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September 26, 2013

Allegations Fly in Battle Ground

by lewwaters

BattleGroundCitySeal-300x297Battle Ground, Washington, the small town northeast of Vancouver may not have seen a historic battle, but they have no shortage of battles when it comes to elections and keeping citizens entertained, often just shaking their heads.

The latest involves City Council Member and former Mayor Michael Ciraulo over a campaign fundraising event, a ‘Poker Night’ that was held on September 14, 2013 at Galeotti’s Restaurant and claims of it being in violation of Washington State Gambling Law.

A citizen complaint sent to Battle Ground City Manager, John Williams alleged the event, “did not have [the proper] gambling license as mandated by the State of Washington.”

The complaint further alleges, “The City of Battle Ground prohibits card rooms inside the city limits. Chapter 9.26 Public Card rooms (Ordinance 598s2, 1987), contact had been made with the Gambling Commission and the Commission had an ‘open and active’ investigation ongoing due to previous complaints filed by others.”

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August 15, 2013

Lisa Walters Back In

by lewwaters

Lisa Walters bApparently Battle Ground Mayor Lisa Walters has had a change of heart on resigning her city council position.

Three days ago Ms. Walters wrote on her facebook page: “Wanted to let you all know that today I resigned my position with the city council. Time to move forward in my life and make some serious changes. I will be moving out of the area but will keep in touch as I move through this season. Here’s to better tomorrow’s.”

Lisa was citing strictly personal issues prompting the sudden resignation.

Posted on her facebook page this evening;

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August 12, 2013

Lisa Walters Announces Resignation

by lewwaters

Lisa Walters bSurprising to read on facebook, City Council Member and Mayor of Battle Ground, Washington Lisa Walters announced she has resigned her position with the city.

Ms. Walters wrote: “Wanted to let you all know that today I resigned my position with the city council. Time to move forward in my life and make some serious changes. I will be moving out of the area but will keep in touch as I move through this season. Here’s to better tomorrow’s.”

Lisa is citing strictly personal issues prompting the sudden resignation. I wish Lisa the best with what is happening in her life.

It is also assumed now that Mike Dalesandro, challenger for her City Council seat will win the seat in the November General Election.

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January 3, 2013

Rattling C-Tran Not A Bad Thing

by lewwaters

C-Tran RattledOnce again, the Columbian is up to old tricks with their article, Madore rattles C-Tran board, describing actions of then Commissioner-elect, now Commissioner David Madore and his contacting North County Officials prior to his swearing in.

Not surprising either is the Columbian not quite getting it right.

The article tells us that Madore met with different officials from smaller cities in North County and shortly after, some withdrew their support of a sitting C-Tran Board Member who has served on the C-Tran Board for number of years.

They quote Battle Ground Mayor, Lisa Walters saying, “He hadn’t been sworn in yet, and he was already out causing trouble like this,” leading readers to believe she is upset over Madore’s contacting officials.

In reality, she isn’t as upset as they indicate.

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January 4, 2012

Congratulations to Battle Grounds First Ever Female Mayor

by lewwaters

Battle Ground citizens woke up today to news that the city has gained a new mayor, the first female mayor ever appointed by city council, Lisa Walters, who has served as a city council member since 2001. Lisa replaces Michael Ciraulo as mayor who stepped down as mayor due to an increasing workload in his day job position as division chief for Clark County Fire and Rescue, but will remain on the city council.

Ms. Walters had the support of the other council members going into the Tuesday council meeting, her appointment all but guaranteed with the final vote being unanimous.

Lisa was reelected to the Battle Ground city council over challenger Michael Dalesandro by a 53.23% to a 46.45% margin. At the time she was coming under fire from other council members for her standing against the mayor on occasion. She didn’t actively campaign and when asked by Clark County Conservative for information supportive of her reelection bid replied, “I do not have any flashy campaign info,” and “I have elected to not seek support from any group.”

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December 20, 2010

Battle Ground City Council: Insufficient Evidence Against Zandamela

by lewwaters

The Battle Ground City Council met this evening, December 20, 2010 to hear allegations of ethics violations brought against fellow council member Paul Zandamela by council member Lisa Walters.

