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February 10, 2013

49th Legislative District Legislators AWOL When It Matters

by lewwaters

DSC00244Washington State 49th Legislative District is probably one of the most liberal districts in the state if not the most liberal. A conservative Republican candidate doesn’t stand a chance of being elected in the 49th as all that seems to matter is that ‘D’ behind a candidate’s name, evidenced by the reelection of Jim Moeller 5 times, even though he openly holds constituents in deep disdain, passing ridiculous taxes that get overturned by citizen initiative and even suing constituents to invalidate their votes when he disagrees with them.

Moeller seems to think his reelection and the election of Sharon Wylie, married to Vancouver City Attorney Ted Gathe, even the election of inexperienced Annette Cleveland to the State Senate over Eileen Qutub in 2012, an experienced former legislator from Oregon (just like Wylie) grants them some sort of carte blanche to just do as they please, very proud of the fact that his party has held a lock on state government for over a decade.

But let’s face it, you find the dead, rotting carcass of a road kill raccoon and run it in the 49th as a Democrat and it would get elected by at least 60%, voters not looking at anything but party affiliation.

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February 8, 2013

Citizens Outraged at the National Park Service Trampling on Our History

by lewwaters

DSC00011 bPearson Air Field is the oldest operating airfield in the United States dating to a dirigible landing in 1905. While most other airfields have grown and expanded into major facilities, Pearson remains much like it once was, although a small community airfield now.

The site is where the first trans-polar flight ended when Soviet pilot Valery Chkalov sat his Tupolev ANT-25 instead of continuing on to San Francisco as originally planned June 20, 1937. The Russian crew was greeted by Gen. George C. Marshall, then commander of Vancouver Barracks. A monument to the landing remains today.

A cornerstone and historic attraction has been the remaining hangar converted to a museum housing restored aircraft, models, flying suits and displays related to the rich history the field holds with Vancouver, Washington when it was operated as an Army Air Corps Field.

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June 11, 2010

Washington State GOP Convention off and Running

by lewwaters

The State GOP Convention began yesterday at the Vancouver Hilton with greater than expected attendance, especially at last nights reception held at the Pearson Air Museum.

The excitement from conservatives this year will be difficult to contain as Republicans from all over the state descended on Vancouver to begin the needed actions to restore America’s greatness.

See the Columbian’s write-up as well, GOP surges into Vancouver for state convention