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May 14, 2016

What Drives Brancaccio?

by lewwaters

L. Brancaccio

In yet another of the endless rants against conservatives, primarily County Councilors Madore, & Mielke and Sen. Don Benton, Lazy C editor Lou Brancaccio adds to his plethora of sardonic screeds, Press Talk: What drives Madore?

As is to be expected, Brancaccio, or ol Lefty Lou as he is better known in these parts, engages in his usual self aggrandizing of just how right he always is and of course, how wrong people like Madore always are.

In fact, he pats himself on the back so much over the years I can’t fathom why his shirts aren’t threadbare on the backs.

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May 7, 2014

Meanwhile, Out Back at the Woodshed

by lewwaters

Woodshed 1Larry Patella has been a staunch advocate for the people of Clark County & Vancouver, Washington. He has been in the forefront of many battles with the City Council’s desires to separate taxpayers from their hard-earned paychecks over several years.

And circumstances have proven him correct many times over, even though ultimately, taxpayers have ended up stuck with a bill they shouldn’t have. The list is too numerous to post here, but all too often his warnings have fallen on deaf Democrat ears and we taxpayers have ended up with the bills.

But, when he is wrong, he’s wrong and when he is too stubborn to admit it, even though several show him where he is wrong, I must defend what is right, let the chips fall where they may.

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February 20, 2013

Vancouver Light Rail Petition Lawsuit Delayed

by lewwaters

Tilted ScaleAs regular readers know, the lawsuit filed by Larry Patella, Debbie Peterson and several others was heard in Cowlitz County Superior Court today before Judge Stephen Warning and after hearing arguments from both sides, delayed the trial, rescheduling it for a ruling on March 27, 2013.

“I’m going to look hard at this. But the standard of proof in this case is ‘beyond a shadow of a doubt.’ And before I can state beyond a shadow of a doubt that something is unconstitutional — even if both parties say I should — I need to make sure I have the factual predicate,” said Judge Warning as he requested attorneys for both parties to submit briefs in the meantime.

The parties are in agreement that the current law mandating Clark County Auditor, Greg Kimsey to invalidate double signatures, including the original signature on a petition calling on the Vancouver, City Council to place on the ballot whether voters want the city contributing any funds to Portland’s light rail as unconstitutional, the basis of the lawsuit.

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February 12, 2013

Fed Up With Being Pushed Aside and Ignored, CRC Opponents File Lawsuit

by lewwaters

Tilted ScaleThe Columbia River Crossing project to extend Portland, Oregon’s financially troubled light rail a short distance into Clark County has long been a source of contention to county citizens and residents of the City of Vancouver.

Several times now efforts to give those citizens a vote on the project have been thwarted as promises made during campaigns of fighting for a citizen vote and efforts put forth by the citizens themselves have been neglected, discarded and voices in opposition marginalized by elected officials.

The latest effort saw a citizen petition rejected with the claim of being 32 signatures short of the required number after an excessive time spent verifying those signatures by the County Auditor’s office. Then end result was the claim of several duplicate signatures from voters who inadvertently signed more than once rejecting both the duplicate and the original signature along with some rejected due to the petition page not being dated properly.

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February 3, 2013

CRC Petitioners Put City on Notice

by lewwaters

Tilted ScaleCitizens of Clark County Washington, primarily within the City of Vancouver are not going to just lie down any longer as efforts to force the promised vote on light rail from Portland, Oregon are thwarted at every turn by elected officials. They are fighting back.

As we all know by now, several elected officials have been making promises of a citizen vote on the CRC (Columbia River Crossing), more precisely the light rail prospect of the project. To date no vote has been held or scheduled and efforts by citizens to get a vote fall by the wayside in some fairly unseemly ways.

The latest being the petition effort that was first rejected with the claim that many signatures were from voters outside the city limits.

