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January 27, 2010

Will Washington & Clark County Recognize Oregon’s Free Gift?

by lewwaters

As everybody knows by now, Oregon passed their measure 66 and 67 last evening, raising taxes on businesses and the so-called wealthy. This could be the ‘goose that paid the golden egg’ for Washington State, primarily Clark County, if our politicians recognize it and act.

California is imploding on itself due to similar actions they have taken, chasing businesses out of the state. I see no reason businesses won’t pack up and leave Oregon too.

City Council, County Commission and Legislature all need to recognize that we in Washington can offer some nice incentives to draw them to our side of the river and alleviate our own 14.3% unemployment.

Offer them tax breaks to relocate and maybe soften some regulations.

While it may look like that would create less revenue, more citizens working and also paying taxes off of new wages will more than make up for that. Traffic congestion could be alleviated somewhat too by having the jobs on our side of the river.

Driving around the county, we see a lot of empty store space just waiting and begging for tenants.

Of course, proposed spending cuts must also go forward until we are out of this crisis. Past tax cuts as this appeared to not work because although revenues increased, spending remained out of control and also increased.

We could benefit by drawing Oregonians fed up with the oppressive taxation that will inevitably be passed on to them moving across the river. We can use more productive citizens willing to work and fill the empty apartments and homes also scattered across Clark County.

It is time we stopped worrying about Portland and began worrying about Vancouver and Clark County. We cannot allow this golden opportunity to pass us by and those jobs go to Idaho or Nevada or just simply cease to exist.

Oregon’s folly can be our gain. Let them implode under excessive taxation and feel good programs that just drain their city. Out of the ashes of Portland and the tri-county area maybe a new attitude will be born that rewards success and hard work, not penalize it.

How about it, Clark County? Are we ready to grab for the brass ring on this one?

If so, get on the phone, email or write our elected officials and let’s remind them to not look this gift horse in the mouth.