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August 8, 2011

Why is Sharon Wylie Hiding Her Position on Issues Concerning the 49th?

by lewwaters

As surprised as many of us where when lobbyist n former Oregon State legislator Sharon Wylie was chosen over Temple Lentz to replace Jim Jacks, who abruptly walked out on constituents mid-session earlier this year, I am equally surprised to see that although she is campaigning to retain the seat she has been appointed to in the 49th legislative district, that she is not upfront with voters on her position on issues that concern us all.

Looking over her campaign webpage, conspicuously missing amongst the tabs is one titled “ISSUES.”

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June 27, 2011

Former Wa. State Rep. Jim Jacks (D. 49th) on BULLYING!

by lewwaters

Nice to see the young man out and about and apparently feeling better than he was in late March when he abruptly quit the office he had just been reelected to without explanation initially.

April 25, 2011

Lou Has His Paper Trail Now, What Will He Do With It?

by lewwaters

Ever since the sudden unannounced quitting of his office by former Rep. Jim Jacks and the immediate clampdown on any information, the extreme lack of transparency if you will, I have smelled a cover-up.

I’m not the only one, either. Blogs, Washington State Wire, an NPR radio correspondent, all have sought the story of the ‘why’ of this abrupt quitting on constituents.

The Columbian’s editor, Lou Brancaccio made it a point to claim there was no paper trail to follow as they did back in 2007 with former Republican Reps. Richard Curtis and Jim Dunn.

In a rare instance of direct engagement with a commenter on their website, Lou and I went back and forth on the disparity I see in coverage of the Jacks incident and earlier ones.

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April 24, 2011

The Whitewash of Jim Jacks is on

by lewwaters

UPDATE Nov 3, 2017: Finally the rumors have been confirmed, almost seven years later

See update after post for additional revelations in this odd case.

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” Abraham Lincoln

The Columbian threw us a bone Saturday with a teaser piece on Democrat Jim Jacks, former representative for the 49th legislative district admitting to being an alcoholic and that being the reason he suddenly quit his office March 25 and nearly all history of him was scrubbed from Olympia even before the media was notified.

Being available only in the print edition, the article, if you wish to call it that, plays residents of Clark County, especially us in the 49th district as fools.

Lou Brancaccio, editor of the Columbian tells us that Jacks had a “moment of clarity” all of a sudden in March, resigned his seat, climbed into the passenger seat of his wife’s car and had her drive him straight to rehab.

End of story. Well, if you’re a Democrat in Washington State it is.

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April 23, 2011

Jim Jacks Cracks the Door a Little

by lewwaters

UPDATE Nov 3, 2017: Finally the rumors have been confirmed, almost seven years later

Since the abrupt resignation of Democrat Jim Jacks as representative of Washington’s 49th legislative district on March 25, it has become almost as if he never existed. A total blackout on word about him suddenly quitting immediately went up.

His website was scrubbed and his name removed from the roster even before word of the sudden abandonment of constituents was made public. Speculation on the ‘why’ was heavily discouraged in the comments section of the local paper, the Columbian.

Two requests for public records that might shed some light on his rapid exit were rejected with the notice of, “Your request makes assumptions about both the existence of records and our ability to provide them. Without commenting on the existence of any such records, I should point out that this request encompasses records which are not public records as defined by state law.”

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April 17, 2011

Two Public Records Request on Jim Jacks Mysterious Quitting Rebuffed

by lewwaters

UPDATE Nov 3, 2017: Finally the rumors have been confirmed, almost seven years later

As is well known, Democrat representative for Washington State 49th legislative district abruptly quit march 25, 2011, giving no reason and saying only it was for “personal family reasons he did not want discussed publicly.” Pressing for more information on the Columbian website elicited rebuffs from Columbian editor, Lou Brancaccio, here and here.

Lou said in his Saturday column last week that they are seeking answers too, many commenters disbelieving that.

Eric Smith with Washington State Wire has up an article now, Mum’s the Word on the Jim Jacks Mystery  Records Requests Rebuffed – Strict Public Records Rules Don’t Apply to Legislature.

Eric lets us know that there have been two requests submitted for records that may clear up the mysterious and speculative sudden quitting in the middle of a legislative session. One by Washington State Wire and the other by Austin Jenkins of National Public Radio who publicly posted his request in a blog site post, A Lack Of Transparency Surrounding Jim Jacks Sudden Resignation.

