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July 8, 2012

They Get The Goldmine, We Get The Shaft

by lewwaters

California has long been known as the “Golden State,” noted for the Gold Rush Days of the mid-1800’s with that nickname being officially adopted in 1968. For many years, California was seen as one of the wealthiest states and the destination of many seeking to make their fortune in the world along with several International Businesses that located there.

But California’s leaders just like our leaders in Washington D.C. lost track somewhere along the line as both that state and the nation now each hold the largest debt in our history, California’s exceeding $300 Billion and the United States exceeding $16 Trillion with both still climbing.

We have gone from the wealthiest land to the deepest in debt on the planet, with money owed to just about every other developed nation, large bank, insurance companies and Wall Street as politicians continue selling us down the river towards collapse.

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July 1, 2011

Should We Outsource CRC to China?

by lewwaters

I can hear what you’re thinking already. Lew are going out of your mind? Have you gone completely off your rocker?

No, I haven’t nor do I actually think we should outsource anything more to China than we already do. But, I do ask the question for a reason.

China as we know is rapidly becoming the world’s preeminent manufacturer, manufacturing sections for the Bay Bridge in California and contracting infrastructure projects in some other larger American cities. We in America are bellyaching about our jobs going overseas to countries like China, but they continue to operate at a much lower expense we cannot match. We cannot even come close to matching their low costs.

Few infrastructure projects point out that fact more than does the Bay Bridge project I mentioned and our own Columbia River Crossing.

The Bay Bridge Eastern Span being replaced is some 1400 feet in length and is costing around $7.2 Billion to construct.

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June 30, 2011

Oil and Infrastructure to China, What Will Americans Get?

by lewwaters

It seems we are locked in a perpetual political campaign with Republicans lining up to oppose Barack Obama and Obama doing what he can to solidify his grasp on power. Promises are made, promises are broken. Positions are taken and fingers are pointed all over the place for blame for our predicament.

Most of all we will hear what each candidate believes to be the answer to the nation’s problems, how to bring the unemployment numbers down, how to rebuild the country, how to improve the average citizens life and you can expect to hear offers of how government either will step in to take care of us or how it demeans us when it does.

Pretty much the same old tired political posturing we always hear while people still remain unemployed in historic numbers and see no way out.

Two areas of importance that receive a lot of lip service are energy and infrastructure. Energy is power. Power to fuel the nation to prosperity and maintain our lifestyle. Infrastructure is freedom of movement in a safe and efficient manner. Both are necessary to move our goods within our borders and overseas.

As important as both are and as much attention as they have expressed towards them during campaigns, it is unthinkable that both are slipping away from us rapidly.

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