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August 1, 2011

Herrera Beutler Screws Us and She’s Frustrated?

by lewwaters

I can’t say I’m surprised to one, see Jaime Herrera Beutler (R Wa 03) support the largest debt increase in the history of the nation, two express frustration over the deal she voted for and three, justify selling out constituents.

But that is just what she has done, Herrera Beutler admits frustration with debt-limit deal

No one else should be surprised either. This is a pattern seen during her brief tenure occupying a seat as 18th legislative district representative. After all, she didn’t bat an eyelid when she crossed the aisle to help Democrats strip the last $229 Million of the states Rainy Day Fund last year.

She justified that boner as to prevent a tax increase too, just as she did in voting for this sell-out debt limit increase.

She didn’t even bother to check out a bill she co-sponsored and twice voted for that would have forced childcare centers into the unions. That one she justified by claiming it would do such thing and having her then campaign manager, Casey Bowman issue a press release stating that I and any others exposing her record were “spreading false information.”

Herrera Campaigns Attempt At Damage Control

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February 16, 2011

AFP’s Malin Labels Former WSRP Chair Esser Lobbying For The SEIU a “Freakin Embarassment.”

by lewwaters

If there was any doubt that replacing Luke Esser with Kirby Wilbur as chair of the Washington State Republican Party in any conservatives mind, it should be clear as a bell it was the right decision now that Esser has resurfaced as a lobbyist for “Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 775, the union local that represents some 40,000 home-care workers.”

Eric Smith at Washington State Wire quotes Esser saying, “There’s no better guy for the job than [me]. Republicans need to have better lines of communication with unions and organized labor. Casting against type can be a good thing.”

For quite some time, Republicans in Washington State apparently have been doing just that, “casting against type” by retaining Luke Esser as party chair, knowing all along he was not a conservative and at best, was a RINO (Republican in name only).

Little wonder the GOP in our state has done such a poor job winning elections when you have such weak kneed people leading the party and silently advocating the opposition as he states that he “has been a longtime supporter of the union’s efforts to organize homecare workers.”

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January 4, 2011

GOP Chair That Led Herrera Beutler’s Election Handsomely Rewarded

by lewwaters

It’s no secret that I opposed the election of Jaime Herrera, now to be known by her husband’s name, Jaime Herrera Beutler, as the GOP nominee to replace retiring Democrat Brian Baird as Washington’s 3rd Congressional District Representative. It’s no secret that I resigned my PCO position right after being elected in August and distanced myself from the Clark County GOP due to what I saw as corruption and cronyism in creating an unlevel playing field that heavily favored her.

Herrera Beutler, who brings no substance to the office, won the GOP nomination and ultimately the seat against Democrat Denny Heck, who I also saw as not the best we could offer from our area. I have been accused of “sour grapes” since I no longer support the GOP over the Democrats, both being corrupt and infested with dirty tricks and cronyism in my estimation.

Although my blog is conservative in nature, my support of Republican David Castillo earned me the status of “the enemy” to many Clark County Republican Board Members. A heated exchange with past Clark GOP chair Anna Miller over me and my wife’s reasons for distancing ourselves from the party drew a comment from party chair Ryan Hart that I never saw or experienced anything I know I saw and experienced during the primary campaign.

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September 1, 2010

Castillo Continues to Show He Would Have Been the Better Choice

by lewwaters

David Castillo, subjected to dirty tactics, lies and smears from 4 County GOP’s in Southwest Washington may have been defeated in the primary, but he continues to speak out, countering ads recently released by his former adversary, Denny Heck from the Democratic Party.

As mentioned in an earlier post, Heck has released an ad playing to his base that I am sure will resonate well with them. While the establishment candidate sits around waiting for talking points to be provided, Castillo has posted on his new blog why Heck is wrong.

Castillo wrote in part,

“The other night I had the opportunity to see my first general election ad broadcast in the 3rd Congressional District. The ad was put out by Democrat Denny Heck. Notwithstanding the odd timing of the ad (the last week in August), I was struck by the complete lack of any true understanding of the problems confronting the people of the 3rd Congressional District.”