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April 14, 2011

Sharon Wylie, Do You Support A Vote on CRC?

by lewwaters

During the April 13, 2011 interviews to replace Democrat Jim Jacks, who abruptly quit as Washington State 49th Legislative District representative under what remains very mysterious reasons, Sharon Wylie who won the appointment was asked by Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke, “Do you support a vote of the people before the work continues that CRC is doing in replacing the I-5 Bridge?” Does she actually answer?

During the initial process that selected 3 finalists for the appointment, she described herself as a “huge fan of light rail.”

Ms. Wylie has been sworn in since she won the appointment and will hold the seat at least until this November when she will have to run for reelection in a special election. Still, those of us living in the 49th district are entitled to see just who it is that was appointed to represent us and what they stand for.

You may view the entire interview and appointment process with the County Commission at CVTV

April 9, 2011

Lou Brancaccio Forgets the Columbians Own History

by lewwaters

I am always flattered to receive the notice of the Columbians esteemed editor Lou Brancaccio and feel fortunate to not be on the receiving end of a vitriolic tirade like was unleashed months ago against fellow blogger, Kelly Hinton. But Lou’s effort to marginalize my view on the abrupt resignation of Democrat 49th Legislative District representative Jim Jacks under mysterious circumstances in his column today falls flat and hurts him more than me.

One’s history will never be forgotten when it comes to the public

From the outset, especially the columns title, Lou seems to forget that it is the Columbians own history in the coverage of past incidents that I used to base my claim of a “double standard.” Lou claims in his column, “Conservative blogger Lew Waters was determined to show some sort of double standard by The Columbian when it comes to politicians doing stupid stuff,” and “So Waters drags up a name from the past: former Republican state Rep. Richard Curtis.”

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April 8, 2011

Clark Dems Decide to Drag Their Feet On Replacing Quitter Jim Jacks

by lewwaters

Mike Heywood, chairman of the 49th Legislative District Democratic Central Committee assigned the task of replacing Jim Jacks, who abruptly quit his office, abandoning constituents March 25, has put the brakes on filling the empty seat, leaving the 49th Legislative District under represented during session.

Democrats Rep. Jim Moeller and Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart have urged the “slow-down” according to the Columbian article.

Heywood, who initially favored a quicker replacement of the quitter Jacks now says, “they don’t need the vote in Olympia. As that has become more of a shared opinion, the pressure for speed is off,” indicating how comfortable the Democrats are with their majority an ability to shove through any legislation they desire, constituents be damned.

Moeller, indicating most of the work this session has already been done said, “I think our strategy is to put forward our best candidates.”

Would that be like putting forth Jim Jacks since 2008 just so he could abandon constituents 2 weeks ago, saying he did not want the reasons discussed publicly?

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April 5, 2011

Why Isn’t the Columbian Asking the Questions?

by lewwaters

I remain amazed at the glaring disparity displayed by the Columbian in coverage of the resignation of Democrat 49th legislative district representative Jim Jacks, compared to the coverage given Richard Curtis’ resignation in 2007 and a few other conservatives they seemingly did not take a shine to.

What amazes me the most is Columbian editor Lou Brancaccio chiming in on a comment I left addressing the disparity on a post at their blog portion of the online site by Marissa Harshman, who I consider one of the better staff writers in regards to fair coverage and objectivity.

Besides Lou not being known to comment often in that area of the site, some of what he said in the comments has me questioning once again, the claim of an “unbiased newspaper.”

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April 4, 2011

Cover Ups Are No laughing Matter, Senator Pridemore

by lewwaters

It has now been 10 days since the abrupt abandonment of the 49th legislative district seat held by Democrat Jim Jacks, leaving constituents in the district that supported him, campaigned for him, donated campaign funds to him and voted for him with no representation in Olympia this session.

Pridemore, quoted in a KOMO article on the abrupt resignation of Jacks under some fishy circumstances said, “his resignation had been discussed for a couple of days,” indicating to me that the reasons behind such an abrupt resignation are known to all in Democrat party leadership.

Democratic Majority Leader Pat Sullivan said, “He said he needed to take care of some things at home. There’s not much more to say about it,” and REFUSING to divulge anything more, according to KOMO News.

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April 3, 2011

The Cone of Silence Descends Over Clark County

by lewwaters

It’s been just over a week since the abrupt and mysterious resignation of 49th legislative district representative Jim Jacks, citing “personal reason he did not wish discussed publicly.” We in the 49th, now sitting without adequate representation in Olympia, continue to hear nothing but silence in why the man elected just in November so suddenly abandoned his constituents and quit.

