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November 12, 2011

Of Good Friends and Frenemies

by lewwaters

It looks like my ‘super buddy’ Lou Brancaccio at the Columbian has done it again. In calling for “no more cheap shots” and previous “warning” only my wife and I to “keep it constructive,” while ignoring “cheap shots” from others, ‘super buddy’ Lou pens his post election assessment of one candidate and one supporter in Before the election completely fades

In reality yet another slap against successful businessman David Madore, their favorite boogieman they frequently rail against and Josephine Wentzel who they thoroughly trashed throughout the campaign only to whine about when she broke off contact with them.

Lou offers them both and the rest of the community his ‘expert’ advice on how they should act, apparently according to his Book of Hoyle if they wish to campaign in Clark County again. Right off the bat we see him falling back on “Blame the messenger rather than the message” since Josephine had the audacity to call the paper on their very slanted coverage of city council candidates.

Apparently he never learned that if someone’s message is continually blocked, twisted, spun and demeaned at every step, the messenger does share a lot of blame for it not getting out. Of course, when you seek to maintain a monopoly on messaging in the community and control the dissemination of information, little things like bias are not so apparent to the biased ones pretending to be objective.

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November 9, 2011

Damewood Answers Her Own Question, 8 Months Later

by lewwaters

Not too surprisingly, the Columbian’s liberal bias was on full, bright display this election as their endorsed candidates did not include a single conservative. But even more glaring is seeing the sexist attacks launched on one woman, Josephine Wentzel.

Whether you like her or not is immaterial. She is a Hispanic woman who ran on her values and was thoroughly trashed every chance the Columbian got.

Leading the charge was Andrea Damewood, who seemed to take a little more delight than one would expect in digging out dirt irrelevant to the campaign and who seemed shocked when Wentzel, fed up with the ill-treatment, cut off responding to her and the paper.

Damewood, it should be remembered, penned an article just 8 months ago in March, ‘Why aren’t women running?’ political vets wonder

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November 9, 2011

Josephine Wentzel, “The Election is Over, The Battle Continues”

by lewwaters

Received through email today;

Dear Friends:

Last night was not the end for us ….. we’ve only just begun!”

I want to thank all my friends who attended the election night event last night. It is always a pleasure to be in the company of great and honest people! I am grateful for all your support and help. I am so grateful for the new friends I have made in the process of running an election and the new friends that I have yet to meet.

When I decided to run for office, I did so with the intent of bringing sanity and integrity back into Vancouver. I ran so that people, like the 11,000 plus who voted for me, would have a voice in this community. However, I declared that “win or lose” I will continue to fight the good fight whether I was seated on one side of the podium or the other.

We did not lose last night, we won and gained the support of over 10,800 voters who are just as fed up with the status quo local elected officials as we are. Although I did not gain a seat in city council, I have gained the confidence of almost half the Vancouver city according to the election results.

Considering the attacks I got from the local paper and the concerted efforts of the local unions and special interest groups, I’d say we did pretty darn good this election! I am encouraged to move on with Plan B…

Special thanks to my brother in Christ, my friend and my ‘back watcher’, David Madore! I so appreciate this man of integrity who stood up to scrutiny and the bullies in this town! If more business owners would stand up like he did, we’d have a stronger and thriving community. David, thank you and in the Chamorro language, “Si Yuus Maase”.

May God bless you … Si yuus Maase! Call if you need to chat. Stay tuned for more news —- coming soon! Also, if you haven’t already done so, please go to and check it out! After all, it is the only reliable local news in town …..

Josephine Wentzel

November 3, 2011

Time For the Columbian to Clean the Egg Off of their Faces

by lewwaters

After the Columbian’s hit piece against city council candidate Josephine Wentzel yesterday, basically labeling her a liar over her claim of being a CASA Volunteer because she no longer replies to them, Wenzel now leaves the Columbian with eggs dripping off of their faces.

See also:CASA confirms Wentzel’s participation as sworn in volunteer

“However, CASA Program Director Jo Waddel confirmed in writing today that Wentzel participated with the Clark County CASA program in 1995.”

“Wentzel volunteered sixteen years ago, a time in which all CASA records were not input into a computer database, but instead administered via hard documents, some written by hand. At that time, the courts allowed the use of assumed names for privacy purposes and due to situations that might require volunteers to investigate a child’s situation and report to the court as they monitored case progress.”

