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October 7, 2018

Okay, Who Left the Safe Spaces Doors Open?

by lewwaters

After weeks of contentious bickering, last minutes sexual allegations no one could corroborate and much wailing and gnashing of teeth, Brett Kavanaugh was finally confirmed to be our latest Associate Justice to the Supreme Court by a narrow 50 to 48 vote, largely along party lines.

I have to state that in all of my 70 years, this was the most pathetic display of underhanded, unnecessary and outrageous conduct on the part of Democrats I can recall.

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November 21, 2010

Note to Incoming Republicans: Don’t Forget, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

by lewwaters

The smoke has settled and the newly elected Representatives are assembled in Washington D.C. receiving their orientation and selecting office space. Come January and the House of Representatives switches back to a significant majority of Republicans while the Senate will remain in Democrat hand, but with a much smaller majority.

The new junior legislators ran on a variety of promises to be elected, from repealing Obamacare to restoring jobs in America. With the nation still locked deep in massive unemployment and unemployment benefits running out, many already exhausting the meager checks long ago, jobs must be the number one priority if we are to begin actually making any significant recovery.

Some of these new Representatives campaigned on promises they would create the jobs and bring them back to the districts they will soon represent. Voters will surely be disappointed when they realize the jobs created by Congress will just prolong the Great Recession and those who made such promises may end up not only facing some very angry constituents, but in 2 years will see their seats taken away from them.

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June 13, 2010

A Quick Education for Jon T. Haugen

by lewwaters

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised to see Jon Haugen attempting another run for public office, after he failed displace state senator Joe Zarelli in 2008. Even though Zarelli is considered a weak Republican by many, he defeated Haugen by a significant margin, nearly 10% more votes.

Haugen ran as a Democrat in 2008, but chose to enter as “prefers neither party,” joining an already crowded field vying for the 18th Legislative District position 1seat being vacated by Jaime Herrera.

I remember in 2008 when I took Haugen to task for his reliance on mudslinging against Zarelli over his own qualifications.

Expecting similar sleazy tactics, I popped over to his website to see who would be his target in the crowded field and what I found leaves me somewhat speechless as to his intent should he somehow be elected.

While he espouses some impressive conservative stances on some issues, I was shocked to see that a retired Naval Veteran would make a call to, “Eliminate the Washington State House of Representatives,” who should know that the House is constitutionally mandated and for good reason as our founding fathers saw that instituting such “Checks & Balances” would be needed to prevent tyranny.

Can you imagine one body deciding all of the time what bills and laws are passed as we see today with single party rule? Can you imagine such a lop-sided governing body full time?

While the House is expensive, costs can be decreased by getting government back under control, not eliminating one of the intended measures of “Checks & Balances” designed by the founders to ensure we remain a free people.

I refer Mr. Haugen to our state constitution where it states in Article II, “The legislative authority of the state of Washington shall be vested in the legislature, consisting of a senate and house of representatives,” clearly modeled after our United States Constitution where the founders designed the system of “Checks & Balances” we have enjoyed for over two centuries now.

A reasonable explanation of this set-up is explained by Robert Longley at under, Why We Have a House and Senate, Driven by Their Differences.

Be sure to visit the Federalist Papers linked to as well.

Longley explains, “The Founders intended that the House be seen as more closely representing the will of the people than the Senate,” echoing what I was taught in 8th grade Civics class.

In other words, Haugen, by intending to eliminate this body of government, seeks to eliminate the very voice we the people were supposed to have as designed by the founders.

Granted, we have not always had that voice due to poor representation, but that does that call for throwing the baby out with the bath water approach Haugen suggests?

Wouldn’t it be better for increased efforts in voter education to ensure we actually receive that voice in the government by electing truly qualified representatives?

Haugen claims on his web page this move of his “Saves at least $10 million per year.”

I only ask Mr. Haugen, a man who I’m sure served honorably in the U.S. Navy, how much is our freedom worth?

Is it worth so little that you would advocate the elimination of the very system of “Checks & Balances” our founders designed to ensure our freedom from oppression and tyranny?

While such a stance might resonate amongst some of the fringe elements, clearly such a stance would not serve the people of Washington State.

I am unaware of a single state within our country that does not have such a system modeled after the “Checks & Balances” our founders designed.

Should Washington State begin the march towards the very tyranny they sought so hard to avoid?

He might have admirable stances on some other issues, but our freedom is fragile enough without Jon T. Haugen’s desire to slowly take them away from us.