From the first mention of his Friday March 25 resignation there appears to be a “cone of silence” lowered throughout the media allegedly covering the story. Warnings were posted in comments on the Columbian of against any speculation of why the resignation came about so abruptly even though Sen. Craig Pridemore told KOMO News they had been discussing the resignation with Jacks for a couple of days.

Unlike former Governor Sarah Palin, who publicly announced her resignation in July 2009 and coming out giving solid reasons for doing so, or hounding former 19th legislative district representative Richard Curtis who had 14 articles written on him by the Columbian in a 5 day period, all that is heard from the Columbian on Jacks quitting his constituents is “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”

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March 28, 2011

The Columbian: “We Try Not To Be Anybody’s Friend Or Anybody’s Enemy”

by lewwaters

The above words were written Saturday in Columbian editor Lou Brancaccio’s Column, Keep us close. Very close. I have no doubt in my mind they actually believe that. But, apparently it helps to belong to the Democratic Party as they also seem to be just a tad bit “friendlier” to them.

No better proof is seen in their coverage of the abrupt and mysterious resignation of 49th legislative district representative Jim Jacks, a Democrat who resigned suddenly Friday, March 25 giving no reason and saying only he “did not want to publicly discuss the details.” Rumors on Jack’s conduct have been heard for some time and both Clark County Politics blog and my blog reported on word we both received from people up in Olympia about reasons.

Contrasting the lack of interest from the Columbian into Jack’s resigning under cloudy circumstances with how they dug into the misconduct of Republican Richard Curtis in 2007, who wasn’t entitled to a ‘cloak of secrecy’ as they published 14 articles on his inappropriate conduct between Oct. 29, 2007 to Nov. 3, 2007 elicited the to be expected, “The Richard Curtis case was a completely different set of circumstances. (And there were not 14 articles in five days, at least not all from The Columbian.)” from Stephanie Rice, Columbian writer who wrote the article on Jacks.

After listing the 14 articles and the dates they were published, receiving a “sorry Lew, I didn’t know you were counting columns and editorials” (strain the gnat much) from Stephanie, I decided to do some more comparison of the two situations.

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March 27, 2011

Democrats Move Swiftly to Fill Seat Abruptly Abandoned by Jim Jacks

by lewwaters

While there appears to remain a news black-out on just what brought about the sudden and abrupt resignation of Democrat 49th legislative district representative Jim Jacks Friday, I applaud the Democrats in Clark County for moving quickly to replace him and fill the seat.

From the Clark County Democrats web page;

ILWU Hall is located at: 1205 Ingalls St. Vancouver, WA 98660

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March 26, 2011

The Wagons Are Circling, But it Isn’t Media Bias

by lewwaters

UPDATE Nov 3, 2017: Finally the rumors have been confirmed, almost seven years later

Once again, Southwest Washington is seeing an unexpected resignation of an elected official under cloudy circumstances. Democrat 49th legislative district representative Jim Jacks abruptly tendered his resignation Friday, March 25, 2011 citing, “personal reasons he did not want to publicly discuss about the details.”

Given the scandalous resignations in the past, such a statement automatically raises red flags and a few eyebrows, you would think. Not so with the Columbian and other newspapers it appears. The Columbian took it a little further than did the Seattle Times, the Olympian and other news agencies in the state such as KOMO News. The Columbian chose to portray Jacks as a “dedicated family man,” choosing a 3 year old file photo of him showing his small daughters his desk in Olympia from back in 2009, while others simply used file photos of him from his legislative web page that rapidly disappeared almost as soon as his resignation was announced.

All articles portrayed this as a surprise resignation, seemingly from out of the blue. But, KOMO News quoted 49th legislative district Senator Craig Pridemore, a fellow Democrat saying, “his resignation had been discussed for a couple of days,” while house majority leader Pat Sullivan said, “He said he needed to take care of some things at home, There’s not much more to say about it. We supported his decision.” KOMO added, “Sullivan refused to divulge any more details.”

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March 25, 2011

Rep. Jim Jacks Abruptly Resigns! Inappropriate Conduct Alleged!

by lewwaters

UPDATE Nov 3, 2017: Finally the rumors have been confirmed, almost seven years later

Confirmed by a source in Olympia, 49th legislative district representative Jim Jacks, Democrat, has tendered his resignation.

I am also told there will be a special election held in November.