“Heck’s ad (available here) was striking in its tone deafness. I was stunned that his first ad for the general election, the one that will presumably introduce him to voters, focused on Wall Street reform! Wall Street reform! Seriously, is there anyone in the country, outside of the progressive enclaves of Berkley, CA, or downtown Seattle, discussing Wall Street reform around the kitchen table? I highly doubt that. Especially when we are living in a country that has nearly 10% unemployment, and a district where unemployment is 12%. We are living in a country that has $14 trillion in debt. A country that, in 10 years, will spend more on debt service than China does on its defense budget. And, Denny Heck is focused on Wall Street reform.”

Please read the rest at The Color of Things.

Throughout the campaign, David Castillo has maintained the race was never about him, but about correcting what has gone wrong and is hurting Southwest Washington. He never wavered in that and this post countering Heck’s ad is further proof.

After ensuring he was stunningly defeated by several dirty tactics, some from within GOP boards, only Castillo is speaking in opposition to Denny Heck’s campaign. The establishment candidate and doughboy are sitting in silence, ready to throw away an early 14 point lead in the polls.

The GOP’s that promoted the establishment candidate and engaged in the dirty tactics to ensure Castillo’s defeat also remain quiet, after releasing their own ad that was little more than handing the Democrats an effective FEC complaint on a silver platter.

Castillo could have easily and justifiably gone back to work and just got on with his life. Who could blame him after the ill treatment he received at the hands of the leaders of the party he sought to represent?

But, he chooses to remain engaged and counter the Democrats, even if it means electing the ditz that would not even acknowledge he was a good guy on a recent Victoria Taft interview when asked.

It will not do any good to write in Castillo’s name, other than to make your self feel better. FEC rules prevent his name being written in from being counted.

We are stuck with who we are stuck with to choose from, Tweedle Dem or Tweedle Dumb.

But, as far as I am concerned, there are at least 4 County GOP chairs that owe David Castillo a very public apology for their ill treatment as well as several Board Members from the Clark County GOP who knowingly engaged in such underhanded tactics against him.

David knows he was screwed over by these counties and the tactics initiated by supporters of two of his opponents.

And still, he remains the only one actually standing up to counter this misleading ad by Denny Heck.

Castillo not only shows he would have been the better choice. He shows he is also the better man.

Hang your heads in shame, Republicans. If this election is lost to the Democrats again, you have only your selves to blame.

June 28, 2010

How Petty Will Herrera Become?

by lewwaters

Since it is more than obvious that Jaime Herrera, vying for the 3rd Congressional District seat against fellow Republican David Castillo and Democrat Denny Heck, cannot match either in the arena of ideas, I guess the pettiness and nit picking was bound to come out.

From a supporter and chair of one of the county parties that endorsed her, and who has a track record of not winning elections in her own county, we read a twitter of,

“@nansen: wow, a candidate for congress sends out 4th of July email of events and spells Independence WRONG. #wa03 #wcot #tcot”

First off, what candidate actually writes their own releases? Staff does that.

Misspellings are actually quite common, as we often see in the media.

But, how petty can Herrera’s camp get that after her inability to state a position on an important matter to a Latino Youth Group she recently appeared before, who wouldn’t state a position on immigration until after goaded into it by bloggers, they target something as pitiful as a staffers mistake in spelling?

More and more Herrera shows she is far from ready to represent Washington States 3rd Congressional District.

We do not need such pettiness.

Nansen Malin ought to be ashamed of herself for resorting to such pettiness.

June 19, 2010

Sorry Keath, But Bogus Polls Don’t Make Your Candidate Better

by lewwaters

In what will inevitably prove more of an embarrassment than a campaign enhancement, the campaign for Jaime Herrera commissioned a poll on her behalf, obviously designed for her benefit and running with it as if it is representative of the entire 3rd Congressional District. Such actions are truly a sign of desperation on the behalf of her supporters.

Our local paper, the Columbian, which rarely has any positive word for conservative Republicans, ran an article on it recently, initially titled, “Poll says Republicans, Herrera trending in 3rd Congressional race.”

Shortly after the article appeared on line, they re-titled the piece more accurately with Herrera’s pollster says she looks strong in 3rd District congressional race.

Pacific County GOP Chair, Nansen Malin, who tries to act neutral, as party chairs should be prior to the primaries where multiple Republican candidates are vying for the same seat, showed again that she is neither neutral nor objective as she first ran with a short blog post, Good News for Republicans in WA. 03 as if this were an unbiased poll.

The poll, conducted by what I presume to be as reputable polling outfit as any other, Moore Information, strangely seems unavailable on their website.