As was outlined in a November 17 Columbian article, Zandamela was “accused of violating two sections of the city’s ethics ordinance, which was unanimously adopted by the council Aug. 16. The first allegation is Zandamela provided false information to the city council, leading the members to make decisions based on non-factual information. The second allegation is Zandamela tried to influence administrative decisions, which are to be made by the city manager.”

At tonight’s proceedings, Mr. Zandamela exercised his right to an attorney for the proceedings to argue his defense, which ended up turning the scheduled one hour meeting into just over 2 hours. The attorney presented a very effective defense, at times reminding me of older black & white episodes of Perry Mason. But still, his attorney, Jeff Lindberg, gave a very effective defense, focusing often on just what was the status of meetings Zandamela was alleged to have made the statements claimed he made.

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January 24, 2010

Anne McErney-Ogle Should Be Appointed To Vancouver’s Open Council Seat

by lewwaters

I often receive emails from citizens active in Vancouver or Clark County matters. It isn’t always that I agree with them, but I always appreciate seeing what others think about the goings on in our community.

One such person I often receive email from is retired Navy Commander Larry Patella who many elected officials look upon as a “thorn in their side.” While they may scoff at Larry, politicians need those “thorns in their sides” if we are to remain a free nation of “We The People.”

As we all know, Mayor Royce Pollard was defeated by challenger Tim Leavitt this past November and his being worn in to office has left an opening on the city council for Vancouver. Current council members have won their elections for their seat, either this past year or in years past.

To fill the seat now a replacement for Leavitt must be selected, but it will be by council members, not an election. This is by design and the process our nation and community has set-up.

The danger in this process is council members who may ignore the voices of the people and choose a replacement based upon an agenda or someone who they fell will just rubber stamp proposals of the mayor or the council.

It is in regards to this selection process that Mr. Patella was addressing those on his email list this morning as he sent out the following,

“Finalist for Vancouver City Council;

In reading the article in today’s copy of the Daily Fish Wrapper, I must take issue will some of the criteria for who will be selected.

Having been advised that some applicants were not nominated to fill the seat vacated by the current mayor because there was fear among current council members that they would not be team players or that they had the audacity to challenge some council members’ positions and decisions I am concerned that whomever gets elected will be just another Bobblehead.

Didn’t we just throw out of office a dictatorial administration that not only ignored the voice of the People but in almost every instance passed every piece of legislation brought before it by a 6 to 1 or 5 to 2 vote. Comments such as “it’s going to be spirited dialogue about who the six of us believe will be the best fit”

Ladies and gentlemen of the council, need council members who will Listen to the people, ask probing question, and above all vote on the merits of what is placed before them, not just another vote in someone’s pocket. It is not the best fit that “We The People” are seeking, it is someone who will represent “We The People”.

In my most humble opinion, Anne McEnery-Olge is the people’s choice.
She has the Experience, the Backbone and the Will to represent us.

L. M. Patella
CDR USN (ret)

P.S. Let The Council Know your choice and let me know. I will tabulate the people’s vote and compare it to what the council vote and let you know if they are listening to us..”

Finalists are, if you don’t already know, Anne McErney-Ogle – Active in Neighbor Association, Member of Planning Commission, served on City Budget Review Committee, Ran for council in 2009 and came in second.

Eric Olmsted – Challenged Jeanne Stewart in 2005 and was defeated

Lee Rafferty – Community Volunteer

Bart Hanson – Works For PUD, ran for council in 2009 and came in third.

Larry’s email, if you wish to contact him with your preference is

My choice would be Anne McErney-Ogle to take the seat, as she is very community oriented, she does get out amongst the people and she does have the needed experience to represent citizens of Vancouver, Washington.

This is also why Clark County Conservative strongly supported Lisa Walters in the Battle Ground Council Race against all too obvious Democratic Party choice and supported Michael Dalesandro in last years race.

Lisa, much like Anne McErney-Ogle, when necessary would ask probing questions, oppose a lock-step attitude and actually represent the people.

Anne ran against deeply entrenched incumbent council member, Jeanne Harris, who has been on the council since 1997.

I’m not at all convinced that Vancouver citizens’ voices have been heeded in the past and a burgeoning budget deficit reflects that. All too often, council votes on matters supported by special interests and opposed by citizens, such as light rail and a new I-5 bridge replacement.

