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July 13, 2012

Mayor Leavitt Declines Open and Transparent Discussion With CRC Skeptics

by lewwaters

Ask any conservative in Southwest Washington about the reliability of the newspaper of record in Clark County, the Columbian, when it comes to political coverage and you will likely be met with laughter. The blatant left lean of the paper has many of us dubbing it the unofficial daily newsletter of the Democrat Party.

Nowhere is this better seen than the papers continued promotion of the largest and most expensive boondoggle to ever hit Southwest Washington, the Columbia River Crossing being shoved down citizens’ throats to force acceptance of Portland, Oregon’s financially troubled light rail into our community.

In spite of 3 past votes in the county declining light rail, once directly in 1995 and twice indirectly in 2002 and 2004, it came out in a recent Oregon Supreme Court ruling that the sole reason for project is to force their light rail into our community along with the desire that Clark County residents pay for operations and maintenance of the new line all the way from Oregon’s Expo Center, across the state line and into our community.

In spite of costing so far nearly $150 Million in studies, several deficiencies continue to crop up that even though reported in the pages of the Columbian, are marginalized along with any who speak out questioning the validity of such an undertaking, skeptics often dubbed with such pejorative descriptions as “the Hounds of Whinerville” and “ankle biters” by Editorial Page Editor, John Laird.

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June 20, 2012

“We Can’t Afford the Local Contribution.” A Conversation Between Robert Dean and Mayor Tim Leavitt

by lewwaters


Presented in whole by request and as sent to me by Robert Dean:

From: Robert Dean

Sent: Monday, June 11, 2012 8:07 AM

To: Leavitt, Tim

Cc: Smith, Larry; Holmes, Eric; Burkman, Jack; Harris, Jeanne; Stewart, Jeanne;

Hansen, Bart; Turlay, Bill

Subject: Funding for light rail – we can’t afford the local contribution

In the Columbian – “The project expects the federal government to contribute the $850 million needed to build the line.”

Sound enticing? Not if it’s going to cost us, the local community, Clark County taxpayers a minimum of $2.6 billion to get that $850 million from the feds (gas tax money we have already paid).

Tolls are slated to pay for the $1.4 billion local contribution. According to the CRC here we will have to pay $2.6 billion (46%) in tolls in order to raise the $1.4 billion principal on the bonds. Note, that does not include interest at 5% over 30 years, operation and maintenance of the bridge, highway and light rail system, cost overruns (usually 30%), and the fact that Oregon wants to raise its share ($750 million plus interest) with a TIFIA loan paid back by Clark County commuters with tolls.

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April 4, 2012

Vancouver Mayor Timothy D. Leavitt’s Cyber “Town Hall” (Sort Of)

by lewwaters

Mayor Leavitt’s comment left in an earlier thread here. NOTE: For sake of brevity, I have not included the full length copy of the 2012 State of the City Address that he did, but provide a link to it on the City of Vancouver website instead.

Hey Lew — Thanks much for the offer to post here. As time allows, I’ll do so.

Let me start here by addressing the responsibilities of the the position as Mayor of Vancouver….because it’s painfully clear in my conversations around the Community….and given some remarks here, that most simply don’t understand or care ot understand the realities of both Mayor and City Council duties. For the Mayor job in particular, it is a 24/7 job…without commensurate compensation. My “business” hours are roughly 7am to 10pm…nearly each and every day of the week. But, by the time I get home from a long day of both city and engineering business….typically around 10pm….the last thing I want to do is hang out on the blogs. So, while I appreciate you offerring that I can blog in the comfort of my own home…when I’m home, I’m trying to enjoy some personal time.

Next, let me just say…in response to the 2:51 post by KJ Hinton….that such comments are neither productive, or mature. Can’t you think of something more intelligent to post, KJ? Get a grip on yourself, please.

Lastly, here Lew is a copy of my recent State of the City Address, for consumption by your followers:

Click here to read the address. Click here to view the address on CVTV.

You may also read citizens reactions to the 2012 State of the City Speech here and here.

April 4, 2012

An Open Invitation to Vancouver Wa. Mayor Timothy D. Leavitt

by lewwaters

In a reply to me on the Columbian article about Tim’s pending Live Chat event, the mayor commented;

My reply back,

“Why Timothy D Leavitt, if I didn’t know better, your words seem to indicate that you don’t feel you should be held accountable by those who voted you into office.

BTW, video excerpts of actual and relevant words spoken by elected officials is not “doctoring.”

As far as town halls go, you have been and are most welcome to comment openly on my blog any time you please. There are only two people currently restricted on it and you aren’t one.

In fact, if you desire, you may write out your thoughts on me and those you consider as part of your “fan club,” email it to me and I will post it verbatim as received (I would recommend copying it to anyone you desire at the Columbian to ensure it is not altered in any way) and it will be open to anybody wishing to read or comment.

I would even be willing to un-restrict the one in this locality to allow him to continue defending you, even though he too doesn’t live in Vancouver.

And, it won’t cost the city a dime.

No limit on how many words or censorship in your words or public comments. Perhaps too, since you said I should be “emcee” I will not comment at all and will just allow the public to freely comment as they feel.

You won’t have to worry about video and the press will be free to continue monitoring it as they see fit.

Just email it to me at lewwaters@gmailcom whenever you feel like it.”

UPDATE: Leavitt seems to now wish to weasel out

My offer stands.

My offer still stands.

October 15, 2011

Occupy Vancouver – Mayor Leave It

by lewwaters

One of my favorite parts of the instructional portion of the grassroots.