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February 2, 2020

A Note to Clark County Republicans

by lewwaters

Just a note for those Republicans calling for Republicans to vote Democrat or abstain voting at all (thereby enabling another Democrat to be elected), for you that are upset and believing Jaime Herrera Beutler does not vote how you desire often enough, think of how often Carolyn Long will vote your way as a Democrat firmly entrenched in the 3rd Congressional District representative seat and opposed to every issue you support.

In the case of state legislators, again consider how Democrats, already in a comfortable majority will run over you with tax increase, LGBT Education, Gun Control and bans with even fewer Republicans to try and counter their moves.

If you think it will be a “cake walk” to retake any seat you give up to Democrats now, you’re as dumb as a box of rocks. A district may very well be “conservative” now, but give it up to the Democrats to prove some point only switches that district to Liberal.

Really! What in the hell are you people thinking?

October 11, 2010

I-1098 Tele-Town Hall Wednesday!

by lewwaters

Washington Policy Center is sponsoring a Tele-Town Hall discussing I-1098, the initiative that would enact an income tax in the state of Washington, Wednesday October 13 at 7 P.M. From an email received from Washington Policy Center,

“If you would like to listen in to the call, you can access the event by clicking on the link and filling out the requested information at 7:00 pm October 13th. This will allow you to listen and participate in the tele-town hall through your computer.”

I-1098 is said to only apply to top wage earners. But, let there be no doubt that it would not always remain that way.

The class envy and stick it to the wealthy attitude seen coming out of Washington D.C. and Olympia, by politicians that only know how to spend our hard earned tax dollars to the point that we have little left, stands only to hurt the state as those top wage earners are also the job creators.

Don’t Fall for I-1098’s Claim of Lower Taxes

Lies by omission: the slimeballs shilling I-1098. Did they mention it’s an Income Tax?

More on I-1098, the income tax scam: massive tax increase.

Even the Columbian comes down in opposition to this ill-advised measure No on I-1098

I hope you will take the opportunity to tune in to the Washington Policy Center Tele-Town Hall and learn what you can on this proposed massive tax increase on Washington State citizens.

Additional information: Citizens’ Guide to Initiative 1098: To Establish a State Income Tax

Legal Analysis by Former State Supreme Court Justice says I-1098 Income Tax is Unconstitutional

May 19, 2010

Don’t Fall for I-1098’s Claim of Lower Taxes

by lewwaters

Progressive signature gatherers will be hitting the streets en masse soon, if not already, to gain your signature on a petition to place I-1098, a voter approved Income Tax on November’s ballot. The Olympians Brad Shannon covers some at I-1098’s income tax proposal ready for signatures.

Training sessions have been scheduled by the SEIU, who strongly support this initiative, to train signature gatherers and other training for the “Yes on I-1098” campaign. As usual, this is a very well organized effort by unions and progressives desiring to follow with the left-wing “redistribution of wealth” scheme that is slowly killing America.

You can expect signature gatherers to mislead by claiming it is a measure to “keep taxes low” or even to “lower taxes” when in actuality, it will raise everybody’s taxes, not just the wealthy as supporters and backers claim as they have until July 2 to gather over 325,000 signatures.

From a supporters site we read this initiative will:

• Reduces the state property tax by 20 percent, saving the average homeowner about $180 per year.
• Increases the small business tax credit from $420 to $4,800 annually, eliminating the state business and occupation tax for more than 80 percent of businesses, and reducing taxes for another 10 percent.
• Adds an income tax which will only be paid by couples with incomes over $400,000 and individuals with incomes over $200,000 – about 3 percent of households.
• Any changes in income tax levels by elected officials would require approval by voters

Please take note of the last claim, “Any changes in income tax levels by elected officials would require approval by voters.” Did we not just witness Democrats in Olympia gutting such a requirement for raising taxes when they “suspended” I-960?

Don’t forget too, these other taxes they claim will be lowered, many were supposedly just raised and we are told they are “temporary” raises.

The provision to prevent this income tax from being broadened to include the 97% supporters wish to convince won’t have to pay it contains no provision to keep it from being gutted, just as I-960 provisions were. Any one with an ounce of sense should know that eventually, we all will be paying it, along with sales tax and you can bet those “temporary taxes” will become a bit more permanent as our states spending habits remain unchanged.