Oddly enough, asking about links back to the poll for verification and determining the propriety of the poll brought back charges of not complaining of other sites not linking it from Nansen Malin, who maintains, “I am proud to be the first to break the story.”

Also strange was reading at Nansen’s blog a comment from someone named ‘Evan,’ who I must assume is connected in some way to Northwest Digest of, “But part of being a ‘credible’ citizen-journalist, is respecting the anonymity of sources.”

I didn’t realize a poll, whose results are made public and lauded as indicative of one candidate’s popularity, is considered “an anonymous source.”

After all, have we conservatives not complained for years that such polling on the behalf of Democrats and in the mainstream media were not made available to the public for such verification and that renders them meaningless?

Then comes young Keath Huff of Cowlitz County, who was the first county party to issue an endorsement of Jaime Herrera months before the primaries, who chooses to blast David Castillo, the first to enter the 3rd Congressional race long before the announced retirement of Brian Baird, not within 2 hours of the announcement as did Jaime, for questioning the poll.

Yes David, there is a grassroots! Another politician disconnected from the people!

Castillo shares my view on this so-called poll and was quoted in the Columbian article on it,

David Castillo, Herrera’s leading Republican opponent, called the survey “a name ID poll” and told The Columbian, “I take it with a grain of salt.”

“The sample size is too small,” he said. “Where in the district did they poll? The vast majority of voters have no idea there is an election going on.”

With a sampling of only 300 people somewhere within the 3rd Congressional District that is comprised of some 7 counties and about 500,000 registered voters I have a difficult time accepting that .06% is somehow truly representative.

Of those 300, it is claimed 81 prefer Herrera, 24 each prefer David Castillo and David Hedrick and 147 are undecided. The numbers provided still leaves 24 voters unaccounted for as the percentage claimed adds up to 276, not the 300 claimed.

Who wouldn’t question such a poll result and sampling? In fact, Castillo, in my estimation, is being very generous by saying he “takes it with a grain of salt.” I would say it much differently in terms much stronger.

Huff goes on to state, “he showed why the grassroots is having trouble with his candidacy… Arrogance and a disconnect with the grassroots.”

Grassroots Keath? The party establishment is grassroots? The establishment county parties that have prematurely endorsed Herrera, are grassroots? And, bogus polls initiated on behalf of an establishment candidate and promoted by the establishment parties is grassroots? The candidate that proclaimed that since she and her husband rent and drive used cars, they are not “your typical Republican conservatives” is grassroots?

I thought most people grew out of that ‘teenage know it all attitude’ by the time they entered their 30’s, but it doesn’t appear so in Keath Huff’s words.

In the rest of Huff’s rant he comes across as more sour grapes than anything else since David Castillo doesn’t suck up to him and cater to sparsely populated Cowlitz County.

And, of course, he is also one who just so happens to agree with Jaime Herrera’s poor choice in co-sponsoring and twice voting for a measure that would have forced child care centers that accept state funds for low-income families into a public union, such as the SEIU and who sees no problem with her abandoning her party companions in Olympia to join in with Liberal Democrats in raiding the last $229,000,000 from our rainy fund, ostensibly to keep taxes from being raised further, which they were anyways and with the looming budget deficit coming next session, will be again.

As more and more people question this liberal tactic of commissioning a poll an reporting it as objective and blocking any access to the poll itself for verification, this will turn into yet another embarrassment for the Herrera campaign as did her pro-SEIU votes in the legislature.

As for “grassroots,” Keath, you wouldn’t believe how many supporters of Jaime’s have come up to me and thanked me for writing about her involvement with the SEIU bill and waking them up to what poor representation she would bring to the district.

Then again, Keath, since Jaime said that she and her husband have been saving up to buy a house, just which Washington do you think that house they wish to buy is located in? Obviously not the state.

June 2, 2010

Washington State GOP Courts the Tea Party, While Herrera Camp Seeks Distance

by lewwaters

It’s difficult to believe that any one seriously claiming to be a “conservative candidate” in today’s politically charged climate would seek distance from the Tea Party movement, but all appearances are that one candidate running for Washington 3rd Congressional District is doing just that.

As everyone who ever reads a paper, a blog or turns on any news at all knows, the Tea Party movement is a growing group of voters and taxpayers across the nation who are fed up with elected officials, Democrat or Republican, not giving us the representation we desire. All across America, the Tea Party has been making their voices heard and even affecting elections, seeking real conservatives to send to Washington D.C., not far leftists or fake Republicans who side with Liberal Democrats too often, while receiving no cooperation in return.

