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January 6, 2011

Passing of the Gavel — An Alternate Ending

by lewwaters

Tip of the hat to Michelle Malkin and Jimmy Kimmel

June 12, 2010

GOP Convention Ends, Enthusiasm Continues

by lewwaters

As the old adage goes, “all good things must come to an end” and the 2010 Washington State Republican Resurgence Convention is no different. But, all indicators by candidates, delegates and supporters indicate that while the convention came to en end today, the enthusiasm is just beginning to wrest the country from the hands of tax and spend Democrats who have plunged our country deeper into debt than we have ever seen, passed legislation that moves America closer to a socialist nation and have shown no leadership over the nation.

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the first two days and sit in on some workshops and visit with candidate supporters and vendors. Attendance was well over 2,000 people, 1600 of which were delegates, all hoping to take part in setting the state party on an even course to raise our voices loud enough to draw voters to Republican candidates and restore our nation.

A reception was held at Pearson Air Museum Thursday evening that was near double expected attendance. Local radio host, KPAM 860’s Victoria Taft gave an inspiring speech where she “talked” to Barack Obama over her phone, letting him know we are coming with some strong conservative candidates.

Seattle’s Kirby Wilbur and Mike Shields took the mic afterwards to continue the resurgent spirit permeating throughout the crowd.

Delegates had several workshops to attend, discussing candidate training, and new media avenues of citizen journalism, blogging, twitter and facebook. Featured speakers were Seattle’s Stefan Sharkansky of SoundPolitics, Erik Telford executive director of American’s for Prosperity, Keli Carender Political Director of King County Young Republicans and others.

Constitution and Policy were represented by Evergreen Freedom Foundations Trent England, Matt Manweller political science professor at Central Washington University and Alex Hays Executive Director of the Mainstream Republicans of Washington.

Both sessions were moderated by American’s for Prosperity Kirby Wilbur.

Friday saw KPAM 860’s Victoria Taft broadcasting her show live from Esther Short Park, featuring her daily segments and candidates who stopped by to speak with her. Jaime Herrera, David Castillo, Dino Rossi and others stopped by to tell Southwest Washington why they were running and their vision.

It was live on air that candidate Chris Boyd announced he was withdrawing and endorsing David Castillo, taking several by surprise, including Victoria.

The highlight of the day was the banquet dinner featuring columnist, TV and radio personality Michelle Malkin giving a speech, followed by autographing copies of her latest book, Culture of Corruption. The line to purchase the book was only exceeded by those lined up to receive her autograph.

As expected, the Columbian’s Kathie Durbin could not resist her usual cheap shots at Malkin, Malkin levels broadside at Obama, disloyal Republicans. After the fair report she wrote on the first day of the convention, it is disappointing seeing her revert back to her own “partisan acidic rhetoric.”

There was a short lived disturbance in the hallway by someone who dropped in from Portland, but he was dealt with swiftly and appropriately as he was escorted from the building. Perhaps he did not realize there was Veterans standing in line who won’t allow such disturbances.

A separate meeting was held at the Red Lion Friday afternoon by delegates and alternates who represent not only the GOP, but Tea Party, 9-12, Campaign for Liberty, We the People, Tenth Amendment and other such rising groups of American patriots who have grown tired of the same old nonsense from both major parties.

One delegate with a long history with the GOP told me, “For years we have carried their water, where were they?”

They were voting for candidates and seeing the country sliding further and further away from what was envisioned by our founding fathers. But, they see the best chance voters have to restoring America still lies with the GOP.

Some in the groups are strict constitutionalists, unbending in their interpretation of the constitution. They too need to realize that when the constitution was written, it came about with a lot of heated discussion and compromise. No less will be required today to turn the country back around.

Friday also saw a nearly all day candidate training seminar, informing hopefuls of how they must focus their message, define them selves before their opponent does and ensure voters know where they stand on issues.

Friday also saw the end of candidate filing week, which closed with a few surprises of who filed and who didn’t. It was disappointing to see Chris Boyd drop, but I also feel he showed a strong character in doing so.

Likewise, Mark Pelletier decided to end his run as well. Then, we had a late filing for an Independent Bryan Baird who ended up being too young and not the same Brian Baird who is stepping down from the Washington 3rd Congressional District race.

Very surprising was seeing local businessman, Alan Svehuag file to run against County Commissioner Steve Stuart, followed shortly by Vancouver city council member Jeanne Stewart filing for the same seat, suddenly as a “prefers Republican,” after serving on the council as a very slightly left of center Independent.

