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November 18, 2012

From The ‘Melting Pot’ To A ‘Boiling Pot’

by lewwaters

A post I originally wrote elsewhere on October 4, 2007. Since then, Democrats took full control of the country for 2 years and still retain the White House and Senate. We continue down the slide Seen 5 years ago.

In 1908 a Jewish immigrant from England named Israel Zangwill penned a play titled “The Melting Pot.” The play itself has long been forgotten, but the message it instilled is heard to this day. It portrayed that all immigrants could be transformed into Americans, blending cultures and together achieving a Republic and building of a nation like no other before in man’s history.

A portion of our citizens were denied access to the Melting Pot dream for over half of the twentieth century, but as happens in a growing nation, the correction came and they were also able to take part in the dream of being an American fully.

Seeing that some of our citizens were denied access to the Melting Pot, other citizens deemed the Melting Pot dead or a myth and started pushing for what we now see as “multiculturalism.” Lost in this push is the unique Americanism that built the nation and elevated it to the greatness she held for a short time.

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September 3, 2011

Portland’s Mayor Adams, “illegal guns have swamped the city”

by lewwaters

After 6 teens were shot in the Albina neighborhood Friday, Portland’s Mayor Adams “says police are out in ‘full strength’ to prevent retaliation.” He also stated, “To be very blunt, illegal guns have swamped the city.”

The Oregonian

I am left perplexed at how such violence continues in the Northwests center of Liberalism, peace, love and tolerance.

Even after Portland Police Chief Mike Reese said in 2010, “I believe we are peacekeepers not law enforcement and that’s my goal,” alleged gang related violence seems to be escalating in Portland, a city that prides itself on tolerance, peace and understanding.

Mayor Adams recently got his 5 new gun control measures approved by city council and still, youth gun violence continues to rise.

Earlier this year, Adams called for Tougher Background Checks on all legal gun transactions, but now he says it is “illegal guns are swamping the city.”

Do you think an ordinance on stricter background checks on all illegal gun transactions would help?

But I am still left wondering just how the Pacific Northwests Mecca of Liberalism, multiculturalism, peace, love and tolerance continues to be besieged by increasing gang related shootings.

No doubt, somehow it’s Bush’s fault.