Such poor performance swept the Republican Party out of congressional power in 2006 and in 2008, gave the White House to Liberal Democrats. While it can be argued that conservatives staying away from the polls, due to not seeing any candidate worth voting for, handed Democrats power, it cannot be denied that the lack of conservative actions on the part of the GOP brought it on.

Tragically, such power in the hands of people like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Majority Senate Leader Harry Reid and the Puppet now occupying the Oval Office, Barrack Hussein Obama, has set the country on a course of destruction that will be very difficult to turn around.

But, it can be turned around by restoring strong conservative values in government and selecting the best elected representatives.

Enter the Tea Party movement, who has had their fill of what is going on.

The movement has been marginalized, ignored, demonized and compared to Nazi’s, lied about and even attacked. Yet, they continue to grow and have organized their own support groups for candidates wishing to win an election.

Party establishment candidates have not won many elections so far this year, voters opting for a Tea Party candidate over party insiders. Many in the GOP, while not initially attacking the movement, have been slow to realize that if they wish to remain a viable party, they will need to change their ways to accommodate the movement.

Recently, Luke Esser, chair of the Washington State Republican party sent an article out to County Party’s saying, Republicans & Tea Party Activists Are Natural Allies. In the short article, Esser proclaims, “While the Democrats are scurrilously claiming that Tea Party activists are racists and extremists, the Republican Party welcomes the active participation of these principled and committed citizens.”

Another article that first appeared in the Seattle Times, State GOP cordial to tea partyers quotes Esser as labeling the Tea Party as, “a very helpful development.”

Apparently, some in the GOP are waking up as to where their best hope lies, in conservative Tea Party people over moderate establishment Republicans who have alienated conservative voters.

Perhaps that is why I was somewhat amazed today, after writing of establishment GOP candidate Jaime Herrera’s $35 a plate breakfast held at the Vancouver Hilton, to read of one reporter who attended the event as he noted Herrera’s main handler, Spokane’s Cathy McMorris Rodgers calling Herrera, “The new face of the Republican Party,” after former State Senator Hal Palmer said he was frustrated with the Tea Party and that they were “taking momentum away from the GOP.”

3rd District Republicans Say Herrera—Not the Tea Party—is “The New Face of the Party.”

I recall when Pacific County GOP Chair, Nansen Malin, attempting to run cover for Herrera with a lame attempt a discrediting this blog and fellow blog, Jaime Herrera Watch wrote, “Grassroots and Tea Party members who attended the recent caucus and conventions in the seven counties that make up the 3rd Congressional District voiced their support of Herrera.”

In truth, it was only two Counties, Pacific and Cowlitz. None of the other 5 issued any such endorsement for any candidate.

And today, at the Herrera event linked above, we are told, “Tea Partiers line up behind Herrera’s opponent in the de facto GOP primary, David Castillo.”

Is this why the Herrera camp seeks now to distance themselves from the Tea Party, because in spite of earlier claims, Tea Party people are getting behind a true conservative and not the GOP establishment candidate, Herrera?

Possibly too, in the Seattle Times article above, former Senator Slade Gorton, a moderate himself said the Tea Party “movement looked a lot like past insurgencies that swept establishment Republicans out in favor of more conservative leaders such as Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.”

He added, “The overwhelming new blood in the Republican Party always comes from the right,” and, “We didn’t really like some of those people very well — and we don’t now.”

Those in attendance this morning think that Herrera might bring party factions together, but it is clear to me that she would be the last person with the ability to do so, based upon her comment made to reporters back in February in Washington D.C., “My husband and I rent. We both drive used cars. We’re not your typical Republican conservative.”

Apparently, her idea of a “typical Republican conservative” must be more in line with the party establishment and not blue collar workers who comprise most of the Tea Party.

McMorris Rodgers tells us, “She’s a young, Hispanic female. She represents the new face of the party.”

An earlier Publicola comment today tells us, “Herrera has the nod from the GOP establishment. Her former boss, U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-5, WA), and former U.S. Sen. Slade Gorton (R-WA), are featured guests at Herrera’s event.”

Which way is it? Is she the “new face of the party” or just the same old “establishment candidate?”

With Herrera’s vagueness on important issues, skirting many specific questions posed to her and abandoning conservatives in the house to join with Liberal Democrats in support of some bills, it seems the Tea Party has already figured out who would the best bet for Washington States 3rd Congressional District.

