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January 22, 2015

Is There An Echo Around Here?

by lewwaters

Simply amazing to read in the Lazy C from one of America’s wealthiest individuals, Ken Fisher of Fisher Investments;

He advocated for embracing the non-urban nature of Southwest Washington, and urged local leaders not to tie themselves to Portland as they develop the community.

Portland may be trendy, but Southwest Washington is less concerned with taste and style, and more concerned with the “real” world, he said.

“I’ve got a lot of class and all of it’s low. I got a lot of taste and all of it’s bad. I see all these people who suffer from inferiority complexes who want to go and be a foodie in Portland. I will do that when I’m dragged across the river,” Fisher said, in a characteristically dry dig at urban America.

Let Portland be Portland, you guys be you,” he continued, winning applause from the crowd.

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August 27, 2014

Think Before You Vote

by lewwaters

Although mentioning only the presidency, Politicians at all levels and from both major parties make monkey’s out of us when we don’t do our homework and elect better ones than we have had.

This song was released by singer, songwriter Tom T. Hall, a Democrat in June 1972, an election year where incumbent Republican Richard Nixon defeated Democrat challenger George McGovern in a landslide election, carrying 49 of the 50 states.

Within two years, Nixon became the only U.S. President ever forced to resign in disgrace.

May 13, 2011

Leavitt to Announce A Ball Team Coming to Vancouver?

by lewwaters

KPAM News has reported ‘no show’ Leavitt has announced a press release for 1 PM to say a deal has been reached to bring a Minor League ball Team to Vancouver.

Updates will be following, but I have to wonder, since a stadium will have to built to accommodate them, how much will taxpayers be on the hook for that, where exactly where it be built?

Initial word was it would be built on Clark College property in the Arnada Neighborhood. But, isn’t that where they also announced a parking facility for Loot Rail once it is shoved down our throats?

I’m not opposed to a ball team coming to Vancouver, but I am concerned on just what this will cost Clark County taxpayers on top of every other pie in the sky scheme this Mayor is proposing, CRC, waterfront project, acquisition of the new city hall building, while closing fire stations.

Has he bought a printing press to print his own money?

Public to hear details of baseball proposal Friday