Jacks claiming “personal reasons, he does not want publicly stated

The Columbian

Initial speculation was the reason might be health related. His name has been pulled from the roll-call, his web page has been taken down and he has vacated the House.

The Olympian is reporting, “House Majority Leader Pat Sullivan, D-Covington, put out this statement, which confirmed rumors heard after Jacks failed to show up for committee hearings yesterday:
Rep. Jacks has been a good legislator for the people of his district and a productive member of our caucus. However, we understand his decision to put his family first, and we are accepting that decision.”

Read more: The Olympian

UPDATE: I’m now hearing it alleged that Jacks has been “dealing inappropriately with members of legislative staff of the opposite gender.” Will post more as I hear it.

Comment left at the Olympian

Reply left to the above comment from the Olympian

Seattle Station KOMO News says,

“He said he needed to take care of some things at home,” said Democratic Majority Leader Pat Sullivan, who refused to divulge any more details. “There’s not much more to say about it.”

The resignation raises more questions than answers. His departure came to light as a leadership statement accepting his resignation. There was no official announcement of his quitting.

A call to Jacks’ cellphone by The Associated Press was not immediately returned. His official legislative website has been shut down and his legislative aide did not arrive at the office Friday.

KOMO also updated, “Sen. Craig Pridemore, a Democrat who serves in the same district, said his resignation had been discussed for a couple of days.”

Left on the Oregonian article, Saturday


March 5, 2011

Bigotry Reigns in the Washington State Legislature

by lewwaters

For all of the cries of “equal rights for all” and “end discrimination” coming out of the Democrat controlled legislature in Washington State, I am surprised, shocked even to realize we actually have a legislature filled with bigots when it comes to civil marriage.

Jim Moeller, Jim Jacks, Tim Probst, Ed Murray, Craig Pridemore, nearly every single Democrat in Olympia falls in that category as they sign on to bills to legitimize same-sex marriage, yet continue to deny civil marriage, or even domestic partnership to other consensual relationships.

Two bills proposed and introduced by Rep. Moeller and Sen. Murray, HB 1963 and SB 5793 are both summarized as, “Ends discrimination in marriage based on gender and sexual orientation in Washington.”

The problem is, they do not “end discrimination” in marriage in Washington as both bills contain language still restricting marriage rights in consensual relationships that do not fit into the narrow definitions of traditional marriage or the new definition proposed by Moeller and Murray.

The Time Has Come To End ALL Discrimination in Marriage

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February 27, 2011

Is the Silence of Same Sex Marriage Proponents a Sign of their Approval of Bigotry?

by lewwaters

First we saw SB 5688, “Expanding the rights and responsibilities of state registered domestic partners” passed and the subsequent brouhaha over R-71 to place it on the ballot for voter approval, finally being passed with supporters claims of it was not an incremental step towards same-sex marriage, even though the author, state senator Ed Murray said it was.

Then, during a lame-duck session as Democrats were losing their stranglehold on the House, a repeal of the Military Policy known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was passed, ending prohibitions on gays serving in the Military openly.

And now, we have Barack Obama deciding that the Justice Department will no longer defend challenges against the Defense of Marriage Act that defines marriage as between one man and one woman, during challenges in federal court. Editorials around the state wasted no time praising the decision since 2 bills are currently introduced in Olympia that will throw the doors open toward same-sex marriage.

Even Senator Patty Murray has come out praising Obama for such a bold step and adding her withdrawal of support of the law she once voted for in 1996. Murray now says, “I support and I applaud the President’s decision because it is time to end this 14-year policy,” and “No American and no American family is treated as a second class citizen . . .” alluding to same-sex unions, but carefully avoiding the use of the word “marriage.”

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October 9, 2010

Columbian Hits and Misses in 49th L.D. Endorsements

by lewwaters

As usual, the Columbian issues their endorsements of candidates running for office and as usual, not all will be agreed with. In politics it is a given there will be disagreements over who to choose and why, but this time the Columbian really leaves me scratching me head on some of their picks, especially in the 49th Legislative District races.

Over all, the community expects to see primarily endorsements of Democrats from the Columbian, with a token Republican or Independent thrown in for good measure. 2010 is no different. Conservatives cannot help but be pleased to see them choosing to back Craig Riley over incumbent Jim Moeller and citing Moeller’s “reluctance to pursue reform-minded solutions to budget woes” as their primary reason.

Craig Riley is a real good candidate with much experience in business. Or, as they say, “The financial acumen and fiscal pragmatism of Riley.”