And, it isn’t Jaime Herrera.

September 10, 2009

Rep. Baird, The ‘Silent Middle’ Is Speaking Out, You’re Not Listening

by lewwaters

Now that the August recess is over and our congrescritters have returned to their ‘Ivory Halls’ in Washington D.C., Barack Obama went before the nation last evening with his pitch to salvage his heavily flawed takeover of our Health Care System.

Reactions are predictable, Democrats praising any word that comes out of the false messiah’s mouth and Republicans continuing to point out the lies and other fallacies in this ‘pie in the sky’ campaign speech.

In that regard, Washington States 3rd Congressional District Representative Brian Baird is quoted in day after article appearing in the Columbian newspaper, August 10, 2009 saying, “It’s time for the ‘silent middle’ to be heard.”

He also says, “The silent middle is going to have to speak up — the silent middle who have listened and taken the time to understand this.”

Congressman Baird, with all due respect, are you a simpleton?

Who do you think it has been confronting you at town halls? Who do you think it is that has flocked to town halls to express their displeasure with this proposed takeover of our Health Care System?

David Hedrick is the “silent middle.” Nansen Malin is the “silent middle.” I am the “silent middle.” Every single person that braved organized union thugs to speak out against this pig in a poke proposal is the “silent middle.”

Nansen Malin is the “silent middle” when she invited you to her home.

Ryan Hart, Clark County GOP Chair is also part of the “silent middle” who is speaking out when he called this ‘pie in the sky’ plan “too expensive for the nation to afford as it struggles to emerge from the deepest economic downturn since the Great Depression.”

We, the “silent middle” are no longer silent. We are sick and tired of being ignored by elected officials such as you, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid and so many of the rest who we send to Washington D.C.

We are the ones who have chosen to blog about matters long ignored by the media, who are little more than propaganda mouthpieces for the Democrat Party.

We are the ones who have tired of being spoon fed talking points in this biased media outlets who only speak in glowing terms of Democrats and demonize our long held values and beliefs.

It is we who take to time to read bills that you and your cabal in D.C. vote into law without reading it yourself and we send you emails, letters and call your offices to express our displeasure, usually only receiving form letters in response, but always ignored.

You unknowingly supplied me that proof when you switched your position on the Iraq Theater of the War on Terror. After meeting you at the Vancouver Barracks on Memorial Day and expressing my support to you, I received and email answer to an earlier an email I sent you days earlier expressing my thanks.

You did not thank me for that expression of support, but sent me an explanation of and justification of your changing your stance. In simple terms, you did not even read my email.

When you were embarrassed by David Hedrick at the August 18 town hall in Clark County, you didn’t just move on, but took another opportunity to ‘knock him down’ with a cheap shot.

You did not return to your district to listen, but to preach.

You lied when you said you hadn’t made up your mind on how to vote. You did not listen to any opposing comments from the “silent middle” that are no longer silent. You defended and justified every portion that concerns us.

Congressman Baird, the “silent middle” as you call us is no longer silent. We are waking up and we are angry, angry at being ignored by you and the rest back in D.C. We are speaking out and demanding you listen.

We have legitimate concerns and we want answers.

We have grown tired of being treated like children who must be taught potty training by government.

We are frustrated at being taken advantage of by government and having our paychecks tapped more and more for government programs, those who still have jobs that is.

You ask for the “silent middle” to speak out.

We did, all during the month of August.

You blocked your ears and didn’t listen.

This “silent middle” you ignored intends to speak out again in November 2010.

September 1, 2009

Pacific County GOP Chair Receives Threats From Healthcare Supporters

by lewwaters

As you all know by now, Nansen Malin, Chair of the Pacific County GOP had scheduled a meet in her home with Congressman Brian Baird and he backed out.

Baird cancels living room meeting with GOP chairwoman

Almost immediately after the Columbian printed the article, her phone began ringing with nasty and threatening phone calls. One especially nasty, leaning heavily on Military Viet Nam Jargon, threatened to “destroy her business, politically.”

The caller identified himself as “Cliff Hazen” of Vancouver and left the phone number of 608 7692.

This person claims to work with Veterans benefits and if they do, they don’t need to be there. We Veterans deserve better than to be subjected to loud mouthed cowards like that who call up women and threaten then.

Nansen has the audio of the threat left on her voice mail up at Cliff Hazen Threat.