Cutting property tax by 20% is laughable too as the states portion of our property tax now is only 21% of the property taxes we pay, resulting in what amounts to no more than a 4% reduction at most.

This latest slew of tax increases just kicked the burgeoning budget deficit down the road as the only actual spending cuts amount to little more than reductions in proposed spending increases. In other words, spending still increases every year and as long as Democrats retain control, so will taxes.

Washington voters approved an income tax back in the 1930’s that was overturned by the State Supreme Court as “unconstitutional” since Washington States Constitution Article VII, Section I states

“All taxes shall be uniform upon the same class of property within the territorial limits of the authority levying the tax and shall be levied and collected for public purposes only. The word ‘property’ as used herein shall mean and include everything, whether tangible or intangible, subject to ownership.”

Should this make it to the ballot and be approved by voters, it is sure to bring another court challenge on the constitutionality of it. The progressive website Publicola isn’t too confident it would withstand such a court challenge again.

Amber Gunn at the Heartland Institute addresses the constitutional aspect and brings out more problematic areas of the bill.

The initiative is not only being supported by Microsoft’s Bill Gates, but by the Service Employee’s International Union (SEIU) who already have scheduled “training classes” in Seattle for signature gatherers and supporters.

Also supporting this tax increase is the Washington Association of Churches, a “progressive” group claiming,

“A tax system that increasingly shifts payment for state services onto low and middle income families is inconsistent with our religious commitment to serve the common good.”

Somehow, WAC seems to miss how historically, such taxes end up passed onto “low and middle income families” as undoubtedly the tax will eventually include lower incomes, since income taxes are the least stable of all taxes, being dependent upon ever changing economic conditions each year.

WAC, sounding as socialistic as any left-wing group I’ve heard of, also says,

“We need clergy and religious leaders willing to sign up and speak out in favor of fairness in our tax system and for reducing the disparity of wealth in our state.”

I guess Separation of Church and State remains only if pertaining to a conservative cause.

WAC rounds out their plea with, Luke 12:48 “From everyone who has been given much, more will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more.”

I am left wondering if they truly believe what they say, are they and their member churches ready to give up their tax exempt status and stop passing collection plates at services out of concern over lower income people attending their services?

With the SEIU involved in “training” on this, you can expect deception at every turn. One of the most deceptive efforts will be to convince you this is really “middle class tax relief,” with claims of lowering many other taxes and “keeping taxes low.”

Should this initiative fool enough voters to actually make it to law and survive an expected court challenge, don’t be surprised to find out that you too will soon be paying it and rest assured, you will be told “it’s for the children” too.

March 19, 2010

Craig Riley Announces Candidacy In 49th Against Moeller

by lewwaters

Received today;

Craig Riley Announces Candidacy for Legislature, Position 2, in the 49th District

Riley, a successful businessman with expertise in job creation and healthcare issues, promises to restore responsible representative government to the citizens of the 49th District

Business leader Craig Riley declared his candidacy today for State Representative, position #2, in the 49th District. Craig is an expert in the two areas of greatest concern in this election, jobs and healthcare. For more than 20 years, Craig has provided Health Care Benefit advice to businesses, physician clinics and families. Craig gives weekly seminars on healthcare issues, helps senior citizens make informed decisions and works with local businesses to maximize health care benefits and minimize costs. Craig supports independence and choice in healthcare. He knows the push for a government run health care system will bankrupt our nation, will decrease the quality and availability of health care, and will enable Washington politicians (not your doctor) to decide who will receive care and who will not.

As a successful businessman, Craig also understands the unique challenges that can create or kill jobs in our community. We need Craig Riley’s expertise and responsible representation in Olympia to stop the “tax and spend” agenda of elected representatives who have turned a deaf ear to the concerns of the people they are supposed to represent and have grossly mismanaged taxpayer money. High individual and corporate taxes kill jobs. As Craig has said, “It is time to take back control and deliver a strong message to those who recklessly spend hard-earned taxpayer dollars. The failure to control spending has left many of us outraged with the current leadership in Olympia. I will work for you to halt the burden of needless regulations and oppressive tax increases on businesses and families that are already financially burdened.”

Craig is married, a devoted family man, and father to four grown children. His children all graduated from our public school system and he values their education. Craig believes in giving back to his community and one way he has done so is through coaching soccer. From the time his own children were small and started playing and even after they had finished, he continued coaching. He often would take youngsters at 7 and coach them until they could join their high school teams. Craig believes that strong families and good jobs are the background of a successful nation and will work hard to support both.

