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August 29, 2016

Just What Is a “Real Republican?”

by lewwaters

Elephant 3Since the Clark County Republican Party took their suicidal plunge towards irrelevancy this past Saturday, I now see increasing comments regarding “Real Republicans,” indicating Republican candidates and incumbents such as candidate for County Council District 3 John Blom, incumbent 18th Legislative District State Senator Ann Rivers and incumbent 3rd Congressional District Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler are not “Real Republicans.”

Claims are that this declaration is based upon their voting records in the case of Herrera Beutler and Rivers and that Blom’s votes on the Planning Commission do not reflect those preferred by the leaders of the Clark County Republican Party or outgoing County Councilor, David Madore.

In the case of Blom, Madore showed himself to be an extremely poor loser last evening by labeling Blom and several others as “politicians [that] wage war against citizens and against faithful citizen representatives” and “those falsely campaigning as an R.”

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January 8, 2011

As Expected, Liberal Trolls Begin Blaming With No Evidence

by lewwaters

As expected and all too often seen, today’s tragic murder of 6 people, including a federal Judge and a 9 year-old child, believed to be targeting Democrat congresswoman Gabrielle Gibbons of Arizona’s 8th district has liberals frothing at the mouth in blaming others with no evidence whatsoever.

It has become common place in America’s politically charged partisanship that liberal Democrats are never to blame for anything and talk radio, Fox News and conservatives in general are the reason for all that is wrong. That it is not true is of no relevance to the leftist in our midst, only promoting their agenda du jour.

Today’s alleged shooter, 22 year-old Jared Lee Loughner was quickly identified not only as the shooter by witnesses, but immediately news sites reporting the Arizona atrocity began seeing comments left placing blame on the backs of the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Conservatives, Talk Radio and whoever they could blame, so long as they never have to look at their own hatemongering rhetoric.

Unfortunately for the leftists, they are once again left looking like total fools as all indications point to Loughner being a liberal psychotic and unhinged. If anything, he really has no political affiliation, evidenced by incomprehensible ramblings left posted on websites and videos.

Is Daily Kos Involved In Arizona Murders?

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