After all of the whining and crying from Baird’s supporters about someone leaving on Baird’s Voice mail, “You think Timothy McVeigh was bad, there is a Ryder Truck out there with your name on it,” how unbelievably tactless that they would now turn around and leave something just as brazen on a woman’s Voice Mail.

‘Cliff’ says in the threat that “this is war, baby.”

‘Cliff,’ this is a war we are prepared to engage you in. Your threats only show your cowardice.

Xin loi, lock and load, fire ’em up back at you, you dinky dau piece of nuc maum.

Why not try coming after a man, mic lom?

UPDATE: ‘Cliff’ sent an email as well, containing phrases that tells me what a cowardly phony he is.

From: Cliff []
Sent: Tuesday, September 01, 2009 4:09 PM
Subject: Nan, Please try to get the phone quotes correct.

The rest of the story that Ms. Nansen left out conveniently.

I called this morning to ask about the cancelled meeting with Baird. i explained to Nan that my background is a Vietnam veteran with specific interests in quality health care access for war veterans often unserved by the present for profit only system. I made Nan aware that I had voted for both Democrats and Republicans
I inquired about the format of the proposed meeting and questions she would have asked of the Rep. concerning health care for all Americas.
She became arrogantly hostile and vocally loud, much like we have seen by those opposed in the town hall meetings across America concerning health care. I tried to explain to her my interests in the subject were from the standpoint of war veterans left out in the cold by the American health care system. Those mentally wounded by war, those crippled and damaged physically by war, those poorly served by the VA and private medical insurance system in America.
Ms. Malin had no time to listen to my opinions, I was only to listen to hers. She hung up on me.
So, to paraphase a great American and winner of wars, “This Day Will Live in Infamy”.
Oh, and don’t bother coming to my house and trying to scare my family, I was trained and paid to hunt humans in the dark.
Ditdu mai.

The only ones I recall ever boasting about such training were usually “in the rear with the gear.” Company clerks, cooks and what have you.

Most telling in his ‘rant,’ “those crippled and damaged physically by war, those poorly served by the VA.”

Haven’t they returned to telling us how great we have it with VA medical care, that “free program” Veterans shouldn’t receive just for serving in war?

Do they not wish everybody to be on that program as well?

Why would they demand what they describe as “poorly served” be forced on everybody?

If Nan did hang up on him, does that give him just cause to leave such a threat as he did on her phone?

If it does, why all the concern over the Ryder Truck comment to Baird?

And Cliff, none of us has any desire to try to go after your family, unlike you who would deprive her entire family of their livelihood.

No, if any one comes by your home on 15th Ave, it will be the Clark County Sheriff, not us.

You aren’t above the law either.

August 30, 2009

Rep. Baird Retreats From Living Room Meet

by lewwaters

Congressman Brian Baird has sure been making the news lately, during this recess.

He’s had to apologize for references to “brown-shirts,” “lynch mob tactics,” “Timothy McVeigh” references and do a fast dance on a Ryder Truck comment at the Rotary Club meet, prompting the Columbian’s to run interference for him by penning an article “explaining” the ‘inartful’ comment as referring to a “death threat” he alleges he has received.

I say, “alleges” because no one can confirm such a threat was received or reported to the authorities when contacting those authorities his staff alleges to have reported it to. All that is said is “an investigation in ongoing,” with no explanation of what is being investigated or when it was launched.

Most of this was used by Brian Baird as his excuse for initially denying citizens of Washington States Third Congressional District a face to face town hall meeting, where he obviously feared intense opposition to his expected support of the proposed healthcare reform measures and two highly questionable votes in support of massive spending bills that he could not possible have read first.

We eventually received a town hall meeting in Clark County, where he did indeed receive an earful. We even made National News as a video of Marine Veteran David Hedrick came out forcefully confronting him on some very relevant points.

But, prior to all this, Baird held what he calls a “tele-conference” townhall, where those aware of the call could call in and by dialing ‘*3’ be placed in queue to ask him questions live, on August 7.

One of those calls was from a lady in Pacific County who offered a peaceful meeting with him in her living room; to offset any worries he had about having to face a hostile crowd at a town hall. Baird readily accepted the meeting and scheduling such a meet began.

Nansen Malin, the woman who made the offer told me that almost immediately after the tele-conference ended, members of the national media, desiring to cover the meeting since she identified herself as the Chair of the Pacific County Republican Party, contacted her.

