Taurus 2In what I can only describe as placing political gain over the safety of American citizens, Democrats have once again shown that nothing matters much to them but political power as they now play political games to score points over actually addressing the problem of terrorism.

From the Hill we read the headline, Dems shift terror debate to guns and the words

“Democrats are seeking to limit the political fallout from the attack in San Bernardino, Calif., by pressing for legislation that would prevent terrorism suspects from buying a gun.”
“Leaders in the party think they have a winning message in pushing legislation that would ban gun sales to people on the federal terror watch list, and have made the bill a focal point of their response to the shooting.”

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December 22, 2014

Anti-Gun Ad Encourages Children to Break Gun Laws

by lewwaters

Unbelievable, even for the anti-gun fanatics. View the video and see how many violations of both the law covering guns and safe gun handling rules taught by the NRA and other gun groups you see.

One of the most irresponsible ads I have ever seen. A loaded gun in the hands of an untrained child, carrying it to school, and theft? The gun is legal. Everything encouraged in this ad is not. This is no way to lessen any violence and in fact, could be the cause of more of it.

See more at PSA encourages kids to steal parents’ guns, hand over to teachers

April 3, 2013

Gun Control Advocates Decimated, by a 15 Year-Old

by lewwaters

An unidentified 15 year-old girl speaks before a legislative body, I believe in Maryland and with a little bit of common sense, deconstructs every single strawman argument currently being promoted by gun grabbers in America.

Well done, young lady.

We must ask ourselves, how is it a 15 year-old can so easily see the fallacy of the current cries of gun-grabbers and is willing to speak out to protect her future rights, yet so many others sit back quietly and hope there are sufficient numbers of other people willing to take stand and protect our rights?

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December 31, 2012

Celebrity Hypocrites

by lewwaters

Again we watch as liberals and progressives launch yet another assault on our constitutional second amendment rights. Some of the loudest have been the so called celebrities out of Hollywood, California. The below videos brilliantly display Hollywood’s hypocrisy as they demand an end to gun violence, after collecting millions of dollars glorifying gun violence in their movies and hiring armed security guards for themselves.

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September 3, 2011

Portland’s Mayor Adams, “illegal guns have swamped the city”

by lewwaters

After 6 teens were shot in the Albina neighborhood Friday, Portland’s Mayor Adams “says police are out in ‘full strength’ to prevent retaliation.” He also stated, “To be very blunt, illegal guns have swamped the city.”

The Oregonian

I am left perplexed at how such violence continues in the Northwests center of Liberalism, peace, love and tolerance.

Even after Portland Police Chief Mike Reese said in 2010, “I believe we are peacekeepers not law enforcement and that’s my goal,” alleged gang related violence seems to be escalating in Portland, a city that prides itself on tolerance, peace and understanding.

Mayor Adams recently got his 5 new gun control measures approved by city council and still, youth gun violence continues to rise.

Earlier this year, Adams called for Tougher Background Checks on all legal gun transactions, but now he says it is “illegal guns are swamping the city.”

Do you think an ordinance on stricter background checks on all illegal gun transactions would help?

But I am still left wondering just how the Pacific Northwests Mecca of Liberalism, multiculturalism, peace, love and tolerance continues to be besieged by increasing gang related shootings.

No doubt, somehow it’s Bush’s fault.