Or Mail to:Elect Craig Riley, 1701 Broadway #241, Vancouver, WA 98663
Paid for by the Committee to Elect Craig Riley,,360-258-0236

As I previoulsy stated in 49th L.D., We Deserve Better Than Jim ‘Taxman’ Moeller, Criag Riley is a man we need to Take back Control Of Olympia and help restore Washington State.

Criag ran for office once before, coming real close to unseating powerful Joe King, then speaker of the house in Olympia.

Come meet Craig at his Campaign Kick Off Celebration April 6th Tuesday, at the BRICKHOUSE Bar & Grill. On Main and Mill Plain, downtown Vancouver. Join him for a little music, a little laughter and a kick off celebration. 5:30-7:00.

March 12, 2010

Maryland’s Hard Learned Lesson To Washington State

by lewwaters

Much like Oregon and Washington have done, Maryland decided to “stick it to the wealthy” to make up budget shortfalls and increase funds received. As warned, the exact opposite happened. From a Wall Street Journal article;

“We reported in May that after passing a millionaire surtax nearly one-third of Maryland’s millionaires had gone missing, thus contributing to a decline in state revenues. The politicians in Annapolis had said they’d collect $106 million by raising its income tax rate on millionaire households to 6.25% from 4.75%. In cities like Baltimore and Bethesda, which apply add-on income taxes, the top tax rate with the surcharge now reaches as high as 9.3%—fifth highest in the nation. Liberals said this was based on incomplete data and that rich Marylanders hadn’t fled the state.”

“Well, the state comptroller’s office now has the final tax return data for 2008, the first year that the higher tax rates applied. The number of millionaire tax returns fell sharply to 5,529 from 7,898 in 2007, a 30% tumble. The taxes paid by rich filers fell by 22%, and instead of their payments increasing by $106 million, they fell by some $257 million.”

And, Maryland’s unemployment during this time?

Democrats will never learn.

March 8, 2010

Olympia Dictacrats Justify Raping Washington Taxpayers

by lewwaters

Our friends at Washington State Wire have posted a compilation of what they consider “The Best Speeches From the Senate Floor” concerning the ongoing rape of the taxpayers in our state.

Speeches are from both parties, but I paid particular notice to the comments made by our Dictacrats as they justify raping us even more with the largest budget tax increase in the history of the state, when we are also facing some of the worst economic troubles we’ve seen.

Below is my own assessment of their “justification.”

State Sen. Tracy Eide, D-Des Moines: “I would like to say this is one of the toughest votes I have taken in my political career.”

No, Ms. Eide. Tough would have been actually addressing the wasteful spending and cutting unnecessary programs an standing up to the Public Unions, like the SEIU who’s members continue to earn more wages than we in the private sector currently are.

“You know, I’ve heard nothing but terrible things about the government. It’s the big, bad wolf out there. Government’s a big, bad wolf. Well, ladies and gentlemen, do you know what government does for you?”

Yes, and you have an electorate that is rapidly going bankrupt trying to pay for Union labor on the state payroll. When do Dictacrats approach the Public Unions and overpaid College Professors for wage concessions? We’ve had to make them, when do they?

“Do I want to raise taxes? I say no. Hell, no. I don’t want to raise taxes. Who does?”

Uh, you voted for them, didn’t you?

State Sen. Jim Hargrove, D-Hoquiam: “[It] has been said many times is that this budget is going to cost jobs. And I agree… So again I say jobs are important, but state jobs – jobs of people that are doing the services that ours citizens ask us for – are also legitimate jobs and also part of our economy.”

No one denies that public sector jobs aren’t also important, but how many? What level of wages need paid, with benefits, compared to private sector jobs that actually fill the treasury with tax dollars to pay these public jobs? And, why must public sector jobs be union jobs complete with higher wages and benefits we in the private sector only dream of, but paid for by us?

State Sen. Karen Keiser, D-Kent: “We’ve heard…, that the reason we’re having this problem is because state spending is out of control, that state spending keeps going up and up and up… We spent a lot of dollars on public education, as we should – it’s our paramount duty.”

As if that is the only place spending has increased? Yes, some budget cuts were made last year, but what about all the previous years? The Seattle Times in 2008 published, How state spending rose $8 billion under Gregoire.

