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November 12, 2011

Jeanne Harris Tries For Gavel Down II

by lewwaters

Updated November 14, 2011 to include links to updated YouTube videos of the meltdown. Ms. Harris might have succeeded in having David Madore remove the video, but CVTV archived video of the meetings which are part of the Public Record remain!

Sometimes the sheer audacity of our elected officials just amazes me. I am left wondering just what world they live in to come to the thinking they have.

Such an example is Vancouver, Washington city council member Jeanne Harris who made a complete ass out of herself last September with her now famous ‘gavel down’ meltdown at council meeting.

At the time of the incident, Harris “explained” her conduct was because fellow council member Jeanne E. Stewart “provoked her,” and that she was also “going through a difficult divorce.” She labeled the subsequent ethics investigation and censure as “rash and uncalled for.”

She issued a “public apology” immediately followed by a terse email to fellow council members ending with the note, “thanks for making my life hell.”

Since accepting the outcome of the ethics investigation, she has come out expecting a public apology for how she thinks she was treated over her own outburst and expects the famous video to be removed from the internet.

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July 16, 2011

Josephine Wentzel Brings a “Taste of Guam” to the Campaign Trail

by lewwaters

Josephine Wentzel

Several people attended the Josephine Wentzel campaign kick-off for city council last evening, July 15 and were treated to a mouth watering sampling of treats prepared by friends and supporters. All were treated to generous amounts of delicious island BBQ ribs & chicken, Spanish red rice, Pancit, potato salad and more.

Dr. Rick Lee Jackson provided live entertainment with his musical talents and in the capacity of Master of Ceremonies.

But, savory food and live entertainment is not what drew as many as 100 people to Vancouver’s Historic Academy last evening. People turned out to meet and hear Josephine Wentzel, known to many simply as that “NoTolls woman,” for her community activism in opposition to exorbitant tolls on a new Columbia River Crossing. They came to hear what she stood for in her quest to gain a seat on the city council, now held by Bart Hansen who was first appointed in occupy the seat vacated by now Mayor Tim Leavitt after the 2009 general election.

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July 5, 2011

Leavitt Tries Campaign Spin and He isn’t Even Running for Office

by lewwaters

By now we all know that you can trust little if anything that Mayor Tim Leavitt has to say, after his multiple lies to get elected as Mayor and his major flip-flop on tolls across the Columbia River.

He has become a slick tongued weasel who, as all the sleaziest politicians we have ever seen like to do to scare voters and mislead them. He did that just today in the comments at a Columbian article on a back and forth between Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler and him in regard to the vote we were promised and that he led the effort to renege on.

Leaders trade bridge barbs

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April 26, 2011

Citizens Turn Out To Defend Council Woman Jeanne Stewart

by lewwaters

Ever since Vancouver, Washington Council Member Jeanne Stewart stood up for the citizens of Vancouver and cast the vote to grant citizens a vote on funding light rail from Portland, Oregon into the community, she has come under fire from Mayor Tim Leavitt. The latest being a comment made and quoted by the Columbian newspaper, accusing her of “pandering.”

“With exception of one pandering Council Member (who previously voted in support of a replacement bridge and light rail transit), I have no reason to believe that the Vancouver City Council has an inclination to reverse direction from its decision of 2.5 years ago.”

Four citizens stood up at the April 25, 2011 City Council Meeting in her defense. Not one other council member defended her, much to their shame.

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April 11, 2011

We WERE Promised a Vote on Light Rail, Weren’t We?

by lewwaters

Originally posted April 11, 2011; Updated April 13, 2011

People have long expected politicians and bureaucrats to make promises and then renege on them, sometimes bringing about their defeat in the next election in the case of elected officials with appointed bureaucrats coming under fire. While it is expected, it isn’t appreciated and in days of old, before we became more ‘civilized,’ mobs of citizens negatively affected by such lies would gather and oust the liar from office, often in the most unceremonious manner thought of.

Fortunately for today’s elected liars, we no longer follow along those lines. If we did, I can only imagine the mobs that would be forming outside of city hall, the county courthouse and C-Trans offices as they continue ignoring voters and taxpayers call that we do not want Portland, Oregon’s financially failing Light Rail extended into our community.

Of course, we have been erroneously told that the majority of people in Clark County want it, but the efforts to block any confirmation of that by letting us vote on it are all too obvious.

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March 17, 2011

Why Is A New York Firm Supporting Raising Clark County Taxes?

by lewwaters

As matters concerning the I-5 Bridge project and extending Portland’s financially failing Loot Rail into Vancouver heat up, we now see a group started up to support the project and “campaign for a pair of C-Tran ballot measures to boost the sales tax in Clark County to improve bus service and operate an extension of Portland’s light-rail transit system on a new I-5 bridge” according to a Columbian article, Group forms in support of new I-5 bridge.

No problem with a group supporting the project, that’s the way our system works. We have headed by successful Vancouver businessman David Madore. And now, we see Keep Clark County Moving started by Tim Schauer, president of MacKay & Sposito engineering firm in Vancouver and philanthropist Ed Lynch.

A new group that I am unable to find a web page for so far and who, we are told, has raised “$14,525 in contributions as of Thursday” to launch their campaign to entice us to pay more in taxes to drag Portland’s Loot Rail over and fund C-Trans buses.

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