Millions of dollars of our tax money has been spent “studying” projects that have been voted down by the people in the past and that the current council will not bring back before the people.

Clark County Conservative proudly supports Anne McErney-Ogle to be selected for appointment to the Vancouver City Council. I feel she would be a much-needed dissenting voice from time to time.

Throughout the history of our nation, opposing views on matters came together for compromises that benefited “We The People” most and not extremes or special interests.

It was dissension that often found common ground and built the nation to greatness, not far left, far right or special interests that sought only obscene profit.

October 15, 2009

Dalesandro Showing Desperation

by lewwaters

Michael Dalesandro, 28 year-old challenger against Lisa Walters for Battle Ground City Council position 4, appears to be getting desperate in bid. After personally contacting me over my posting in support of Mrs. Walters, including misrepresenting and misquoting what I said, I see that he has updated his campaign site to engage some mud slinging.

In his email to me, Michael made note of, “My campaign has been positive and issue based,” and “the commitment she has made for the last 8 years is honorable.”

I guess that is why he has decided to begin attacking his opponent over her 7-year performance on the council.

Of particular interest to me was he begins his home page with, “I want to keep Battle Ground a great place to raise a family,” and then condemns Lisa by saying, “My opponent pushed for an ordinance to limit urban chickens. More big government.”

What he neglects to mention is that this effort by Mrs. Walters was in the best interest of Battle Ground residents health as the incident was over a complaint received where a resident had 50 chickens on a 5,000 sq. ft. residential lot.

I live on a similar sized lot, slightly larger and have very little room around a small house in the yard. So, doesn’t 50 chickens pose a health hazard in such a small area?

Hailing from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, maybe Michael has never been exposed to a chicken ranch and the unbelievable odor from the chickens waste, not to mention the hazard to others peoples health from the waste of 50 chickens confined in such a small area.

But he obviously didn’t do his homework before deciding to slam Mrs. Walters for trying to look out for Battle Ground citizen’s health. Had he done his homework he would join Lisa on this one instead of trying to paint her as unsuitable for her seat.

I refer back to his own words of, “I want to keep Battle Ground a great place to raise a family.” With the rapid growth of Battle Ground in the past few years and building lots shrinking to fit more homes in, do you wish your neighbor to have 50 chickens next door to you?

Any sane person knows that chickens can be raised in an urban area but let’s face it, 50 chickens is excessive. That is why other urban areas placed restrictions on having them.

I also find it curious that Michael would state “More big government” as if he feels that is a bad thing.

As acknowledged in the September 2009 Democratic Party Newsletter, Michael is considered a “Democratic activist.” Nothing wrong with that, it is legal and I’m sure many consider me a “Republican activist.”

But, a Democrat complaining about “Big Government?”

The party that wants a government takeover of the Healthcare Industry? The party that recently took over the Auto Industry, Wall Street, Banks and wishes to impose government regulations on food, insurance, vehicles, schools and several other aspects of our lives?

Curiously enough, Michael is featured in both the September and October newsletter from the Clark County Democratic Party. Doesn’t it make you wonder why such heavy biased support from them over a “non-partisan” seat?

Could it be as said in the October newsletter, “County Democratic officers think Dalesandro would be a dandy candidate for the state Legislature in some future cycle?”

Mike has never ran for office or held any elected position, other than precinct committee officer and in his email to me said, “I don’t have plans to run for another office.”

Could it be as Mike mentions on his web page that Mrs. Walters raised issues with the mayor and like many other mayors, he doesn’t like being confronted by council members, so those that do must go?

Of note is Mike’s “revelation” that Mrs. Walters raised a question about the mayor and his relationship with the Cultural Task Force were shared by other council members, not only Lisa, as mentioned in an August 25, 2009 article in the Reflector.

I also find it odd that this “investigation” he mentions is not linked to or shown in his claim, just a condemnation of Mrs. Walters.

I would say Mike should really stick to the issues and his record, but being his first run at office he has no real record to run on, relying on his involvement in the family business instead. No problem there, everybody starts somewhere.

Still, I wonder if he never came under question during his time managing a small pizza shop? If so, he may be the only person alive do have escaped scrutiny.