The Olympian’s Jordan Schrader saw the convention as, GOP convention has an anti-establishment tone, which could spell trouble for such establishment candidates like Jaime Herrera and Dino Rossi, who fended off the charges by declaring that “Democrats in power are the real establishment,” and “The establishment in Washington state spent $40 million in two campaigns against me.”

The Columbian’s Kathie Durbin saw it as, Insurgent candidates get enthusiastic reception.

Clint Didier enjoys the Tea Party support and received a much coveted endorsement from former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. Paul Akers, also running for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Democrat Patty Murray also made a strong presence in Vancouver.

Saturday I was unable to make it down to the Hilton in person as I had too many personal matters to attend to, but former Massachusetts governor and likely presidential candidate, Mitt Romney drew the event to a close with excitement, Romney wows GOP delegates in Vancouver.
A Resurgent New Republican party is coming, Washington State. The enthusiasm shown at the Hilton these past three days is just the beginning. While some may feel it is happening due to fear of what the government is doing and where the country is headed, I see less as fear and more of an awakening that isn’t likely to soon fall back asleep.

The Clark County GOP deserves many thanks for successfully bringing the state convention to Vancouver and scheduling such well known and popular speakers as Michelle Malkin and Mitt Romney.

Special thanks should be extended to KPAM 860’s Victoria Taft for her live coverage of the event and speaking at the reception. Victoria remains our lone voice broadcasting coverage to and about Southwest Washington.

October 17, 2009

A Message For Clark County From The Clark County GOP

by lewwaters
October 6, 2009

Congratulations Clark County Democrats

by lewwaters

repub-demFollowing suit behind the Republican party of Clark County, Washington, the local Democrat Party has announced they too will host the 2010 mid-term convention for their party here in Vancouver.

This can only be good for Clark County who remains the county with the highest unemployment within our Democrat Party dominated state.

Both conventions will be held in the Hilton Hotel in Vancouver in June 2010.

Clark County GOP Chairman Ryan Hart said at the June announcementof the GOP convention,

“We are thrilled. This is really big, not just for the local Republican Party, but for all of Clark County.”

Dena Horton, chairwoman of the Clark County Democratic Central Committee says of their announcement,

“We are proud and honored to host our fellow Washington state Democrats for the convention and look forward to organizing fun and exciting events to welcome them and show off our community.”

I congratulate both Ryan Hart and Dena Horton for their tireless work in bringing both conventions to economically repressed Clark County.

The conventions are scheduled for June 10 through 12 for the Republicans and June 25 and 26 for the Democrats.

The Clark County GOP has confirmed and announced conservative columnist Michelle Malkin and former governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney so far as speakers.

The Democrat Party has not yet announced who their speakers will be.

Both conventions are expected to bring around $1 Million each for local businesses and attendees of approximately 2,000 are expected of each.

Both won against stiff competition from other cities around Washington State.

The community owes a big vote of thanks to both Ryan hart and Dena Horton for their tireless efforts in securing two such events for our area.

September 20, 2009

Mitt Romney to Visit Clark County

by lewwaters

Press release received from the Clark County Republcian Party,

For Immediate Release
September 21, 2009

Mitt Romney to Visit Clark County

Presidential Candidate will Keynote the 2010 State Convention

The Clark County Republican Party announced on Monday that former Massachusetts Governor and Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney will keynote the General Session of the 2010 Washington State Republican Convention at the Vancouver Hilton next June.

Clark County Republican Chairman, Ryan Hart, said local party leaders worked with local Romney supporter and friend of Romney, David Nierenberg, to bring the former governor to Vancouver for the GOP convention.

“We contacted Romney almost immediately after we learned Clark County was awarded the 2010 Convention,” Hart said. “We are extremely happy and honored to welcome Governor Romney to Clark County,” he said.

There is wide speculation that Romney will run for President in 2012. A poll released in July by national pollster Scott Rasmussen showed a tie in a head to head race between Romney and Obama in 2012.

The Clark County Republican Party announced in July that nationally syndicated columnist and conservative blogger Michelle Malkin will keynote the Friday night dinner at the convention.

“This really is shaping up to be a historic convention,” Hart said. “I attended my first state convention in 1994 and I don’t recall a line-up of such high profile political figures over the past 16 years like we have coming to Vancouver in 2010,” he said.

Hart hinted that there may be more big names to come. “This convention is really catching fire and I’m hopeful there will be other announcements over the next few months,” Hart said. “We are working on a few more things, so stay tuned,” he added.

This is shaping up to be one the best conventions ever held in the state and will surely bring much needed revenues to Clark County.

I hope we see increased interest in our party in the coming year.

Contact your PCO’s or the Clark County Republican Party for futher information or to volunteer.

It’s up to you, Republicans, “Be The Party.”