What boggles the mind of any thinking person who actually follows our political races is their endorsement of incumbent Democrat Jim Jacks in the position 1 race against challenger Bill Cismar.

While they did not choose Moeller due to his “reluctance to pursue reform-minded solutions to budget woes,” they did readily chose Jacks who, in his first term in office, has followed Moeller lock-step in legislative votes in that “reluctance to pursue reform-minded solutions to budget woes” and telling us “Jacks’ expertise in business issues makes him clearly superior.”

“Expertise in business issues?” Like, raising taxes on them and imposing more fees, creating a hostile business environment in the state?

Much ado was made in September 2009 over Jacks’ claim of “plans to visit 50 businesses in 50 working days, to learn firsthand how state government can help them generate jobs.” Yet, every legislative step he has taken since was in lock-step with Jim Moeller in creating a hostile environment for job creation and imposing more taxes on voters seeking those jobs.

Having worked in the private sector, Bill Cismar has some ideas to actually benefit business and taxpayers.

Jacks, on the other hand, boasts of his background as a representative for Governor Gregoire and other government functions. His main claim he repeatedly makes is how well he “listens.” But, what of accomplishments?

From Jim Jacks Webpage we read,

“As your State Representative, I have listened and learned from you, and then took action to make our community a better place to live, to work and to raise a family.”

“During the last two years I worked hard on our community priorities like jobs and economic development, protecting our most vulnerable citizens, and advocating for local schools.”

Unemployment is higher, education funding is lower, more homes are in foreclosure, the budget deficit is higher, violent crime has risen and we have a whole new slew of taxes that Jim Jacks supported and voted for alongside Jim Moeller.

Asked about supporting I-1098, imposing a new state income tax, Jacks is understandably vague, not really wanting to take a strong position while admitting he hasn’t even read the initiative, while also saying much of it sounds “appealing.”

CVTV coverage of Jacks & Cismar can be seen here and clicking on “Election 2010: 49th Legislative District Representative, Position 1 Candidates.” Jack’s dancing around the income tax issue begins at about the 22 minute mark.

In 2008 Jacks openly admitted he had no idea how to solve our growing tax issue and decreasing revenues, after blaming voters for the problem.

In 2010 I don’t see where anything has changed for the better with his “assistance.”

If the Columbian feels it is a bad idea to return Jim Moeller to Olympia, how can they support Jim Jacks who followed Moeller around like a lost puppy dog, voting lock-step with his every call?

Bill Cismar is not a polished politician or an incumbent. But, he does have extensive experience and sound ideas on turning around our floundering state.

Jacks can only offer more of the same and blindly supporting the Democrat agenda that has plunged our state into this economic morass and threatens to plunge us even deeper.

We don’t need an advocate for the governor or for government in Olympia. We need an advocate for us, the taxpaying citizens of Washington State and the 49th Legislative District.

In my opinion, Bill Cismar will represent us, not the governor.

My vote is locked in for Bill Cismar and Craig Riley.

September 6, 2010

We Need New Blood for the 49th Legislative District

by lewwaters

The 49th Legislative District has been held in the Democrats hands for a long time now, maybe too long. One of the heavier Democrat districts in Clark County, they have held both seats for almost as far as records go back to.

They have not held those seats in the house only for a very short time since 1970, voters all too often returning them to Olympia when they run for re-election.

With the current condition of the state and Clark County, I think is time the 49th made a big change and replace both Democrats currently holding seats in positions 1 and 2 and give two very capable men a chance to make the changes we need to become a viable state again.

Democrats are no doubt feeling pretty good since in the primary, both Jim Jacks and Jim Moeller came out ahead in the vote count, but I wouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch.

Looking back to the 2008 primary, neither Jacks nor Moeller picked up all that many more votes in 2010 than they did in 2008. Challengers Craig Riley and Bill Cismar picked up a significant number of votes over the challengers that ran in 2008.

In the case of Craig Riley, he gained almost 5,000 votes over the challenger who ran in 2008. Moeller picked up barely over 1,000 more votes.

For Bill Cismar, the increase was close to 3,000 more votes while Jacks barely increased 2,000. And, don’t forget, Cismar did not enter or begin campaigning until late compared with Jacks early entry to retain the seat.

By the time the general election came around in 2008, the number of votes cast more than doubled. Also of note, in 2008 the general populace wasn’t as upset with incumbents as they are today.