And, those education dollars. How much to teach children of ILLEGAL immigrants? What about healthcare and welfare to those who cross our borders in violation of our laws, who seem to easily find work while we see double digit unemployment for Washington taxpayers?

Maybe our Olympia Dictacrats would do well to consider the account given between Davy Crockett and Horatio Bunce.

“We’re not overspending. We are doing our job.”

Horse hockey!

State Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles, D-Seattle: “It seems it’s fine to say it’s okay to cut jobs if they are state employees. It’s not okay if jobs in the private sector are cut. It seems that it’s okay to have people paid more highly in the private sector, but not okay for people to make good wages in the public sector.”

Does this woman come from the Twilight Zone? Does she not see the unemployment rate in our state? Would she do away with private sector jobs, opting for all public sector? Where would she figure on filling tax coffers then?

“We also have bemoaned over the years that we hear from constituents that they don’t like that their kids can’t get into the University of Washington, and isn’t that horrible?”

Is there a reason kids today can’t be expected to work their way through college?

State Sen. Randy Gordon, D-Bellevue: “We’re trying to fix this problem any way that we can.”

Bankrupting taxpayers is “fixing the problem” that you people caused?

“Government is for the people. Thirty cents to preserve these things is a small price to pay, and the average price to a Washingtonian is actually $29.33 for this tax.”

I think we are going to pay a bit more than just 30 cents per $100. That is just the teaser they pushed off on us, in hopes we will approve of taking it off later in favor of a progressive income tax. Oh yes, it will only be on the so-called wealthy… to start.

Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown, D-Spokane: “I think you know we are in the most serious economic downturn since the Great Depression. All of our families are feeling it, and I’m sure your community is as well as mine.”

And, with that attitude, you commence to raping taxpayers that are now struggling even more?

“I’m happy to say that we have managed to balance our budget by passing this bill today. That serious economic recession that we’re undergoing opened up a gaping $12 billion hole in our two-year budget.”

And just what do you intend to do for the next budget? Will you raise taxes on what few businesses may be left? Extend your hoped for income tax downward, like we all know you will do anyways?

“We’ve done reductions in every functional area of state government that is not constitutionally protected or part of some kind of federal match that we can’t cut.”

What about concessions from Public Unions? I don’t recall hearing about those. Did she intentionally miss Democrats Quietly Restored $6.5 Million for an SEIU-Backed Training Program?

And we should not forget that it is Lisa Brown who teases us with the sales tax increase and promise of removing it in November, should we approve of their Progressive Income Tax, as she laid out on her blog post Letting the people decide.

Funny, she wants us to “decide” on an income tax after gutting I-960 that we already decided on in 2007.

State Sen. Rodney Tom, D-Bellevue: “I believe it’s too large, and more importantly, I think the inclusion of the sales tax is very harmful on an economy that is struggling to recover… I don’t think we have fully recognized exactly where our economy is, that it is very tenuous, it is very fragile. If you look at the economic numbers in Washington state, our unemployment is 9.2 percent. Nationwide, it’s 9.5 percent. If you look at underemployment, underemployment is at 17.4 percent… If you look at corporate America, they’re making those tough choices they’re slashing payrolls 20 to 30 percent. They are slashing their expenses 10 to 30 percent. What are we doing?”

Voting for massive tax increases, just as you did!

How many more reasons have to be given for you to vote Republican in November?

March 7, 2010

The Rape Of Washington State Citizens Continues

by lewwaters

Following suit with California and Oregon in becoming a high tax state, Washington State’s Democratic/Dictacratic Party led legislature continued raping Washington citizens today as the passed through a whole slew of new or increased taxes on an already struggling populace.

From an email received from Senator Mike Hewitt, Republican 16th District,

“Today the state Senate passed two bills that will raise taxes nearly $3 billion over three years – the largest operating budget tax increase in state history. The two measures include:
· an increase in the state sales tax of .3 percent between June 1, 2010 and June 30, 2013, expected to raise taxes by about $1 billion over three years;
· higher business and occupation taxes on employers;
· an extra $1 a pack tax on cigarettes; and
· a tax on bottled water estimated to raise $30 million between now and mid-2011.

Substitute Senate Bill 6143 would raise or reinstate 21 taxes at a cost to taxpayers of about $830 million between now and July 2011, including a sales tax increase slated to raise $313 million in the next 16 months (almost $1 billion over the next three years) and a $184 million business and occupation tax increase on service-related employers.

