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September 26, 2013

Allegations Fly in Battle Ground

by lewwaters

BattleGroundCitySeal-300x297Battle Ground, Washington, the small town northeast of Vancouver may not have seen a historic battle, but they have no shortage of battles when it comes to elections and keeping citizens entertained, often just shaking their heads.

The latest involves City Council Member and former Mayor Michael Ciraulo over a campaign fundraising event, a ‘Poker Night’ that was held on September 14, 2013 at Galeotti’s Restaurant and claims of it being in violation of Washington State Gambling Law.

A citizen complaint sent to Battle Ground City Manager, John Williams alleged the event, “did not have [the proper] gambling license as mandated by the State of Washington.”

The complaint further alleges, “The City of Battle Ground prohibits card rooms inside the city limits. Chapter 9.26 Public Card rooms (Ordinance 598s2, 1987), contact had been made with the Gambling Commission and the Commission had an ‘open and active’ investigation ongoing due to previous complaints filed by others.”

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September 5, 2009

Battle Ground Should Keep Lisa Walters For City Council

by lewwaters


Mike, you ran a good campaign and I hope you’ll look upon this as a learning experience.

(October 13, 2009) A Message From Mike Dalesandro

Lisa Walters b

In reviewing the 2 candidates for Battle Ground City Council Position 4, a non-partisan position, I can find no logical reason long time Battle Ground resident Lisa Walters should be replaced. You have in her a seasoned council member with 7 years on the city council who does not follow along in lock step, but places the interests of Battle Ground residents first. In today’s political climate that is a welcome rarity.

Her opponent has lived here 5 years and lists as his qualifications for city council, a short term volunteer seat on the planning commission, assistant manager of a warehouse and worked in a “small family pizza shop” before that.

Opponents have tried in the past to make hey out of the fact that Lisa Walters came from Portland, Oregon, relying on the anti-Portland fervor we have in Clark County. They ignore that her challenger recently hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which has many more problems than does our neighbor to the south.

In looking over the qualifications of both candidates, I was particularly struck by 28-year-old Michael Dalesandro’s campaign site and a list of endorsements that is a registry of who’s who from the Democratic Party, for a non-partisan position.

His ‘About Mike’ page relies heavily on what his grandparents accomplished and not what he has. His grandparents are an American success story, but what about him? What is the relevance to the hard work they performed and succeeded in have to do with Mike?

My own personal achievements by the age of 28 would likely seem foreign to him and many others, but I am not running for office. We’ll just leave it at by that age, I had accomplished and experienced much more than an assistant manager position in a warehouse or working in a small Pizza Shop.

But mostly, this strong support and flashy web site set up I’m sure with Democratic Party funds and donations should be of concern to all, since partisanship is not a part of the position he runs for.

Is the Clark County Democratic Party attempting to stack the Battle Ground City Council? After all, Lisa Walters and Battle Ground Mayor Michael Ciraulo have had their differences and Ciraulo has openly endorsed Dalesandro for Ms. Walters seat.

Something to think about before you cast your votes, Battle Ground.

In contacting Lisa Walters personally for information on her campaign, she replied, “I do not have any flashy campaign info,” and “I have elected to not seek support from any group.” Again, showing humility and a true desire to serve Battle Ground, not attain the seat as a possible springboard to higher positions.

That alone is impressive as she has a proven track record to stand on. At 44 years old, she is settled in yet still youthful. Lisa lists affiliations with the Association of Washington Cities, the League of Women Voters and the Clark County School Advisory Committee.

Battle Ground voters, I urge you to not be deceived by the “flash,” but retain who has served your interests for 7 years, Lisa Walters, Battle Ground City Council Position 4.