July 17, 2009

Jon Russell Files To Oppose Baird In 3rd District

by lewwaters

Jon Russell Clark Counties own Jon Russell has thrown his hat in the ring seeking to unseat incumbent Democrat, Brian Baird for Washington’s Third Congressional District, alongside Centralia’s David Castillo.

Russell is well known in Clark County as a former leader of the evangelical Faith & Freedom Network and as Council Member on the Washougal City Council. In 2004 he served as the Southwest Washington campaign director for the State House Republicans’ political committee.

Russell’s Campaign Site lists him as,

a City Councilman and small business owner, an innovator in health care reform and most importantly, a husband and father of two girls.”

Together with his wife, Sarah, they are the owners of Columbia Gorge Medical Center, an urgent and family care clinic established in Washougal in 2008. The About Us page claims,

CGMC was founded on a belief that everyone should have access to affordable basic healthcare.”

In Russell’s Announcement page on his campaign website, he states,

This is a day that has taken a lifetime of preparation and months of planning. I look forward to meeting voters on the campaign trail and making the case for new representation for Southwest Washington. I represent a new generation of reformers who are fed up with career politicians in Congress because they suffer from a lack of vision and the will to do the right thing for the people. I am running for congress to represent the ideas and hard work of everyday people; I believe we can balance the federal budget, American companies should be allowed to develop alternative and independent energy sources, we can find a way to make healthcare work for everyone through non-profit and private sector solutions.”

He also states, in part,

I come from a middle class family. My father was a Teamster truck driver, and my mom worked as an occupational therapist assistant. Growing up, my parents were very clear that I would have to make my own way through life and not to rely on them or the government for help. I had to financially pay my own way through college, working in lumber mills and distribution factories. I have had to work even harder to own my business,”

much like the background expressed by fellow GOP challenger, David Castillo.

It is not surprising that incumbent Representative Brian Baird is facing two such challengers, as his congressional performance has been dismal of late, alienating many constituents within Washington States Third District from both sides of the aisle.

Clark County Conservative has discussed his poor performance HERE and HERE.

Upon announcing his candidacy, Russell began coming under fire from leftist media like the Olympian who lead their story claiming, “a history of opposing gay rights” and also from the far left Northwest Progressive Institute who call Russell “virulently anti-gay.”

Such is the “intolerance” of the “tolerant” leftist as they continue in their smear tactics.

While the primaries and even the actual election are still far off, those of us who are fed up with Brian Baird’s selling out the 3rd District and taking lavish vacations on our dime to places as the Galapagos Islands, claiming to be “learning about climate change, ocean acidification, El Nino, maritime reserves protection and research,” have a choice now.

Castillo is better known in the north end of the district, Russell in the southern end. Both have humble backgrounds.

Only one will face off against Baird and that is the choice we voters must make.

Castillo has won the endorsement of State Attorney General, Rob McKenna as well as Republicans, Senator Dan Swecker and Representatives Gary Alexander and Richard DeBolt.

I am unable to find any endorsement announcements for Russell, but his campaign is just getting off the ground and either he or his supporters are more than welcome to let us know of any.

June 15, 2009

Castillo For Congress, 3rd District, Washington State

by lewwaters

David CastilloBrian Baird, move over, you are soon to meet your match in David Castillo, Republican running to unseat you in Washington State’s 3rd Congressional District.

I had the honor of personally meeting David Castillo Saturday, June 13 and having the chance to speak with him personally and get to hear where he stands on issues. Needless to say, I was impressed and believe me, I am a hard one to impress.

David comes from a background, not of privilege, but hard work. He grew up as the only son of a single Mom with 3 sisters. Money was tight, as it was for many of us. His Mom and grandparents taught him the value of hard work, to aspire to better things than accepting or relying on government handouts, that education was key to any success he would find in life and that America is a great nation with great possibilities for those who are willing to work hard.

He learned those lessons well.

He joined the United States Navy in 1986, spending 4 years as an enlisted man with Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron SIX in San Diego. As a former United States Army helicopter Crew Chief/Mechanic myself, I can verify the hard work and tedious nature of Helicopters and what an important function they have with our Armed Services.

Receiving an NROTC scholarship in 1989, he attended the University of Washington where he earned a Bachelors Degree in Political Science, moving on to earn his Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University.

David is a Veteran of Operation Earnest Will, when President Reagan assigned the United States Navy to escort and protect Kuwaiti Oil Tankers from Iranian attack as they steamed through the Persian Gulf during the Iran/Iraq War on the 1980’s.