Senate Bill 6874 would increase the state tax on cigarettes by a dollar per pack, to $3.02 in tax alone.”

Senator Don Benton, Republican 17th District attempted a procedural motion during final debate on Senate Bill 6143 today to require separate votes on each of the 21 tax increases in the omnibus tax bill.

Benton said,

“We might have had a chance to defeat some of these tax hikes if members of the majority party had to vote on each one. They were being pushed to take an ‘all or nothing’ vote, which forced support for elements some members didn’t like.”

Lt. Gov. Brad Owen, in his role as Senate president, ruled against Benton’s motion.

Benton went on to say,

“And now, in the middle of a devastating recession, the Democrats have added new spending of about 400 million dollars in their budget for the remainder of this biennium. We are in the middle of an economic crisis and they add new spending? They could have cut their tax package nearly in-half if it wasn’t for this.

“Not only is this Legislature about to impose the largest operating budget tax increase in the history of our state, it is the largest job-killing bill in the history of our state.”

Senator Hewitt added,

“These bills would tax people to the bone to support a spending plan that plays all kinds of shell games with the budget. They’re transferring money around from account to account, counting on federal money that may or may not arrive, and making it almost impossible to track where the money is coming from or going.”

“These new taxes are also being rammed through at a record pace.”

“We saw the ‘21 taxes’ bill for the first time Friday night, and they’re rushing it to a vote over the weekend. That isn’t open government.”

“This spending plan will cost a family of four more than a thousand dollars over the next three years. I’m sure not many of those families want to bail out the state’s over-spending with another thousand dollars in taxes.”

“The majority party talks a lot about ‘Washington values.’ It is not Washington values to raise taxes on people who are unemployed to give pay raises to those who already have jobs. It isn’t Washington values to take health care away from people and give increased benefits to those who already have it. A better approach would be to look at every state expenditure line-by-line and prioritize state spending, bringing it back in line with the amount of revenue coming in the door. That’s the way to avoid historically large tax increases like what the Senate approved today.”

As reported at Washington State Wire, we should not forget that Democrats Quietly Restored $6.5 Million for an SEIU-Backed Training Program, at a time we are expecting wasteful spending to stop.

We’ve seen how the Dictacrats Planned Subterfuge to impose an income tax on us later this year, with an empty promise of a minimal sales tax decrease that today they just increased.

The majority party in Olympia gives a whole new meaning to the term scallywag.

Our state is following California and Oregon down the drain of higher and higher taxation, which has California already bankrupt and Oregon close behind. Dictacrats haven’t a clue still in how to cure this mess they caused, other than stick it to us in our collective rears again.

You and I did not cause this debacle as we struggled to raise our families and enjoy a small amount of leisure, but we are getting stuck with new bills at all levels from the leftist government.

You fell for promises of “Hope & Change,” but didn’t realize all it would end up being is “Rope & Chains” of enslavement to the leftist shills in our government.

It’s time to open your eyes and throw these bums in Olympia out. Remember the names Berkey, Brown, Eide, Fairley, Franklin, Fraser, Gordon, Hargrove, Hatfield, Haugen, Hobbs, Jacobsen, Kastama, Kauffman, Keiser, Kilmer, Kline, Kohl-Welles, Marr, McAuliffe, McDermott, Morton, Murray, Oemig, Prentice, Pridemore, Ranker, Regala, Rockefeller, Shin and Tom as the ones who voted Yea on one or both of these massive tax increases that is going to deny you caring more for your own family.

Do you really need more reasons to vote Republican in November?

March 4, 2010

Olympia ‘Dictacrats’ Ready To Rape Taxpayers Again

by lewwaters

The assault on taxpayers in Washington State continues. With total one-party control in our state, we have seen spending skyrocket since Christine Gregoire effectively stole the 2004 election.

No sooner than she got in, along with a Democratic majority in state congress, spending drastically increased along with taxes and fees.

With the economy steadily heading south, as Democrats gained complete control of the federal government in 2009, not withstanding their stranglehold on congress during the last 2 years of the Bush administration, we ran out of money as unemployment in our state soared.

Democrats, or as I like to call them now, ‘Dictacrats,’ combining dictator to Democrat, an apt description I feel, began seeking ever new and creative ways to “raise revenue,” or as it should truthfully be known, rape us through taxation.