Will the Columbian and Andrea Damewood now issue a retraction a prominently as they did and apologize for their hit piece? Or, will they continue in demeaning Ms. Wentzel as they have since she stood up on behalf of taxpayers?

UPDATE: The Columbian sort of admits their mistake, but continues the twist. Wentzel was volunteer 16 years ago

Wentzel Press Release

November 2, 2011

A CASA Volunteer, Another Questionable Mailer and Yellow Journalism

by lewwaters

Once again we see Clark County’s version of Pravda, the state mouthpiece for the former Soviet Union engaging in yellow journalism to the benefit of a candidate they openly prefer and support as they “appear’ to label city council candidate Josephine Wentzel as a liar in their hit piece, Claim on group’s flier supporting Wentzel appears false.

Andrea Damewood claims to have “been looking into claims made by all candidates and PACs” and to have “waited two days to hear a response from Josephine about whether she was a CASA in the past, and where it was if not in Clark County” and not hearing from Ms. Wentzel, decided to run with her hit piece.

No word on just what verification she found on some of Wentzel’s opponent, incumbent Bart Hansen’s claims he makes in this campaign. Some of his claims might be difficult to confirm on paper, but I find them believable, just as I find Wentzel’s claims of being a CASA Volunteer since speaking with her personally.

I cannot fault Wentzel for not speaking much with those down at the Columbian after they chose to personally denigrate her in their endorsement of Hansen by labeling her “a toxic influence at council meetings, a chronic complainer whose frequent trips to the podium have followed a pattern of unproductive negativity” and “has shown no capacity to cooperate with any elective body. Her obstructive, combative approach does not fit well in collaborative community discussions.”

Anyone attending or viewing video of city council meetings readily sees that as untrue. Speaking before council in opposition to a project many in the community oppose is an inherent right of ours as Americans and does not give elected officials the right to try to silence, or as we have come to say here, to ‘gavel down’ taxpayers first amendment right.

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October 23, 2011

Progressive Voters Guide Issued

by lewwaters

It should come as no surprise that once again, as we have seen many times before, a “Progressive Voters Guide” is set out to tell leftist Progressives which candidates they identify as leftwing Progressives and which measures Progressives think should be enacted. Whether the Columbian will be as outraged over it as they were to discover a GOP voters guide remains to be seen.

No surprise to see Sharon Wylie listed, we know her to be pretty leftwinged, even if the Progressives got it wrong that she is “non-partisan.”

What I think will come as a surprise, at least to two candidates comes next.

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October 13, 2011

League of Women Voters Forum, October 13, 2011

by lewwaters

Tonight saw the inaugural use of a CVTV live broadcast from the new Library in Vancouver. Broadcast was the League of Women Voters Candidate forum for the 2011 election this November. I was very pleasantly surprised to see the room filled nearly to capacity by citizens who came out to hear what the candidates have to say.

All 6 city council candidates appeared and each was asked questions in order by seat position sought.

Josephine Wentzel and Bart Hansen started it off with opening statements and outlined their visions for the future of Vancouver. Both are articulate but with decidedly different views. Hansen leaned more on his short experience on council and work history with Clark County PUD. Wentzel relied on her history of being a Police Officer, Detective and her opposition to CRC and light rail being forced upon us with no vote from the people. Far from a single issue candidate, she also articulated her views on a called for fireworks ban in Vancouver by outlining some proposed restrictions to fireworks sale, after hearing public input. Hansen fell back on emails received calling for an outright ban, but also saying restrictions were needed, not an outright ban.

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September 13, 2011

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

by lewwaters

I’m sure we all recall the Disney song from the 1930’s by the same name, sung by 2 of the 3 little pigs as they danced around arrogantly believing their houses of straw and twigs would protect them from the Big Bad Wolf. It seems many in Clark County who have been arrogantly dancing around, feeling their own houses of straw and twigs are indestructible have created their own Big Bad Wolf, except this one isn’t so big or bad. In fact, he’s actually a nice guy and a very successful businessman.

What makes him a Big Bad Wolf is he isn’t going along with the current house of straw and twigs scheme in strapping struggling taxpayers with decades of tolls and higher taxes to pay for unneeded expensive projects that many members of the ruling class in Clark County desire.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, yes I am speaking of the owner of U.S. Digital, David Madore. David sees clearly how such projects as extending light rail from Portland across a new I-5 bridge is financially unsound and has spoken out, being gaveled down, ridiculed and made out to be a Big Bad Wolf by the ruling class and newspaper of record in Clark County for exercising his freedom of speech in openly exposing the project.