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January 12, 2013

The Petition That Refuses To Die

by lewwaters

PetitionExtending Portland, Oregon’s financially beleaguered light rail line into Vancouver and Clark County Washington has been and remains a very contentious matter. Even though every single vote perceived to provide funding for part of the project has been easily defeated at the ballot box, even within the confines of a gerrymandered sub-district thought to give the project an edge for approval, voters have not been given a vote on the project itself and proponents forge ahead with plans and spending tax dollars in planning for it.

It is now known, thanks to an Oregon Supreme Court ruling on another matter, that the only reason Oregon agreed to a new bridge was to force us to accept their overly expensive and failing folly of light rail.

Hence we hear words like “no light rail, no bridge,” “deal with it, its coming” and as we always hear from the overbearing left, “the debate is over.”

To that end citizens in Vancouver, Washington and Clark County have rallied together, speaking against the project at city council meetings, C-TRAN Board Meetings, County Commissioner Meetings and collecting as much information showing the futility and costly expenses associated with light rail that we in Clark County simply cannot afford.

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January 4, 2013

Voters Thwarted By Downtown Mafia, Again

by lewwaters

Anger 3Once again, efforts to let voters voice their opinion in support of or opposition to forcing Clark County to accept Portland, Oregon’s financially troubled light rail seems to have fallen by the wayside as the Downtown light rail Mafia, better known as elected and appointed officials determined to force citizens to accept the boondoggle against their will have ruled yet another citizen petition calling for a vote as “invalid.”

And it cannot be ignored just how fishy this latest effort is.

Ever since Portland, Oregon decided to build a light rail system throughout their city, efforts have been underway to extend it across the Columbia River into Washington State in Clark County. That voters defeated the effort in 1995 by 2 to 1 margin did not matter as our vote was apparently immediately thrown into the trash can as rulers in both Portland and Vancouver, Washington have continued to plot, scheme and dream of ways to circumvent state law to bypass voters every chance they got.

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July 23, 2012

Elmer Fudd for 3rd Congressional District

by lewwaters

I find it unbelievable that we in the 3rd Congressional District still cannot find a good conservative candidate to run. Democrats and a RINO have held the seat for far too long.

Democrat Brian Baird held the seat comfortably for several years with no challenger coming close to defeating him.

That seemed to change in 2010 when then chair of the Clark County GOP Ryan Hart requested I find out what I could about an Olympia area Republican stepping up to run against him and begin blogging in support of him. I met David Castillo shortly after and saw that we finally had a strong conservative with impeccable experience who was willing to step up and confront Baird.

Whether or not he could have defeated Baird became academic when Baird announced he was not going to run for reelection in 2010.

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May 15, 2012

$10 Schmillion: A Conversation Between Mayor Leavitt & Larry Patella

by lewwaters

By Professor Robert Dean

Ring, Ring!

Leavitt: Government Contracts R Us; Junior Civil Engineer, Tim Leavitt, speaking.

Larry P: Well, well! If it isn’t Hiz Honor himself!

Leavitt: Larry? I told you not to call me about city business while I’m at work.

Larry P: Come off it, Tim! You wouldnt evn be Mayor of Vancouver if it wasn’t for me and my listserv. And, bsides, your firm donated $6,000.00 to your campaign. Dunt tell methey didn’t expect to have to share your time and attention with the rest of the city.

Leavitt: Well sure, but you’re not a big developer who can shovel work our way. You’re even against light rail.

Larry P: U mean “Loot Rail, The Gravy Train, The Crime Train?”

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December 7, 2010

Vancouver Pays Homage to the Memory of the Pearl Harbor Attack

by lewwaters

It was 69 years ago today, December 7, 1941, young sailors and soldiers waking to another Sunday morning in Pearl Harbor Hawaii were suddenly and brutally thrust into the war that would become the bloodiest conflict the world has ever seen, World War Two.

For nearly two hours, waves of Japanese aircraft flew in, dropping bombs, torpedoes and strafing airfields and ships moored in the harbor in an effort to cripple the American Naval Pacific Fleet and prevent our Navy from influencing the war that the Japanese was planning to wage in Southeast Asia against Britain, the Netherlands and the U.S. in the Philippines.