By August 17, Kelly Love, Baird’s district director contacted Ms. Malin and after discussing possible dates, options and scenarios, to include security, press and an invitation list, September 1 was agreed upon for this meeting in her home.

Nansen was told a member of Baird’s staff would be getting back to her “very soon.”

The next day, August 18, Nan opens her newspaper to read that Baird has announced a town hall meeting in Ilwaco on Sept 1.

She fires off an email to Kelly Love inquiring about the conflicting dates, expressing her displeasure at not being contacted and asking if the meeting in her home has been cancelled.

Kelly calls Nan from backstage at the Clark County town hall and tells her the meeting in her home is still on and they now desire to hold it in her garden instead of the living room.

Not hearing from anyone on Baird’s staff, Nan again emails Kelly Love on August 24, receiving an apology from Ms. Love and the explanation, “I was under the understanding that our Chief of Staff was going to call you back. I apologize.”

On August 26, Nan returned a call from Kelly Love where she again apologized for no one calling her back to tell her that they had scheduled an alternate event in Ilwaco and explained that congressman Baird had every intent on honoring the agreed upon meeting in her home, but “after reading your blog posts,” congressman Baird will not be coming to her home.

Kelly did extend an invitation to Nan to attend the Ilwaco town hall.

Did Brian Baird think a Republican would just kiss his butt in blog posts or adopt the Democrat Party mantra and roll over?

Did he even actually intend on making the meeting?

Kelly Love even admitted to Nan, in reference to reports of Republicans “acting badly,” “no, no, the town halls have all been very civil. There have been no problems at all.”

Did he back off because he could not ensure coverage would be favorable to him?

It all sounds to me as if Baird’s slick political manner swung into high gear because he spoke too soon during the tele-conference, but he will never state any such thing.

An August 13 editorial in the Daily Astorian mentioned the scheduled meeting between Ms. Malin and congressman Baird and acknowledged, “Seaview’s sane and reasonable county GOP Chairwoman Nan Malin invited Baird to her home for a civil discourse on health care.”

Even they see that Ms. Malin is “sane and reasonable” in an editorial that heavily condemns other GOP pundits, leading me to accept that any meet in her home would be what was offered, “a civil discourse on health care.”

Isn’t that what Brian Baird has been clamoring for all this time?

Is he now afraid to honor his agreement and chooses a flimsy excuse of she writes pro-Republican posts on her blog?

Maybe he is just hallucinating about Ryder Trucks again.

UPDATE: The Columbian, always on top of things, finally mentions Baird’s backing out of his agreement. Baird cancels ‘living room meeting’ with GOP chairwoman

August 6, 2009

Baird Should Apologize for Comment

by lewwaters

Press release from Nansen Malin, Pacific County Republican Party Chairwoman.

For Immediate Release
August 6, 2009

Media Contact: Nansen Malin
(360) 244-3294

Baird Should Apologize for Comment

Seaview, WA — Congressman Brian Baird told The Columbian newspaper in an interview today that he feared doing face-to-face town hall meetings with his constituents because of a “lynch-mob mentality” and the potential for “Brown Shirt tactics.” In response to this reckless smear, Pacific County Republican Party Chairwoman and Republican 3rd Congressional District Co-Chair, Nansen Malin issued the following call for a prompt public apology:

“Brian Baird should be ashamed of himself. As an elected official and former college professor, he should know better than to paint constituents who disagree with him as violent mobs or Nazi thugs. His comments are irresponsible and he should apologize immediately.”

Brent Boger, Malin’s 3rd Congressional District Co-Chair and Clark County Republican State Committeeman comments, “Is there no limit to what Democrats will say about those who disagree with them? Brian Baird calls government health care opponents Brown Shirts and his leader, Nancy Pelosi, says they carry swastikas.”

Representative Baird’s reluctance to speak with the people he is supposed to represent is, frankly, a little puzzling. When he declared his support for the Iraq surge, he held several town halls, defending his stand to the angry crowds irate with the position he took. As polls show a growing and majority opposition to the Health Care Bill currently before Congress, Rep. Baird would be well advised to take time to listen to the voters of the 3rd Congressional District before returning to Washington DC to vote on such an important and far reaching bill.

“We should expect more from a sitting U.S. Congressman than to call names and disparage citizens in order to provide himself political cover for being unresponsive and out of touch.” Nansen Malin adds.