Michael, since you seem to show such a “High Interest” in my blog, allow me to say to you that this isn’t a “High Interest” in your campaign. It is a “High Interest” in seeing local governments remaining as diverse with council members as they claim and they not be stacked with yes-men in favor of any mayor.

Be mature, Mike. Stand on your own merits instead of trying to sling mud. That isn’t a “positive and issue based” campaign.

October 13, 2009

A Message From Mike Dalesandro

by lewwaters

I am always flattered to be contacted directly by candidates for public office, even when I support their opponent. To think that they take time out of their busy day campaigning, working and caring for their families to compose a letter or email to me, a simple lone citizen in Clark County out of all others is flattering.

I was no less flattered to receive the following email from Mike Dalesandro, running for Battle Ground City Council Position 4 against incumbent Lisa Walters. I wish his comments were a little more accurate, though.

I assume my posting one supportive and unsolicited post for Lisa, one letter to the editor in the Reflector and my one comment in support of Lisa at the Columbian drew his attention to me.

I will post the email in its entirety after this post.

Let’s look at what Mike has to say to me.

1. I have noticed your high interest in my City Council race.

High interest? One post, one letter to the editor and one comment on the Columbian? Puhleeze!

2. I understand and appreciate your conservative viewpoint and the fact you feel that you are advocating fair and balanced local government.

So, according to Mike, I only “feel” like I advocate a fair and balanced government. I wonder what he thinks those who support his candidacy “feel?” A little judgmental, Mike?

3. I feel as though I need to clear up a few things. My choice to run for Council was my own. I was NEVER approached by Democratic Party officers or Mayor Ciraulo about running for any elected office and I don’t have plans to run for another office.

Good to hear, Mike, but who ever said they did approach you? I said the heavily biased support for you over Lisa appears like a “stacking the deck” on the council in the mayor’s favor. I also know that parties “groom” candidates and even if they begin with no desire for higher office, they are later “encouraged” to by their parties.

And don’t forget, Mike, you are running for a “non-partisan” seat.

Lisa is not seeking endorsements from either party in retaining her “non-partisan” seat.

You do not explain why such a heavily biased support for your candidacy for a “non-partisan” seat is warranted or accepted, in light of Lisa’s stance.

4. My experience managing a small-family business (pizza shop), working 80 hours a week, making very little pay, was a valuable life experience that taught me many important fiscal and work ethic lessons that I plan to bring with me to Council.

I’m pleased that someone of your young age knows the value of hard work, Mike. Do you not think that Lisa also knows of hard work, raising and caring for a family and many years involvement in community activities and programs?

I applaud you for putting in “80 hour weeks,” but ought to tell you that at about the same age, the guys I served with in Viet Nam and myself were putting in 126-hour weeks and you don’t really wish to know the pay we received for the conditions we were in.

5. As for being a “lowly assistant manager”, that’s just not fair, Lew.

I agree, mike. Who said it? I didn’t. I said you were a “lower level assistant manager,” a far cry from a “lowly assistant manager.” In an effort to “clear things up,” couldn’t you at least be accurate in what you claim I say?

I realize you desire to discredit my words, Mike, but misrepresenting what I say will not accomplish that.

6. My campaign has been positive and issue based. Whether or not I agree with Lisa’s performance on City Council, the commitment she has made for the last 8 years is honorable. Please don’t make personal judgments on me and my family.

Thin skinned a little, Mike? Where did I judge either you or your family? Questioning how working in a pizza shop years ago and being a “lower level assistant manager” is hardly judging anyone.

On the campaign news section on your page, you have a headline of “Bringing Credibility.” Are you claiming the council has no credibility without you? Is that an insinuation that Lisa has no credibility? Is that an example of your view of a “positive and issue based” campaign?

7. You don’t know me and you have made no effort to contact me. You admit that you don’t even know my opponent. I suggest you get to know us before endorsing either of us or making accusations and ill-conceived conspiracy theories.

Grow up, Michael. Your words, idealistic as they are, show a level of immaturity I see often on the left. Can you stand out there and tell us that you have personally met every single candidate you supported or voted for?

I’m going to assume you supported and endorsed Barack Obama for president. Tell us how you personally met and got to know him before endorsing him with your vote.

Playing victim doesn’t play well here, Mike. Crying “ill-conceived conspiracy theories” because I notice and point out the excessively biased support you accept from the Democratic Party is hardly a “conspiracy theory.”