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September 14, 2010

Jeanne Harris Throws Yet Another Tantrum, Must Go

by lewwaters

UPDATE: Vancouver City Council Ethics Panel Decision HERE

Unscientific poll on Harris’ fate HERE

Vancouver Progressive city council member Jeanne Harris has once again erupted in anger and vitriol aimed towards a citizen during the Citizen Communications segment of the City Council Meeting.

Just weeks ago she lambasted Larry Patella over his right to free speech during the council meeting, resulting in a confrontation between her and fellow council member, Jeanne Stewart.

Jeannes spar twice during Council meeting

Ms Harris is also one of the three council members, joining Mayor Leavitt and Bart Hansen, who saw no problem with passing an ordinance restricting our right to free speech in political gatherings by placing prior notice limitations on such gatherings, even though no problems have ever occurred during such gatherings held be either left-wing or right-wing groups.

That ordinance did not pass as such and was rewritten to exclude political gatherings, which Ms. Harris clearly disagreed with: Free Speech Gains a Short Reprieve from the Vancouver City Council.

I was in attendance at both meetings and Ms. Harris appeared visibly upset that she did not get her way to place limitations on gatherings that pertain to free speech rights for all.

At a subsequent town hall she once again became visibly upset with citizens over confronting Mayor Leavitt for his switch on campaigning on no tolls, admonishing the audience, most a bit older than she, as if they were third graders.

And now, once again, it is reported that not only did she throw a tantrum towards a citizen during the Citizen Communications segment, but that she stormed out of the council meeting and afterwards, angrily confronted fellow council member Jeanne Stewart in the hallway. As reported to me by a friend present at last night’s council meeting,

Tonight was a sad night for the citizens of Vancouver, WA.

During tonight’s City Council Meeting, Mr. David Madore was called to speak during public comment time. When he began to speak he was viciously attacked by City Councilwoman Jeanne Harris who basically tried to shut him down. When Mr. Madore spoke about his freedom of speech, she told him he didn’t have any in the City Council meeting because THEY controlled the subject. Ms. Harris felt that Mr. Madore’s discussion about tolls and light rail coming into Vancouver was not the concern of the city. She was rude, disrespectful and extremely combative.

When City Councilwoman Jeanne Stewart spoke up in defense of Mr. Madore, Ms. Harris yelled out something about how Jeanne is defending him because we (speaking about those who oppose tolls and light rail) are her friends.

Another gentleman got up to speak and challenged Ms. Harris on his First Amendment Right. She became extremely angry and shouted at him to sit down. He said he has his three minute right to speak when she began yelling for him to get out of the building. Ms. Stewart told Ms. Harris that she didn’t have the right to throw out a citizen who wanted to speak and Ms. Harris got upset and began demanding that the mayor hit his gavel. When the mayor refused, and tried to calm Ms. Harris down, she jumped up from her seat and stomped away angry.

City Councilwoman Stewart told the mayor and other city council members that City Councilwoman Harris had no right to accuse her of “being friends” with the no tolls people. Later, City Council woman Harris came out from the back after the meeting and began a shouting match with Ms. Stewart. As she was walking away, she turned and shouted at Ms. Stewart to “SHUT UP”!

The rest of the City Council members sat there without defending the citizens! The City Attorney who was present only responded when Ms Stewart insisted he said something. He basically sided with Ms. Harris silencing citizens because as far as they are concerned: TOLLS and the I-5 Bridge is not a Vancouver issue. HELLO!!

We need to protest this behavior! It is totally inappropriate and clearly a violation of our freedom of speech! I need everyone to get involved with me to protest this misbehavior and show these bullies that they do not have the right to harass citizens!”

Ms. Harris appears to be out of control and should not be on the city council if she cannot sit during a short 3-minute presentation of a citizen. After all, aren’t council members elected to “listen” to the citizens, not dictate to us?