So, the potential to see some drastic and long overdue changes for the 49th Legislative District is very good as we approach the November 2 general election.

While the potential is very good to see both seats changing hands, we cannot rely only on potential and must look at the candidates running. From where I sit, neither incumbent deserves to be returned to Olympia, both having contributed heavily to the tax, borrow and spend attitudes we saw in the last couple sessions.

Our state is broke and deeper in debt than we can handle and facing yet another multi-billion dollar budget shortfall and I see nothing from either Moeller or Jacks to suggest anything different than more taxes, more fees and more borrowing to balance the budget.

Jacks is on his first term and still runs on claims of having been a mouthpiece for Governor Gregoire. Cismar, his challenger, is running on being our mouthpiece, wanting to represent us, not the governor.

Since winning the seat in 2008, Jacks has been nothing but a rubber stamp for the Democrat party, voting “yes” on 1,526 bills and “no” on only 4. In 2008, he seemed to have a platform of “listen and learn” and apparently, he has neither listened nor learned, other than to blindly follow the party.

Video of jacks from 2008 rambling on about how we voters basically caused the problems in the state and an open admission that he had no idea what to do can be seen HERE.

Jacks claims to have spoken with business leaders about what they think needs to be done to pull our state back into fiscal sanity. I have yet to see him take any logical action to turn things around for business and I doubt business owners told him they needed a tax increase to survive and prosper.

In February 2010, right after Oregon passed their ill fated measures 66 & 67, I contacted all of my representatives about the time being ripe for incentives to draw Oregon business to our side of the river. Jacks replied,

“We have some measures we are working on to stimulate business development in Washington and I couldn’t agree with you more that attracting businesses, and therefore jobs, to our state is critical to getting our economy turned around in the right direction.”

Jim Moeller replied, “Yes! I saw the wonderful election results last night from our neighbors across the river. Although, we clearly differ on the two measures effects on small business, one thing we do agree upon, this is a great opportunity for Washington!

And what a victory! This was not just another liberal Multnomah County election result but a state-wide repudiation of the failed fiscal policies of conservatives that the only way to create prosperity is to cut taxes and shrink government services. Clearly the voters understand that simply cutting taxes and basic government services like education cannot continue and have any semblance of public education – the hope for our future, or other essential services for our elderly or disabled.

Although we have a very different tax system here in Washington we (like Oregon) will look at targeted tax increases (along with cuts and efficiencies) to help fund the basic building blocks of prosperity like education and public health and freight mobility. We will focus on rebuilding the economy and the creation of jobs in Clark County and across Washington by keeping our eye on the ball and the basics that gave us the prosperity to start with.

Finally, this was a great opportunity to affirm that progressive taxes on the successful and the wealthy is supported by the public when the voter knows what the taxes from the two measures will be used for.”

As can be seen in a recent Statesman Journal article, Oregon is worse off now, not better, although they throw up a smoke screen on the effectiveness of the measures.

Both Jacks and Moeller are in support of an expensive new bridge across the Columbia River with Portland’s Light Rail and strapping commuters with tolls, sending even more of our money across the river to Portland instead of keeping it here in Clark County, where we desperately need it.

Moeller and Jacks speak about “jobs, jobs, jobs” but ignore that their votes in Olympia went a long way to destroy our jobs.

Both Craig Riley and Bill Cismar are presenting common sense ideas that will help heal the harm already done to the fiscal situation of the state, opposing the current overly expensive bridge proposal, with light rail and opposing the notion of passing an income tax that will undoubtedly be imposed on all citizens should voters fall for the smoke and mirrors claims put forth by advocates of an income tax in Washington State.

Video of Cismar and Jacks from CVTV discussing the issues can be seen HERE.

Cismar comes with some pretty impressive qualifications as can be seen by visiting his campaign site.

Craig Riley has been a successful businessman in Clark County specializing in the healthcare insurance industry for many years. A link to CVTV coverage of Craig and Moeller can be seen HERE.

You can read more on Craig Riley’s excellent qualifications by visiting his website HERE.

Neither Jacks nor Moeller have really helped the financial situation in the state or in the 49th Legislative District. We can no longer afford to just vote for people simply because of their party affiliation. We must begin voting for people who have ideas and are willing to stand for them.

Both Bill Cismar and Craig Riley have those ideas and the willingness to bring real change to Olympia.

Let’s make some long overdue changes in Olympia sense people like Craig Bill Cismar back to Olympia in the place of Jim Moeller and Jim Jacks.