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March 29, 2012

Democrats May as Well Hang a Neon Sign Over Commissioner Boldt’s Head

by lewwaters

Any doubts about the left leaning bias of the Columbian are forever shattered with their orchestrated outrage and coverage given to the in house sanction placed on Clark County, Washington County Commissioner, Marc Boldt. One would have to be so far left they are blinded to reality to not see it.

Since their “breaking news” of the sanctions, put in place in November 2011 nearly 4 months after the fact, we have now seen 4 articles covering the sanction within as many days, 2 yesterday alone. Three achieved front page coverage in the published editions of the paper, Friday March 23, Wednesday March 28 and Thursday March 29.

In comparison, when Democrat Jim Jacks abruptly walked out on constituents in the 49th legislative district one year ago, the Columbian addressed that 5 times, but over a 30 day period without the in depth coverage we see given Boldt. The claim of having no “paper trail” was the given excuse for such slim coverage. We have yet to see any coverage of the well founded rumors associated with inappropriate behavior towards staffer, particularly of the opposite sex in regards to his abrupt resignation.

In less than a week, we know more about what the Columbian claims is the reason for these sanctions placed on Boldt than we know about why Jim Jacks left constituents high & dry in spite of having one year to discover anything.

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October 10, 2009

Vancouver School Board Needs Nelson Holmberg

by lewwaters

Nelson HolmbergAnyone who has raised children or is currently raising their own knows how important it is for them to gain a quality education. The education they receive will form a base for their entire life.

Although education begins at home, our schools play a massive part in giving our children many of the tools needed to not only become successful adults, but starts them on a path of productivity to better our society and communities.

Every community has a School Board comprised of educators and citizens who desire our schools to be the best. When those School Boards aren’t performing at their best our schools and children suffer because of it.

That is why Nelson Holmberg should be sitting on the Vancouver School Board.

Holmberg is running against Kathy Gillespie for the seat being vacated by Dr. Ed Rankin.

My own daughters, now grown, are products of the Vancouver School District, just like Nelson’s own children. My grandsons are currently enrolled in the Vancouver School District. While we have some pretty good schools, they could be better.

Nelson has gained the support of teachers and school administrators, past and present, from the Vancouver School District, the Evergreen School District and from the Washougal School District who live (and vote) in the Vancouver district.

His list of bi-partisan endorsements is impressive and growing. They include Port Commissioner Nancy Baker, former city councilman Jack Burkman, PUD Commissioner Carol Curtis, City Councilmember Phil Haberthur, City Councilmember Jeanne Harris, PUD Commissioner Byron Hanke, Clark County GOP Chairman Ryan Hart, Representative Jim Jacks, City Councilmember Pat Jollota, Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey, City Council Candidate Anne McEnerny-Ogle, Representative Jim Moeller, Former Representative Val Ogden, Port Commissioner Jerry Oliver, Senator Craig Pridemore, City Councilmember Larry Smith, City Councilmember Jeanne Stewart, County Commissioner Steve Stuart, City Councilmember Troy VanDinter and Port Commissioner Brian Wolfe as well a host of private citizens who see his visions for improving Vancouver School District is much needed.

Nelson says, “We need to make sure that our students have the resources they need to reach their full potential. That begins with teachers and school staff – building blocks to preparing students for life after high school,” mirroring my own thoughts above.

Nelson Holmberg is a native of Vancouver, growing up and remaining in our community. He has seen our community grow and what must be done with our schools to keep them on pace with our growth.

Nelson Holmberg “advocates full state funding for public education, thoughtful and realistic learning standards, replacement of the Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL), embracing transparency and accountability of the school board and responsible and reasonable district spending.”

I am proud to add my name to the growing list of citizens, elected officials and organizations that feel Nelson Holmberg to not only be uniquely qualified to sit on the Vancouver School Board, but who is also much needed.

You may hear and meet Nelson at an upcoming League of Women Voters Candidate’s Forum for School Board and Fire District Commissioner candidates on Monday, October 12, beginning at 7 p.m., at the Clark Public Utilities Community Room (1200 Fort Vancouver Way). The forum will also be shown, on a tape-delayed basis, on CVTV Channels 21 and 23, or online at, in case you can’t be there.

Vote for our children’s future, Vancouver. Vote for Nelson Holmberg. Help him lead Vancouver Public Schools into the 21st Century.

6th Grade