I know Mr. Madore and he is one of the most reasoned, rational speakers I have ever heard. Regardless, unless he is verbally attacking or engaging in untoward conduct and speech, doesn’t he have a right to speak his mind during a “citizen communications” in the council meeting?

I have sat during council meetings and listened to other citizens get up and speak of things I disagree with totally. If I interrupted their time to shut any of them up, I would rightfully be ousted from the meeting.

Ms. Harris has once again shown she should not be sitting on the Vancouver City Council. She apparently does not have the demeanor to listen to what she might not agree with when citizens speak freely. I hate to tell her, but we have not yet become Obamastan where she and she alone is entitled to decide who may or may not speak.

Calling for her resignation would fall upon deaf ears, I am afraid. Her arrogance would block hearing such words.

To that end, I urge Mayor Tim Leavitt and the rest of the City Council to conduct an emergency meeting at the earliest possible date with the intent of ousting her from the council to be replaced by someone selected through the normal process that will willingly sit and listen to citizens respectfully, as the rest of you have done repeatedly.

An admonishment or an apology is not enough as I doubt it would change her demeanor towards citizens. I imagine it would just anger her more.

Citizens of Vancouver, Washington deserve better and Ms. Jeanne Harris must step down or be ousted. Her brash, rude vitriol towards citizens and fellow council members can no longer be tolerated.

Jeanne Harris must go!

CVTV Video (begins about 8 minutes in)

May 16, 2009

The Columbian Goes On The Attack

by lewwaters

Wednesday’s edition of the Columbian contained an op/ed by Tom Koenninger that seems to be nothing more than a vicious attack on two citizens who stand up for their constitutional rights to speak out freely at what they see as wrong.

Koenninger’s op/ed, Political games discourage volunteerism, says in the very first paragraph, “Vancouver’s Charter Review Committee Chairman John Caton calls it a “sideshow,” but that doesn’t mean he finds anything amusing about it. He is the target of a vicious campaign by local activists Debbie Peterson and Larry Patella to have him removed as chairman because he is treasurer for Mayor Royce Pollard’s re-election campaign.

Activists,” Tom? “Vicious” campaign too?

Before getting deeper into this claim of Koenninger’s, let me say that I have personally met both Larry Patella and Debbie Peterson and consider them my friends. Larry is a retired Naval Officer and Debbie is a School Teacher and former candidate for the office now held by Jim Jacks. Neither has ever been “vicious” in expressing opposition to what they see wrong in Clark County.

Yes, they see a conflict of interest in Caton sitting on Vancouver’s Charter Review Committee and as Chairman while also being the campaign treasurer for Mayor Royce Pollard as well as they often have opposed Mayor Pollard, which is a right they have been granted by our constitution.

To view the “viciousness” Koenninger speaks of, please visit CVTV and click on “CITIZENS COMMUNICATION.” Larry begins at about the 3:30 minute mark and Debbie begins at about the 10-minute mark.

As Debbie said in a letter to the Columbian, which remains unpublished, the term “activist” carries negative connotations. Peering into a thesaurus we find synonyms for “activist” include “demagogue,” “inciter,” “malcontent,” and “troublemaker,” as well as the definition, “One who agitates, especially politically.”

Strange how for 8 years the Columbian saw no need to label those who openly opposed Republicans as “activist,” but seek to label Republicans who oppose the actions of Vancouver’s Mayor as such.

And again, what “viciousness?” Both stated their positions clearly and without malice or mean-spirited words.

Very troubling in Koenninger’s op/ed is that although he interviewed John Caton for his ‘hit piece,’ he did not have the courtesy to contact either Debbie Peterson nor Larry Patella, just resorted to the usual left-winged name calling of any who dare speak out against Pollard or his administration.

Why does the City Council hold open public meetings and allow citizen comments if reasonable opposition is to be demeaned? Does the Columbian now cry “freedom of the press” while denigrating the free speech of concerned citizens?

