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January 12, 2012


by lewwaters

For more information, see Opponents say scrap CRC design, build smarter bridge

See also from the Columbian CRC foes of all stripes share concerns

August 1, 2011

Just What Does It Take to be Worth “A Story” At the Columbian?

by lewwaters

I was and remain genuinely concerned hearing the home of Tiffany Couch, the forensic auditor hired by businessman David Madore to pour over the book of the Columbia River Crossing was vandalized this weekend. CRC Critics Home Vandalized

I expressed then that it troubled me that the Clark County Sheriff’s Department doesn’t believe it to be a serious matter, doing little more than taking down the Couch’s name for their report.

As a community, we all basically believe people should feel secure in their homes and should not be intimidated or threatened, especially if like Tiffany, you are involved in a controversial matter.

Since I am only a blog, I felt it important enough to send on to our local paper of record, the Columbian, as their circulation is much greater and due to their covering past incidences of vandalism, bring them to the communities attention.

I was very disappointed to receive a reply in part saying,

“It’s not likely a story based on this one incident, because police aren’t looking at it as a possible backlash with the CRC.”
“But, if it happens again or any further evidence comes up, it certainly is. I’ll also be letting our editors know that it happened.”

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April 13, 2011

Attempts by Light Rail Advocates to Marginalize Businessman, David Madore

by lewwaters

This blog no longer supports David Madore and calls upon him to resign immediately!

Full complete video of the meetings may be accessed here and by clicking Citizen Communication

Received from Josephine Wentzel;

Last night the C-TRAN board, with the exception of County Commissioner Tom Mielke decided that Clark County citizens do not have the right to vote on the Maintenance and Operations on the proposed light rail.

On Tuesday, February 14, 1995 (Page A10), the Columbian reported: “Voters left no doubt: Light rail dead for now.”

“The final vote in last week’s election, wasn’t even close: Light rail got trounced, with 67.8 percent against, only 32.2 percent in favor.” It went on to say: “C-TRAN should respect the voters’ wishes”.

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March 22, 2011

Portcouver City Council ‘Modifies’ Citizen Speech Rights…. Again

by lewwaters

As taxpayer opposition to the boondoggle Columbia River Crossing Project grows and citizens continue to appear before the Vancouver City Council to express that opposition, especially to extending Portland, Oregon’s financially failing Loot Rail to Vancouver, action had to be taken.

From Washington State Senator Patty Murray to Portland’s Mayor Sam Adams, Vancouver’s ruling class seems to have received orders to squelch the dissent, Murray saying in August 2010, “If there is complete controversy at the local level, it [federal funding] has no chance.” Hence, my calling Vancouver “Portcouver” now, since the ruling class seems to receive marching orders from Portland and beyond.

Nearly everybody has seen or heard of the now famous melt-down of council member Jeanne Harris in September 2010, taped by citizens in attendance that evening, removing any chance of the ruling class erasing the incident. This most embarrassing conduct I have ever witnessed from an elected representative towards those they supposedly represent earned Ms. Harris a minor censure and removal from some committees.

Citizens, on the other hand, faced the scorn of the ruling class with efforts to shut them up, but only if they oppose this bloated project that is destined to be an albatross around future necks. Those wishing to speak in favor of the boondoggle have always been well received by the ruling class, who might have expressed minutes before that Portcouver’s city council has no voice in the project, tolls or extending the bankrupt Loot Rail across the Columbia River.

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March 3, 2011

Citizen to City Council Member Burkman: Civility

by lewwaters

As was previously posted here, Monday evening, February 28, 2011 saw Vancouver city council member Jeanne ‘Gavel Down’ Harris once again confront successful Vancouver businessman David Madore. This time however, instead of berating Mr. Madore, she, acting as contrite as she is capable, placed blame for the subsequent negativity associated with her previous meltdown on Mr. Madore, asking him to please remove the video of her now internationally famous “Gavel Down” incident.

As council meeting was wrapping up, council member Jack Burkman, for whatever reason decided to publicly add his two cents and admonish Mr. Madore as well.

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March 1, 2011

Council Member Burkman is ‘Disappointed’ in Mr. Madore

by lewwaters

This blog no longer supports David Madore and calls upon him to resign immediately!

