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November 10, 2019

Veterans Day Parade 2019

by lewwaters

Full video of the parade held on November 9, 2019 at Vancouver Barracks. Turnout was surprisingly good, considering the rainy weather

Facebook album of images from the parade

November 11, 2018

Veterans Day Parade

by lewwaters

A few excerpts of the Veterans Day Parade in Vancouver, Washington at the historic Vancouver Barracks

To all of my fellow Veterans, Welcome Home, thank you for stepping up when needed.

November 9, 2008

Is This How The Columbian Honors Veterans?

by lewwaters

Army Medics

Army Medics

Yesterday saw our annual Veterans Day Parade through Officer’s Row. A rainy day, umbrellas rivaled flags as the parade made its way through Officer’s Row past those who braved the weather to give Honors to our nations Veterans.

Tom Voght presents us with a very uplifting account of how the estate of Frank and JoAnne Lough has given the Vancouver National Historic Reserve Trust over $1 Million to help “fund the annual Celebrate Freedom Veterans Day Parade and support educational programs at the Pearson Air Museum.”

Vancouver will benefit for many years from their final act of such generosity.

Moving ahead, today’s Columbian also sports a headline of Salute To Service, highlighting an 84 year-old World War Two Veteran Medic who rode in yesterday’s parade.

Isolde Raftery tells us that former Pfc Richard Mathews “vivid memories of wartime France haven’t faded in 44 years,” before letting us know the all-important quip of, “[he] won’t divulge how much Cognac he drank when he was a young medic.”

After enlightening us with Mr. Matthews 5 mile hike to Normandy and on to Cologne, Germany, trading K and C rations Chocolate along the way, Raftery again reminds us that “perhaps,” Mr. Mathews traded for “a half barrel of Cognac as well.”

While I wasn’t present for the “interview,” surely Raftery must know that Military Medics during War perform other duties than to imbibe Cognac.

As a Veteran myself, I too consumed probably more alcohol than I should have, if back at Base Camp after duty hours. Never during duty hours or if standing Perimeter Guard. Mr. Mathews says pretty much the same, that “he tipped back his canteen cup after duty only.”

Perhaps Raftery attempted to give a light-hearted view of Mr. Mathews Service, which undoubtedly included many cases of at least helping to save the lives of our Brave Warriors, either on the Battlefield or even if at a Tent Hospital in the rear.

Army Medics are at the front in saving the lives of our Fighting People, they are the first responders to battle and many a Veteran owes their life to them. Even veterans who weren’t Combat Troops and who were in “the rear with the gear,” depended on Medics for treatment that doctors could not always get to right away or were of a more minor variety.

Have we become so desensitized to our veterans that we now see focusing on how much Cognac one might have consumed during a war as a “Salute to Service?”

Do we not see that it was these Brave people, back then and even today, that are placed between our enemies and us in order to protect America so we don’t have to face what they and citizens of countries ruled by despots do?

From this Veteran to Mr. Mathews, thank you, sir. Thank you for being one of those who gave me a safe country to grow up in. Thank you for all the freedoms and liberties I have enjoyed over the past 60 years. Thank you for the possibility that it might have been you that helped save my own fathers life during WW2, otherwise I wouldn’t have even been born to enjoy the greatest freedoms and liberties known to mankind.

To all Veterans, Thank You, Welcome Home.