I find it unconscionable that the Columbian would allow such an attack on Clark County citizens merely because the voice opposition to the Mayor and the City Council. While the Columbian may be a private business themselves, their purpose, as they state at the head of every edition, is “Serving Clark County, Washington.”

Shouldn’t that include ALL of Clark County and not just one view?

Copies of Debbie Peterson and Larry Patella’s unpublished letters follow.

Letter to the Editor:
I find it interesting that you label me as an activist. This is the second time in less than a year that your paper has done so. According to surveys, the term “activist” has a negative connotation. My appropriate, reserved actions and involvement in city/state affairs are motivated by what is in the best interests of both. I have not once addressed the Charter Review Committee, with a recommendation for removal of Mr. Caton from that committee. I have, however, at City Council, recommended that Mayor Pollard, take a leadership role, and remove him from his campaign as treasurer, or ask that Mr. Caton remove himself from the Charter Review Committee. The Charter Review Committee is addressing far-reaching policies that directly pertain to mayoral issues. It is impossible for anyone, with the close association that Mr. Caton has to Mayor Pollard, to remain objective. I refer you to the written, public, city council record that contains my statement. You will find it measured and polite. It would have been helpful if facts, rather than fiction would have been included in your editorial of May 13th, regarding my statement.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Peterson, concerned citizen


Interesting article in today Columbian. Anti-Citizens/Voters and Pollard Cheerleader Tom Koenninger, Editor Emeritus of the Columbian characterizes Debbie Peterson and me, as “Vicious” for attempting to do what the Columbian fails to do or won’t do.

That is to make Vancouver Citizens aware of what the good Mayor and his self appointed Charter Review Committee, is or isn’t doing to our City Constitution.

What Cheerleader Koenninger failed to say in his column is that Mayor Pollard, when confronted by me with the fact that Charter Review Committee Chairman was his re-election Campaign Chairman, LIED. Instead of responding with the truth, that John Caton is his Campaign Treasurer, the mayor said, my information was a bunch of “CRAP” and he only occasionally uses Caton as an accountant. Mayors should not Lie to the people. I have the mayor’s words on tape if Koenninger would like to see them.

L. M. Patella
CDR USN (ret)

September 6, 2008

Palin Phobia In Clark County?

by lewwaters

Like many of you, I was pleasantly surprised to see Republican nominee, John McCain, choose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for his running mate in the upcoming Presidential election this year. Equally pleasing was to discover she has family ties to our community.

Most surprising was to witness that after years of hearing how hard the Democrat Party was working to elevate women in America, they pushed aside a powerful and well known female candidate in favor of a junior Senator from Illinois who is only mid-way through his first term in the U.S. Senate and it was the Republicans, who we continue to hear are against Women, Blacks, Children, Veterans, Mothers, Dogs, Cats, Snails, Birds, the Environment, Taxes, Free Expression, the Poor, Small Business, Health Care, Social Security, Immigrants, Snakes, Music, Flowers, Spiders, basically everything excluding Wealthy White Males, that stood up and nominated the second ever woman Vice Presidential candidate and first ever on the Republican ticket.

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

Within mere minutes of the announcement, realizing they had been blind-sided by the nomination, left-winged smear merchants began digging into every aspect of her and her family’s lives.

By Sunday, August 31, the Columbian’s John Laird, first telling us how we men feel “tasered” by the mere mention of a powerful woman’s name, primarily Hillary Clinton, seemed somewhat perplexed and “baffled” that Sarah Palin had eclipsed Hillary in the limelight and the possibility of being the “next woman in the White House.”

He also graciously says that “legions of men” no longer feel “tasered.”

Could it be that “legions” of men have wanted a woman all along, but one that supported America and not a leftist restructuring of the country? From our Moms to Margaret Thatcher, powerful women have always been accepted by “legions of men” without feeling “tasered.”

Judging by the paranoid rumors broadcast and printed about Sarah Palin in just this week, it is liberal men & women feeling that “tasered” effect. Could that be the real “tingling sensation” Chris Matthews spoke of once?

