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June 30, 2013

Open Letter to SW Washington

by lewwaters

Submitted by Professor Robert Dean

Professor Dean, known for his contributions to this community in bringing issues to light that helped bring about the demise of the Columbia River Crossing light rail project now writes an open letter to our legislators addressing, “what should we do now.”

An open letter to all the brave and clear-thinking elected representatives of SW Washington who stood up to the pro-CRC juggernaut and brought it to its knees. We thank you!

Some were clearly on the front lines taking the barbs from the Columbian and threats from formerly faithful, though self-interested, contributors.

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April 12, 2013

SW Washington to CRC, Please Do Not Resuscitate

by lewwaters

CRC, KnotsFriday, April 12, 2013, a stunning day for all opponents of the Columbia River Crossing filled with enough good news to make Jim Moeller & Tim Leavitt’s head swell up and explode from anguish.

The Columbia River Crossing appears to be in a death roll.

We first read of the actions of the leadership in the State Senate Coalition Majority, who have been pressured all week to roll over and fund $450 Million to be used as Washington’s portion to begin work, calling upon Governor Jay Inslee to convene a fully independent, outside audit of the Columbia River Crossing project.

Music to my ears as I and several others have been making the same call for some time.

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