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September 12, 2011

What do You Think of your Opponent?

by lewwaters

At a September 9, 2011, Bart Hansen incumbent Vancouver City Council member and his challenger, Josephine Wentzel were both asked by the Columbian’s Andrea Damewood, “what do you think of your opponent?” Such questions might seem irrelevant, but they are not. Simple questions as this gives voters insight into the candidates and how they view those within the community that disagree with their actions on council. It also lets us see how council members will interact with citizens.

See the full interview and other city council interviews at CVTV

While I am still not endorsing any city council races, I am struck by Bart not answering the question and instead diverting his reply to all about him. Is there a particular reason Bart doesn’t want to state what he thinks of Ms. Wentzel who has appeared before city council spoke several times in the past?

Does he admire Josephine for standing on her values in opposition to his stand? Or, does he hold her in disdain for opposing his stands taken?

Does he look poorly upon citizens who disagree with him? A lot could be read into this diversion to himself and not answering a direct question.

Living outside the city limits, I don’t get a voice in who is chosen to sit on city council, but when I see a politician slyly not answering such a simple , direct question, I am left wondering, “why?”

August 17, 2011

A Strong Message Sent To The Vancouver City Council?

by lewwaters

Bill Turlay, Anne McEnerny Ogle, Pat Campbell

The latest results from Tuesdays primary election show that incumbent Vancouver City Council member Pat Campbell losing to both challenger, Bill Turlay and Anne McEnerny-Ogle. I have to admit, even I didn’t think both would beat Pat in the primary, but they have.

Pat Campbell will be gone after only one term on the city council.

Given the contentious nature of the ongoing controversy over matters effecting the city and taxpayers, the largest being the proposed multi-Billion dollar Columbia River Crossing Project, to include extending Portland’s MaxLine (Light Rail) a short distance into the city, it cannot be ignored that voters, who have been denied a vote to approve the project, are sending a strong message to city council, 3 of whom sit on the C-Tran Board that votes in favor of Light Rail.

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July 21, 2011

It Appears Those “Ankle Biting Hounds From Whinerville” Were Right

by lewwaters

Oh those “Ankle biting hounds from Whinerville” as John Laird, the Columbian’s editorial page editor so eloquently described those who have spoken out in opposition of the Columbia River crossing project. They’ve been ridiculed, demeaned, shouted down, gaveled down, marginalized and mostly ignored. Speaking out against the CRC, especially the loot rail component of the project has been treated as blasphemy by supporters such as John Laird and others at the Columbian.

But they didn’t stop, they kept speaking out, writing letters, holding meetings, scheduling seminars inviting experts from all walks knowledgeable about such projects. Seeing that some $130 Million was spent with nothing to show for it, cronyism in people hired and paid quite handsomely for producing very little and questions continually ignored, Vancouver Businessman David Madore, at his expense, hired a forensic auditor to go through the mountains of documents finally given under a FOIA request.

It’s an old tactic to flood a ton of documents, many unrelated when trying to hide what is really there. The concept is the one seeking information will get bored with pouring over frivolous papers and either give up or miss what is right before their eyes.

It didn’t work.

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July 16, 2011

Josephine Wentzel Brings a “Taste of Guam” to the Campaign Trail

by lewwaters

Josephine Wentzel

Several people attended the Josephine Wentzel campaign kick-off for city council last evening, July 15 and were treated to a mouth watering sampling of treats prepared by friends and supporters. All were treated to generous amounts of delicious island BBQ ribs & chicken, Spanish red rice, Pancit, potato salad and more.

Dr. Rick Lee Jackson provided live entertainment with his musical talents and in the capacity of Master of Ceremonies.

But, savory food and live entertainment is not what drew as many as 100 people to Vancouver’s Historic Academy last evening. People turned out to meet and hear Josephine Wentzel, known to many simply as that “NoTolls woman,” for her community activism in opposition to exorbitant tolls on a new Columbia River Crossing. They came to hear what she stood for in her quest to gain a seat on the city council, now held by Bart Hansen who was first appointed in occupy the seat vacated by now Mayor Tim Leavitt after the 2009 general election.

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