Local citizen and retired Navy Commander, Larry Patella, a good conservative who is unafraid to speak his mind, recently penned an email complaining about the biased coverage our local paper gave the conventions. Sending it out to those on his email list, one recipient, 49th Legislative District Representative, Jim Moeller, seemed to take exception. He replied to Larry,

Palin is THE political light-weight. You mean to tell me she is the most qualified candidate in the entire national Republican Party to be McCain’s running mate? Pleeese! Royce Pollard is more qualified than Palin. She will diminish your ticket and quite frankly, I couldn’t have picked a better running mate for him myself.”

Moeller, who has a history of brash replies to constituents and those who disagree with him, must believe the liberal distortions about Sarah Palin. Otherwise, he would have seen that Mrs. Palin enjoys an 85% approval rating in her home state of Alaska.

Never one to quietly back down from arrogant politicians, Larry excoriates Moeller with a reply, in part,

Shame on you. You who has spent a political career fighting to give gays the same rights as other would stoop so low as to join the rest of the Liberal Socialist Democrats and the news media to Insult Sara Palin because she is a woman. How dare you imply she is unqualified because she is a woman who comes from a small town or compare her to Royce Pollard?”

Left unmentioned by Representative Moeller is that Royce Pollard isn’t running for high National Office, but Barack Obama and Joe Biden are and neither has a single days experience in running either a small town or a state. In fact, Sarah Palin even has more Executive experience than her running mate, Senator John McCain.

Left-winged, apparently shook up over this surprise announcement, sent out emails to subscribers “suggesting” letters to editors be written and sent in to newspapers all across the nation. They even supply “writing tips” outlining the debunked rumors and distortions being spread by the paranoid left in their effort to undo what appears to be a winning ticket.

Some have appeared in our local paper letting us “ignorant” Republicans know that adding Mrs. Palin to the ticket “turned the Republican campaign into a ‘Seinfeld’ rerun.” That I recall, Seinfeld enjoyed a long and popular run on TV and is still in demand in syndication.

Another letter tells us that 67 days isn’t enough time to learn of Sarah Palin and know whether or not she is qualified to be Vice President. No mention that the Democrats Presidential nominee is only mid way through his first term as a junior Senator, most of it being spent campaigning for the Presidency. Somehow, though, with no records being released from his home state, he is “immanently qualified” to assume the highest office in the land. But Sarah Palin’s years as Mayor and Governor isn’t enough to be in the Second Highest Office.

In a September 5 Columbian article, editor Lou Brancccio, attempting to show the Columbian as an “unbiased” news source, ends his piece with,

Rather than directly answer tough questions from the media (so far at least) she would simply prefer to say she’s not running to please the media, she’s running (dramatic pause required here) TO REPRESENT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! Oh. OK. I didn’t realize that,” concerning Mrs. Palin.

And again, no complaint that fellow “journalists” won’t even ask Senator Obama any “tough questions” at all

A competitor, the New York Times, published an editorial saying in part,

Where is it written that only senators are qualified to become President …? Where is it written that governors and mayors … are too local, too provincial …? What a splendid system, we say to ourselves, that takes little-known men, tests them in high office and permits them to grow into statesmen. This rationale may even be right, but then let it also be fair. Why shouldn’t a little-known woman have the same opportunity to grow?”

No, this wasn’t written in defense of Sarah Palin, but was published on July 3, 1984 in defense of New York Representative Geraldine Ferraro when Democrat candidate, Walter Mondale, nominated her for the office of Vice President.

Today, they join the chorus questioning Sarah Palin’s qualifications.

Todd Palin’s uncle, Doug Palin says, “She’s young and fresh and kind of a new face.” Many of us in Clark County couldn’t agree more. In spite of the ‘Palin-Phobia’ in the media and Democrat Party, once the partisan rhetoric is cut through, we find an honest and sincere mother of 5 who has the desire to really leave a better country for her children.

There is a very good chance that America is witnessing their first ever woman President.