Continuing the Madoreophobia seen in Clark County Washington, city council member Jack Burkman, after clearing up some information on previous employment, expresses his “disappointment” that a video of Jeanne Harris and her now famous “Gavel Down” moment was captured on video at a public event and has been made available on the internet.

CVTV footage, obtained pursuant to the Public Disclosure Act, in no way is intended by CVTV, the City of Vancouver, or Clark County to either promote or oppose any candidate for public office or any ballot proposition

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March 1, 2011

The Ongoing Flap Over Citizen Communication in Vancouver, Washington

by lewwaters

Regular attendees to Vancouver, Washington city council meetings are well aware of efforts by the council to control citizen communication at the meetings, brought to light last year with the now famous “Gavel Down” video of council member Jeanne Harris having a melt-down.

Recently, what with council tiring of hearing citizens speak in opposition of the boondoggle project of replacing the I-5 bridge and extending Portland, Oregon’s financially failing ‘Loot Rail’ into Vancouver, mayor Tim Leavitt proposed “cutting off the mic” to citizen comments during the meeting and shuffling opposition off to a venue where their voices would receive little listeners.

Needless to say, the proposal was not well received by the public, even with Columbian Political Editor John Laird’s feeble attempt to defend such an egregious attempt at silencing citizens.

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February 20, 2011

Columbia River Crossing Fatcats Continue Assault on Citizens

by lewwaters

After years and years of endless studies and well over $100 Million in taxpayer money wasted, the likelihood of a wasteful, overly expensive new bridge across the Columbia River, including extending Portland’s Loot Rail into Vancouver, seems to be building to a fever pitch as the fatcats who stand to increase their personal wealth on the backs of struggling taxpayers apparently have lined up the troops to begin attacking through the Columbian those who are concerned with bankrupting our community with this boondoggle.

We see city government falling in line and taking measures to squelch dissent to the project, shortly after Washington State Senator Patty Murray visited Vancouver, leaving behind her instructions to local business and political leaders to get behind the project.

Along with that comes a pledge of the federal government picking up some 11% of the estimated $4 Billion cost, which most likely will increase greatly once these fatcats succeed in shoving this project down our throats, or up another part of our anatomy.

The Columbian, like trained little puppies, seems to have fallen in line, as expected, by publishing article after article on how we must allow this bankrupting of the city and county and opposition should be silenced, or at least shuffled off into a darkened corner where their voices will not be heard.

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February 15, 2011

Damn the Taxpayers, Full Speed Ahead on a Wasteful Bridge Project

by lewwaters

The country is near broke, teetering on bankruptcy with the highest deficits and debt in our history, the state is struggling to find ways to fill a multi-Billion dollar budget gap and somehow, Obama finds some $400,000,000.00 to pledge to replace a perfectly good bridge across the Columbia River that will include extending Portland, Oregon’s loot rail over to us, whether we voters and taxpayers want it or not.

Vancouver’s mayor, Tim Leavitt, who sold out the voters with his lies that he would oppose adding tolls to any bridge project states, “This isn’t a piecemeal project. You do not build a bridge without light rail and without a local financing piece. This is all or none,” concerning Portland’s refusal to cover their portion of the bridge project unless we in Clark County submit to blackmail to bail out financially bankrupt Tri-Met and Max Rail in Portland by extending it across state lines in Clark County and add tolls to cross the bridge to get to their filthy city.

Of course, if Leavitt wasn’t such a wuss, he would stand up to Portland’s sweetie pie mayor Sam Adams. But as we saw last year, in the now internationally famous ‘gavel down’ incident of city council member Jeanne Harris, he can’t even stand up to a little woman.

No, it’s easier to lie to voters to get elected and continue raping taxpayers any way imaginable to fund whatever whim comes cross his desk.

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November 19, 2010

The Columbian’s Coverage of David Madore

by lewwaters

This blog no longer supports David Madore and calls upon him to resign immediately!

Highly successful Clark County businessman David Madore, owner of U.S. Digital has caught the attention of many citizens as well as that of the newspaper of record, the Columbian. It was Mr. Madore who took the initial brunt of Vancouver city council member Jeanne Harris’ verbal assault weeks ago in early September.