When Oregon Democrats passed their measures 66 & 67, raising taxes on the wealthy and businesses there, we had a golden opportunity to seduce business into our state, especially in hard hit Clark County. Instead, Democrats, like the 49th Legislative District’s Rep Jim Moeller, blasted any who felt Oregon’s move on raising taxes was folly.

Instead of recognizing the gift Oregon handed us, Democrats in Olympia continue flipping off constituents, even to the point of approving the reversal of I-960’s 2/3 vote requirement on raising taxes and approving keeping the names of who voted to increases our taxes out of the voters pamphlet.

And now, here they come again.

Today, March 4, 2010, our Dictacrats in Olympia used a political sleight of hand trick to introduce a substitute bill SB 6520 that will not even be available for public viewing until the public debate begins.

Adding insult to injury, or maybe just an old fashioned slap in the face to taxpayers in Washington State, Democrat Lisa Brown, from the third district (Spokane) blogged on the Senate Dictacrats blog, Letting the people decide that addresses the Dictacrats latest plan to shove an income tax down our throats in Washington State.

As Brown puts it,

“what if voters had a direct say in how we balance the state budget and could choose between a temporary sales tax increase and a high earners’ income tax similar to what Oregon voters approved earlier this year?
The idea is simple:
1. The Legislature passes the temporary sales tax increase, which would go into effect immediately to help alleviate our state’s looming cash-flow problem.
2. It would also pass a referendum to the people, giving them the opportunity in November to repeal not just that three-tenths-of-a-cent increase, but an additional one cent off the state sales tax – taking the state rate down to 5.5 cents, a level not seen in thirty years.
3. In its place would go a high earners’ income tax of 4.5 percent on all income over $200,000 for individuals, $300,000 for heads of households, and $400,000 for married couples.”

See how simple that is? Just approve a “temporary” sales tax increase (when was the last time you ever heard of anything temporary from the government?) and approve an income tax on the wealthy and all will be good.

In the leftists dream of class envy, we once again hear “tax only the wealthy,” you know, those people that create all of the good paying jobs in our state.

But, did we not also once hear that if voters approved the seat belt law, drivers would not be pulled over and ticketed solely for not wearing the seat belt? Did we not hear that if we approved Gregoire’s 9.5 cents per gallon tax increase on gasoline, our roads would be fixed and all would be well?

Voters in Washington State have consistently rejected an income tax, but Brown seems to feel by playing the middle class against the wealthy, Dictacrats will get their foot in the door for voter approval this time.

Early polling in the Seattle Times shows a nearly 3 to 1 rejection of yet another income tax proposal.

Republicans have offered several viable alternatives to get state spending under control, balance the budget and relieve the burden we taxpayers face. Dictacrats can only see raising taxes as the solution and are empowered by Oregon’s folly, falsely believing redistributing the wealth is the only answer.

It’s long past time we made some corrections in our state and cleaned out the swamp in Olympia. Dictacrats there care only about buying votes to retain their power grab. They have shown they have no common sense or fiscal sense, as they expand government, gut citizen initiatives and basically keep raising their middle finger at us.

As our unemployment remains high in the state, it is time to put every last single Democrat/dictacrat on unemployment as well. Their arrogance and raping of taxpayers must come to an end.

How many reasons do you need to vote Republican this November?

Oh, that slap in the face I mentioned above? If you recall, Lisa Brown calls for “Letting the People Decide” in implementing a state income tax. Did she forget that “the People” decided to implement I-960, that Brown and her fellow Dictacrats just gutted.

Help me save Washington State from further rape by Dictacrats. Vote Republican in November. GOP candidates for the 18th Legislative District Ann Rivers and Bob Dean have both been opposed to raising taxes, including imposing an income tax, since they entered the race.

January 12, 2010

Tell Olympia, Cut Spending, NO NEW TAXES!

by lewwaters

Once again our state legislature has convened facing yet another massive budget shortfall of some $2.6 Billion.

As can be expected, our tax happy Democrat legislators are proposing a plethora of new taxes to make up the difference. We are told in the Seattle Times which would include “suspending or modifying Initiative 960, which required a two-thirds legislative majority or voter approval for tax increases.”

Also included is a general tax increase, increasing the sales tax we already pay, placing the sales tax on candy, muffins and bottled water and as we can always expect now, increasing tobacco taxes.

Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown, D-Spokane says, “It’s not the desire to raise revenues. It’s what we believe is the moral necessity.”

Maybe it is that “moral necessity” that prevents her from mentioning SB 6520 (to implement an income tax for Washington) and SJR 8219 (Amending the Constitution to allow an income tax) in the latest attempt by Democrats to stick Washington Citizens with an Income Tax.

A more complete list of proposed bills may be seen at Washington Votes.

In her first proposed budget, governor Gregoire proposed to “gut services to the poor and suspend programs such as all-day kindergarten. Subsidized health insurance for thousands of low-income families and aid to people unable to work because of disabilities.”

Of course, she’ll be happy to withdraw those provided we get stuck with tax increases.

Evergreen Freedom Foundation is sponsoring an online petition No New Taxes in 2010 – PUSH BACK demanding no new taxes be placed on the already over-burdened Washington Citizens.

More information may be seen at WWW>PUSHBACKNOTAX.COM

Part of what they recommend,

“Pursuant to RCW 41.80.010(6) and effective immediately, we hereby direct both parties to all state collective bargaining agreements to immediately enter into collective bargaining for a mutually agreed upon modification of the agreements that results in a significant reduction of state spending.

Moreover, we hereby direct a revision of allotments of appropriations from the state General Fund to all state agencies including those agencies headed by elected officials and to the budgets of the Legislature and Courts. Each affected agency shall reduce its expenditures from the state General Fund by 8.4 percent of the agency’s total biennial state General Fund appropriations to be effective January 31, 2010, unless the legislature takes action prior to that date to save a corresponding amount.”

Even the Columbian joins in seeing the need for Public Employees to share in the hardships we are facing and urging the state to get Public salaries and benefits under control.

I urge all who believe we are already taxed too much, you that are struggling to make ends meet and see that paying more taxes will only hurt you more to please sign the petition by January 24th when they hope to deliver it to the legislature.

It is time for Olympia to learn they answer to us, not the other way around. We The People must take our government back if we are to survive and thrive again.

September 29, 2009

Gov. Gregoire Ready To Renege On Tax Pledge

by lewwaters

Few things in life are guaranteed we all know that. Amongst those few would be Democrats and their love of raising taxes on citizens. They have yet to learn that Robin Hood was but a mythological person with his taking from the wealthy to give to the poor.

With Democrats it seems they love poor people so much they create as many as they can whenever they hold governmental majorities.

Many of us were surprised last year when Governor Gregoire took on a ‘no tax raise’ pledge in facing the burgeoning deficit Washington State faces.

Last December she said, “There is no way to tax your way out of this problem. We have to live within our means.”

Fellow Democrats groaned while Republicans applauded her words.

She proposed cuts that mirrored some recommended by Republican challenger Dino Rossi. She made cuts that were painful. In fact, she vetoed spending bills prior to the election that “miffed” some Clark County Democrat lawmakers, says the Columbian’s Kathie Durbin.

Sure to delight Democrats, especially 49th Legislative District Representative Jim Moeller, who went as far as writing a letter to the editor asking for citizen input in finding new sources of revenue last December, Gov. Gregoire announced just this morning “that she is not as hostile to tax hikes as she was a year ago. And she will entertain proposals if lawmakers or interest groups bring them to her.”

Just today, September 29, The Olympian ran an article announcing Gregoire’s “change of heart.”

The quote our governor saying, “I didn’t want revenue last year because I couldn’t figure out how you could do a revenue package that wouldn’t hurt the economy, either individuals or businesses. We’re still stuck in that rut but I’ve told the leadership, ‘Come make your case. My door’s open, you can make your case.’ But I don’t want to do anything that adversely impacts our economic recovery.”

And, if I may ask of the governor and Democrat leadership, what has changed other than the economy has gotten worse, unemployment has sharply increased, wages have been cut and businesses have failed and closed their doors.

Raising taxes at this time can only make matters worse as so many are struggling and cannot afford to pay more.

Companies too are struggling and raising their costs can only “adversely impact economic recovery,” the very thing Gregoire says she wish’s to avoid.

I am constantly amazed at the notion of “cuts are either social services, corrections, health care or education.”

I’m even more amazed that she says, “you take too big a toll on higher ed[ucation] and it won’t recover any time soon. … You can give it more money but once you’ve lost those Nobel Prize educators you don’t get them back.”