A native Washingtonian, born in Centralia, he served various posts in our State Legislature including as Chief of Staff to the House Republican Caucus and as Legislative Assistant. He also served at the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Labor and was Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Department of Veterans Affairs under President Bush.

He recognizes that in today’s world, there exist some extremely evil people who wish only to kill Americans and because of that, we must remain vigilant. To bring normalcy to Afghanistan, he feels we must remain on the offensive, push back the Taliban and that establishing a friendly government is imperative.

David is extremely concerned over the growing threat of nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran and North Korea and their potential to thrust the world into a nuclear war and that Iran’s president Ahmadinejad wants to do just what he says he wants to do – wipe Israel off the map. Continuing sanctions against Iran, insisting on inspectors, and continuing to build up US and Israeli missile defenses is a better defense than the empty platitudes currently being sent, which are ignored.

As China is North Korea’s only real trading partner, they must be encouraged to engage with North Korea in ending their quest for nuclear weaponry.

David supports ending earmarks along with scrapping the current tax system in favor of a more flat tax, of some sort. Lowering corporate taxes and reducing payroll taxes will lead to much needed job creation in our country and Washington State. Fraud, waste, and abuse in the Federal budget must be addressed and ended to bring us back to fiscal sanity.

Don’t forget that current Representative, Brian Baird touts his proposed 72-hour public review period for major spending legislation, yet when the recent stimulus plan was presented to the House with mere hours to review it, Baird voted yes and like others, did not even read it!

And now, we hear Vice President Biden come out and say, “everyone guessed wrong.”

Being a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones Investments, David Castillo wouldn’t necessarily have made a simple “guess” in such an important matter, following every other Republican in the House who voted NO on such a massive bill without any knowledge of what was in it.

David sees that the safety of the citizens is the paramount duty of government and the security of our borders is priority one. Then, we can decide appropriate steps that should be taken in the matter of Illegal immigrants. He has some ideas in dealing with this and is open to listening to any legitimate ideas others may have. But first, “our borders must be secured,” he says.

Asked about more specific steps he would take, Castillo said, “I would consider requiring that all businesses use the E-Verify system. It is free to them and is not labor intensive.”

A man of varied heritage who knows how it is when money is tight and “church and friends were a vital resource,” David Castillo is ready to give Washington States Third Congressional District “A new voice. A voice for people who believe that government is growing too big and taxes are too high. A voice for people who believe that America remains an exceptional country and that our best days lie ahead.”

He would like to “ensure that our children and grandchildren have the same opportunity to succeed that he had; to work to return fiscal sanity and the concept of savings to the US Congress; and to help create a climate in which businesses can thrive, succeed, and grow.”

Washingtonians, please join with me in supporting this fine man in his run for the US Congress. In these troubled times, his is a new voice with sound ideas that can only help keep America safe, prosperous and free.

Support and vote for David Castillo, Washington States Third Congressional District. Donations to his campaign may be made online at the link provided or sent to “Castillo for Congress, PO Box 247, East Olympia, WA 98540.”

Let’s all get behind David Castillo, for the betterment of Washington State and America.

August 17, 2008

A Message From Christine Webb

by lewwaters

Christine Webb is a late comer to our primary. She filed just under the deadline. But she needs our vote.

She is running against incumbant Brian Baird, challenger from Baird’s own party, Cheryl Crist and Libertarian/Republican, Michael Delavar.

A Message From Christine

Beating an incumbant is very difficult. Baird is firmly entrenched in his seat. Crist labels herself as the “Peace Candidate,” who like Delavar, would abandon yet another struggling ally to their fate, invalidating the Brave sacrifices of of over 4,000 Young Americans.

Delavar and Webb share strong fiscal conservatives views, but of what good will they be if we end up fighting suicide bombers and IED’s on our own streets?

Baird boasts about how he “stood up to President Bush,” but I see nowhere that he stood up to Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Delavar has a well financed campaign and has been running some effective campaign ads, citing his fiscal views. Not mentioned is the strong support for and adoption of the views of failed presidential candidate, Ron Paul.

Delavar and Paul advocate outsourcing the defense of our nation to mercenaries under an outdated and banned in Europe for over a century, Letters of Marque and Reprisal.

Webb would depend upon our own strong and well trained all volunteer professional Military for our defense.

Please join me in voting for Christine Webb, candidate for the United States House of Representatives, Washington’s 3rd District, endorsed by the Washington State GOP, 3rd Congressional District, the Columbian, the Chronicle, Human Lifepac, Human Life of Washington, her own kids and more.