I assume you think you are performing your own “fight the smears” campaign with this email, but you are only making yourself look foolish, immature and unsuitable to hold the seat you seek.

8. I do encourage you to contact me with any questions about me or the campaign, in the future. This country is made up of both Democrats and Republicans and there are a few of us out there on both sides that can see beyond political party; not everything is partisan.

Thank you for your encouragement, Mike. But, as a 61 year old addressing a young 28 year-old, allow me encourage you to do some homework and learn some comprehension.

I’m glad you remembered that the country is made up of both Democrats and Republicans. Listening to the news these past 8 years and Democrat candidates, I would have thought Republicans were on the brink of being outlawed.

I just have to ask you a simple question, Mike.

Do you go after all of those who express support for the one you are trying to unseat? Or, did you single me out for some reason?

Grow up, Mike. You chose to run for a political office and if you cannot tolerate a lone blogger commenting in support of your opponent, how will you ever question any of the mayor’s proposals?

That you even felt the need to personally contact me about this and then misrepresent what I said shows me your level of immaturity and yes, not ready to occupy a seat on the council.

You see, Mike, there are many of us out here, on both sides of the political spectrum that wonder why such heavily partisan support for a non-partisan seat is warranted.

There are many of us who feel we still have free speech and may freely support or oppose a candidate for any public position.

Get some more experience, Mike. You are clearly not ready to hold a seat on the council just yet in my estimation.

Full email received in comments section.

UPDATE: Dalesandro Showing Desperation

September 5, 2009

Battle Ground Should Keep Lisa Walters For City Council

by lewwaters


Mike, you ran a good campaign and I hope you’ll look upon this as a learning experience.

(October 13, 2009) A Message From Mike Dalesandro

Lisa Walters b

In reviewing the 2 candidates for Battle Ground City Council Position 4, a non-partisan position, I can find no logical reason long time Battle Ground resident Lisa Walters should be replaced. You have in her a seasoned council member with 7 years on the city council who does not follow along in lock step, but places the interests of Battle Ground residents first. In today’s political climate that is a welcome rarity.

Her opponent has lived here 5 years and lists as his qualifications for city council, a short term volunteer seat on the planning commission, assistant manager of a warehouse and worked in a “small family pizza shop” before that.

Opponents have tried in the past to make hey out of the fact that Lisa Walters came from Portland, Oregon, relying on the anti-Portland fervor we have in Clark County. They ignore that her challenger recently hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which has many more problems than does our neighbor to the south.

In looking over the qualifications of both candidates, I was particularly struck by 28-year-old Michael Dalesandro’s campaign site and a list of endorsements that is a registry of who’s who from the Democratic Party, for a non-partisan position.

His ‘About Mike’ page relies heavily on what his grandparents accomplished and not what he has. His grandparents are an American success story, but what about him? What is the relevance to the hard work they performed and succeeded in have to do with Mike?

My own personal achievements by the age of 28 would likely seem foreign to him and many others, but I am not running for office. We’ll just leave it at by that age, I had accomplished and experienced much more than an assistant manager position in a warehouse or working in a small Pizza Shop.

But mostly, this strong support and flashy web site set up I’m sure with Democratic Party funds and donations should be of concern to all, since partisanship is not a part of the position he runs for.

Is the Clark County Democratic Party attempting to stack the Battle Ground City Council? After all, Lisa Walters and Battle Ground Mayor Michael Ciraulo have had their differences and Ciraulo has openly endorsed Dalesandro for Ms. Walters seat.

Something to think about before you cast your votes, Battle Ground.

In contacting Lisa Walters personally for information on her campaign, she replied, “I do not have any flashy campaign info,” and “I have elected to not seek support from any group.” Again, showing humility and a true desire to serve Battle Ground, not attain the seat as a possible springboard to higher positions.

That alone is impressive as she has a proven track record to stand on. At 44 years old, she is settled in yet still youthful. Lisa lists affiliations with the Association of Washington Cities, the League of Women Voters and the Clark County School Advisory Committee.

Battle Ground voters, I urge you to not be deceived by the “flash,” but retain who has served your interests for 7 years, Lisa Walters, Battle Ground City Council Position 4.