What about jobs, governor? What about small businesses that create the bulk of our jobs? How many of them have we lost that we won’t get back?

With all due respect, “Nobel Prize educators” do not create jobs. Yes, they are impressive, I suppose, in their intelligence and knowledge, but do they also engage in social engineering in their classrooms instead of just imparting their knowledge upon students?

I don’t see them signing and handing out paychecks, do you?

Why do we continue to pay for ILLEGAL immigrants, who send much of their sub-par wages back to their native country instead of circulating it in our economy?

Why are we looking at an overly costly Light Rail in Clark County that voters have rejected?

I’m sure our Democrat elected officials will be delighted in hearing the governor is receptive to raising taxes how and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see another attempt at an income tax.

They just don’t get it that in order to see state revenues stop their decline; citizens must be working in decent jobs, not ILLEGAL immigrants.

Businesses need a fair environment to compete with a reasonable level of taxes.

The governor says, “At some point the people, I assume, don’t want us to take any more cuts.”

With all due respect, Governor, at some point the people do not want their paychecks cut any more.

January 18, 2009

Democrats Propose State Income Tax: That Didn’t Take Long

by lewwaters

washington-sealHot on the heels of Governor Gregoire’s campaign promise of “she” wouldn’t raise taxes, Sen. Rosa Franklin, (D-Tacoma) has introduced Senate Joint Resolution 8205, Amending the Constitution to allow an income tax.

It is a companion Bill to SB 5104, deceptively described as “Providing fiscal reform.”

Text of both bills SB 5104 and SJR 8205

Although we were assured throughout the 2008 campaign that Governor Gregoire is against an Income Tax, looking at her words from the past shows that she is merely opposed to it “at this time,” when she was making the comment.

I have no doubt she will sign both of these bills if they pass and make it to her desk. It is also possible they would bypass her and go directly to us voters, where we undoubtedly will be deluged with massive ads of children doing without and starving, poor people struggling and forced into homelessness and Police and Firemen losing their jobs if we don’t pony up and pay more taxes.

Part XI of SB 5104 tells us, “State Sales Tax will be reduced to three and five-tenths percent of the selling price,” but not done away with or blocked from future increases by either the state or local municipalities.

The bill also says in Part XII that Property Tax will be “eliminated” by 2011, but my gut tells me that would end up simply being decreased, maybe, with future increases also available.

I have yet to meet a Democrat who actually eliminates a tax they have grown used to.

We are facing tolls to cross the Columbia with no extra lanes being added to any new bridge or a third bridge. Surely some fees will be increased as well.

Washingtonians have consistently opposed an Income Tax in recent years. However, our State has many new residents that believe they need to pay more taxes, or that their neighbor should. They fall for cries of how so many are doing without and deserve more of our money.

Back in 1933, the Washington State Supreme Court ruled the citizen approved Income tax unconstitutional.

As our lawmakers begin another session, the proposed budget deficit that has grown massively under Democrats since 2004 is foremost on their minds.

Senator Pridemore of Vancouver displays somewhat how our sympathies will be played with as he says, “The biggest challenge is going to be putting together a budget that doesn’t negatively impact citizens of this state,” citing that Democrats needed to find ways to fill the state’s budget hole without cutting vital services to low-income residents and recession being the wrong time to cut services to those who need the most.

It is unknown at this time if Pridemore will support the proposed income tax.

Rep. Ed Orcutt (R. Kalama) said back in November, “I was asked if we can balance the state budget without raising taxes. My answer is we have to. When the slowing of consumer spending is driving our revenue problem, the last thing we want to do is take more money out of the pockets of hard-working Washingtonians. Taxpayers did not get the state into its budget problem, nor should they be expected to bail it out.”

Most all agree that citizens are not spending money, causing the decrease in revenues. Alternative measures are being discussed on how to pry our hard-earned money out of our wallets, such as SB 6900, “Establishing vehicle engine displacement and emissions fees.”

It must not come to their realization that it is the poorer people they claim they must help who would be the most likely to drive an older vehicle which would have a larger engine in it, costing the poor more than better off wage earners who have purchased newer vehicles with smaller more efficient engines.

Vancouver’s Senator Craig Pridemore signed onto SB 6900, Clark County.

One way or the other, we taxpayers are the target.