Since he stood up and began supporting conservative candidates and, he has made frequent mention in the pages of the Columbian, lately for his philantrophical support of the FastNav system, resulting in the Columbian putting forth a poll on a private business owner.

Bearing that in mind, this poll will remain stuck at the top for the next week to see what others think of the coverage the Columbian has granted David Madore. Multiple selections allowed.

November 15, 2010

Beware the “Hounds of Whinerville”

by lewwaters

John Laird, Columbian Editorial Page Editor known for his vitriolic tirades against most anybody to the right of Karl Marx has again decided it is time to denigrate taxpaying citizens who wish to exercise their freedom to speak out against wasteful programs that stand to bankrupt the citizens of Clark County.

Laird’s latest screed, Balance arrives at public podiums labels those who speak out at public meetings against the notion of an overly expensive and unproven design for a replacement bridge across the Columbia River as,

the Hounds of Whinerville are a leashless confederation of contrarians who could also be described as NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard), CAVE (Citizens Against Virtually Everything) and my personal favorite: BANANA (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything). Make no mistake, their disdain for progress is as vigorous as their contempt for a three-minute timer.”

The “balance” Laird claims we taxpayers who still believe in citizen rights are up against? Some “members of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce” supposedly “fed up with all the anti-bridge rhetoric from a small but loud group of grumblers” and under the leadership of a Ms. Kelly Parker, the former Kelly Love who, until recently, was a District Director and Senior Congressional Staffer to retiring Democrat Congressman Brian Baird of Washington State 3rd Congressional District, also a supporter of replacing the aging bridge across the Columbia River that for some unexplained reason, MUST be tolled and include extending the light rail line from Portland, Oregon into Clark County.

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October 11, 2010

Jeanne Harris Accepts Ethics Report, Council Passes Reprimand Unanimously

by lewwaters

The Vancouver City Council met this evening and after expressing complimentary remarks on Jeanne Harris and her years on the council, all 6 council members accepted the ethics report recommending issuing her a letter of reprimand and removal from council appointed boards commissions.

Mayor Leavitt first read an email he received from Ms. Harris, who is still traveling in Germany and not expected back until late in the month. The email read,

“I’ve read the recommendation of the ethics committee. This has been a very difficult time for everyone involved and its most important that we move forward and move on. The ethics committee has spent much time reviewing the facts of this incident and made its recommendation to council.
“The decision of council will be the appropriate action. There are no words to describe how I feel about what happened. How I reacted was unacceptable and I take full responsibility for my actions.
“To my community, my family, my fellow councilmembers and mayor and to the employees of the City of Vancouver I’m asking you to accept my sincerest heartfelt apology for my actions at the council meeting on September 13, 2010.”

Read more from the Columbian HERE and HERE

Online Polls show nearly 70% of citizens preference is she should resign.

Council members seem to feel this apology is sincere, unlike the previous apology followed by a terse email blasting those who filed the ethics complaint against her, accusing them of making her life “a living hell.”

Council member Jeanne E. Stewart, one of the targets of her verbal assault September 13, remained mostly silent on Harris’ latest apology but did add, “I look forward to completing this business tonight, and hopefully looking forward to the future,” indicating the council has other important matters yet to move on to.

Harris’ meltdown has gained national fame as the video captured by of her attempts to silence David Madore, followed by her demands of Mayor Leavitt to “gavel down” Steve Herman then trying to expel him, before storming out of the meeting herself, only to return to engage Jeanne E. Stewart verbally after adjournment was picked up by Fox News and other media outlets.

It remains to be seen how effective of a council member she can be without any board or commission appointments or whether or not another melt-down will occur when citizens speak of what she doesn’t wish to hear.

I can only remind our city council that we elect them to represent us, not dictate to us. We elect them with the idea that we will be heard and listened to so they may know what the community desires.

Jeanne Harris’ action September 13 and several times before only reinforces the notion that citizens’ voices are being ignored.

When elected officials no longer listen to those who elect them, we cease being a nation “of the people, by the people and for the people.”

