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April 7, 2015

Rand Paul? No Way!

by lewwaters

As if we didn’t expect it, Rand Paul, son of batshit crazy Ron Paul made his run for president official this morning. I will not support or vote for him as by his own words, he is pretty much a “chip off the old block.” From a 2009 interview with Alex Jones;

He may try to act like he isn’t on board with the lunacy of his Dad, but as he said, “We might present the message sometimes differently.”

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May 17, 2013

Strolling Through the Lazy C Dungeon

by lewwaters

Dungeon 1The Lazy C has a place on their site they call the “Open Forum” where those who wish to retain their anonymity can spew away their delusional thoughts without signing up for a facebook account to reveal who they are, unlike regular comments under every day articles.

The place is sort of buried, requiring you to click on Opinion, and then scroll to the right to forums, click there to open then scroll down to the week’s worth of rants to see what is there. Those who frequent it, mostly Libtards and a few Paulbots seem to refer to it as “the Basement.” I refer to it as “the Dungeon” where malcontents assign themselves as Dungeon Keepers to speak out in full anonymity, unwilling or unable to stand up for their views openly.

A Dungeon, more common during medieval times, were often seen as dark, cold, damp rooms built below castles where torture took place or people were thrown if they disagreed with the King or Queen and where freedom was lost while Castle Guards and Dungeon Keepers freely roamed to torture, ridicule or mistreat those imprisoned in them.

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February 21, 2012

Ron Paul and His Many Liberties with the Truth

by lewwaters

It seems every election cycle, politicians come before us speaking in glowing terms of themselves and all too often, making promises they have either no intention of keeping or are unable to keep once in office and reality smacks them up side their heads. We have come to expect candidates to “stretch things a little” as each goes on voyages of disinformation, embellishing their record or ripping apart the candidate they are running against.

Most voters see it for what it is and either discard it or if egregious enough, call them on it. But not all see through the distortions and questionable claims.

Ron Paul is one who frequently goes on that voyage of embellishment, fantasy, revision of history and twisting of a truth to make it appear entirely different, not unlike Michael Moore’s many fantasy “documentaries” where truth is distorted until it fits the view he desires to be imparted upon those present.

In spite of being revealed many times, Paulbots, the more militant wing of Ron Paul supporters, casts aside any and all exposing of their messiah and clinging to his words as if listening to Jesus speaking the Sermon on the Mount. In fact, some have equated Ron Paul to Biblical Prophets.

But unlike Ron Paul, neither Jesus nor the Prophets found in the Bible ever felt the need to distort or embellish upon the truth.

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