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March 5, 2012

Note to Birthers: Stop Wasting Our Time!

by lewwaters

This won’t be very long, but I wish all of you who believe the birth certificate of Barack Obama issue will get him removed from office need to wake up and open your eyes. It is a distraction and a complete waste of our time.

I have no idea of the veracity of the issue and even if true, is meaningless at this point.

We have 8 months until the election and with as poor as his polling has been, there is a very good chance if our focus is concentrated on getting behind the best candidate to defeat him.

I’d like all of you who feel you can have him removed over this issue to think back to the impeachment of Bill Clinton over his perjury concerning his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Articles of impeachment passed in the house does not remove a president from office. After passing the articles of impeachment it is passed up to the senate for determination of a trial will take place to remove him.

As you all remember, the senate declined to try Bill Clinton and Republicans held a majority in the senate then.

Should the majority Republican house pass articles of impeachment over this, it is sent on to a Democrat majority senate. A senate that is supportive of Barack Obama and you can bank on there is no way they will hold a trial to remove Obama in the next 8 months.

In the meantime, efforts are going into a dead end issue.

Let’s focus on supporting  a candidate who will defeat him in November, before we end up with egg on our faces as we did impeaching Bill Clinton.

Republicans were suckered then and you’re being suckered now by Democrats.