September 15, 2010

Vancouver City Council Donnybrook

by lewwaters

Victoria Taft spoke of this yesterday on her KPAM 860 show and here is a video compilation of the encounter, including after the meeting when Council Member Harris continued her verbal barrage against fellow Council Member Stewart.

Clark County Conservative posted about the ethics complaint filed HERE last evening.

The Columbian has now run with two other City Council Members, Jack Burkman and Larry Smith, having lodged an ethics complaint against Ms. Harris for her conduct Monday evening.

2 city councilors seek ethics probe of Harris

Mayor Leavitt has said he and the city council will decide on the request at the September 20 Council Meeting.

UPDATE: Vancouver City Council Ethics Panel Decision HERE

August 5, 2010

A Little Bridge Humor

by lewwaters

Not drawn by me, I am not this talented.

July 30, 2010

Take Your Tolls and Shove Them!

by lewwaters

Once again we are being treated to more propaganda designed to assuage our angst over having tolls and Portland’s light rail shoved down our throats, whether or not we want it. The Friday, July 30 Columbian has yet another editorial promoting Portland’s light rail and tolls on a new I-5 Bridge, In our view: Bridge Progress telling us, “New Metro study reduces concerns about sprawl in Clark County.”

Personally, I’ve lost count of these “studies” that all seem to agree we need to just roll over and embrace losing more of our money to a boondoggle from Portland and to be happy to pay more to cross the Columbia River, just to get to work for many.

But, this editorial is designed to lessen our concern over “sprawl.” We are told,

“Portland’s Metro agency announced Wednesday that a new analysis shows a new bridge with tolls and light rail will have negligible effect in fueling sprawl in Clark County.”

From what I recall hearing at the City Council Town Hall, sprawl is not the worry, but vacating the area is, as jobs and residents discover the expense of having to pay to cross the Columbia River as often as they will have to.

Oddly enough, Metro Council President David Bragdon is quoted saying in regards to this “new study,”

“[it] underscores the importance of tolls and light rail to this project” and will “help Vancouver reach its goal of a compact, walkable downtown area while also improving access for households that live in North Portland and work in Vancouver.”

Where does it help all of the Clark County residents that hold jobs in Portland? Isn’t the “rush hour” heading to Portland in the mornings and reversed in the evenings? I don’t recall the handful of Portland residents that work here having much difficulty crossing the bridge to get to work lately.

Craig Riley, candidate for the 49th Legislative District, position 2 against Jim Moeller, recently expressed his concern of this scenario at a Vancouver City Council meeting about a valued employee of his that lives in Oregon City and commutes. He pays the employees gas fare to help with expenses for the lengthy drive now. Will he have to add more expense to his business to cover tolls too?

But, by and large, it is Clark County residents that will pay through the nose to travel to Oregon to work. Are employers there willing to grant pay raises to cover the added expense of their thousands of employees? I hardly think so.

For those that lived here in the 1970’s, when the 205 Bridge was being as heavily debated, and opposed by Portland and Oregon, recall it was built eventually and no one has had to pay tolls on it, ever. Hints have been dropped that tolls might be added to it now to ensure traffic is not diverted to it to avoid paying tolls on a new I-5 Bridge and to help pay for it all.

How did they pay for the I-205 Bridge and not stick tolls to it?

If you will recall, less than a year after being selected as our new governor, Christine Gregoire imposed a 9.5 cent increase in tax per gallon of gas we are still paying, 5 years later. On September 14, 2005, the Columbian ran an article, “Gregoire says gas tax crucial to transportation, business,” about governor Gregoire coming to Clark County to justify the tax increase.

Standing on the intersection of Chkalov Drive and Mill Plain Boulevard explaining that our gas taxes were going to the Alaskan Way Viaduct in Seattle, Gregoire said,

“Today it’s Seattle and the viaduct; tomorrow it’s Clark County and the bridges to Portland. Someday I’m going to ask the citizens in King County to invest in Clark County.”

Well, it look like someday has arrived and what do we hear? Pay Tolls and the increased gas tax, along with every other tax and fee raised this last legislative session.

Why isn’t the Columbian’s editorial board and our elected officials fighting for Governor Gregoire to keep her word?

Visit and support and let’s work together for an affordable solution that will really benefit Clark County.